Day 40 Varanasi to Lumbini

Day 40 Varanasi to Lumbini 12th AugSo today was another early start as we have a border crossing into Nepal. We are all ready for a change now too. Hoping for a bit of RR in Nepal.So as we were about to leave Varanasi at 0700 LJ our tour leader for those who forgot jumps onto the coach and in the space of less than 2 minutes informs us that he has a family emergency and will be leaving u

kalte Geltscher und ein Ohrloch

Wir verlassen Jasper und noch vor dem fruehstueck gucken wir uns den Maligne Canyon an. Das ist ein riesiger spalt im boden der ca. 50m in die tiefe geht. unten laeuft ein reissender fluss ausser uns sind noch gefuehlte tausend andere touristen da. es ist halt ein sonntag in der hochsaison. unser zweites ziel an diesem tag ist der Maligne Lake. Ein weiteres stereotypisches postkartenmotiv der R

Sequoia Land of the Giants

I must admit there is a slight guilt that has swept through me for not writing a travelblog entry for almost 10 months now. A yearning to put down some memories and thoughts of my return to US the reigniting of a career and a relationship which had kindled at my time away and continues to burn. It is not that trips have not been taken within this time lapse. One spectacular drive cross country

Raften und Pyramidenseen

sarah sophie und tessa werden von tascha und ben in jasper rausgelassen. in einem internetcafe nisten sie sich den halben tag ein. waehrenddessen das paerchen wildwasser raften geht. schwierigkeitsstufe drei.die beiden fahren mit dem bus zum eiskalten Frasier River. Nach einer kurzen sicherheitseinweisung von dem gentlemanguide ben aus england geht das raften los. Der flussfliesst durch maleris

9 Months to East Africa

Been on the road nine months now and been moving faster then ever attempting to see as much of east Africa as possible. Malawi flew by with highlights truly enjoyed it their experiencing many great people so friendly and generous. With a wonderful lake fertile land and the stunning Mt. Mulanje. Justin and I were fortunate enough to be accompanied by some students from the USA that have been

Machu Picchu pt. 1 Inca trailer with soldiers and ailers…

jueves 10 de junioThe Inca Trail. First day. Accept no imitators. Actually you can at kast check the Inca Trail has a four month waiting list. Your unborn child has more chance of a season ticket at Anfield. This is largely because of the wet season mudslides and collapse of one of the train lines there’s only two. Other jungle treks exist but we had the foresight to book in December and pay

Jin Is Officially Approved for U.S. Entry

Yesterday we took a bus to the U.S.Consulate here in Guangzhou. There they called us up individually by our child’s Chinese name. It was so noisy in the waiting room with 33 families all together that we barely heard it when they called Jin’s name. We were the first ones We walked up and signed a form and then they continued calling up the other families. Then the consulate official gave about

Problematic of Costa Rica as tourist destination

To be sincere Costa Rica is a nice country a paradise for lot of people and overseas visitants. But before to travel or debate to live in a country out of ur homecountry you must to know culture some about its language the nice side and of course the bad site of the country current situation…. i got some examples about the bad site of Costa Rica as natural atractive country 1. ILLEGAL


Long time sans mise jour ici… Je vais prendre le temps de vous rpondre…En attendant bienvenue en Kanaky de Poindimi Poubo via Hienghne et alentours…Comme dire l bas 6 ou 8h de route de Nouma c’est un autre monde un autre pays Kanaky C’est l que j’aime me perdre trainer passer du temps me ressourcer… Entre les forets denses lzardes de cascades qui dvalent la montag

Disneyland day 1

Disneyland yesterday was so much fun It honestly is the happiest place on earth Craig and I had such a ball going on the rides and it was also nice just seeing everyone else especially the kids enjoying themselves.We didnrsquot have to wait long in lines thanks to these things called Fastpasses. On the major rides they have machines that you can scan your ticket on and it prints out a tick

Le principe de l’esthtique Part 2

Warning The following entry contains thinly veiled metaphors for baseball and poorly rendered scenes of sensuous massage. Reader discretion is advised. Mai cast off a little smile into the city from atop the basilica like a coin into a fountain. For such a stoic girl that quantum of emoting read like a green light ormdashput into my usual termsmdashthe knowing nod for the call of a fa

No Concept of Museli

The jetlag from England to HK was the worst ever. Perhaps old age played a part but it was more likely a result of his friends dragging him around HK making him eat and drink outrageous things at unfeasible hours. They have no concept of the need for sleep and muesli. Just as Harry realized that he might never rediscover the meaning of time as measured on a clock they took him to China fed hi


Sunday 15 AugustWe had no trouble waking up in time as anxious and nervous as we were but I did sleep fairly well again. After breakfast we delivered our luggage to the front desk for transfer to another hostal of the same group Hosteleria de Anita. By the time we also brought down our backpacks Ursula was there from All Trek Cusco to take us to the bus. At the bus stop Frank our guide

Alaska Adventure Day Three

Well after a couple of day’s rest and relaxation I was ready to shoot anything and the captain didn’t dissapoint me . I was a chilly 56deg’s outside and the sun was bright and sunny The Images below are from the Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska Nestled between 3000foot high granite walls the narrow twisting slice of ocean called Tracy Arm Fjord weaves through the Tongass National Forest for roughl

Adrenaline Rush

After leaving Gyeongju I stopped in Seoul for one night so that I could figure out how to get to Inje. It turns out there is a free bus for tourist from Gyeongju to Seoul but you had to book in advance so I was left paying and the bus took longer than I wanted to get to Seoul. The following day I left for Inje. When I arrived in Inje I knew there was not going to be a hostel so I preceded to a mo

Heading home Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Heading home via Belfast International airport to Heathrow which we were concerned about as we’d heard about the bombs going off in Belfast while at their airport. There were also concerns with potential strikes at Heathrow.The overnight stop at Heathrow was great and so nice to have a decent room at last with all facilities that we hadn’t had in Ireland. We repacked and got organised to go to

Day 5 Ouray

Wow We drove 70 miles north today on the windy Highway 550 to Ouray. This road is fondly called the Million Dollar Highway. It’s a maze of twists and turns with no guardrails and amazing views of mountains and the Animas River below. When we got to Ouray we decided to take a 4 hour Jeep ride to the top of Imogene Pass. At 13114 feet we could see both the towns of Ouray and Telluride. You c

La Virgen de Urkupia

Over the weekend I was in Coillicollo I small town 12 km from Cochabamba where ages ago a miracle happened in the form of the virgin of urkupia ascended to heaven in front of the whole town. Today Bolivians come from all over the country and even the US to pay hommage to the virgin with 2 full days of dancing and nights full of partying and a final day of walking the 12km from Cochabamba

Langkawi sheer drops and attack deer

Chris’s SectionOur first impressions of Malaysia are positive ones. You can tell it’s much more developed than other parts of SE Asia. We got the boat from Satun Thailand and made our way to the guesthouse we had chosen in Pantai Cenang Langkawi’s biggest beach resort. The heavens opened and more biblical rain came down Asia really knows how to do rain We were shocked to discover our guesthou

Day one and two of my Alaskan Adventure

Well Here we are I had a Unexpected Surprise that has me starting my travel blog a week late. Befor the trip I read on the cruise ships information page that WiFi woulf be available onboard but I apparently didnt read the fine print. It was at a cost of .75 per minute and was also informed that the connection speeds at sea were very slow so I had to make the choice of spendig all of my Tshirt