AH and The Volt

We went round on the Volt, involving the Taxi Challenge, etcetera. Anonymous Hero pegged it well. New York Times Op Ed Page piece titled G.M.'s Electric Lemon by Edward Niedermeyer further confirms my judgement, that when it comes to cars, AH, knows what he is talking about.

Obviously over the

Biogas Plant

Dear All,

I want to install a self made Bio-gas Plant at Home in my Village.

1.) Design and Requirements

2.) Purification of Bio-gas

3.) Essential Instruments required

4.) P&ID if any

5.) Storage of fossil.

Please help me in this regard.

difference between cable tray and cable ladder

Kindly justify my answer and guide me in proper way as per code of practice as i know cable ladder are usually recommended for carrying heavy cables thats why it is used in substation,water treatment plants and the most important thing is the cable are exposed seen from top to bottom which is very

Electric Car Engine Powering Need Questions

Not sure how to phrase this question thread, but here goes:

When an electrical car engine is running, the batteries that make it run, deliver how much energy/voltage(?) I am speaking of a battery only based vehicle non-fuel powertrain. As it delivers its power for a 200 mile per recharge cycle. S

Personal Science Osmosis

Cartoonist Tom Toles is providing a running commentary on climate change. Will anyone pay attention?  In all seriousness, home schooling adults should not necessarily be trusted with making sure their kids are learning science. Too often, it mixes with the political and religious viewpoints of the “home schooler”.  More and more I’m also thinking that the mainstream media should not be entrusted with the news, because they are leaving far too many things unreported.  When climate change becomes obvious to everyone, far too many people are going to be incredibly surprised.

The adults aren’t alright

Everybody is worked up about the state of education in the United States. The KIDS are FALLING BEHIND. No, it’s not the KIDS, it’s the SCHOOLS. No, it’s not the SCHOOLS it’s the TEACHERS. No, it’s not the TEACHERS, it’s the PARENTS. Okay, so if we fix the schools and the teachers and the parents, will our kids stop falling behind?

I’m inclined to extend the ring of panic out one ring further. If it’s true that the supporting envelope of the home is crucial to education, might it not also be true that the supporting envelope of society is important, too? It’s not just the kids or the schools or the teachers or the parents, it’s the CULTURE. Look around. Where is the support for careful reasoning? Our political/media discourse is a jailhouse cafeteria brawl. TV is now a THOUSAND channels of drivel.

We have all just flunked our big test of dealing with the climate catastrophe because we couldn’t even agree on the science. Everyone feels entitled to their own science now. And it’s no big surprise that we can’t understand climate science, since we’re still arguing about EVOLUTION after 150 years! Good luck, science teacher. –Tom Toles

h/t to Climate Progress

Good and Bad Science in Science Fiction | Cosmic Variance

Spent a day last week at the bacchanalia of imagination that is San Diego Comic-Con. Really an amazing experience, anyone who gets a chance should go at some point. My own excuse was appearing on a panel sponsored by Discover and the Science and Entertainment Exchange, on Abusing the Sci of Sci-Fi. I was joined by Jaime Paglia, TV writer and creator of the very charming show Eureka; Kevin Grazier, JPL scientist, blogger, and science advisor to both Eureka and Battlestar Galactica; and Zack Stentz, writer for Fringe and the upcoming Thor movie. We were ably moderated by Phil Plait, and Tricia Mackey provided technical wizardry behind the scenes. We packed the room to bursting, with a long line of people who unfortunately weren’t able to fit inside. There’s a huge demand for this kind of discussion. See also reports here, here, here, here, here.

And yes there is a video record of the whole event! (And other Discover videos.)

The rough idea was to point out examples of good and bad science in science fiction on movies and TV. Phil scored the best example of bad science, finding a brief clip from Armageddon where Bruce Willis is doing delicate work on the surface of an asteroid — in the rain. Jaime and Zack, who actually work in Hollywood, wisely foresaw the pitfalls of holding up someone else’s stuff as an example of badness, and graciously both chose examples from their own work. Sometimes the science must take a backseat to the story.

But not usually. In my own presentation I tried to move beyond the model of scientist as copy-editor, running through stories and films looking for violations of the laws of physics, wagging the finger of shame with ill-concealed glee. I think scientists should take a more creative role, helping fiction writers to develop consistent rules for their fictional worlds and extrapolating the consequences of those worlds, even if those rules are not the rules of our real universe. We should be more than scolds.

Update: since the two clips I showed were apparently missing from the video, I’m linking to them here. The first was a forward-looking philosophy of the proper relationship between science and narrative, and the second was an example of carefully exploring the logical consequences of an imaginary world.

Wound Induction motor Rotor Voltage

Why Voltage is applied to to the Rotor of Wound Induction Motor?

Is this voltage is supplied through carbon brushes?

Is Rotor voltage is supplied for only starting period of motor?

What is the role of Carbon Brushes in Wound IM?

What would happen if rotor Circuit is open (No carbon brush

Uh Oh!

We have a riddle postponement.

Marian may have some serious computer issues, she’s been plagued with them lately.  We will get the riddle in.

Hydroelectric Potential

Hello all. My first post. Can someone help me with a calculation? I'm looking to buy some land with a stream on it and I would like to develop the hydroelectric potential of the site. Head is 200 feet with 12 cfs and the length is 7000 feet (from diversion to powerhouse). I was told KW=Head X F

Direct Current Energy Sensitivity.

Hi Everyone: I need your help with a personal issue.

I just recently discovered that if I came in close contact with a Direct Current power source such a battery I would loose my balance. I also found that if I was exposed to a DC energy source that was positive (+) I would be pushed backwards.