Old Ballast (2x) for Metal Halide 1000W Application

Hi, I need to repair several (7) old ballasts originally made for vH (Space Cannon) company (Italian in this case) . They are assembled as if they are a good final prototypes using copper wire all across the PBC to support the 33A/36volt output.
I wish some one is holding to an electrical dia

Gaza Freedom flotilla carried world-renowned names and veteran activists – The Guardian

Gaza Freedom flotilla carried world-renowned names and veteran activists
The Guardian
He has been injured in the head and we think he may die if he doesn't receive medical treatment urgently. Another person being passed in front of me right
Israel attacks Gaza freedom FlotillaPalestine Note (blog)
Shock and outrage over Israeli attack on Freedom FlotillaTehran Times
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Drunken monkeys reveal how binge-drinking harms the adolescent brain | Not Exactly Rocket Science


Most of us will be all too familiar with the consequences of night of heavy drinking. But alcohol’s effects on our heads go well beyond a mere hangover. The brain suffers too. A penchant for incoherent slurring aside, alcohol abusers tend to show problems with their spatial skills, short-term memory, impulse control and ability to make decisions or prioritise tasks. Many of these skills are heavily influenced by a part of the brain called the hippocampus. Now, Michael Taffe and researchers from the Scripps Research Institute have shown how binge-drinking during adolescence can cause lasting damage to this vital area.

The hippocampus is one of only two parts of the brain that clearly produces new neurons throughout adult life. While other areas must make do with the set they had at birth, the hippocampus continually churns out a fresh supply. This process may be important for learning and memory but it’s seriously hampered by alcohol. Taffe found that not only does heavy boozing kill off the hippocampus’s neurons, it also weakens its ability to produce reinforcements.

Much like natural history documentaries and martial arts, Taffe’s research was inspired by the antics of drunken monkeys. Taffe gave seven adolescent rhesus macaques a tangy citrus alcoholic drink, which increased in strength from 1% to 6% alcohol over 40 days. Having established their alcohol preferences, he allowed four monkeys to stick with the strong cocktail for an hour a day over the next 11 months. The other three went back to a non-alcoholic version of the tangy beverage. For the study’s final two months, all of the monkeys went tee-total.

The blood alcohol limits of the four binge-drinkers clearly showed that they were knocking back their tipples. If they’d been humans, they would probably have been drunk, and certainly well over the legal limit for driving. And their brains revealed more worrying signs of damage.

Chitra Mandyam, who collaborated on the study, found that regular chugs of the demon drink severely slashed the numbers of neural stem cells in the monkeys’ hippocampi. These are the cells responsible for churning out fresh neurons. With alcohol cutting their numbers and compromising their ability to divide into more mature cell types, the monkeys’ production of hippocampal neurons more than halved in the course of 11 months.

Even after two months of complete abstinence, Taffe found that each monkey’s hippocampus had fewer traces of fresh, immature neurons. Worse still, he found signs that the existing supply had started to degenerate. By comparison, the tee-total trio had a healthy turnover of new hippocampal neurons and no detectable sign of neural death.

Studies with rats and mice have hinted at the same effect, but monkeys provide a far deeper understanding of the alcoholic brain. They’re incredibly similar to us, not just in terms of their mental skills, but also in the way that their hippocampuses produce new neurons, their lengthier window of adolescence, and the fact that they’ll happily drink alcohol to the point of drunkenness.

If the same thing happens in humans, it suggests that alcoholism starts to wreak damage in the brain after a relatively short amount of time. It starts to kill off the hippocampus’s neurons while nixing its ability to make more. This double-whammy could explain many of the mental problems that regular binge-drinkers experience. Most intriguingly of all, the turnover of neurons in the hippocampus affects our learning and memory skill, and Taffe suggests that problems with this process could help to explain alcohol’s addictive side.

Reference: PNAS http://dx.doi.org/10.1073/pnas.0912810107

Photo by Pauk

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The Seven Sisters


The Dance of the Pleiades, Elihu Vedder 02/26/1836 – 01/29/1923

Known since antiquity to cultures the world over, and containing over 1,000 members, the Pleiades star cluster is a prominent winter target in the Northern hemisphere, and summer target in the Southern hemisphere.  Dominated by young, hot blue stars, the cluster is about 440 ly away from Earth.  Nine of the stars are commonly named; Atlas and Pleione are the parents, the remaining seven the “sisters”.

NASA/JPL/ESA/CalTech PD-USgov – Brought to you by Hubble

By the way, the Reflection Nebula associated with the Pleiades is not part of the cluster, but only a dusty region of space the cluster is currently passing through (dust and hydrogen gas).  The Pleiades itself is a physically related cluster; not just a chance alignment of stars.  Its estimated age is about 115 million years.

NASA/ESA Reflection Nebula near Merope – As seen through the eyes of Hubble

Although young, blue stars dominate the Pleiades, it also contains a respectable resident population of brown dwarfs.  Current estimates of the cluster population place brown dwarfs at 25%.  Since they are still young and bright, scientists are able to study them with relative ease.  This is also helpful in determining the age of the cluster (remember lithium?).

The Pleiades figure prominently in the mythology of almost every culture known since antiquity.  To the Mayans, the universe itself comes from the Pleiades.  There are almost as many stories as there are stars in the cluster.  No mystery there; a large group of uncommonly beautiful blue stars is bound to attract attention.  It’s certainly held our attention… for over four thousand years.

Many a night I saw the Pleiads, rising thro’ the mellow shade,
Glitter like a swarm of fireflies tangled in a silver braid.
– Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1837-8,

Need to Select Project Task

hello friends i need ur help….i m in final year in mechanical engg…i just want to do something new so i need ur help to select appropriate project…and i have elected automobile as subject..so if my project is related to this then it will be grate……..



I have gas engine technical data sheet. in that sheet mention :- LAMBDA 2.06 at 100% . What is that? pls Explain.

Too Much Digital Assistance?

We've thought about it since the dawn of the computer age, and we've worked on developing artificial intelligence since the 1950s. But are we prepared for automated personal assistants, computers that work beside us, but which can perceive and understand the environment, possibly out think us, and q

How to Stop Oil Spill in Deep Water

I do not know if I am foul, out or too lazy to understand; but I am very sure that it is not at all far difficult to stop an oil spillage even from deep sea-floor. Just think about what is force and pressure; right. I think that even at 1500 meters under the sea it is possible to build up a simple r