A Robot With Supernatural Balance [Robots]

Um, could you balance completely perfectly on a ball while carrying your own body weight? This robot can. And honestly, it’s kind of freaky. [ via ] (1) YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI06lujiD7E (2) IEEE URL: http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/robotics-software/042910-a-robot-that-balances-on-a-ball (3) More » URL: http://gizmodo.com/5528165/a-robot-with-supernatural-balance

Supernova's Beginning Blast Shown in 3-D — A First

From National Geographic News: The mysterious first moments of a supernova have now been modeled in 3-D—showing what happens in a dying star’s heart from half a second to about two hours after the blast begins. The development could help …

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23andMe Launder AlioGenetics Doesn’t Even Bother to Remove 23andMe Logo

This is hilarious. on their website:Hey , do you know what is not hilarious? What happens when City Hall gets the call that genomics “can’t police its own borough?”An FDA slum clearance. (Or, hey! Pick any three capital letters: CDC, OCR, CMS, …

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Naming the Unspeakable | Cosmic Variance

Two hundred thousand gallons per day of Gulf crude are leaking from a hole 5000 feet under the water’s surface in the wake of the still mysterious destruction of British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon drilling platform last week . How and …

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Every Ending = New Beginning

In the mid-90’s, I recall a conversation with  liaison, Gerhart Brauer – both a colleague and good friend to me. I struggled with a painful chapter in my life, and Gerhart offered this one simple phrase that made all the difference …

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Super slo mo Apollo, yo | Bad Astronomy

In the Very Cool Department…My friend Mark Gray from narrates this film, showing the Apollo 11 Saturn V liftoff using a high-speed camera. I’ve seen this clip about eight bazillion times over the years, but Mark gives the details of …

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With Prostate Cancer “Vaccine,” Immune System Wages War Against Tumors | 80beats

Yesterday the Food and Drug Administration gave its OK to Provenge, a new treatment for prostate cancer. It’s not a “vaccine” in the old-fashioned sense, but it could be a way to make the immune system wake up and take …

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Quality Panel to Review Toyota

From detnews.com – Autos Insider: An outside panel of high-level business and technology experts created to advise Toyota Motor Corp. will conduct a broad review of the Japanese automaker’s operations, ranging from its electronic systems to the company’s internal communications, …

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Record for Longest Mars Mission Ever May be Broken

From SPACE.com: Today could be huge for NASA’s Mars rover Spirit. If the wheeled robot survives its winter hibernation, today is the day when Spirit officially set a new record for longest-running mission on Mars in history. “When Spirit comes …

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Double Trouble; Twin Black Holes

Chandra NASA/ESA M82 Double Black HolesChandra images the first case where there is good evidence for more than one intermediate mass black hole in a galaxy.  Here’s the NASA press release:This image from the Chandra X-ray Observatory shows the central …

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Mobile Phone Dangers

I got the following in my email. Do you think it is possible? It may be likely as cell phone chargers are SMPS operating at high frequency. When a call comes in, again some high frequency is generated in the …

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2001 Cavalier Engine Problems

I have a 2001 cavalier with 210,000 miles.The other day it began to stumble on accelaration then died.When i tried to restart it, it would only crank but not start.After about 10 min. it started right up but now it …

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How to Save Gorillas: Turn People on to Snail Farming | Discoblog

Gorilla conservationists in Nigeria have a new ally–snails. The critically endangered Cross River gorilla is under constant threat from poachers in this poor nation, as poachers kill the animals for their bushmeat or sell them illegally to traffickers in the …

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India Bans Chinese Telecom Equipment

From CBC | Technology & Science News: India has banned telecom equipment from China citing national security reasons. In a recent order, the government has told mobile operators not to import any network equipment manufactured by Chinese vendors such as …

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Men & ideas on the move: settled lands & colonized minds | Gene Expression

I am currently reading Peter Heather’s Em. This is a substantially more hefty volume in terms of density than . It is also somewhat of a page turner. One aspect of Heather’s argument so far is his attempt to navigate …

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PSI Calculation

I have a 60′ verticle column of water (well) with a 3′ pipe coming off the bottom of the column. Within 5′ of the pipe exiting the well I have a 2″ line coming out vertically (at 90 angle) from …

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