NCBI ROFL: Why it’s so hard to intercept a ninja. | Discoblog

Influence of the epicanthal fold on the perceived direction of gaze.“Judged direction of gaze from straight and turned heads is known to be biased from its true direction. We have tested the additional influence of epicanthal folds on the perceived … Continue reading

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NCBI ROFL: [Insert joke about women drivers here]
NCBI ROFL: Who ever said scientists were polically correct?

Even Antisocial Tortoise Hermits Learn From Each Other | 80beats

When it comes to picking up clever tricks and learning to do something the way everybody else does it, social animals like humans, birds, and monkeys excel. One individual looks at what others in the group are doing and quickly … Continue reading

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Science News
Careful Crossbreeding Could Resurrect Extinct Galapagos Tortoise
Lonesome George, the World?s Rarest Tortoise, Isn?t Ready to Be a Dad
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Dogs Think Like Babies, While Wolves Think for Themselves

VADE Knifegate Valves

We have Vade – knifegate valves complete with pneumatic linear actuators. we have been looking for the seals but emails have not been responded to.(TP- Tajadera Pasante(through going)) the seals that we are after, are for the pneumatic cylinder actuator, … Continue reading

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How Deep Fryer Grease Can Become an Energy-Saving Coating for Your Roof | Discoblog

What’s to be done with the waste oil left behind in fast food restaurants after all the French fries, onion rings, and chicken nuggets have been sizzled to perfection? While many enterprising tinkerers use the stuff to run modified cars, … Continue reading

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use the stuff
United Environment and Energy
science reporter
The Secret to Why French Fries Smell So Good: Ironing Boards?
Just Like Humans, Crows Embrace Junk Food?and Pay the Price
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