Preview of Official NASA Budget/Policy Events – Update

Keith’s note: Places where you can expect to hear Charlie Bolden, Lori Garver, and others spell out what NASA’s budget means – and what the agency will and will not be doing with that budget:– 1 Feb: OSTP 2011 Federal … Continue reading

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Federal R&D Budget Briefing
online at OMB
NASA FY 2001 Budget Press Briefing
at OMB
NASA event at National Press Club
Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee - Hearing: Key Issues and Challenges Facing NASA: Views of the Agency's Watchdogs
previous hearing
previous work
13th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference 10-11 Feb
The State of the Agency: NASA Future Programs Presentation
NASA Advisory Council Meeting
Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference

Pre-Announcement Space Policy Reactions

Hopes for NASA’s moon mission fade, Washington Post“White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said Sunday, “The President is committed to a robust 21st century space program, and his budget will reflect that dedication to NASA. NASA is vital not only to … Continue reading

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Hopes for NASA's moon mission fade
Change in Space for NASA: Renting the Right Stuff
The End of an Era
Texas lawmakers balk at cutting manned spaceflight

Steve Jobs: Google’s "Don’t Be Evil" Mantra is "Bulls***" [Steve Jobs]

During that Apple town hall meeting we mentioned earlier this week CEO Steve Jobs reportedly had some choice words regarding Google that left little doubt about how the outspoken executive sees the competition. Updated.That “Don’t be evil” slogan Google’s known … Continue reading

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Apple town hall meeting
Steve Jobs
Don't be evil
Mac Rumors
Daring Fireball