Art, Meet Science | Cosmic Variance

Apologies for the dismal lack of blogging — apparently even scientists travel around the holidays, who knew? I’m in South Carolina at the moment, so instead of the well-constructed argument (complete with witty parenthetical asides) on a pressing issue of … Continue reading

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sketches by Richard Feynman
Via Chad Orzel
How to Teach Physics to Your Dog
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fire figting

i want to have some information about how to supervise aproject of fire fighting in big hanger for air crafts and is it allowed to have the foam blader tank in out side with no room to cover it and … Continue reading

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Time Warner Cable’s Genius Solution to Possible Fox Outage: The Internet! [TimeWarner]

PSSSSST! Hey, Time Warner Cable! If you tell everyone how to watch Fox shows from their PC, they’ll probably start doing it for all your other programming, too! Self-defeating bitterness really is the perfect way to say goodbye to 2009.The … Continue reading

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how to watch Fox shows from their PC
silly full-page ads
living without cable or satellite TV
home theater PCs
Time Warner Cable
All Things D

Saving Tasmanian Devils From A New Form of Lifeā€“Themselves | The Loom

Tasmanian devils have given rise to a weird new quasi-form of life: a cancer that spreads from animal to animal like a parasite. In tomorrow’s New York Times, I report on the latest analysis of devil’s facial tumour disease, published … Continue reading

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a tumor that jumps from dog to do
the tumor escaped its original dog host thousands of years ago
The Best American Science Writing 2008
Image: Wikipedia

Ben Stein schools Ron Paul on Foreign Policy, strong support for Israel

From Eric Dondero:Ron Paul appeared on Larry King Live on Monday night, along with Co-guests humorist Ben Stein and ironically Rep. Sheila Jackon-Lee of Houston. The subject: The Muslim Christmas Bomber. Stein has been a longtime favorite of cultural libertarians … Continue reading

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Libertarian Leanings blog
Jihad Watch
American Spectator
Blue Collar Blog

Peter Schiff shifts to Pro-Defense stance: Says intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq may have been justified

On Iran, if they don’t let our inspecters in, we need to “just blow the place up”Woodbury, Connecticut, Nov. 19, speaking to a local Young Republican group from YouTube video:QUESTIONER: I take it you wouldn’t have gone into Afghanistan and … Continue reading

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YouTube video
500,000 tons of yellow cake
press release

List of Speakers Announced for the Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference in February

Astronauts, researchers, educators, senior government officials including the director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, Dr. Pete Worden, and the head of the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Dr. George Nield, and representatives from commercial space companies and the Commercial … Continue reading

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clicking here [pdf]
Southwest Research Institute
Universities Space Research Association
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Commercial Spaceflight Federation
research and education applications