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2018 October 6

Explanation: What does an auroralook like to a frog?”Awesome!” is the likely answer, suggested by this imaginativesnapshot taken on October 3rd from Kiruna, Sweden.Frequented by apparitionsof the northern lights,Kiruna is located in Lapland north of the Arctic Circle,and often under theauroraloval surrounding planet Earth’s geomagnetic north pole.Tocreate a tantalizing view from a frog’s perspectivethe photographer turned on the flashlight on her phone and placed it onthe ground facing down, resting her camera’s lens on top.The “diamonds” in the foreground are icy pebbles right in front of thelens, lit up by the flashlight.Reflecting the shimmering northern lights, the “lake” is afrozen puddle on the ground.Of course, in the distance is theBengtHultqvist Observatory.

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

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