Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos!Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe isfeatured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2018 September 21

Explanation: Irregular galaxy NGC 55 is thought to be similar to the Large MagellanicCloud (LMC).But whilethe LMC is about 180,000 light-years awayand is a well known satellite of our own Milky Way Galaxy,NGC 55 is more like 6 million light-yearsdistantand is a member of theSculptor Galaxy Group.Classified as anirregular galaxy, indeep exposures the LMC itselfresembles a barred disk galaxy.Spanning about 50,000 light-years, NGC 55 isseen nearly edge-on though,presenting a flattened, narrow profile in contrastwith our face-on view of the LMC.Just as large star forming regions createemission nebulaein the LMC, NGC 55 is alsoseen to beproducing new stars.This highlydetailed galaxy portrait highlights a bright core crossed withdust clouds, telltale pinkish star forming regions, and young blue starclusters in NGC 55.

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

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