The ultimate liberal hypocrisy: How the Left outrages over hate speech but turns a blind eye to hate crimes and violence – OpIndia

Posted: December 25, 2021 at 6:01 pm

Unabashed hypocrisy has become a defining feature of the Indian left intelligentsia. The liberals often subject others to higher standards of noble beliefs and virtues while refraining from holding their own to the same rigorous standards. They have a bloated sense of entitlement, stemming from the mistaken belief that they are a cut above the world, with a false sense of the notion that they are exempted from being evaluated by the same token as they use to judge others.

For instance, the left-leaning liberals have gone into overdrive to condemn Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati for the contentious remarks he made at the Haridwar Conclave. Ever prowling for issues to vilify Hindus, the liberals sensed it as a lucrative opportunity to build on their propaganda of vilifying Hindus and reinforcing minority victimhood. By contrast, they have studiously ignored actual hate crimes, like the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari and the Punjab lynching incidents.

The left-leaning brigade has accused Yati and others who attended the Haridwar Conclave of making hate speech designed to whip up genocide against Muslims. Calls for police action have also been made against the attendees. An FIR was also filed in connection with the case. However, the larger aim of the liberals seems to be somehow linking the Centre with the remarks made at the Haridwar Conclave. Several left ideologues have blamed the central government for indulging the leaders, who they claimed have felt emboldened to make the tendentious comments that they did during the Haridwar Conclave.

It is worth noting here that Yati Narsighanand Saraswati has himself been at the centre of a hate campaign directed at him by a section of society. Call for sar tan se juda or his decapitation have steadily grown, with even elected MLAs such as AAP leader Amanatullah Khan making a clarion call for his beheading. But none of the liberals who are today falling over themselves to condemn his speech cared to unequivocally denounce the death threats braved by the Dasna Devi Temple head priest in the past. Instead, they are using Dharma Sansad as yet another opportunity to besmirch the Centre.

Just like the liberals have been muted against the death threats faced by Yati Narsighanand Saraswati, they were also silent about the calls for the decapitation of Hindu Samaj leader Kamlesh Tiwari. No credible effort was taken by the Left intelligentsia to address the hate that was marshalled towards Tiwari, who years later was murdered in cold blood by followers of the murderous Islamist ideology that justified and called for his beheading.

And after Tiwari was ruthlessly murdered by Islamists, many of the liberals who are beating their chest today, demanding action for hate speech at the Haridwar Conclave, showed little concern to condemn his murder or call out the ideology that was responsible for his killing. In fact, an overwhelming number of liberals, including one of the left luminaries, who is the Wests latest damsel in distress in the Indian subcontinent, did not even bother to acknowledge his death, let alone issue an unequivocal condemnation.

Even in recent times, the hypocrisy exhibited by liberals cant be more pronounced. Even as they are outraging over the comments made by Yati Narsighanand Saraswati, they have maintained a stoic silence on the vitriolic speech made by AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, a video of which has gone viral on social media.

In the speech, AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi said, I want to tell the police. Remember this. Yogi will not be the Chief Minister forever. Modi will not remain the Prime Minister forever. We Muslims are silent because of the times, but remember we will not forget the injustice. We will remember your injustice. Allah, by his powers, will destroy you, Inshallah. We will remember. Times will change. Then who will come to save you? When Yogi will go back to his mutta, when Modi will go to the mountains, then who will come to save you. Remember, we will not forget.

Despite the brazenly communal undertones of Owaisis speech, it did not attract the same intensity of criticism as garnered by the Dharma Sansad in Haridwar. A day after speeches of leaders like Yati Narsinghanand and other Hindu leaders went viral, an FIR wasfiledin Uttarakhand over the speeches that called upon Hindus to collect arms. But in Owaisis case, some liberals even went to the extent of defending the incendiary remarks made by the AIMIM chief, arguing that his speech should not be seen in the same light as the comments made during the Dharma Sansad in Haridwar.

Another instance where the hypocrisy of liberals has been stark is the Punjab lynchings related to sacrilege cases. The country was recently roiled with two horrifying cases of mob lynching that took place in Punjab over allegations of sacrilege. Angry mobs took law into their own hands and lynched two individuals to death on the suspicion of sacrilege, underscoring the abject state of law and order situation in Punjab.

The first incident ofmob lynchinglinked to sacrilege took place inside the sanctum sanctorum of Darbar Sahib on Saturday evening when regular prayers were going on while the other one was related to a Gurdwara in Nizampur village in the Kapurthala district of Punjab where a man was killed on suspicion of committing sacrilege. Punjab CM today said there has been no evidence of sacrilege against the Kapurthala victim. It was also reported that the man was mentally challenged and was seeking food at the Gurudwara when he was lynched to death by a bloodthirsty mob.

These incidents should have shaken the liberal conscience to the core, prompting an unreserved condemnation of the ghastly murders committed in the name of sacrilege. However, as warped as it has become, the moral compass of the liberals did not push them towards condemning the sacrilege incident, instead, they remained tight-lipped about the deaths while decrying sacrilege. Many liberals, Punjab politicians, others were quick to denounce sacrilege but they did not find mobs taking the law into their hands scandalising and alarming enough to call for impartial and thorough probes into the two incidents.

While an FIR against Dharma Sansad took less than 24 hours to be filed, it has been over 5 days since the horrifying lynchings in Punjab and yet no FIR has been registered against the culprits. Apparently, an alleged hate speech has drawn more condemnation than the actual hate crime where two men were lynched to death by mobs on the mere suspicion of sacrilege, of which one case has been dismissed by Punjab CM himself stating that there has been no evidence of the victim committing sacrilege.

Yet, the liberals dont consider lynchings of two men worthy enough of their attention and outrage. There is a deafening silence on the Punjab lynching incidents even as new revelations are being almost on a daily basis, pointing towards a deeper conspiracy to hide what appears as an orchestrated incident of violence carried out under the pretext of sacrilege. However, even then, liberals have not felt the need to direct their ire on hate crime as they remain preoccupied with their campaign against Dharma Sansad.

Earlier yesterday, a high-intensity blast took place in Ludhiana, resulting in the death of two persons. The blast highlighted the precarious condition of security in the state that has been on the boil for over 12 months now since the start of farmers protest in November 2020 that saw the participation of anti-social elements, including Khalistani proponents, and witnessed routine incidents of riots, vandalism, murder, arson, rapes etc. But liberals had then thrown their weight behind the protests even though various criminal activities were reported to have been committed in the name of protests.

As it has been evident now, for liberals, hate speech is more important to outrage upon than the actual instances of hate crimes, insurrection, anarchy and terror incidents. The deaths, the rapes, the murders, the concomitant violence are probably nothing more than casualties suffered in the larger ideological war against the enemies they sorely despise, which in this case, are the Hindus. So they dont mind being hypocritical by placing outsize focus on condemnable comments made during the Dharma Sansad while paying no heed to the much more dangerous hate crime incidents happening across the country.

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The ultimate liberal hypocrisy: How the Left outrages over hate speech but turns a blind eye to hate crimes and violence - OpIndia

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