Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution

Euvolution was founded in the year 2000 - inspired by futurist, Simone Oulette, from Quebec, Canada and hosted in the United States.

Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution Transhuman Cosmic Consciousness


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Cosmos Theology - Cosmotheism

Dr William Pierce, Cosmotheism is the Meaning of Life, Our Cause ::

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Cosmos Theology ::

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Cosmotheism Trilogy On Society ::

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Cosmotheism Trilogy On Living Things ::

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Cosmotheism Trilogy On The Path ::

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Brief Introduction To Cosmos Theology PDF

Cosmotheism Trilogy William L Pierce PDF


Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution

Cosmotheism is a religion which positively asserts there is an internal meaning and purpose in life and in the cosmos. There is an essential unity, or consciousness that binds all living beings and all of the inorganic cosmos, as one. And what our true identity is this: we are the cosmos, made self-aware and self-conscious by evolution. Our undeniable human purpose, is to know and to complete ourselves as conscious individuals, and also as a self-aware species, and thereby to co-evolve with the cosmos towards total and universal awareness, and towards the ever-higher perfection of consciousness and being.

Transtopia, Euvolution and Prometheism which are all 3 sister web sites have been described by a member of Better Humans as:

"The Magneto Side of the Transhuman Equation"


We in the Eugenics movement are not interested in competing against Adolph Hitler or Karl Marx for some minuscule little 1,000 year Reich. We are interested in competing with Jesus Christ and Buddha for the destiny of man.

Favored Races Manifesto (PDF) by James L. Hart

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:: The Sworn Oath of Prometheism

We Prometheans are voluntarily coming together to purposefully direct the creation of a new post-human species. A species with higher intellect, creativity, consciousness and love of ones people. A communion of intellect and beauty, for the simple reason that it can be done. This creation is what gives us purpose and meaning. No other justification is required for this program to advance our Promethean species.

( The principles and objectives of Prometheism )

Self-Directed Evolution


Go   The Science of Eugenics

Ideology of Eugenics   Ideology of Eugenics

Societe and Genes   Society and Genes

The History and Politics of Eugenics   The History and Politics of Eugenics

Generations of The Future   Generations of The Future


IQ myth and the G factor   The "IQ " Myth and the "G" Factor

The Nature versus Nurture debate   The Nature versus Nurture debate

The Nature versus Nurture debate   Racial differences and evolutionary strategies

Evolutionary theory   Evolutionary theory


White Nationalism  White Nationalism

Political Correctness, Marxist Dogma and Censorship in the Western World  Political Correctness and Censorship in the Western World

Against Eugenics and Genetic Engineering  Against Eugenics and Genetic Engineering

Beyondism  Beyondism

Eugenics and Dysgenics  Eugenics and Dysgenics

Plato's Republic, Meritocracy and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man  Plato's Republic and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man


Qualified Mesothelioma Lawyers  Qualified Mesothelioma Lawyers


Welcome to transtopia, virtual citadel of radically progressive thought. Here you'll find a philosophy that fuses such diverse and seemingly unrelated concepts as apocalyptic futurism, atheism, childfreeness, cryonics, hedonism, and political incorrectness into a unique, and uniquely empowering whole.

Ex machina libertas -- technology will set you free. transtopia is Transhumanism the way it was meant to be: bold; revolutionary; uncompromisingly dedicated to overcoming the many flaws and limitations of the human condition, including death itself, by rational and scientific means.

"...the Magneto side in the Transhumanist equation."

-- Red Hour Orgy

Eritis sicut dii -- you shall be as gods. It's time to leave our stifling earthly
cradle and fulfill our evolutionary destiny among the stars...or die trying. There's
nothing to lose except a short, brutish existence, so onwards, past the event horizon and
into the heart of the technological Singularity!

If taking personal empowerment to its logical extreme sounds like your
cup of tea, you have definitely come to the right place. If not,
well, you might want to look around a bit anyway; you're practically
guaranteed to expand your mind in transtopia's vast and complex memespace.

  • What is The Singularity?
    Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman
    intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended. Is such progress
    avoidable? If not to be avoided, can events be guided so that we may
    survive and prosper?
  • Mind Uploading - An Introduction
    Uploading is the transfer of the brain's mindpattern onto a different
    substrate (such as an advanced computer). Uploading is a central concept
    in our vision of technological ascension.

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