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Basware Annual Partner Awards Announced – Business Wire

Posted: May 24, 2020 at 3:07 pm

ESPOO, Finland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Basware (Nasdaq: BAS1V), the global leader in networked procure-to-pay solutions and e-invoicing, announced its 2019 Partner Awards at its annual Partner Connect Conference.

The annual Basware Partner event brings together Advisory Partners, System Integrators, VARs and BPOs for training and collaboration sessions that explore best-practices, Basware products and future product roadmaps.

Our intent was to celebrate all of our partners at the annual Partner Connect conference, originally scheduled for April in Berlin, said Bram Kuijper, VP of Global Partner Success for Basware. Obviously, our global event required a pivot to a virtual event this year.

Basware Partner Connect 2020 Virtual Reality broadcast live sessions May 11-15 providing partners with a similar content delivery experience, along with the convenience of on-demand recorded sessions. Part of the virtual conference includes the annual award session recognizing partners demonstrating excellence in the following categories.

Extropy Advisors: Customer Excellence Award acknowledging the partner with the best customer implementation case.

"Extropy Advisors is honored to receive the 2019 Partner Customer Excellence award from Basware! Our mission is to empower our clients to execute on a successful digital transformation journey, and especially proud to be recognized by Basware for this award. We are grateful for the partnership and collaboration with the Basware team and look forward to bringing success to many more clients with our Partners." - Ravit Gutman, Strategic Initiative Leader for Extropy Advisors.

ICreative: Business Excellence Award acknowledging the partner driving the best results across four critical business areas.

We are extremely proud to receive the Business Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding practices in the ground-breaking 17 years we have been a Value Added Reseller of Basware. We are thankful to have a strong customer base that is driving our ambition and helps us grow. - Vincent Wouters, CEO at ICreative.

All award applications were submitted through rigorous reviews of overall success criteria, based on case overviews, best practice delivery, and maximizing the customer value through Basware solutions.

Congratulations to the Basware Partner 2019 Business Excellence and Customer Excellence award winners, said Kuijper. It is so important to provide the support, counsel and guidance for companies seeking to automate processes particularly during a time of obvious disruption. One of the clear benefits to using a partner for implementation is immediate access to instant expertise and the nimble approach they offer a tremendous benefit for any company seeking to get automation of processes right the first time.

To learn more about Basware partnerships, visit our website. To learn more about source-to-pay (S2P) Ecosystems, read Basware as an Ecosystem provider.

About Basware:

Basware is the only procure-to-pay and e-invoicing solution provider that empowers businesses with 100% spend visibility through 100% data capture. Our cloud-based technology enables organizations to fully manage their spend, mitigate financial risk and reduce the cost of operations via automation. With the worlds largest open business network and an open technology ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the solution required for Visible Commerce, which provides customers with complete transparency into all the flows of money, goods, and services around the world. A global company, Basware has offices in 14 countries and is traded on the Helsinki exchange (BAS1V: HE).

Read more from the original source:

Basware Annual Partner Awards Announced - Business Wire

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Knights of Unicron (SG) – Transformers Wiki –

Posted: June 28, 2017 at 6:30 am

The Knights of Unicron are a heroic Autobot subgroup from the Shattered Glass continuity family.

The Knights of Unicron were once evil Autobots, but the benevolent god of extropy Unicron reformatted them into his agents of peace. Now, they serve truth and justice across known space. Their members are:

Following their defeat at Decepticon City on Earth, Optimus Prime's forces retreated aboard Sky Lynx for Cybertron. Memory's Splinter Midway through, however, Sky Lynx announced that they would have to lighten the load. Rodimus took the opportunity to dump Optimus, Brawn, Prowl, Inferno, and Ratchet out the airlock. The five badly injured Autobots then found themselves in the presence of Unicron. Familiar Reflections Now dominated by good due to the Shroud, the god of extropy offered Optimus and his troopers truth and enlightenment. After Unicron showed Optimus a vision of his greatest victory, Prime accepted, and Unicron healed and reformatted them. The newly-formed Knights were then sent to Cybertron to stop Rodimus's chaos. Arriving in Rodimus's throne room, the Autotroopers took on the evil Autobots while Nova went head to head with Rodimus. Nova succeeded, sending Rodimus tumbling down into the depths of Cybertron. Restoration The Knights soon had the Autobots arrested, but Unicron contacted Nova to warn him that a greater threat awaited. Cybertron then seemingly began to fall apart. While the Knights barely maintained their footing, Rodimus reappeared and ordered his Autobots to evacuate. Cybertron then completed its transformation into the physical form of the Cybertronians' creator-god, Primus. Awakened by Rodimus and dominated by evil due to the Shroud, the dark Primus observed the nearby dimensionally-displaced Earth and tried to destroy it. However, Earth revealed itself as another Transformer god, Primus's sister Gaea. As the titans clashed, the Knights came to Gaea's aid, taking out Primus's eyes. Gaea then destroyed Primus and transformed herself into a new Cybertron as a home to both heroic Autobot and heroic Decepticon. The Knights became the guardians of the new joint society as a new age of peace dawned. The Future Buried...

Excerpt from:

Knights of Unicron (SG) - Transformers Wiki -

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TMG 2010 rewriting original host headers when … – Extropy

Posted: May 9, 2017 at 3:45 pm

I found a strange behavior with TMG 2010 when publishing a website. It appears to rewrite URLs sent outbound to clients when the "send original host header is sent" under certain conditions. Here are those conditions:

Here is precisely what I encountered:

So by process of elimination I found that this appears to be TMG not affecting any host header inbound, nor affecting the alternate URLs outbound.This appears to affect only the main URL outbound, as TMG appears to be rewriting the protocol part of the header when the submitted form returns a redirect from http to https (changing https back to http).

Fixes: Uncheck the "send original host header..." flag and all functionality works correctly. I don't think this is as "clean", because it means that TMG touches every request and changes the host header to the internal host header, however on the IIS bright-side this means the web server will see the same host header no matter what clients request (normalization). The only caveat is that if you wanted to use an internal URL (instead of IP address) for the site that was the same as the external URL it would either not work, or would require a DNS trick on TMG to force it. Or, you could just change the internal URL to something else (not used).

TMG proxy background:

This isn't so much of a bug in TMG as a "feature". TMG is designed to allow external access to internal resources. I've found that it makes a powerful and flexible reverse proxy server, you just have to contend with a few "features". TMG's basic design-premise is based on rewriting URLs that are normally only internally visible, to URLs that are externally visible. This means that TMG errs towards the side of rewriting in exception cases, which this appears to be. This methodology appears to assume that the web servers are dumb, and don't know about external URLs. This premise is fine, except when it is necessary for the web server to perform some type of functionality that requires a complex redirect based on a user action (such as switching to https when a user logs in). TMG assumes that the redirect is internal in nature and blocks the redirect in favor of maintaining the original URL and same-protocol bridging (or more accurately not bridging). This appears to only be an issue when TMG is confused by using the external URL as the internal URL (same as listener and client requests). This shouldn't be an issue when you specify that TMG uses an IP address for the internal site, however it appears that MS has designed TMG to be "smarter" and "more helpful" by performing host header translation outbound, even when you request it no to do so...

Continued here:

TMG 2010 rewriting original host headers when ... - Extropy

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Extropy SHIFT>

Posted: March 11, 2017 at 8:28 am

Extropy is the idea that human intelligence and technology will enable life to expand in an orderly way throughout the entire universe. Extropy expresses a metaphor, rather than serving as a technical term, and so is not simply the opposite of entropy. Extropy presents the idea that advances in science and technology will some day let people live indefinitely and that humans alive today have a good chance of seeing that day. It also describes a pragmatic consilience of transhumanist thought guided by a proactionary approach to human evolution and progress.

Extropian thinking places strong emphasis on rational thinking and practical optimism. These principles do not specify particular beliefs, technologies, or policies. Extropians share an optimistic view of the future, expecting considerable advances in computational power, life extension, nanotechnology and the like.

Many extropians foresee the eventual realization of unlimited maximum life spans, and the recovery, thanks to future advances in biomedical technology, of those whose bodies/brains have been preserved by means of cryonics or some similar method. Extropy emphasizes finding solutions to problems of the human condition, as well proactively considering potential unwanted side-effects of new technologies.

It should be understood that since the term extropy is a metaphor, a name for a moderately integrated group of values and attitudes, and it is not a force or a thing or a single value or principle; it cannot be measured.

Principles of Extropy

Perpetual Progress

Extropy means seeking more intelligence, wisdom, and effectiveness, an open-ended lifespan, and the removal of political, cultural, biological, and psychological limits to continuing development. Perpetually overcoming constraints on our progress and possibilities as individuals, as organizations, and as a species. Growing in healthy directions without bound.


Extropy means affirming continual ethical, intellectual, and physical self-improvement, through critical and creative thinking, perpetual learning, personal responsibility, proactivity, and experimentation. Using technology in the widest sense to seek physiological and neurological augmentation along with emotional and psychological refinement.

Practical Optimism

Extropy means fueling action with positive expectations individuals and organizations being tirelessly proactive. Adopting a rational, action-based optimism or proaction, in place of both blind faith and stagnant pessimism.

Intelligent Technology

Extropy means designing and managing technologies not as ends in themselves but as effective means for improving life. Applying science and technology creatively and courageously to transcend natural but harmful, confining qualities derived from our biological heritage, culture, and environment.

Open Society information and democracy

Extropy means supporting social orders that foster freedom of communication, freedom of action, experimentation, innovation, questioning, and learning. Opposing authoritarian social control and unnecessary hierarchy and favoring the rule of law and decentralization of power and responsibility. Preferring bargaining over battling, exchange over extortion, and communication over compulsion. Openness to improvement rather than a static utopia. Extropia (ever-receding stretch goals for society) over utopia (no place).


Extropy means valuing independent thinking, individual freedom, personal responsibility, self-direction, self-respect, and a parallel respect for others.

Rational Thinking

Extropy means favoring reason over blind faith and questioning over dogma. It means understanding, experimenting, learning, challenging, and innovating rather than clinging to beliefs.


Originally posted here:

Extropy SHIFT>

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Greydon Square Extropy Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Posted: at 8:28 am

[Verse 1: Greydon] Waves. A behavior in space-time. Vibration. Sound. Oscillation Light. A fancy way of saying electromagnetic radiation Sight. Visual perception. The ability to discern direction Might. What I bring to the mic. When these emcees gonna learn they lesson? ...Line throwin' mind blowing rhyme poet, that flows While you condone your time stolen Astro. Greek. Meaning star. Flaming plasma ball Equations embedded in space-time while adinkran images mask it all Some of us were passed down martial science from the ancients A one inch punch? I could pull a strike off from the planck length ....Among humans, the differences are marginal Free to move at light anywhere, like any massless particle Chart and go, spark and blow dro, then explain a parallax And how a nearer object moves faster than when its there in the back We deal in octaves Physics, math, chemistry, logic Enemy? stop it. Youre better off described as an entropy novice

[Chorus] Wake up They want to know how far into the future youre gonna take them Then want to know just.. how stark the view is through an ape lense Cause theyll only respond to perpetual progress if its flagrant Complacent with life, yet are fearful of death

[Verse 2: Greydon] Let me see, while you still stuck on the collection fee Im wreckin' beats, when you check for me Mark the box that says, Extra heat! Technically. Peep it, its like trying to keep a secret the DMT trip When youve already had ego death and your heart is ready to release it This oceanll make you seasick But at least you under the night sky Not only in the right place, but even born in the right time To make music, dj, and write rhymes Everyone has a crew, but no ones doing it like mine Verbal graffiti we spray and hurl in your city The ruckus we create interrupts the early committees ...Theyll scramble in panic thinking that its a takeover But in the context of #GU, were just a placeholder The most powerful of us havent even been born yet Formed yet Why do you think they call us the Hornet's Nest? But, we wont stop until we see, civilization level Z And the only language wed have is Peace, knowledge, and extropy

[Chorus] (x2) Wake up They want to know how far into the future youre gonna take them Then want to know just.. how stark the view is through an ape lense Cause theyll only respond to perpetual progress if its flagrant Complacent with life, yet are fearful of death

More on Genius

Dev Hynes & Starchild Debut VeilHymn Project With New Track Hymn

View post:

Greydon Square Extropy Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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DotNetNuke Skins – Home

Posted: February 19, 2017 at 11:33 am

DotNetNuke has traditionally been packaged with default skin packages pre-installed. The installation packages for those skins are available here.

Dark Knight Skin from DNN 06.02.05 Dark Knight Regular Skin package Dark Knight Mobile Skin package

The Minimal Extropy Skin & Container from DNN 5.6.3 Minimal Extropy

The following Skins are currently available: DNN-Blue* DNN-Gray*

These are skins from the DNN 3.1.13 package: DNN-Green* DNN-Red* DNN-Yellow*

Dnn Extropy Beta skin This skin is only here for reference, it is currently not supported and not for use in a production environment. If you find any issue with this skin, please log them in the issues tracker (here, not in the DNN tracker). If we get enough feedback, we will release a "stable" version of this skin. DNN-Extropy Beta*

The skin with the vertical menu might not work in DNN versions above 4.4. You can replace the Treeview menu with the NAV skin object and the DNNTreeNavigationProvider. (read the skinning documentation for more info)

Optimized / Clean Default.css Beta Version This is a beta release of an optimized/cleaned up version of default.css (Contributors are: Cuong Dang, Timo Breumelhof, and Salar Golestanian).

Feel free to report bugs and provide feedback to make this an official version for the next release. Default CSS

See the original post:

DotNetNuke Skins - Home

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Exchange 2010 –

Posted: November 27, 2016 at 9:50 am

In my experience, when you have Exchange 2010 in a volatile environment, you open yourself up to the cluster behaviors of the Exchange cluster to behave unexpectedly, or just plain fail. If you're running in DAC mode, then to gain those benefits, you have to manually fail/fix sites to prevent services from staying down, or worse, going split-brain.

Because Exchange 2010 relies heavily on Microsoft FCS (Failover Clustering Service) and AD (Active Directory), there are many scenarios where these distributed decision making functions can fail. When all the servers fail in the primary data center, the second data center takes over as it should, and when the primary data center comes back online, it does not automatically fail back; this is by design (per Microsoft). I have found that to fail services back, you must do two crucial things:

The sites seem to recover after a few minutes, but the changes are not immediately apparent, and the databases take a few minutes to re-mount. The reasons for these commands were not readily obvious to me, but I've come to the conclusion that the following conditions must be considered:

Also, the Microsoft documentation is decent (not great) on this, and is definitely worth reading:

A bit about this environment:

More here:

Exchange 2010 -

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Current Issue | Asimov’s Science Fiction

Posted: November 23, 2016 at 10:03 pm

October/November is our traditional slightly spooky issue, and the 2016 edition is no exception. The magazine is jam-packed with stories about ghosts, angels, demons, souls, curses, and a couple of aliens. Alexander Jablokovs bold new novella brings us a tale of death and danger, a woman with a rather unusual occupation, and The Forgotten Taste of Honey.

Sandra McDonalds cheerful tone belies the horror that lurks for The People in the Building; the souls of the damned are captured in Susan Palwicks poignant Lucite; death and another odd job play a part in Michael Liblings amusing and irreverent tale of Wretched the Romantic; Project Extropy uncovers new mysteries in Dominica Phetteplaces ongoing series; S. N. Dyer draws on history and folklore to explain what happens When Grandfather Returns; seeds of hurt and mistrust are sewn in Rich Larsons Water Scorpions; new author Octavia Cade invites us to spend some time Eating Science With Ghosts; Will Ludwigsen examines the curse of The Leaning Lincoln; and Michael Blumleins heartfelt novella asks us to Choose Poison, Choose Life.

Robert Silverbergs Reflections column dabbles in some Magical Thinking; James Patrick Kellys On the Net prepares to Welcome Our Robot Overlords!; Norman Spinrads On Books takes on Short Stories in a column that features the Nebula Awards Showcase anthologies as well as The Fredric Brown Megapack and Harlan Ellisons Can & Cantankerous; plus well have an array of poetry and other features youre sure to enjoy. Get your copy now!

by Alexander Jablokov

Tromvi trudged up the hill from the harbor, where she had just packed the last of her trade goods into the hull of a ship heading to the east. What she had received in return already weighed on her horses backs. She smiled to herself as she remembered the sea captain, caught between a reluctance to say goodbye and the need to be ready for the receding tide, being uncharacteristically sharp with his crew. READ MORE

by Sandra McDonald

At an office building on Tanner Boulevard, two intelligent elevators whisk workers up from the lobby toward their employment destinations. The people headed for the fifth floor greet each other every morning with nods. The people from the fourth floor sip from their brown coffee cups and read their smartphones.READ MORE

by Lisa Bellamy

Today they jostle among us until sundown, listen to our chatter, nudge each other, read the news over our shoulders; they window-shop READ MORE

by Sheila Williams

Welcome to our annual slightly spooky issue. The fall double issue is always long in the making. Throughout the year, we see stories that land a little outside Asimovs, admittedly rather soft, parameters. While we do publish one or two stories in each issue that could be called fantasy, surreal fiction, or slipstream, our focus is primarily on science fiction. Of course I get a lot of traditional science fiction story submissions, but I see a lot of uncanny submissions, too. READ MORE

by Robert Silverberg

Isaac Asimov, for whom this magazine was named and who was my predecessor as writer of this column, was a totally rational man with no belief whatever in matters supernatural. That didnt stop him from writing the occasional fantasy story or from editing a long series of anthologies with such titles as Devils, Ghosts, Spells, and Magical Wishes.READ MORE

by James Patrick Kelly

My friend John Kessel and I have had a longstanding disagreement about the future of artificial intelligence. Even though we have co-edited a couple of anthologies examining post-cyberpunk...READ MORE

by Norman Spinrad

I have been writing this column for close to four decades now, and, yet, to the best of my recollection, I have never reviewed a book of short stories. During my writing career, I have written and published something like twenty-five novels, but I have also probably written something close to one hundred short stories, if by short stories one means fiction of less than novel length, which is my definition here. READ MORE

by Erwin S. Strauss

October is a busy month. My picks range from coast to coast this time: CONtraflow, Archon, EerieCon, VCon, CapClave (where Ill be), ConClave, ConStellation, ValleyCon, MileHiCon, ICon and NecronomiCon. Whew! Plan now for social weekends with your favorite SF authors, editors, artists, and fellow fans.READ MORE


Current Issue | Asimov's Science Fiction

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Executive Team |

Posted: October 1, 2016 at 1:48 am

Nicholas Montera - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Partner

Nicholas is one of the founding members of Extropy and is a leading information technology expert with extensive experience involving large-scale IT initiatives. In his role as CEO Nicholas has developed Extropys strategic approach and focused its efforts to provide world class professional services and solutions. His vision is for Extropy to recruit and cultivate the best talent in the industry expanding Extropys "tribal knowledge" base to deliver innovative solutions founded in deep experience and due diligence. As the Chief Executive Officer of Extropy, he provides leadership to the executive management team; ensuring that the company is focused on the mission and our actions are in alignment with our core values. Nicholas has been deeply involved throughout his career in information technology planning, sales and engagement management. He came to form Extropy after successful careers with both British Telecom and Avaya. Nicholas attended the Florida Institute of Technology studying Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. He also holds the industries highest networking certification, Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert, (CCIE #11811).

Brett Coover - Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Managing Partner

Brett is one of the founding members of Extropy and is a thought leader in solutions across many technologies and industries. As CTO Brett focuses Extropys "tribal knowledge" to define and refine our technology and business solutions; always staying ahead of the curve. His vision is centered on creating and delivering the most innovative technology solutions available and developing them into long term growth opportunities. Brett has extensive experience in delivering innovative solutions to Fortune 500 customers, transforming their businesses as a trusted partner. Additionally Brett has experience in developing and operating service provider organizations. Brett's educational experience spans across the sciences, having attended Clarkson and the University of Buffalo studying physics, information and computer sciences. He also holds numerous certifications, including the industries highest networking certification, Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert, (CCIE #11918), and the most respected security certification, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Do you know anyone at Extropy ?

Go here to read the rest:

Executive Team |

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Extropy Institute Resources

Posted: July 29, 2016 at 3:15 am

Extropy Institute Publications: Extropy: The Journal of Transhumanist Thought from 1989 to late 1996 in high-gloss print and distributed at major bookstores.


Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc.

2600 Michelson Drive, Suite 1570 Irvine CA 92715 714/261-7261 714/261-1708 (fax)


Camford Publishing (Colin Blackmon)

Emerald 60/62 Toller Lane Bradford West Yorkshire England BD8 9BY Tel: +44 1274 777700 Fax: +44 1274 785201

Future Survey: A Monthly Abstract of Books, Articles, and Reports Concerning Forecasts, Trends, and Ideas about the Future

World Futures Society (Michael Marien)

7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 450 Bethesda MD 20814 301/656-8274


Dan Blatt

Futures: The Journal of Forecasting, Planning and Policy

Elsevier (Zia Sardar)

Elsevier Science 655 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10010-5107

Futures Bulletin

World Futures Studies Federation (Christopher Jones)

WFSF Secretariat PO Box 82488 Phoenix, Arizona 85071-2488 Street Address: 325 East Broadway Tempe, Arizona 85282 1-602-923-3457 phone/fax

Futures Research Quarterly

World Futures Society (Timothy Mack)

7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 450 Bethesda MD 20814 301/656-8274


Minnesota Futurists (Earl Joseph)

Anticipatory Sciences Inc. 365 Summit Ave S. Paul MN 55102

The Futurist

World Futures Society (Cynthia Wagner)

7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 450 Bethesda MD 20814 301/656-8274

International Journal of Forecasting

International Institute of Forecasters

The Management School Lancaster University Lancaster, LA1 4YX, England Phone: 44 (0)1524.593879 Fax: 44 (0)1524.844885

The Journal of the Evolutionary Study of the Future

The Society for the Evolutionary Study of the Future (Larry Vandervert)

Dr. Larry R. Vandervert P.O. Box 9804 Spokane, WA 99209-9804 ttp://

Journal of Forecasting

Wiley Interscience (Scott Armstrong)

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 605 Third Avenue New York, New York 10158-0012 Phone: 212-850-6645 Fax: 212-850-6021

The Manoa Journal of Half-Baked Ideas

Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies (Jim Dator)

Porteus #720 University of Hawaii 2424 Maile Way Honolulu, HA 96822 808/965-2888 808/956-2889 (fax)

On the Horizon The Environmental Scanning Newsletter for Leaders in Education

Emerald Publishing (Tom Abeles)

Emerald 60/62 Toller Lane Bradford West Yorkshire England BD8 9BY Tel: +44 1274 777700 Fax: +44 1274 785201

Papers de Prospectiva

Centre UNESCO de Catalunya (Felix Marti)

Mollorca, 285 08037 Barcelona SPAIN (34) 3/201-1716 (34) 3/547-5851

Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Elsevier Science, Inc. (Harold Linstone)

655 Avenue of the Americas New York NY 10010

World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution

Gordon and Breach Science Publlishers (Ervin Laszlo)

P.O. Box 90 Reading, Berkshire RG1 8JL UNITED KINGDOM

YES A Journal of Positive Futures

Thanks to the University of Houston's Studies of the Future Program.

Positive Futures Network

P.O. Box 11470 Bainbridge Island WA 98110 206/842-0216

Follow this link:

Extropy Institute Resources

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