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Your Immortality Application – The New Yorker

Posted: October 24, 2019 at 10:43 am

We regret to inform you that your petition to not die has been denied.

We had a tremendous number of applicants this year, more than five hundred million, as awareness of our services, once considered a hoax, spread across unedited social-media platforms.

We assure you that we reviewed your application thoroughly. We remind you that omission of any material was cause for rejection, and you wrote N/A on the areas marked heirs, life-insurance policy, and number of times youve used the expression I could just die. However, we conducted our review with the information available.

According to your Statement of Eternal Purpose, you have an idea for an app that decodes dreams and then recommends charities based on those dreams; you fact-check people who post misleading information on Twitter about your favorite TV shows; and you plan to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter. These attributes, while encouraging, describe more than ninety per cent of our applicants, many of whom are children.

A few judges were initially persuaded by your argument that your parents told you that your death was so far away it would practically never happen, and therefore it would be unfair if you actually had to die. However, we ultimately concluded that if we granted you immortality on these terms we would have to spare everyone whose parents told them this, which would create an insurmountable logistical and metaphysical problem for our systems.

We are pleased that your yoga practice has helped you recognize the light in all beings, and that you dont even feel weird about having the loudest ujjayi breathing in the class. But your story about meditating for thirty minutes did raise some questions among our panel about your ability to handle an eternity of the mind.

The judges were unclear whether you have a fatal illness or another imminent threat to your life. A few members of our panel argued that your answer to the adversity questionBody pains that could be cancerwas the reason for your petition, but others pointed out that the doctors report you submitted indicated that you are in excellent health.

Which made us wonder whether your impetus for submitting this application was simply your realization that you would one day die. And, Madam, we must admit, this gross lack of understanding, only recently corrected, did not recommend you to our judges as a candidate for eternal life.

In terms of a future resubmission, we suggest that you take another look at your references. The descriptions your boss provided of the skills youve acquired and the projects youve managed at the media company where you work were impressive, but they offered our judges little insight into how you would perform when faced with the burden of infinity. The rest of your references appear to be recommendations for college written by high-school teachers.

Madam, we caution you: immortality is not for everyone. If you have a cowlick, you will have a cowlick for all time. You will have to forgo any plans to haunt anyone. You will have to forgo fantasies about your own epic funeral.

We hope that you understand how incredibly selective this process is. We wish it could be different. We wish all human beings could be afforded the giftor, some might say, the cursethat we provide. Every day, were working to bring you new solutions. But, at the moment, our immortality options are limited to cryogenic freezing, vampirism, and really, really good gut bacteria.

We know this news must be devastating. We appreciated the opportunity to read your application, including the supplemental childhood drawings you submitted of yourself beside a bearded figure with a wizard hat labelled GOD. Its always disappointing to hear that your entire existence, your body, soul, and consciousness, will rot into the soil of a temporary earth and disappear into vast nothingness. We encourage you to reapply, reminding you that we accept application fees on a rolling basis.

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Your Immortality Application - The New Yorker

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The Vampire Diaries: Silas The First Immortal Explained – Screen Rant

Posted: at 10:43 am

Silas was one of the most powerful characters on The Vampire Diariesbut who is he and what's his backstory? When the Mikaelson siblings aka The Originals made their debut in The Vampire Diaries season 2, they were introduced as the first immortals and thought to be the oldest supernatural beings in existence. However, after the introduction of Silas in the fourth season it soon transpired there was a being far older than the Mikaelson clan who had achieved immortality long before they had.

To properly understand Silas place inThe Vampire Diaries universe, some knowledge of his history is needed. Thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece, Silas (Paul Wesley) was a powerful witch that was part of a group known as The Travelers alongside his fiance Qetsiyah (Janina Gavankar). Silas convinced Qetsiyah to make an immortality elixir for them to drink so they could be together for eternity. It turned out to be a trick when Silas drank the elixir with his real true love Qetsiyahs handmaiden Amara (Nina Dobrev), a mere mortal - which made them the first true immortals.

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Silas plan to live forever with Amara hit the fan when Qetsiyah exacted her revenge. She created a cure for immortality and led Silas to believe shed given it to Amara before killing her but had really desiccated her and bound her to the Other Side as its anchor. Qetsiyah then gave Silas an ultimatum; take the cure and die a mortal before spending eternity with Qetsiyah on the Other Side - a sort of purgatory for supernatural beings - or rot away as an immortal. He chose the latter and spent the next few thousand years prior to the modern-day events ofThe Vampire Diaries imprisoned in a tomb in an underground cave on a desolate island.

InThe Vampire Diaries season 4 Silas was freed from his tomb by a motley crew that includes Shane, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Katherine. After being freed, Silas used his powerful magic to take on the form of various Mystic Falls residents and manipulated people into enacting his plan to destroy the Other Side so he could be reunited with Amara. At the close of The Vampire Diaries fourth season, it was revealed Stefan was Silas doppelganger as he took his place and locked him in a safe which he then threw in a quarry.

In The Vampire Diaries season 5, Silas goes after Katherine whose blood now contains the immortality cure. After feeding on her and becoming a mortal witch once more, Silas sets out to destroy the anchor but soon finds out the anchor is none other than Amara, who he thought to be dead. Unfortunately for Silas, spending a couple of millennia as the anchor had sent Amara a bit crazy and she immediately fed on his cure-filled blood so she could also become mortal and die.

By the end of The Vampire Diaries season 5, Silas gets his wish of dying alongside Amara after Stefan fatally stabs him and Amara then kills herself. But because he didnt destroy the Other Side in time, Silas is sent there after dying while Amara goes to regular human afterlife. Youd almost feel sorry for the star-crossed pair if it wasnt for the trail of blood and dead people left in Silas wake during his time on The Vampire Diaries.

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Titans Calls Out Zack Snyders Man Of Steel Superman Reinvention

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The Vampire Diaries: Silas The First Immortal Explained - Screen Rant

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Hocus Pocus 2 Movie is in the Works at Disney+ /Film – /FILM

Posted: at 10:43 am

It turns out that all that talk about aHocus Pocus sequel wasnt a bunch of well, you know. Disney+ is developing aHocus Pocus 2 movie withWorkaholics writer and co-producerJen DAngelo set to pen the script. The original cast hasnt been confirmed to return, but DAngelo has reportedly been tasked with bringing back the bewitching trio played byBette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, andKathy Najimy.

Collider broke the news that Disney has tappedJen DAngelo, who served as a writer and co-producer onWorkaholics, to write the script for the long-awaitedHocus Pocus 2. The sequel to the 1993 Halloween cable rerun classic is set to debut on Disney+.

Theres no word on whether the Sanderson sisters, played by Midler, Parker, and Najimy, will return, but Disney is hopeful that the original stars will be involved in some capacity. Whether this means that they will take the stage once again as the sinister witches who kidnap children to attain immortality, or whether they will pass on the torch to a new generation, is uncertain.

But I cant seeHocus Pocus 2achieving quite the same level of success as the original if the terrific trio dont return. Midler, Parker, and Najimys hammy charisma and star presence is what elevated the film from being a forgettable fantasy-comedy Midlers glamorous and campy performance in particular.

The original, directed byKenny Ortegafrom a script byMick GarrisandNeil Cuthbert, was not a major box office hit when it opened in theaters in 1993, but gained new life once it hit the TV rerun circuit. As a Halloween-season staple,Hocus Pocus became an essential part of many a Millennials childhood. Endlessly quoted and memed, nostalgic fans have demanded a sequel for years, but a sequel without the stars that made it would not cast the same magic spell. The original film also starredOmri Katz,Thora Birch,Vinessa Shaw, andDoug Jones, none of which have confirmed to return for the sequel either.

However, ifHocus Pocus 2 is being developed for Disney+, Disneys forthcoming streaming service, I have the sinking feeling this sequel will end up being more of a new-gen spin-off in the vein of the services other titles based on familiar IP likeHigh School Musical. But perhaps Midler and co. will want to return for one more bid at immortality.


Hocus Pocus 2 Movie is in the Works at Disney+ /Film - /FILM

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Radio Readers BookByte: Think About It – HPPR

Posted: at 10:43 am

Hello, Radio Readers. Im Jane Holwerda from Dodge City, Kansas, to chat up with you the fourth book in our Fall 2019 Book Club series. The fourth book, yet another best-seller, is Yuval Hararis Homo Deus: A Brief History of the Future. The paradox of the title anticipates the mind-bending ideas posted by Harari, an historian and professor at a prominent university. Its taken me some time to read it, mostly because the ideas are so dense, so provocative, Ive had to frequently set the book aside to think about these ideas and their implications.

For example, in the final sections, Harari riffs on a study published in 2013 by researchers at Oxford. This study predicts that within 30 years a variety of current professions will be obsolete, the work of which will be done more efficiently and accurately by computer algorithms. The list of professions is wide-ranging, including sports referees and underwriters, lifeguards, archivists, and carpenters, security guards, chefs, tour guides and paralegals. Harari also predicts that the work of physicians, attorneys, bankers and stock brokers will also become the function of digital algorithms. And, he asks, as humans are displaced from work, what will we do? Play computer games and self-medicate? Return to school to retool our skills? Well, Harari quips, already, right now, companies are developing interactive algorithms that not only instruct individuals in various topics but can also by coding reactions and responses of students-- summon up and deliver individualized instruction to best meet each students learning styles and needs. This is to say, we can add teaching to the list of disappearing vocations Then, as humans are displaced from work, Harari asks, what will we dowith our lives and to sustain ourselves? As we have more time free of work, and what with advances in medicine, more time to live, what will it mean, if anything, to be human? History shows us similar patterns, of course, especially in historical shifts from agrarianism to industrialization to corporatization as we know, new types of employment emerge, new ways of filling our days and lives.

But in our cybernetic era, Harari predicts the emergence of a small elite of upgraded superhumans which in times past have been labeled by philosophers and graphic artists as the uber-mensch and superman. One difference is that Hararis upgraded superhumans are unlikely to fight never-ending battles for truth, justice, and the American way. Instead having gained an invulnerable immortality, in Hararis view, these few upgraded superhumans will have become divine. Hence, Homo Deus, literally god-men, or men who are as gods. Of course, each of us can identify at least one or two of those in our daily lives, right? But imagine those one or two with empowered consciousness and control of all algorithms, including each of ours.

If, or as, this comes to pass, what will life on the high plains become? More or less populated? Greater or fewer resources? Improved access to improved health care, to goods and services? If youd like to hear more about Hararis ideas and vision of our future, keep listening to Radio Readers book bytes and check out his books, or catch him on a Ted or YouTube talk.

Meanwhile, Im Jane Holwerda from Dodge City KS for HPPRs Radio Readers Book Club. And right now, Im headed outside, to feel the changing of the seasons and in other ways revel in the beauty of our High Plains.

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Radio Readers BookByte: Think About It - HPPR

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Mei and Sigma changes included in October 23 Overwatch PTR patch – Dexerto

Posted: at 10:43 am

A new patch for the Overwatch PTR dropped on October 23 and it contains an update for Mei, Baptiste, and Sigma along with bug fixes and someWorkshop updates.

The latest PTR update isn't massive, but it does contain a lot of updates for the Workshop along with changes that might be helpful to Mei mains.

Hero updates are also included for Sigma and Baptiste, along with a number of bug fixes for various heroes.

Blizzard Entertainment

The PTR patch comes in the middle of the Halloween Terror event.

The hero update apply to Mei's Ice Wall, Sigma's Gravitic Flux and Baptiste's Immortality Field, which willall now more heavily prefer edges over placing as far away as possible.

This should make it easier to place the abilities in the most effective spot - especially when it comes to Ice Wall.

Ice Wall should be a bit easier to place accurately after the latest patch.

Bug fixes include a hilarious-sounding glitch thatcaused Anas legs to twitch when her Halloween TerrorPharaoh skin is equipped.

They also fixed a bug thatcaused Roadhog'sChain Hook tosometimes incorrectly connect with Symmetras Teleporter, Ashes Dynamite, and Junkrats Steel Trap and Concussion Mine.

Blizzard Entertainment

Hog should have less problems hooking things he didn't mean to.

Also included in the update is a new gameplay option forHigh Precision Mouse Input whichwill allow Overwatch player's to use their mouses native polling rate when determining exactly where to shoot.

A mouse's polling rate is how often it reports its position to a computer andahigher polling rate can decrease the lag between when you move your mouse and when the movement shows up on your screen.

The full list of updates in the October 23 PTR patch are listed below:

New Gameplay Option: High Precision Mouse Input

Enabling this option will allow Overwatch to use your mouses native polling rate when determining exactly where to shoot. Note: There may be a slight performance cost to enabling this option.

New Workshop Features:

New Workshop Values:











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Mei and Sigma changes included in October 23 Overwatch PTR patch - Dexerto

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The Litany of the Holy Eucharist – The Catholic Spirit

Posted: at 10:43 am


The Litany of the Holy Eucharist is given in the Order for the Solemn Exposition of the Holy Eucharist, No. 178. It is recommended to be prayed when a person is in the presence of the Eucharist during eucharistic adoration or on a visit to the church when it is reserved in the tabernacle. It can be offered anytime.

The response to the first series of invocations is have mercy on us. Part I of the litany begins: Jesus, the Most High, the holy One, Word of God, only Son of the Father, Son of Mary, crucified for us, risen from the dead, reigning in glory, coming in glory, our Lord, our hope, our peace, our Savior, our salvation, our resurrection, Judge of all, Lord of the Church, Lord of creation, Lover of all, life of the world, freedom for the imprisoned, joy of the sorrowing, giver of the Spirit, giver of good gifts, source of new life, Lord of life, eternal high priest, priest and victim, true Shepherd, and true light.

It concludes: Jesus, bread of heaven, bread of life, bread of thanksgiving, life-giving bread, holy manna, new covenant, food for everlasting life, food for our journey, holy banquet, true sacrifice, perfect sacrifice, eternal sacrifice, divine Victim, Mediator of the new covenant, mystery of the altar, mystery of faith, medicine of immortality, and pledge of eternal glory.

Part II is the Invocation of Christ, and the response to Part II-A is Lord, save your people. The invocations are: Lord, be merciful, from all evil, from every sin, from the snares of the devil, from anger and hatred, from every evil intention, from everlasting death, by your coming as man, by your birth, by your baptism and fasting, by your suffering and cross, by your death and burial, by your rising to new life, by your return in glory to the Father, by your gift of the Holy Spirit, and by your coming again in glory.

The response to Part II-B is have mercy on us. The invocations are: Christ, Son of the living God, you came into this world, you suffered for us on the cross, you died to save us, you lay in the tomb, you rose from the dead, you returned in glory to the Father, you sent the Holy Spirit upon your Apostles, you are seated at the right hand of the Father, and you will come again to judge the living and the dead.

Part III is the Prayer for Various Needs and the response is Lord, hear our prayer. The invocations for Part III-A are: Lord, be merciful to us, give us true repentance, strengthen us in your service, reward with eternal life all who do good to us, and bless the fruits of the earth and of our labor. The invocations for Part III-B are: Lord, show us your kindness, raise our thoughts and desires to you, grant eternal rest to all who have died in faith, spare us from disease, hunger and war, and bring all peoples together in trust and peace. The invocations for the final section are: guide and protect your holy Church, keep the pope and all the clergy in faithful service to your Church, bring all Christians together in unity, and lead all to the light of the Gospel.

Father Van Sloun is pastor of St. Bartholomew in Wayzata.

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The Litany of the Holy Eucharist - The Catholic Spirit

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Overwatch exploit gives Baptiste, Mercy and more an unfair ‘buff’ – Dexerto

Posted: at 10:43 am

A newly discovered exploit with Baptiste's Immortality Field can allow Overwatch players to live for longer thanks to its lingering effect, and as it turns out, the same effect applies to other abilities too.

While many abilities in Overwatch have a lingering effect, this is often by design. For instance, Moiras primary healing lasts a few seconds after applied. However, it does less healing overall, which implies it was intended by the developers.

With Baptistes Immortality Field drone and a few other abilities, the effect lasts completely even after a player leaves its proximity for a short amount of time something that may not have been intended by the games developers.

Blizzard Entertainment

Baptiste's Immortality Field can save enemies from dying.

A Reddit user by the name of 'kaiomm' posted a replay clip of gameplay on Nepal in which a Reinhardt pinned another player who had only a fraction of health left. During the pin/charge animation, the Reinhardt getting pinned was briefly in the line of sight of a friendly Baptiste Immortality Field.

As the charge continues, the Reinhardt doing the pinning hits his opponent into the wall, which should have done enough damage to result in a kill. Instead, it appears as if the drone continued to keep the player alive even after being pinned outside of its area of effect.

Some abilities which buff friendly players function the same way. As 'Lightning_Laxus' pointed out in the comments, A lot of abilities are like that. Lucio's aura and Orisa's Supercharger for example. Supercharger is easier to visualize because of the giant beam. They both linger for 1 additional second after leaving the range and/or LoS.

Lucios aura and Orisas Supercharger/Mercy's beam could potentially be taken advantage of to help secure a kill or restore a player's health even though they've left the effective range.

For instance, a player chasing after a retreating enemy could fire one last shot or use one last ability with the buffed damage from Orisa's Supercharger briefly after turning a corner and leaving its line of sight.

With Baptiste, a way to counterplay the Immortality Field, aside from just destroying it, is to boop or knock foes out of its line of sight. But with a one second lingering effect, players may need to wait a moment before using an ability to confirm a kill on foes knocked outside of the field or else it wouldnt result in a kill.

For anyone playing against a Baptiste, its something to consider before wasting ammo or a cooldown on a target who leaves the drones effective range.

Blizzard Entertainment

Baptiste had such a knowledge of the drone that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.

But if you're playing with one on your team, taking advantage of the lingering effect could cause your enemies to waste cooldowns and making your opponents waste cooldowns could win you the game.

It will be interesting to see what Blizzards stance on lingering effects in Overwatch is and if they address this problem in a future patch.

The rest is here:

Overwatch exploit gives Baptiste, Mercy and more an unfair 'buff' - Dexerto

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Lucifer cast: Who is Mazikeen of Lilith ? Who is Maze based on? – Express

Posted: at 10:43 am

Lesley-Ann Brandt plays Maze in Lucifer, a demon-turned-bounty hunter and close friend of Lucifer Morningstar. Brandt is a South African actress, who before landing a role of Lucifer in 2016, starred in Spartacus: Blood and Sand as Naevia. The series is based on a range of DC Comic characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg in the 1990s.

Mazikeen of Lilith is one of the children of the demon Lilith.

The character of Mazikeen first appeared in the Sandman comic book series, created by Neil Gaiman which the series Lucifer is based on.

When Lucifer left Hell, Mazikeen followed and they both adjusted to life on Earth.

In the Netflix series Lucifer, Mazikeen is an archdemon known as Maze.

READ MORELucifer season 5 cast: Will Tom Welling return to Lucifer as Cain?

Maze is a close friend and former lover of Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis), who helped him cut off his angel wings.

In the first season of Lucifer, Maze worked as a bartender at Lucifers club Lux as well as his bodyguard and concierge.

Maze also got close to Lucifers brother Amenadiel (DB Woodside) and even sacrificed her chance to return to hell to save him.

Unable to return to hell, Maze became a bounty hunter for the LAPD in season two and has been ever since.

In season four, it was revealed by Eve (Inbar Lavi), Lucifers girlfriend, that Maze was the daughter of Lilith.

Eve revealed Mazes mother Lilith was the first wife of Adam, her ex-husband.

READ MORELucifer: Will Lucifer Morningstar star in Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Maze then confessed to Eve she did not get on well with her mother and Lilith even tried to kill her.

In Jewish mythology, Lilith is described as a sexually dangerous demon who steals babies in the night.

In Jewish folklore, especially in the Alphabet of Sirach, Lilith appears as Adams first wife, who was created from the same clay as Adam.

Maze in Lucifer has impressive powers and abilities including immortality, superhuman strength and speed and demonic possession.

She also has a terrifying devil face that, like Lucifers, can be revealed.

READ MORELucifer season 5: When is Lucifer season 5 out on Netflix?

The Netflix series Lucifer takes inspiration from biblical characters and mythology figures.

For example, Lucifer Morningstar is based on the devil and archangel, Samael.

Amenadiel is based on the angel Gabriel and Eve was based on the biblical character of the same name from the book of creation.

In Jewish mythology, Mazikeen (also spelt Mazzikim) is the name given to invisible demons who create an annoyance or bring great danger.

In Hebrew, the term translates to those of harm and is used in the Jewish central text known as the Talmud.

In the Talmud, the word is used to refer to harmful demons that people could face every day.

Lucifer season 5 is coming to Netflix soon

Continued here:

Lucifer cast: Who is Mazikeen of Lilith ? Who is Maze based on? - Express

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In ACT Theatre’s New Production of Dracula, the Hunter Becomes the Hunted –

Posted: at 10:43 am

Brandon ONeill as Dracula. Not pictured:the cellist, the blood, the smoke. Rosemary Dai Ross

Count Dracula is one of the most enduring monsters in literature, which either is ironic or makes perfect sense, considering his immortality. Bram Stoker's vicious yet refined vampire nobleman has weathered more than a century of rebirths and reimaginingshe's spurred more interpretations than any other classical monster (there are more than 200 films based just on his story).

He is the pop-culture darling of the ages, a supernatural villain we love to fear in all his many forms. He'll be breathed to life yet again when playwright Steven Dietz's adaptation of the Stoker tale (which is the most produced version for the stage, and which Dietz wrote in the mid-1990s in Seattle) is revived and revised specifically for ACT Theatre, which is producing the play through November 17.

But it's not all about the Count. In this Dracula, the focus shifts to Mina Murray Harker. Her character has always been ripe for a reckoning or a refresh, or both, and has enjoyed many alternate paths in modern retellings. She is the source of endless fascination, because she is an obvious heroine in Stoker's novel, pure of heart and mind, and yet she's just as much a casualty of Dracula's desires as her poor friend Lucy, even if Mina ultimately fares better.

No matter how many gender norms Stoker challenged, it was still the Victorian era. Mina could be given only so much agency. "But to simply make her a victim was super unsatisfying to all of us," director John Langs explained. "So Steven has done some reworking of the story, and she really comes to the forefront. The hunted becomes the hunter in this particular adaptation."

He describes it as a ritualistic retelling of the play that they're calling "the death of Dracula at the hands of Mina Murray." According to Langs, "Whenever we take on a classical work at ACT Theatre, we're trying to reframe it in the contemporary context."

In Dietz's Dracula, relevant themes are exploredlike the costs of hiding your secret life from the people you love most and the way corruption takes root. But as Langs put it, they also want "to tell a good monster story about power in this day and age, as a great allegory for the fear that is being generated by certain parts of society that has us all very, very worried. It's been really satisfying to drive a stake into the heart of a monster every day, and we hope that our audience feels that macabre pleasure with us."

The actors are core ACT Theatre members, many of whom took part in a yearlong workshop, which means they are intimately familiar with the material and its changes. Among them are actors who've gotten glowing praise from our critics, including Khanh Doan as Mina, Brandon O'Neill as Dracula, and Basil Harris as Renfield. Langs said about Harris: "He has such a unique and off-center quality to him, that I thought him taking on that pivotal role was just a perfect get for us."

There will be a live cello player onstage throughout the evening, and, Langs said, "gallons of blood, tons of smoke, lots of choreography, singing, sharp teeth... Even in our, maybe, erudite pursuits, we haven't shied away from making it great entertainment."

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In ACT Theatre's New Production of Dracula, the Hunter Becomes the Hunted -

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The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Coming To Theaters Early In Time For Halloween – Geeks of Doom

Posted: at 10:43 am

The upcoming adaptation of Stephen Kings sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, isnt arriving in theaters until November. A bit of a bummer for those who were wishing they could see it this Halloween season.

But now some people will have a chance to see it early. Its been announced that Fandango is bringing the movie to theaters early for one night only, and just in time for Halloween.


Doctor Sleep continues the story of Danny Torrance, 40 years after his terrifying stay at the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson and newcomer Kyliegh Curran star in the supernatural thriller, directed by Mike Flanagan, from his own screenplay based upon the novel by Stephen King.

Still irrevocably scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook, Dan Torrance has fought to find some semblance of peace. But that peace is shattered when he encounters Abra, a courageous teenager with her own powerful extrasensory gift, known as the shine. Instinctively recognizing that Dan shares her power, Abra has sought him out, desperate for his help against the merciless Rose the Hat and her followers, The True Knot, who feed off the shine of innocents in their quest for immortality.

Forming an unlikely alliance, Dan and Abra engage in a brutal life-or-death battle with Rose. Abras innocence and fearless embrace of her shine compel Dan to call upon his own powers as never beforeat once facing his fears and reawakening the ghosts of the past.

Doctor Sleep stars Ewan McGregor (Star Wars: Episodes I, II & III, T2 Trainspotting) as Dan Torrance, Rebecca Ferguson (the Mission: Impossible films, The Greatest Showman) as Rose the Hat, and Kyliegh Curran, in her major feature film debut, as Abra. The main ensemble cast also includes Carl Lumbly, Zahn McClarnon, Emily Alyn Lind, Bruce Greenwood, Jocelin Donahue, Alex Essoe and Cliff Curtis.

Trevor Macy and Jon Berg produced the film, with Roy Lee, Scott Lumpkin, Akiva Goldsman and Kevin McCormick serving as executive producers.

Flanagans behind-the-scene creative team was led by director of photography Michael Fimognari (The Haunting of Hill House), production designers Maher Ahmad (Get Hard) and Elizabeth Boller (Hush), and costume designer Terry Anderson (Den of Thieves). The music score is composed by The Newton Brothers (The Haunting of Hill House).

The only bad news is that the special early screening is only going to be on about 400 screens, so not everyone will have the opportunity to see it. Tickets for the event are on sale now, and you can head over to Fandango to see if itll be in your area.

After the early screening, Doctor Sleep will be released in theaters everywhere on November 8th. You can click right here for trailers and more if you missed anything.

[Source: via Bloody Disgusting]

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The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Coming To Theaters Early In Time For Halloween - Geeks of Doom

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