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Coronavirus leads to massive increase in online gambling – The Jerusalem Post

Posted: March 26, 2020 at 6:04 am

Since COVID-19 struck China and other countries such as Italy and Israel, and has since reached the status of a pandemic, more and more people have taken up online gambling, Israeli firm Optimove reported in a press release on Wednesday.

The company saw a 43% in online poker games and a massive increase of 225% of people who began to play poker online for the first time, when compared to the pre-COVID-19 figures.

According to the head of research at Optimove, Omer Liss, people began to gamble online now that they cant meet friends for weekly poker sessions, and others are simply trying to spice up a long dull stay indoors with the thrill of chance.

While the NFL and NBA no longer have games, and the Tokyo Olympics had been postponed, people may still gamble on horse races and online gaming events.

Recently, a young married couple filed for divorce when the woman learned her husband is addicted to gambling when the two went on a vacation overseas.

The man allegedly violated quarantine orders to those returning from abroad just to go off and find a game to bet on.

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Coronavirus leads to massive increase in online gambling - The Jerusalem Post

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5 Tips to Improve Your Online Gambling in 2020 – Total Packers

Posted: at 6:04 am

They say that you cant win money gambling. But life shows that nothing is impossible its just some things are harder to accomplish. Of course, winning money from casinos is never simple; however, if you use these five tips, you can significantly improve your chance of making a profit. Without further ado, lets see what they are:

At some point, you will experience a nightmare of every gambler a losing series, no matter what game youre playing. At poker, you might be card dead or get cooler after cooler, and if youre playing on slots, you will eventually experience a losing streak. Some say that casino game providers games are rigged, and thats why such things happen. Its easy to believe in such theories, but they are not true. It only proves that math is against you.

Its essential not to become emotional when it happens. Its always easier said than done but stay calm, and when you see that youre unlucky, just take a break. Gambling will be there for you tomorrow, and its very easy to lose all the money in one night. If you lost too much cash in a short session, stop playing and come back another time. It will prevent you from losing even more.

The vast majority of players have no idea about the math and strategies of the game which they are playing and its a mistake that can be very costly. Theres plenty of different books, YouTube videos, and other types of materials that cover interesting aspects of casino games.

Its not really necessary to check them out if you know that this casino session will be your last one, but if youre planning to stay here for longer, make sure that you know the basics and have a strategy that will minimize your chances of losing. Theres always room for improvement, and you should be sure that youre making 100% correct decisions. Remember that youre playing with your hard-earned money, so its better to do research before you start playing. Also, make sure that you play in the right casino. Take a look at Bonusfinder Dunder review and see what the features of a casino that is worth a try are.

Ask yourself a question why are you even gambling? The answer is straightforward to earn some extra money. Notice that it sometimes actually happens, yet very few people take advantage of it. Its likely the biggest mistake that players all around the world make they dont quit when things are going well. So, the next time you win a significant amount of money, keep this advice in mind and just stop. The games are designed in a way that people are hooked when they keep winning nice sums. If they were able to leave, instead of reinvesting all the money that they won, its actually possible to make significant profits. Dont be greedy, and instead of hunting that jackpot, which likely never comes, keep cashing out the little sums. Its much more profitable in the long run.

Notice how easily alcohol is available in the real casinos. Its not a coincidence or a mystery people who are drunk are more likely to lose all their money. That rule, however, also applies when youre gambling from home. Do yourself a favor, and never play when youre not sober. Alcohol reduces your judgement and logical thinking abilities. Also, drunk people are more likely to make risky bets and try to get back the lost money. The results of a drunken session can be disastrous. Gambling drunk is like driving drunk. You should never do either of these!

Before you decide to deposit money for the very first time, make sure to read as many materials about bankroll management as possible. Its very crucial to know everything about it because it allows you to gamble safely. You surely have heard many stories about people who have lost all their money, savings, cars or even homes.

Dont be one of those people, and create a good bankroll strategy. Play only for the amount of cash that you can afford to lose. Also, play for money that you feel comfortable with. Lets say that you deposited $500. You will be able to have good fun for long hours when the single spin is worth 50. The perspective of doing $100 spins and winning a jackpot is very tempting, but remember about the odds, and expect to lose all the money that you deposited within a minute. It will only make you want to deposit more, and thats how you should NOT gamble.

Incorporate these five tips into your gambling strategy. Of course, using them wont magically change your life, and you wont suddenly start winning hundreds of thousands, but they increase your chances of winning in the long run and make you a responsible gamer, which you should always strive to be.


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5 Tips to Improve Your Online Gambling in 2020 - Total Packers

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Governor signs bill to allow Washington gambling – Herald and News

Posted: at 6:04 am

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) A bill to allow sports gambling in Washington state, but only at tribal casinos, was signed by Gov. Jay Inslee Wednesday.

Inslee said the bill would allow the state and Indian tribes to enter into new gaming compacts to cover sports betting.

This will allow people to participate in a new gaming activity that is safe and well-regulated by the tribes, Inslee said as he signed the bill, which was easily passed by both houses of the Legislature.

Washington Indian Gaming Association executive director Rebecca Kaldor thanked Inslee for supporting the bill.

The revenue generated by tribal gaming funds critical needs in our communities, Kaldor said.

Tribal communities and governments are currently dealing with the devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. As we recover from this crisis, the addition of this amenity will help tribal governments fund the essential services their members will need to get back up on their feet.

The measure included an emergency clause, and takes effect immediately.

The Legislature earlier rejected calls to scrap the emergency clause, which potentially could have subjected the bill to a statewide referendum requiring 60 percent support to pass.

Supporters of the bill said betting on sports was widespread in Washington already, and legalizing it would protect consumers. Supporters also said tribal casinos were the logical place to expand.

The bill passed despite objections it granted a monopoly to the states Indian tribes while hurting smaller commercial card-room casinos.

Those opposed to the bill included Nevada-based Maverick Gaming, which in the past year acquired 19 of the states 44 commercial card-room casinos. Maverick contended its venues should also gain access to the lucrative sports gambling market.

Sports gambling has long been illegal in Washington and almost everywhere nationwide, but the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 quashed a federal law banning such gambling in all but a few jurisdictions, leaving it to individual states to now decide their own course.

The bill would allow betting on professional and college sports, but not on college teams based in Washington state. Bets must be placed at Indian casinos, which are spread across the state.

Maverick Gaming chief executive Eric Persson argued in public hearings earlier that the state will lose up to $50 million annually in tax revenues by not authorizing sports gambling beyond tribal venues.

He added the only reason the emergency clause was invoked was because lawmakers know Washington residents would never approve the bill as proposed.

Persson has vowed to spend up to $30 million this election cycle on litigation, campaigning, television advertisements and anything else to block the bill from becoming law.

Persson, in a letter to Inslee earlier this month, contended the state is giving away a tax-free monopoly to the tribal casinos, while endangering the jobs of some 2,200 employees at Maverick Gaming.

Representatives of tribes said at public hearings their casinos provided money for many essential tribal government operations.

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Governor signs bill to allow Washington gambling - Herald and News

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Funds Are Available To Crack Down On Illegal Gambling, But Who Wants Them? – Penn Bets

Posted: at 6:04 am

Given concern in Pennsylvania over clearly or potentially illegal gaming devices, it might seem that funds available to law enforcement to crack down on the machines would all be readily put to use.

That is not the case.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board recently found few takers for the grant money it is prepared to dole out for investigations of unlawful gambling in the state.

The gaming board initially set a Jan. 21 deadline for police departments, district attorneys, state police, task forces, and others in law enforcement to apply for grants it has available from an $2 million allocation set aside from state casino revenue.

At its March meeting, the board approved four grants totaling $740,000. Due to the lack of applications to take advantage of the remaining $1,260,000, it announced it was reopening the application process.

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The four grants announced March 11 were:

Much of the conversation about illegal gambling in the state recently has revolved around increasing popularity at various outlets of skill games, thousands of which can be played at public locations such as bars, convenience stores, and gas stations, as well as in private clubs. Their existence, seemingly operating in a gray area of the law, is a hot source of debate in the state.

For years, state police and other agencies have occasionally busted up video poker operations or sports betting rings.

Such investigations and prosecutions have not generally been seen as a high priority given other law enforcement responsibilities, however, unless organized crime is involved or public complaints become vocal about a particular operation.

In the case of the skill games, there is added hesitation due to debate over whether they are legal or prohibited, a matter still to be sorted out by the courts and potential new state legislation.

The locations that host them say they are a key source of revenue to support their operations, while the casino industry and Pennsylvania Lottery maintain they are an unfair, untaxed, competitor that should be wiped out.

For those who want to continue gambling since the shutdown of all the states casinos March 17 due to COVID-19 health concerns, such devices are one of their remaining opportunities.

The 27 truck stop locations with 135 legal video gaming terminals similar to slot machines have voluntarily suspended play due to the virus, according to the gaming board. The gas stations and markets still open with unsanctioned gambling devices, however, could be allowing people to play them. The gaming board has no control over those.

That continued gambling opportunity has been raised as a health concern by a Parx Casino-backed group that has been trying to get law enforcement officials to crack down on the skill games for months.

At a time in which Pennsylvania casinos have made the difficult but appropriate decision to shut down to protect the health of their patrons, employees, and the public, these machines continue to attract gamblers of all ages, said Peter Shelly, a spokesman for the group, calling itself Pennsylvanians Against Illegal Gambling.

He said the group is now hoping state and local health officials will act to force shutdown of play on the gambling devices, since the virus can be spread by contamination of the surfaces of such machines.

You dont have to be a health expert to know that the extended period of times in which players interact with these machines could accelerate the spread of coronavirus to some of our most vulnerable citizens, Shelly said.

Photo by Valery Evlakhov /

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Funds Are Available To Crack Down On Illegal Gambling, But Who Wants Them? - Penn Bets

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Coronavirus: gambling firms urged to impose betting cap of 50 a day – The Guardian

Posted: at 6:04 am

MPs have implored online gambling firms to impose a temporary betting cap of 50 a day during the Covid-19 crisis, as evidence emerged that they are pushing punters towards riskier wagers in the absence of mainstream sport.

With events such as the Premier League and Grand National cancelled, gambling companies are heavily promoting obscure sporting competitions, computer-generated virtual sports and online casino games.

An internal email sent by a senior manager at William Hill, seen by the Guardian, advises staff to talk to your customers about what other things they can bet on table tennis and Japanese baseball are proving very popular.

The company has also posted social media adverts from its US Twitter account offering bets on international soccer action, meaning the Belarus Premier League.

Firms including 32Red are advertising on Twitter in a bid to win more custom for online casino games, which have much higher rates of addiction than sports betting.

Both Betway, recently hit with a record 11.6m fine over problem gambling failures, and MansionBet have paid-for Google listings promoting virtual events, where customers bet on computer-generated football matches.

In one instance, a Spanish man who set up an international tournament for players of the Fifa computer game lashed out at bookmakers for offering odds on the games, urging them to stop.

Gambling companies changed strategy after the cancellation of major sporting events, which has sent their share prices into freefall.

In a letter to industry trade body the Betting & Gaming Council, MPs in a cross-party group examining gambling-related harm urged firms not to put protection of their finances before customers wellbeing.

We are deeply concerned that as we go deeper into this crisis, more and more people will turn to online gambling as a distraction, wrote Labours Carolyn Harris, the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith and SNP MP Ronnie Cowan.

If the industry were to self-impose a daily limit of 50 it would be a clear demonstration that the industry is willing to act responsibly and do what they can to protect society and peoples finances, at this dreadful time.

The MPs also called for a block on customers opening multiple accounts and quicker intervention with customers who display signs of disordered gambling.

Experts warned that people with a gambling disorder, many of whom will be cooped up at home during the coronavirus crisis, are prone to betting on events whose outcome they cannot possibly estimate.

Matt Gaskell, clinical lead for the NHS northern gambling clinics, said: In our clinics some of the most harmful gambling is that which diversifies to betting on things our patients know nothing about.

The industry continues to do all it can to increase profits, keep gamblers immersed and in continual play, at the expense of peoples lives.

Harris said: If theyre targeting someone to bet on this kind of sport, or computer-generated events, it can only be because that person is someone with a problem, to be gambling on something that obscure.

Its the industry trying to capitalise on a national disaster, encouraging problem gambling with reckless and foolhardy behaviour.

Co-chair Duncan Smith added: Its pretty appalling that in the midst of all this difficulty and suffering, gambling companies are so desperate to ensure that those who gamble can continue to throw their money away that they direct them to all sorts of little-known and little-watched sports.

There has also been concern among industry employees that shops remained open for too long before they were eventually ordered to close by Boris Johnson.

In the same email that offered advice on which sports to offer bets on, sent last week, William Hill staff were told it was business as usual in the bookmakers high street stores.

The government had already advised against people gathering in social spaces such as bars and restaurants.

Rival Betfred has also been criticised for continuing to welcome customers into shops, potentially putting staff and gamblers at risk.

One Betfred employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said that staff had been told that they would get hand sanitiser but that it would not arrive for a while.

There were no gloves or nothing like that and we had to clean the shops and clear away the pens people use to write down bets.

I was sitting in there and it was all older people coming in the shop, over-70s staying in there for ages, and it just seemed crazy.

Staff were worried because they have nans and granddads and there are sick people in their families. It just feels like a breeding ground for it.

William Hill said money taken from gamblers betting on Fifa football events had been donated to charity and that it had reduced its marketing spend since the crisis. It said it was being extra sensitive with its marketing messages.

32Red, Betway and MansionBet have been approached for comment.

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Coronavirus: gambling firms urged to impose betting cap of 50 a day - The Guardian

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Understanding the increase in usage of Gambling Apps on Android – Phandroid – News for Android

Posted: at 6:04 am

The gambling industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has been appealing to customers around the globe for centuries. Unlike many other industries, gambling has managed to remain relevant and popular throughout decades of societal change.

What has made the industry so durable to change is its unique willingness to change and adapt. While we were worrying about the effects of the so-called Millennium Bug, savvy gambling executives were busy investing in online gambling sites.

Online casinos soon became incredibly popular, introducing higher numbers of players to the bold and exciting world of gambling. Despite their early success, online casino sites are now falling in popularity and usage with players opting instead to play through their mobile devices.

In this article, we take a look at the reasons why android gambling apps, in particular,are becoming more popular than traditional browser sites and attempt to predict what the future holds for gambling apps.

Personalization: Online casinos, just like their real-life counterparts offer a huge range of games for customers all in one place. The problem with this, however, is that this range and selection can be off-putting or overwhelming to certain customers.

Every time you log-on to an online casino site you will be inundated with offers on roulette, baccarat, blackjack and slots. This choice slows down the journey from logging on to playing your favorite game.

Mobile apps can let users set up their preferences from the start based on their specific needs and wants. They will also track your usage over time to deliver more personalized content and offers to suit your needs.

If for example, you download a gambling app to take advantage of the latest deals and offers on the most popular mobile slots, then the app will recognize this and advertise slots to you in the future.

In some cases, the app will also monitor your location and provide you with geography-specific content or offers.

Speed: In 2015 Google released previews of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) which were designed to help links posted to Facebook load faster on mobile devices. The project was a success and was rolled out amongst most sites on the internet.

In short, the problem before AMPs was that traditional desktop sites contained too much information for mobile devices, resulting in slower loading times. AMPs effectively stripped away the excess information to load content faster for mobiles.

Despite this, there is still a disparity between speed on desktop and mobile. In addition, some AMPs strip out too much content on mobile devices making navigation difficult.

Mobile gambling apps, on the other hand, carry the benefits of AMPs but with a greater level of control and autonomy from the designer. Everything you need for an enjoyable user experience is available on an app along with speedy loading times.

Also, you can avoid having to sign-in every time you open an app by saving your log-in details along with your preferences. In a world where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, easy to use, quick and reliable mobile apps are flourishing.

The speed of Mobile apps loading content is even faster than AMP enabled websites.

Everything in one place: Ten years ago, it may have seemed reasonable to expect a customer to navigate a few different tabs whilst using a website. While making a deposit, for example, it may be necessary to direct the user to a different, secure payment tab.

However, that simply wont do for many mobile users nowadays as people seem to prefer having everything in one place. Mobile gambling apps solve that problem with ease.

Firstly most reputable gambling apps are Google Pay enabled, which allows customers to top up their balances with the press of a fingertip rather than navigating to an additional page and then searching for their credit card details.

Similarly, with games, users can remain within the app whether they are playing poker or slots and whether they are reading articles or interacting with other players. This is great for both customers and suppliers as it facilitates an easier experience for the user and lessens the potential of customer distractions for the supplier.

Currently, online gambling represents roughly a third of gambling revenues in most major countries. While it is obviously popular, gamblers still seem to prefer having a punt in land-based venues.

The question that online gambling companies are currently asking themselves is, what do land-based casinos have over us? In short, the answer is simple, land-based casinos offer a complete, realistic experience that online competitors simply cannot recreate.

There is a certain allure, mystique and drama about visiting a casino for the first time, that, try as they might, online casinos simply cannot provide.

Attempts have been made by online providers to level the playing field in the way of live streaming casinos.

Through using the very best streaming cameras, real venues and actual dealers, online providers have managed to foster more of an authentic vibe to their gambling offerings. To fully recreate the experience of land-based casinos more is needed.

Thats why a number of high-profile online gambling companies are investing staggering amounts of money into researching the possibility of virtual reality casinos.

Is VR the next step in mobile gambling?

Whilst news of a breakthrough in technology is still some way off, there are high hopes amongst industry insiders that VR casinos will be the next logical step in the advancement of online casinos.

If this technology is implemented in the right way it could be the catalyst in a huge shift in the gambling industry. The monopoly enjoyed by land-based venues would be no more with the online sector becomes the biggest player in the industry.

To some that might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but if one industry is capable of implementing technological change at a rapid speed, it is the gambling industry.

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Understanding the increase in usage of Gambling Apps on Android - Phandroid - News for Android

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Does Canada need more gambling regulations? – Euro Weekly News

Posted: at 6:04 am

Canada has some of the most liberal gambling laws of any country in the world, with gambling allowed in some form or the other across the country.

However, the types of gambling that are allowed differ based on the province or territory. While Canadian real money casinos are generally permitted across the country, online gambling falls into a bit of a grey area, which we will try and expand on further here.

Online gambling is not illegal by Canadian law; however, the current laws do require any online betting service to be licensed by or owned by a provincial government to be legal.

As a general rule, any form of gambling is illegal in Canada if it is not licensed or managed by either the federal or provincial government. This applies to online gambling too, and so, offshore betting sites are illegal in Canada.

There has actually been a case where an offshore betting site was legally pursued by Canada, with the province of British Columbia forcing Delaware-based Starnet Communications to pay $4 million of its revenue to the government as a fine.

The Ontario government had also forfeited $2 million from the Platinum Sports Book group back in 2013. Thus, as one can see, online gambling in Canada is not without its hazards if done on a non-government approved/licensed website.

Of course, the easiest way out for this is to use Canadian sites. There are plenty of Canadian online betting websites available for punters, without having to worry about breaking the law.

British Columbia actually took the lead in this regard, launching PlayNow in 2004. The site is the only legal site for online betting in the province, offering poker, lottery, bingo, and sports betting.

Manitoba followed British Columbias lead and set up PlayManitoba in 2013, again making it the only legal website for online gambling within that particular province. There is actually a huge opportunity in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, as it is the only province in Canada where casinos are banned.

As such, if the provincial government was to set up an online gambling portal there, it would presumably have a lot of demand, as citizens are currently forced to turn to offshore providers at the moment at the risk of prosecution. It is the opposite scenario in Saskatchewan, where casinos are allowed but online gambling is banned.

Truth be told, the online gambling laws of Canada are a grey area, because they do not specifically prohibit citizens from using online gambling sites, only from setting up online gambling sites within the borders of the country.

Thus, citizens can actually use online gambling sites without too much fear of persecution. Moreover, some offshore companies actually operate out of servers in the Kahnawake native reserve, which is definitely within the country.

They might be breaking the law by doing so, but one cannot be sure since Canadian laws regarding online gambling are not very clear.

A case in point is the fact that the Kahnawake Mohawk Nation received an exception under Canadian law to provide online gambling services to customers; it is probably this loophole that is being exploited by the offshore providers who have their servers on the territory.

It is still extremely confusing, with the result that most Canadians usually use offshore providers without any repercussions, barring a couple of high-profile cases of prosecution like the ones mentioned above.

Thus, we see that online gambling in Canada is not straightforward, due to the laws regulating the practice.

In practical terms, players can use offshore gambling sites without any issues, even though legally they are not allowed, and it is this paradox which needs to be solved quickly.

Canada has been remarkably progressive with regard to gambling as a whole, and it is time it fixes its laws so that the online gambling sector can also catch up to the times.

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Does Canada need more gambling regulations? - Euro Weekly News

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Coronavirus Concerns Leads To 11% Drop In Forecasted Global Gambling Revenues –

Posted: at 6:04 am

BRUSSELS, 23 March 2020 Global concerns about the coronavirus (COVID19) have led to a 11% drop in forecasted global gambling revenues in 2020* with 2020 global gambling gross win downgraded from its pre-COVID19 forecasts of $473bn to $421bn (close to 2016 levels), according to industry analysts H2 Gambling Capitals new weekly COVID Impact Tracker.

Currently major sports events suspended or canceled due to the virus include footballs the English Premier League, Spains la Liga, Germanys Bundesliga and the European Champions League, as well as The Masters golf major, and the UKs Grand National horserace all major events for European bookmakers.

In 2018, EGBA members generated 2.36bn in online sports betting revenue, accounting for 44% of their total online gambling revenues**.

Its sad that so many iconic sporting events are being cancelled or suspended and it will obviously have a negative impact on our sector. But the safety and health of the public is obviously more important and we fully support the sporting authorities and others in the difficult decisions they face right now, said Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA).

* Based on latest available information.** EU-28 market only.

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Coronavirus Concerns Leads To 11% Drop In Forecasted Global Gambling Revenues -

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We need a blanket ban on gambling advertising in sport –

Posted: at 6:04 am

It is quite clear that the industry is tightening its grip on the world of football, says Carolyn Harris MP. | PA Images

4 min read4 hr

The advertising of the gambling industry in all sport is partly responsible for the endemic growth of gambling related harm in this country.

Gambling advertising in sport is widespread. It is growing at a frightening rate, and nowhere more so than in the world of football.

Britains favourite game is at risk of being overwhelmed by an industry that is putting profits above public safety and wellbeing. With 1.8 million at risk gamblers in the UK and approximately 500 suicides linked to gambling each year, we need to see restrictions put in place urgently to protect young and vulnerable supporters from being bombarded by an industry that has shown time and time again how unscrupulous it really is.

With 27 of the 44 clubs in The Premier League and The Championship having shirt sponsorship deals with gambling companies and almost all clubs having an official gambling partner, it is quite clear that the industry is tightening its grip on the world of football.

The clubs have to take a more responsible approach to the deals that they enter into, and broadcasters also need to clampdown on advertising and acknowledge and improve their duty of care to their viewers.

But alongside this we also need to see huge improvements from the gambling industry regulators, who are currently overlooking the gross negligence by organisations that they are licencing when it comes to advertising.

On their website, the Gambling Commission state that The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) Code requires that marketing communications for gambling must not be likely to be of particular appeal to children or young persons, especially by reflecting or being associated with youth culture..

Yet they are doing nothing about the barrage of advertising that is being openly aimed at the young and vulnerable who watch football or even those that play on games like Fifa 2020 a firm favourite with many primary school aged children.

It frightens me how much influence this industry is able to have on children and on those who are already struggling with a gambling addiction.

These young people idolise the players from their favourite teams. Clubs must take responsibility for this and realise that children will be influenced by whatever the clubs and the players are promoting and normalising.

And I know of problem gamblers who look at the shirt sponsors to find new companies to open accounts with. It is blatantly obvious that the advertising of this industry in all sport is partly responsible for the endemic growth of gambling related harm in this country.

Live matches, broadcast games, television highlight shows and simulated computer games so many ways for the logos of these companies to become part of everyday life for millions of people.

The gambling companies are using this means of advertising to prey on their victims. This industry is profiting from it, the football clubs and other sporting bodies are profiting from it and the broadcasters are profiting from it. The only ones losing out are the ones who can least afford it; the ones who are cursed with an addiction; the ones who will grow up and spend their lives battling this demon; the ones who will be left with only memories of a son or daughter, a husband or wife, for whom the pain and suffering of the addiction that has gripped them became too much to live with.

The upcoming gambling review is our chance as Parliamentarians to change this. Myself and my colleagues from the Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group will be pushing for a blanket ban on gambling advertising in sport. It is the moral thing to do and I will be urging all colleagues to support this. We must do what the gambling industry, sporting organisations and the broadcasters are failing to do and prioritise the safety and wellbeing of supporters above everything else.

Carolyn Harris is the Labour MP for Swansea East and Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities.

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We need a blanket ban on gambling advertising in sport -

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UK Successfully Blocks Gambling Activities While Aussie Bank in Abides by the Rules – News

Posted: at 6:04 am

Blocking gambling transactions through banking applications has proven to be a resounding success in Britain. However, in Australia a bank did just the opposite and intentionally raised the spending limit using a problem players credit cards.

Just over 500,000 Britons have already used the innovative payment blocking options to casinos and other gambling sites from their own bank accounts, the Daily Mail reported recently. Reports reveal that the Monzo bank, the first to use the self-exclusion system for two years, already has 220,000 clients who have used the tool.

On the other hand, Starling Bank reported that 200 thousand clients, representing almost a sixth of its total client portfolio, also opted for the option to block gambling payments, while Lloyds bank has already incorporated 120 thousand users into the scheme self-locking and HSBC has just added another 30 thousand to the total.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) announced some time ago that from april it plans to ban the use of credit cards for gambling related activities. This is part of a strategy by the British regulator aimed at reducing the damage caused by gambling. It also seeks to demonstrate to parliament that it is not acting deliberately, as has been suggested, due to the UKGCs alleged comfort with regard to authorized operators.

While this is happening in the UK, banks in Australia have considered taking their own initiative to ban the use of credit cards in gambling. The recent decision approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to file a lawsuit against the Commonwealth Bank of Austria (CBA) for not really protecting a gambling player, points in that direction.

During 2016 and 2017, CBA deliberately decided to increase player David Harris credit card spending limit. This happened despite Harris himself having previously notified CBA of his gambling problems and his desire not to accept any other offer of credit until he was certain that he could control his conduct with the game.

CBA not only ignored the players decision, but approved a credit limit increase multiple times. Two years ago, the player revealed to a Royal Financial Services Commission that he had informed the bank that he had gambling problems, something that the bank was able to clearly see due to the transactions I have been doing, and I do not understand why does he keep offering me more money.

In a statement issued by CBA this month, the bank admitted that we did not do the right thing for this client and we apologize. The bank added that after that unfortunate incident it has been making a number of changes, including the transaction blocks initiated by the customer.

Having admitted its error and in accordance with the provisions of the National Consumer Credit Protection Law, the CBA will not assume any defense, so it is awaiting the Australian justice system to establish a sanction against the bank for its failures .


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UK Successfully Blocks Gambling Activities While Aussie Bank in Abides by the Rules - News

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