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Are Online Casinos legal or illegal in the US? – South Florida Reporter

Posted: January 12, 2020 at 11:47 pm

First and foremost, people can legally gamble in online casinos in the USA. Laws governing gambling are always changing on various states but what you should have in mind is that gamblers will not be held liable for making online bets.

The Legal Gambling States in the USSomething that many people in the United States want to know is whether online gambling activities are legal in their jurisdictions or whether it is illegal. On the contrary, the misinterpretation comes from a poor understanding of some laws such as the Act of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement 2006.

This Act has some provisions that have to deal with the Wire Transfers, with the components stating that no one or company should knowingly receive funds from an individual participating in any illegal online gambling. However, this doesnt mean a person cant send their money since the main word is that recipients should not accept the funds.

There are certain laws made pertaining to online gambling and one of them is an additional part of Legislation to the SAFE Port Act. This Act was a very important piece of legislation and this is because it passed the Senate and the House of Representatives.

This is the reason as to why Payment Processing companies are used as channels for money transfers from online betting sites and casinos. Many online casino operators like CasinoSecret Japan live and operate outside the United States due to the laws in this area.

Such a law creates the need for Payment Processing companies since a player cant simply put their Credit Card information on any online casino they choose. This is something that is always misinterpreted by so many people. They tend to understand the law as gambling is illegal for players and it is illegal for players to transfer any funds to casinos that operate outside the United States.

An important thing to do, is if a player doesnt feel comfortable with playing online casino games and they are not is a state that has legalized gambling they should research their municipal or county rules in order to check if there is any probation against such activities.Online gambling laws vary in different states in the US with some of them declaring such activities illegal and others have legalized it.

Some other states are still in the process of legalizing online gambling activities. However, it is not every gambling activity that is completely legal, even since there are some states that have more regulated industries. For example, in New Jersey, the only legal gambling activity is Poker while in New Jersey they only offer poker rooms and various casino games since the state has licensed online casinos.

Sports Betting is also part of gambling and it had been illegal under federal law. However, sports betting was legalized in May 2018, after the United States Supreme Court had the ban lifted.

Online Gambling in the USMany US citizens still wonder whether online casinos are legal in the US and this is because the United States is a collaged work of federal, state and many local gambling laws. Whether online casinos are legal or illegal depends on where you live and at the moment, some states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New Hampshire have some concerns about the legality of online casinos, lottery sites and poker rooms.

States with Legal Online CasinosAs mentioned earlier, the legality of online gambling depends on the area where you live and states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware already offer legal USA online gambling. Players wont be prosecuted for placing bets at an offshore online casino and you cant run an online casino in the United States.

JPMorgan Chase believes that by 2025 as many as 20 US states will allow legal online gambling. The US has very strict laws but the ones related to gambling might be legalized soon meaning more players will be able to access legal online casinos in their countries. For each state and jurisdiction in the US, there are different requirements but most casinos have a minimum age requirement of 18 and above.

Registration and Playing on Online CasinosPlayers have the option of registering on one online casino but they can as well register on multiple casinos and betting sites. Since players are always looking for bonuses and prizes, thats why they register on dozens of online casinos.

It is possible to play casino games for free in the US as long as you create an account, download the casinos software, and start playing instantly. Playing at online casinos that are legal you should be assured that the games are safe and fair. It is very important that players find a safe and fair online casino.

Here are some of the top best casinos in the US:

Bovada-it has a great offering of table games, sports betting, live dealers, poker and roulette. With a wide range of payment methods. Caf Casino-it features a great Welcome Bonus and other bonuses to loyal customers. The casino games are available in instant play mode. BetOnline-this casino offers online slots, eSports, live betting, poker and a welcome bonus of $1000 Planet7-the casino has a plethora of games, fast payouts using the most popular methods including Bitcoin, free spins, progressive bonuses, VIP promos, and great customer service. Slots. Iv-this is a casino that offers players a choice between $1,000, a 200% welcome bonus and a 300% Bitcoin bonus. They also offer slots tournaments, live dealer games and table games.

The choice of whether you would like to gamble online is up to you. It is highly advisable that you avoid it in a state where online gambling is illegal and it is a felony. Despite the fact that the number of US citizens who have been prosecuted is zero you should keep off from illegal online casinos.

Since many states have gambling regulations and laws on their books the prohibition of online casino games can turn into a serious felony.

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Are Online Casinos legal or illegal in the US? - South Florida Reporter

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What Makes Slot Games the Best to Play? – Casino Players Report

Posted: at 11:47 pm

Slots have ruled the casino landscape for decades now. From the pokies in Vegas casinos to modern slot machines that are inching closer to video games fast, there are plenty of reasons why players love spinning reels. The chief among them is fun. If theres a game that offers pure and unbridled fun in casinos, its definitely a slot machine.

Not that poker isnt fun to play. Variants such as Zoom poker make the whole experience much more exciting, but nothing beats slots in terms of fun. Thanks to the online casino boom in the past few decades, online slots have become a global phenomenon you can play for fun or real money.

Its not just the fun that makes slots so popular. Theyre simple to play and there are bunches of them at any online casino. Were talking hundreds not dozens. For example, read this Play Ojo review and youll see how big a slot collection you can expect every time you play online. Online casinos trump their brick-and-mortar counterparts when it comes to game selection and variety and that has played a huge role in the massive popularity of online slot machines.

Lets see the biggest reasons why slots rule the online casino industry:

Simple to Play

Unlike blackjack or poker, for example, slots are incredibly simple to play. You dont need special skills or anything else to spin the reels just pull the lever (more like hit the Spin button) and thats it. If you match symbols on a payline or paylines, youre in luck. Youll get a prize that tops thousands more often than not even if you dont hit such a big win combo, youll most likely get at least something in return.

Instant Play Platforms Are the Best

You know why we love online slots so much? Because they can be played directly through a browser, mobile or otherwise. Thanks to instant play platforms, you can play slots anytime and anywhere without the need to download cumbersome software. Just make an account at any online casino and voila! Youll always have a world of games in your pocket.

Variety of Options

The slot machines of old were kind of limited in terms of themes, but thats not a problem online slots have. From classic 3-reelers to new titles with modern themes, theres something from everyone in store. Fan of horror? You can play Dracula and similar slots. Sports fans have a lot of options to pick from as well, just like those who love arts.

Psychological and Emotional Benefits

Now youre probably thinking what kind of emotional benefits may slots have? Well, its not just girls who want to have fun everyone wants (and needs) a bit of fun in our lives, and slots represent the perfect way to have some fun. You dont even need to spend money to win you can play the majority of slots in demo mode for fun. Slots make players feel like theyre in control and are all about entertainment.

Even if you play for real money, a single spin can change it all. Theyre just fun theres no other way to describe it.

Prizes Worthy of a King

Youve surely heard stories about players hitting massive wins on slots in Vegas and online as well. Well, theyre not just stories. Slots, especially jackpot progressives, can cough out large prizes that often shoot over a million or even a dozen mil. Of course, you shouldnt expect to land such a prize, but who knows? Maybe youll be the lucky winner that breaks the Guinness World Record.


What Makes Slot Games the Best to Play? - Casino Players Report

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Everi launches exclusive gaming content with Parx Casino for online real-money play – Yogonet International

Posted: at 11:47 pm


veri Holdings announced this week that Parx Online, the online casino from Parx Casino, has launched five of the companys player popular stepper titles including Double Jackpot, Meltdown, Smokin 777, Tiger 7s, and Vortex for real-money online gaming in Pennsylvania. Parx Online plans to introduce additional titles following the initial launch, including exclusive games such as Star Magic and Sapphire Spin.

"We are excited to have Parx Online fully integrated with our remote game server (RGS), enabling us to directly deliver some of our highest performing land-based three-reel mechanical and video titles to their online player community," said David Lucchese, Executive Vice President, Digital and Interactive Business Leader, of Everi. "The addition of one of the premier online and land-based casinos in Pennsylvania to our RGS speaks to the power of our state-of-the art platform and our deep library of high performing slot games."

"Our aim is to offer guests throughout the region the absolute best gaming and entertainment experience," said Matthew Cullen, Senior Vice President, Interactive Gaming and Sports, at Parx Casino. "Access to Everis library of compelling gaming content, in particular their player-favorite stepper titles, aligns with our mission as it allows us to further enhance the entertainment experience for our online players, which we believe will expand our customer base."

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Everi launches exclusive gaming content with Parx Casino for online real-money play - Yogonet International

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Are Irish land casinos upping their game to compete with online competitors? – IrishCentral

Posted: at 11:47 pm

Are Irish casinos upping their game? Getty

If youve been paying any attention to advertising over the past 10 or so years, youd be aware that there are plenty of online casinos where you can throw down your chips and start playing.

While casinos have traditionally been an establishment that you visit on a night out, the rise of online casinos means zero dressing up and the ability to play wherever and whenever you want.

As online casinos gain in popularity, does this mean that Irish land-based casinos are upping the ante to compete? We take a closer look.

Yes, there are casinos around the country where you can step inside the facility and check out the games to play. They are usually equipped with the standard casino fare: tables, slot machines, and at least one bar and food place.

Carlton Casino Club in OConnell Street Upper in Dublin calls itself Irelands Most Beautiful Casino, A Casino Like No Other, which is all well and good if it actually lives up to the name. Originally opened as an art deco cinema in 1938, the building itself and stylings have a rich history, with the cinema itself only closing in 1994. The Carlton Casino Club opened its doors in late 2018 and brings the old-world charm and high-end sophistication of the art deco era back to gambling.

As is the tradition in finer casino establishments, the Carlton Casino Club offers complimentary alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, and tea and coffee to players with membership

Like other casinos before it, the Carlton Casino Clubs allure is in its glamour (and freebies). Those who want to be sophisticated, have a night out, impress clients, etc. will be drawn to such a place for the spectacle. Others may sign up to be members for the freebies, who just like to play for fun. This really is no different from the type of incentives for customers in the years gone past.

A familiar name to some, Fitzpatricks casinos are a chain of six different casinos in Dublin and Limerick City. Because of the number of different locations, Fitzpatricks is able to offer customers more benefits than standalone casinos; a go-anywhere loyalty program for members, events at different casinos for players to attend, and promotions on. Promotions at the casinos include things like monthly draws for members (where youll need to be present to win the prize/s, daily draws, and more.

However, the type of promotions, styling, games, and events on at the casinos hasnt much changed over the past 20 or so years. Food specials and free drinks are still big drawcards for the casinos.

Online casinos have quickly gained popularity, while land-based casinos appear to be still tactics for drawing punters as they always did. Online casinos appeal to the player who doesnt really want to have to travel to the casino to play - theyd rather skip the experience and just play.

As such, online casinos appeal to regular players who dont care about the food and beverage perks of going to a casino or would frankly rather just play in their underwear on the couch. They may also appeal to younger players who have grown up with video games and like the gambling element of play.

There is also another thing: online casinos have a distinct advantage in that they can offer no deposit bonuses and control how they are used. This ability to control the data behind the freebies means online casinos can be a lot more alluring to customers, even if digging down into the T&Cs shows that there is hardly any benefit in a bonus besides a bit of free play (although lucky punters can, of course, manage to strike it rich).

As such, to capture back more of an audience, land-based casinos really need to change their marketing tactics and image. While sophisticated glamour will being a certain set to a casino, other promotions could get those gamers off the couch, and a Gen Z consultancy might be a good idea if thats the type of audience a casino is trying to capture - perhaps with an eGaming arena, like HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas.

It is difficult to do traditional-style advertising of casinos, so social media needs to play a bigger part in casinos marketing efforts, and exciting events that receive news coverage or word of mouth coverage to go the distance.

The landscape of gambling has changed, and land-based casinos need to rethink strategy before they become obsolete. Is it time to take it back to the stylings of tiny, niche, prohibition-style boutique playrooms? Or time to draw in the new crowd of players who already play on their phones? Land-based casinos need to use their membership data and compare it to available online casino gambling data to see where they could be gaining traction. As with most disrupted industries, its a case rethink or you might just sink.

Are Irish casinos upping their game? Getty

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Are Irish land casinos upping their game to compete with online competitors? - IrishCentral

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How Gambling Will Change in 10 Years – Future of Online Gambling –

Posted: at 11:47 pm

Its difficult to see how much things change in a decade if youre living through the changes. Small things happen that dont seem like a big deal, but when all of the small things come together they often create a big change that no one seems to notice.

Changes are coming faster and faster in the world because of technology and the open availability of knowledge. The availability of just about anything you want to know is just a few seconds away by searching on the cell phone in your pocket or on your computer. This means that things are changing faster than ever.

Some of these changes are good, like advances in medicine, and some of them are bad, like evil people being able to access information and products they need to advance their evil causes. Advancement in all areas is going to continue, so the smart people and companies are looking for new ways to take advantage of changes.

The gambling industry is not immune to advancements. Things have changed in several areas in the last 10 years, and theyre going to continue changing. Here are four gambling prophecies for the next 10 years. All four of them are already happening to some degree, but all four of them are going to continue and accelerate in the coming decade.

Sportsbooks have been getting better at setting tight lines for several years. And I predict that theyre going to continue improving their lines over the next decade. Everyone has access to more information and analysis about sports and athletes than ever before.

Smart sports bettors are using this information to make better betting decisions, and the sportsbooks are using it to make tighter lines.

Consider some of the advanced statistical measures you have access to today that didnt exist a decade ago. In baseball, wins above replacement, or WAR, and defensive zone rating help bettors predict outcomes of games in ways they never could before.

The sportsbooks dedicate more resources and time to setting their lines than sports bettors, and the books are already using all of the information they can access. The books are going to continue using advanced statistical data and refining their lines. Eventually its going to eliminate profitable betting opportunities for all but the top few percent of sports bettors.

Its harder to find good blackjack games than it was 10 years ago, and its only going t get worse. This is evident by the influx of 6 to 5 tables. And even the tables that still pay 3 to 2 are using worse rules on average than in the past.

Sadly, I dont see this trend reversing. As long as blackjack players are playing on tables with poor rules, why would the casinos change anything? Most blackjack players have no idea how the rules hurt them, and the casinos dont want smart blackjack players anyway. As long as the casinos can fill table with poor rules they make more money and the added benefit is they make the advantage players look elsewhere.

The only way youre going to see more blackjack tables with good rules come back is if players stop playing the current games. And I simply dont see this happening.

The one place where youre probably still going to be able to find blackjack tables with decent rules is online, but online tables have a few advantages for the casinos that land based tables dont. Online casinos can offer better blackjack rules because advantage players cant beat the games by counting and players can play more hands per hour than they can play live.

Its also cheaper for an online casino to offer blackjack than a land based casino because they dont have the same overhead. They dont have to pay a dealer, buy a table and cards, and keep a giant building running like a land based casino.

Technically, for this prophecy to be true there only needs to be legalized online gambling in 26 out of the 50 states. I dont think theres any question that this is going to happen, and I dont think its going to take 10 years. I wouldnt be surprised if some form of legalized online gambling will be available in 45 or more of the 50 states in 10 years.

A few states, like Utah and Hawaii, basically dont offer any kind of gambling and dont seem inclined to change. But most states are more interested in tax revenue than policing their citizens, so if they can increase tax revenues theyre willing to at least consider just about anything.

Youre currently seeing more and more states legalize sports betting, and the United States already has legalized online poker and online casinos in a few states. While it may seem slow, the fact is that online gambling legalization is spreading in the United States.

The United States has a unique legal situation with some powers resting in the federal governments hands and other powers in the states control. Its possible that the federal government will try to create some form of legalized online gambling system, but the most likely scenario is that it continues to be on a state by state basis.

One problem with operating on a state to state basis is you end up with a bunch of different laws based on where youre located. But you already see some states cooperating, like a few states sharing their pool of poker players.

The biggest thing thats driving, and going to continue driving this, is that United States citizens are already gambling real money online and the states arent collecting taxes from most of this activity. Its obvious that the states and federal government isnt going to be able to completely shut down online gambling, because theyve tried and failed.

The next step is legalizing it and taxing it. They might as well make some money from it if they cant stop it. I dont see how anything else can realistically happen in the next 10 years.

Land based casino and gambling companies are already moving into online casino and gambling activities in regulated markets, and this trend is going to accelerate. For many years there was a divide between land based and online gambling. Companies either ran land based operations or online operations.

Many owners of land based gambling companies have fought online gambling tooth and nail. This makes sense, because online gambling targets the same customers as land based gambling companies, and its more convenient for gamblers to log in and gamble from home on their computer, tablet, or smart phone than fight traffic and take the time to travel to a land based casino, sportsbook, or poker room.

Even though the land based gambling owners have been able to delay the legalization of online gambling in some areas, more and more localities are choosing to legalize and get a piece of whats already happening through taxation. Just like I predicted continued online gambling expansion in the United States in the last section, gambling is also going to continue expanding throughout the rest of the world.

The smartest land based gambling owners are already attacking the online gambling market where they can do so legally, and these companies are going to have a head start on the ones that are still fighting against it.

But the owners of the most successful land based gambling companies arent stupid, and eventually theyre all going to see the tide has turned and jump on the online gambling bandwagon.

When this happens, the owners are going to start buying up online gambling sites and launching their own online gambling portals. Youre still going to find some independent online gambling portals, but the big corporations are going to squeeze out many medium and small players in the industry.

This is going to be true for both online companies that offer gambling and the most popular online portals that offer gambling advice that are responsible for sending traffic to online gambling portals.

I dont know if this shift to the big land based players taking over online gambling is good or bad. Ive always leaned toward the freedom and entrepreneurial spirit of independent operators, but there are problems associated with a market driven by small independents. Of course, there are also issues with big corporations running things too, so a healthy mix might still be the best possible outcome.

Many things change in the world every decade, and the gambling industry is no different. Many changes are coming in the next 10 years, and the four prophecies I made on this page have a high chance of coming true.

Youre already seeing tighter lines and fewer good blackjack tables than 10 years ago, and online gambling is slowly being legalized in the United States. In some countries land based gambling companies are moving into online gambling, and this is bound to continue.


How Gambling Will Change in 10 Years - Future of Online Gambling -

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Skulls UP, the New Slot Full of Functions of Quickspin ready for Online Casino Websites – News

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There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of the New Year at online casino sites. At home by the fireplace savoring a delicious cup of hot chocolate or a good coffee or tea. Or maybe on an exotic Caribbean beach with white sands enjoying a refreshing cocktail. Whatever the place and form, we can now have a lot of fun with Skulls UP, the new Quickspin slot, to move us to that warm destination we dream of.

Skulls UP is the fun 5-reel slot that incorporates a pirate-themed Quickspin, which helps raise our temperature, but without turning on completely. While playing, if the Wild Flaming Skull symbol appears on the reels, the Flaming Respins function is activated.

As you progress through the game the heat increases as the reels can grow and reach up to 6 height symbols. With each Wild symbol obtained during a Flaming Respin, you can open a new position on the reels, so the amount of bets increase progressively from 243 to 1944.

While Flaming Skull Wilds remain on the reels, the respins will continue rolling and all new gains will be added to the existing ones. Then, if 3 Treasure Chest icons appear, the machine will activate the special bonus that allows you to have another 8 complementary spins. This bonus also includes the Flaming Respin function.

While the function with additional turns is activated, the increase in the height of the reel generated by Flaming Respins will remain unimpaired after the end of the respins. Another advantage is that with Skull Wilds the height of the reel increases, even if it is outside a Flaming Respin.

Keep reading because there is more fun

The novelty of the next Skulls UP slot is that it will give the player an additional spin for each reel that has increased to 6 height symbols. In addition, the bonus will remain active until additional rounds are exhausted.

This fun and peculiar slot game recreated in exotic landscapes with parrots, monkeys and pirates, will be officially available to the public from January 14 and will have until 1944 winning combinations and countless treasures waiting to be discovered by you.

The Swedish studio has hinted that it comes with more games starting 2020. The launch of Wild Cauldron is scheduled for February 11. The slot has a 4 6 grid and incorporates 4,096 bet forms with the ability to expand up to 8 6, and offers 262,144 bet forms, which increases the chance of winning.

Then on March 10, Panthers Reign will be launched, which is equipped with the powerful Lock-on Win, Random Wilds and Respin, along with an additional spin bonus.


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Skulls UP, the New Slot Full of Functions of Quickspin ready for Online Casino Websites - News

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Vera john as a leader online casino at the west and in Japan – Business MattersBusiness Matters

Posted: January 9, 2020 at 3:51 am

Japan is a very up and coming location for casinos. Asia is renowned as a conscientious and gamble-loving nation; originating many years ago, lots of gambling games first originated in Asia and in essence, gambling is a very social activity.

However for many years, Japan lacked a little lustre when it comes to gambling, especially because for so many years it was illegal in the country.

However new rules have surfaced and certain gambling is allowed and new casinos are popping up, one of the first and most exciting is what is named as the Espace pachinko parlour, situated in central Tokyo.

Note that they are not necessarily caused casinos but rather parlours that are known for a place to play games and engage in gambling activities.

It truly is a time and a place for friends and family to get together and play games with the possibility of winning a little money along the way. Gambling responsibly is always incredibly important.

Tokyos parlour, the Espace pachinko parlour, is an oasis of bright lights, air conditioning and plenty of luxury. It feels jazzy, dazzling and looks worthy of being in a Hollywood blockbuster. There is a lack of casinos still in the country but more and more are receiving licenses for building new ones, Osaka being one of them.

Tokyo is also home to a casino named Amusement Casino Bar NANA, that provide a cosy setting with cocktails and plenty of games to choose from; it includes booths, games tables and a very social atmosphere. This is definitely the main theme of casinos in Japan, as it is still very taboo in the country to banish its years of tradition of not allowing gambling.

Paraja Casino and Bar in Tokyo has less of a social feel but offers food and drink and focuses on this heavily, with gambling and game playing as a sideline but highlights casino in its name. You will find most of the casinos in the downtown areas of the cities, and not in any suburbs but this of course doesnt rule out people playing at home between friends.

There are plans in 2025, for a multi-million dollar casino to be built, which will be a huge boon to the city with much business potential. The desire for more casinos is certainly elevating but narrowing down the best casinos may be tricky, as they do vary from city to city. In Osaka, the gambling scene is certainly improving, with the casino Lucky 29 being one of the cities favourites. With a laid back feel, this feels more like a bar than a vasino, meaning its a great choice for the punters, especially after work it makes for a great escape after the hard working day.

Again in Osaka is Absinthe Wormwood, a cosy and intimate venue for game playing and a drink. They offer entertainment also which takes away a little from the thrill of naming itself casino. They make for brilliant socialising venues which diminish the fear of it feeling like gambling.

Vera&John (in Japanese)is one of the countrys most exciting casinos! Its popularity has grown to such a point, where it is now featured in the top ten best casinos in Japan, a huge feat. Vera and John offer many exciting perks for a modern day gambler, and in Japan the need for moving with the times is very important.

New players can enjoy a huge array of games, as well as a bonus scheme which is a huge positive for a more dedicated gambler. The new choice of games is an impressive prospect for younger gamblers, it adds a little mystery and excitement to the more traditional casino games.

Its a true game-changer in terms of how we gamble and the type of gambling that people usually participate in.

It may seem that Japan are taking a gamble on their new investments, but the demand has risen for the establishments and could bring a wave of new tourism and money to the major cities. Areas such as Yokohama and Nagoya are looking at utilising the new casinos to bring optimum custom by adding casinos in to resorts, conference centres, hotels and shopping areas.

It will tap into new markets that have not yet been delved into, but they do aim to tackle these new developments with sensitivity due to a 58% opposition and a fear that people will get into debt and need to rely on the government if this should happen; but overall, its an exciting new concept for Japan, already with some incredible casinos.

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Vera john as a leader online casino at the west and in Japan - Business MattersBusiness Matters

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Applications and software for online casino 2020 – Bulawayo24 News

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The world of online casino platforms and applications is one of the most fiercely competitive sectors. Developers are looking for an edge to attempt to gain maximum market share which has led to many innovations in the space. In this article, I will talk about what the different gaming software providers are up to and what to expect throughout 2020.

1. Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the oldest and most trusted casino software developers in the business and are used by many of the top online casinos such as Unibet along with 32Red. One of the biggest reasons for their success has been their impressive slots library of games they have created. They include the record-breaking slots game Mega Moolah which holds the record for the highest jackpot payouts.

In recent years the company has had major success with its popular themed slots games which include one of the most popular of recent years "Game of Thrones". In 2020 expected to see a more similar slot titled along with releases of an updated version of their present portfolio.

2. NetEnt

NetEnt is one of the biggest success stories of the online casino industry and since been founded in 1996, it has experienced staggering growth. It is responsible for helping to revolutionize the online casino sector with its state of the art games library. It has the world's largest progressive jackpot machines libraries that include Mega Fortune.

The company has had a lot of recent success with its new 15-reel slot machine games that have amazing storylines attached to them. In their library, it includes the popular Jack Hammer and Gonzo's Quest which both have the best gameplay attached to them thanks to NetEnts innovative software. They also excel in live dealer games along with having an extensive table game choice. Many of the world's most popular online casinos such as Mr. Green as powered by NetEnt software.

3. Playtech

Playtech is one of the largest casino game developers in the world and has many offices worldwide. A lot of its recent success has been due to its partnership deal with Marvel. It has been one of the driving forces of growth for the company with slots titles such as The Fantastic Four along with Iron Man 2 were two of the most popular slots games of 2019.

It, not just slots games where the company excels as it has some of the best versions of poker, blackjack, roulette and other table games you will find. You will find their software powering many of the top brands that include Betfred and Paddy Power.

Final Thoughts

There are many other casino applications and software developers in the world and more are entering the space each year. Blockchain technology has brought new developers along with innovation to the sector so over the next few years expect the competition for market share to get even more competitive. This is great news for gamers it will drive innovation along with rewards as companies battle to gain the largest share of this multi-billion dollar industry.

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Applications and software for online casino 2020 - Bulawayo24 News

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Inbound Swedish reforms to toughen advertising and online casino requirements – SBC News

Posted: at 3:51 am

Ardalan Shekarabi, Swedens Minister of Social Security, has told national media that the government is ready to publish stage two of its regulatory approach on gambling, focusing on enforcing tougher advertising and marketing restrictions upon licensed incumbents.

Recognised as one of the highest-profile MPs within the governing Socialdemokraterna (social democrats) party, Shekarabi is the former Minister of Civil Affairs, who played a key role in drafting the re-regulation of Swedish online gambling laws during 2018.

Despite moving his departmental position, the government has maintained Shekarabi as a key advisor in the regulatory development of Swedens gambling marketplace.

Following the first quarter of trading under the new laws established by Swedens revamped Gambling Act regulating online gambling services, Shekarabi would publicly criticise incumbents for undertaking excessive and aggressive marketing practices targeting audiences across multiple media verticals.

Shekarabi would sanction Swedish gambling inspectorate Spelinspektionento carry out a review of industry advertising, assessing whether further systems and controls were needed to limit marketing output.

Speaking to national media, Shekarabi confirmed that he was ready to publish stage two of Swedens regulatory framework in which the government will tighten legislation with regards to advertising verticals and online casino.

I am happy with the whole thing, but there is still an area where we will have to spend a lot of our energy in the coming months, and that is advertising, he said.

Here we have to regain control, as we need to tighten up the law to remove the aggressive game advertising, especially with regards to dangerous elements that are attached to online casinos.

Reviewing year-1 of Swedens re-regulation of online gambling services, Shekarabi maintained that despite legal challenges by incumbents, the government framework should be regarded as a success story.

Of note, Shekarabi highlighted that the government and Spelinspektionen had been successful in carrying out its channelization strategy, in which consumers have engaged with authorised actors.

Gustav Hoffstedt, Secretary-General of Swedish online gambling trade body BOS, would reject Shekarabi comments stating that the minister was ignorant of the black market reality facing consumers and incumbents.

Only the Minister believes this, he countered. Everyone else has received the alarming message from his own expert authority at Spelinspektionen is below the governments target of 90 per cent, and that the sewerage will continue to decline.The licensing system is leaking players.

For 2020, Hoffstedt underlines that the Swedish government should rethink its channelisation requirements, removing legislation which only strengthens black market actors targeting Swedish consumers not because the licensed companies would break any laws, but because the gaming consumers in an accelerating development leave the licensing system.

Meanwhile, Jenny Nilzon, Chief Executive of Swedish Gambling Association SPER, has warned the government that year-2 of its regulatory agenda should focus on working with licensed incumbents who have committed to reducing their advertising volume.

The industry is working together to curb advertising and we see a big difference today compared to a year ago, both in volume and content, she added. If the law is to be tightened further, it is important to put it against the Channelisation, that is, the customers do not apply to unlicensed gaming companies.Unfortunately, we see this trend increasing, which is a more serious problem than industry advertising.

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Inbound Swedish reforms to toughen advertising and online casino requirements - SBC News

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NBA Last 60: Can Virtual Sports Betting Find Real Success In The US? –

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Gamesys Group Plc, which operates New Jersey online casinos for Virgin and Tropicana, announced a content deal with Spin Games LLC this week. Along with a few new slot titles, the deal includes the virtual sports betting game NBA Last 60.

NBA Last 60 comes from British developer Highlight Games, differing from most virtual sports titles in its use of real NBA footage.

Most virtual sports use digital animation to present a match simulation. NBA Last 60 instead pulls clips from a library of highlight reels from recent NBA seasons, stringing them together to simulate the final 60 seconds of a fictitious game.

Players first select which two teams theyd like to compete. The game then presents them with odds for a few different types of wagers, such as game-winner or the total number of points. Once the player finishes placing their bets, the game randomly generates a minutes worth of highlights for the player to watch and resolves the wagers.

Highlight Games first announced a 90-second version of the game, NBA Last 90, in June 2019. The 60-second version was added later, presumably at operators request.

Gamesys is the third operator to strike a deal with Spin Games to offer the title. Resorts signed up for NBA Last 90 in August. Golden Nugget followed in October, opting for the 60-second version. The game isnt available on either site yet but should be soon, as the Golden Nugget announcement specified a launch in early 2020.

NBA LAST 60 ON DEMAND from nick on Vimeo.

NBA Last 60/90 is Highlights second title. Soccerbet is already available through many European sportsbooks, and its become particularly popular in Italy.

As the title suggests, Soccerbet functions similarly to NBA Last 60. Instead of portraying the final minute of a fictitious game, however, it presents the clips as if they were the highlight reel for a full match, including goals, near misses, and yellow or red cards.

Highlight is also working on an ice hockey title that is along the same lines. It does not have a deal in place with the NHL, though, so it currently relies on international hockey footage.

Soccerbets reception in Europe provides some cause for optimism about the NBA title. Since making its Italian debut in 2019, it has been adopted by many of the countrys sportsbooks and displaced more traditional virtual sports to become the number one product in the category.

Greece looks to be Highlights next target. In December, it announced a deal with the Greek Football League to use its footage for virtual sports betting.

On the surface, basketball seems like an even better fit for this type of product than soccer. The games pacing means highlights can occur several times in 60 or 90 seconds. Compared to Soccerbet, NBA Last 60/90 manages to feel a bit more like the dying seconds of a close game than a postgame recap.

That said, the level of immersion is far from perfect.

Naturally, the players on the court (and sometimes even the colors of the uniforms) change from clip to clip. Also, there is a pronounced fade to black between each. Still, Soccerbets results suggest bettors prefer live clips to computer-generated footage, even with these flaws.

The bigger problem in the US will be a lack of familiarity and visibility. The European sports-betting market is mature. Punters are used to betting online, and seeing virtual sports alongside real ones is not uncommon among sportsbooks.

This is not yet the case in the US, where no sportsbook offers virtual sports betting at the moment.

Where the option exists, its invariably alongside online casino games (and usually buried). Golden Nugget offers virtual soccer and five types of virtual racing, for instance, but they appear on the 14th of 15 tabs. Theyre not even visible without scrolling for anyone not using a high-resolution display.

Its not clear whether it would even be possible to include virtual sports in a US sportsbook. That depends on lawmakers and regulators,and whether they deem betting on a simulated match to be more akin to sports betting or casino games. As it stands today, no US sports betting law includes provisions for virtual sports.

The demographics for sports betting and casino gambling are quite different, of course, but the market for virtual sports is arguably more similar to the former than the latter.

With official league branding and real footage, NBA Last 60/90 certainly stands a greater chance of success in the US market than generic simulations. The success of live dealer casino games also suggests the demand for products that blur the line between live and virtual gambling.

Nonetheless, theres no established market for this specific type of product. A lot depends initially on how well it can be cross-marketed to conventional sports bettors. That, in turn, hinges on regulatory discretion, and on how much operators and the NBA are willing to invest in promoting the product.

Top photo: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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NBA Last 60: Can Virtual Sports Betting Find Real Success In The US? -

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