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Ada Blackjack: How The ‘Female Robinson Crusoe’ Escaped Death In The Arctic – BBC History Magazine

Posted: September 18, 2020 at 1:21 am

On 19 August 1923, a freezing evening drew in on Wrangel Island, 100 miles north of the coast of Siberia. As a thick blanket of fog rolled over the bleak Arctic landscape, Ada Blackjack sat swaddled in a thick reindeer parka, preparing her meagre evening meal.

Blackjack had arrived on the island two years earlier as the seamstress attached to a party of Arctic explorers. But the ill-fated expedition had been plagued by illness and bad weather, and she was now the only one of the five members left alive.

As she settled down to make her food that evening, Ada heard an unfamiliar noise. Deciding it must have been a duck or something, she retired to her tent and tried to sleep. At 6am the next morning, she heard the sound again, but this time, it sounded more like a boat whistle. Grabbing her binoculars, Blackjack ran outside. Sure enough, in the distance she spotted a schooner, its crewmen wandering about on the shore. Finally, Blackjacks salvation had arrived her two-year ordeal was over.

The Wrangel Island State Nature Reserve, an area in the Arctic Sea which includes Wrangel Island, Herald Island and surrounding waters. (Photo by Yuri SmityukTASS via Getty Images)

Under 5ft tall with no expedition experience, little desire for adventure and a crippling fear of polar bears, Ada Blackjack was an unlikely candidate for Arctic exploration. Born in 1898, she had been raised by Methodist missionaries in the tough Alaskan town of Nome. While many Iupiat people were well-versed in Arctic survival, these skills were never deemed necessary in Adas missionary upbringing instead, she was taught to clean, cook and sew.

But by 1921, 23-year-old Blackjack was a divorced and destitute single mother. After her abusive husband had abandoned her, she had desperately struggled to support her young son, Bennett, who was suffering from tuberculosis. But supporting him singlehandedly had become impossible, and Blackjack was forced to place him in an orphanage.

Blackjack was in desperate need of money in order to be reunited with her son when, in September 1921, a ship called the Victoria pulled into Nome. Hailing from Seattle, it carried four young men tasked with a daunting mission. At the behest of celebrated Canadian explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson, they were heading to the remote Wrangel Island, 100 miles north of Siberia. The team made up of Lorne Knight, Frederick Maurer, Milton Galle and Allan Crawford planned to live on the uninhabited land for two years in order to claim the territory for the British government.

At just 20 years old, Allan Crawford was an inexperienced expedition leader. He was chosen because he was Canadian, which made him a British citizen necessary to stake a British claim for Wrangel Island. Stefansson wrote to his young captain ahead of the mission: Although I have confidence in you, you are in command through the accident of being British the wiser you are, the more you will follow the advice of your experienced men.

American Fred Maurer was no novice in the frozen north. Seven years earlier, the 28-year-old had even spent time on Wrangel Island, on Stefanssons doomed Karluk expedition. That mission had almost cost him his life 11 had died on that expedition. He married his sweetheart Delphine before setting off, with Stefansson as his best man.

My experience has been that generally the younger the man the more readily he adapts himself to northern conditions, Stefansson wrote to a friend when planning the Wrangel Island mission. His youngest recruit was 19-year-old Texan Milton Galle. In fact, it was in the Arctic that Galle grew his first beard. He was simply overjoyed to be chosen for the mission and was keen to record everything on his beloved typewriter.

Loud, raucous and straight talking, Seattle native Lorne Knight had a long-standing appetite for adventure. He had been on previous Arctic expeditions with Stefansson and had even suffered from scurvy recovering by gorging on fresh caribou tongue. Knight was close to his family, and his father wrote how proud they were that Lorne has become a real explorer.Blackjack found him to be a frightening figure and was intimidated by his broad frame, unpredictable temper and wild facial hair.

In Nome, they intended to recruit several Iupiat people to assist with camp duties, and Blackjack well known as a skilled seamstress was a perfect candidate. Initially she was reluctant, afraid of being away from home for so long and aware of her lack of experience. This ominous feeling was reinforced when the other Iupiat families that had been recruited backed out at the last moment. But Blackjack was desperate. The monthly salary of $50 was enough to bring Bennett home. It was an opportunity she could not afford to turn down.

On the afternoon of 9 September 1921, Blackjack joined the team as they pulled out of Nome aboard a different vessel, the Silver Wave. Within a week, Wrangel Island could be spotted on the horizon. On first impressions, it was far from the barren, ice-locked wasteland they had been warned of: the rocky outcrop was covered in lichen and mosses, the climate relatively temperate. Crawfords men wasted no time hoisting a British flag and burying a proclamation staking their claim for His Majesty George, King of Great Britain.

The first few months were tinged with optimism. Once they had set up camp they quickly fell into a routine, spending their days mapping the island or collecting geological and biological specimens, the long evenings whiled away gambling or reading the same few books cover to cover.

Assured by Stefansson that a ship would be arriving with more supplies in the summer, the team made no attempt to ration their six months worth of provisions, which they topped up with the islands seemingly plentiful wild game especially polar bears, which scared Blackjack half to death when they roamed close to camp. She cooked up whatever the men were able to catch, from seagulll to fox and owl. Polar bear steaks fried in seal blubber proved especially popular.

Slowly, though, the mood in camp began to shift. Hunting opportunities began to slip away as a disorientating Arctic winter brought 61 days of darkness. The desperately homesick Blackjack had quickly come to regret her decision and irritated the men with her changeable moods and anguished outbursts. Knight showed little sympathy, complaining in his diary: it is NOT funny for the four of us to have a foolish female howling and refusing to work and eating all of our good grub.

As well as its five human members, the expedition also had a feline explorer in its number a cat called Victoria. Named after the ship that had carried the team from Seattle, Vic snuggled in the teams sleeping bags at night and lived off scraps and leftovers. She also survived the two years on Wrangel Island.

Whatever their hardships, Ada and the team knew that if they could just tough it out until summer, Stefanssons ship would be arriving with new team members and supplies, as well as treasured letters from home. I shall not shave or dress up until next year, when Mr Stefansson and several other white men will come, the youthful Galle declared in his journal. The team tracked the progress of the ice floes with the changing seasons, eagerly awaiting the arrival. Little did they know that their relief vessel had come unstuck.

After a delayed departure due to a lack of funding, the resupply vessel Teddy Bear had been caught in some of the worst ice in 25 years. On 25 September 1922, its captain messaged Stefansson that they had been forced to turn back: Teddy Bear unsuccessful. Encountered Arctic pack, propeller damaged. All navigators here predicted failure due to unusual ice condition. For his part, Stefansson was not overly concerned, reflecting: We had no reason to think that the skill of the men already there was inadequate to meet the situation.

Back on Wrangel Island, as summer turned to autumn, the team slowly realised that no one was coming to relieve them. Their rations were almost exhausted, the polar bears that had once been so plentiful appeared to have all but vanished, and hunting missions were becoming ever more fruitless. It soon became clear that despite Blackjacks best efforts at serving up even the most inedible cuts of meat, there was simply not enough food to keep all five of them alive. Knight, meanwhile, had begun to feel weak and lethargic. His joints were aching and gums sore. Although he tried to keep these grisly symptoms from his teammates, he recognised them well from his previous Arctic expeditions. It was the early stages of scurvy.

In January 1923, with the looming spectre of starvation hanging over camp, Crawford made a difficult decision. Along with Galle and Maurer, he would embark on an ambitious trek back across the now-frozen sea to fetch help, leaving Blackjack at camp with the rapidly deteriorating Knight. As the three men set off with a tranche of supplies and the five remaining dogs, the dangers involved were not lost on them.

Whether I reach my goal or not remains to be seen, Maurer wrote in a final letter to his wife. If the fates favour me, Ill have the pleasure of telling you all about it, if against me, then someone else, no doubt, will tell you all. Blackjack was especially sad to bid farewell to Galle, who had shown her kindness and enjoyed listening to her folktales.

Just a couple of days after the three figures had disappeared over the horizon, the weather turned. A vicious gale struck up, blowing and drifting as hard as I have ever seen it, Knight noted downheartedly in his diary. Crawford, Galle and Maurer were never seen again.

At camp, Knight deteriorated quickly. He was soon confined to bed, suffering from aggressive nosebleeds and covered with mottled bruises, teeth falling from his softened gums. Although she had never used a gun, Blackjack realised that she would have to bring in fresh meat if she was going to keep Knight alive. Despite her diminutive frame, she taught herself to shoot with his huge, heavy rifle, and built a platform from which she could spot the dreaded polar bears. She was so afraid of the beasts that she began sleeping with the rifle above her bed in case any roamed too close to camp. Blackjack tended to Knight as best she could. But he was far from a grateful patient, constantly scolding, and even flinging books at her. As Blackjack saw her teammate slipping away, she began to despair at the thought of being left alone on the island. If anything happen to me and my death is known I wish if you please take everything to Bennett that is belong to me, she wrote in her diary. I dont know how much I would be glad to get home to folks. On 23 June, her fears were finally confirmed when she awoke to find Knight cold and unmoving.

Although the prospect of life all alone in such a vast, silent landscape was overwhelming, Blackjack ploughed on with the gruelling daily slog of staying alive. She counted off each day on a calendar crafted from Galles typewriter paper, but countless more still stretched out ahead. Yet even as hope was fading, Blackjack was determined to make it back to her son. She filled her journal with worries about Bennetts future, and sewed him a pair of slippers.

The skills Ada had taught herself were now essential to staying alive. After typing a note each morning detailing her whereabouts in case rescuers appeared, she set traps for foxes and learnt to shoot birds and seals. It was far from easy, and every lost opportunity meant an ever more uncertain fate. When the skin boat Ada had carefully crafted blew away in the night, she wept with frustration. But she refused to be defeated, finding solace in her Christian faith as she noted in her diary on 23 July: I thank God for living.

It was not until 20 August 1923 almost two years after she had landed on Wrangel Island that Adas ordeal finally came to an end. As the crew of the schooner Donaldson approached her camp, Blackjack was overwhelmed with emotion, and broke down sobbing. When the rescuers asked her where her teammates were, she could only reply: There is nobody here but me. I am all alone.

On her return to Alaska, Blackjack was plunged into the middle of a media storm. The press clamoured to hear how the female Robinson Crusoe had survived an ordeal so ghastly it had claimed the lives of the other heroic explorers, the pressure intensifying when accusations were made that she had not done enough to save Knight.All this invasive media attention did not sit easily with the private Blackjack, who simply wanted to be reunited with her son.

With her salary from the voyage, Blackjack was finally able to take Bennett to Seattle for treatment. But while she may have escaped Wrangel Island, her fight for survival was not over. Though Stefansson and others profited from writing sensationalist books about her ordeal, Blackjack continued to be plagued by poverty and hardship throughout her life. She later had a second son, Billy, but money problems forced her to place him and Bennett in a home for nine years. She later moved back to Alaska to work as a reindeer herder and lived until the age of 85.

Ellie Cawthorne is section editor at BBC History Magazine

This article was first published in the Christmas 2019 edition of BBC History Revealed

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Ada Blackjack: How The 'Female Robinson Crusoe' Escaped Death In The Arctic - BBC History Magazine

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Why You Should Not Use the Martingale System When It Comes to Blackjack – COED

Posted: at 1:21 am


Since the dawn of betting, people around the world have been trying to find ways to beat the system. Card counting, insider knowledge, fixed matches, and staking strategies are just a few examples of this.

It makes sense people enjoy winning and dislike losing. This is especially the case when money is involved.

The problem with betting systems is that most of them dont work. If its a well-known system, then you can guarantee that casinos and bookmakers are aware of it and have put measures in place to stop it from taking place.

One of the most common systems in this regard is the Martingale System, which newcomers gravitate towards because of its apparent simplicity.


The Martingale System can be used for all casino games that contain a win that pays out 1:1, such as live blackjack, roulette, craps, and Baccarat.

For a simple example of a 1:1 pay out, consider live blackjack where a player has placed a 1 bet. For a standard win, the player will receive a pay out of 2 the 1 stake is returned plus an additional 1 in winnings.

The only time this differs is if the player has been dealt blackjack, at which point the winnings are increased, usually to a 3:2 pay out, or if the player has placed side bets.

The Martingale System requires you to double your stake after every loss. The idea here is that you will eventually win and recoup all your losses before starting the sequence again. For example, if you play a 1 hand of live blackjack and lose, you will then stake 2 for your next hand, and so on until you win.

The Martingale System is appealing because it seems like an easy way to make money when playing games like live blackjack. After all, the system makes sense mathematically eventually you will win a hand and recoup any losses.

However, this is a dangerous trap to fall into for a couple of reasons:

After a few losses, many people falsely assume that they are due a win. Although a win will come along eventually, there is no guarantee that it will be in the next few hands. What isnt immediately obvious when looking at the Martingale System of doubling bets is that the stake jumps quickly, as shown in the following sequence:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024

Following a few losses, this sequence has jumped from a 1 starting stake all the way up to 1,024. With a few more losses, this player would be betting 5 figure sums on a single hand.

Ultimately, most players do not have an unlimited bankroll to keep betting in this way which means they can easily end up with losses that they cannot recoup.

Likewise, casinos understand that players use strategies such as the Martingale System and put restrictions in place to hinder their use. For example, casinos will often have bet limits on games such as live blackjack and roulette. This means that you could lose several times and then be unable to place your next Martingale double up bet. Again, youre left in a big hole that youre unable to climb out of.

There is mathematical legitimacy to the Martingale System but, eventually, youre likely to run into real-life restrictions such as a lack of funds or maximum betting rules that make it a dangerous system to adopt.

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Why You Should Not Use the Martingale System When It Comes to Blackjack - COED

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Saints not rolling the dice on upcoming Las Vegas road trip – RADIO.COM

Posted: at 1:21 am

Las Vegas official slogan is: What happens here, only happens here.

But when the Saints head to Sin City for a Monday Night Football matchup against the Raiders, all of their activities will be very similar to what happens in New Orleans as the team will mostly be confined to their hotel.

When we travel or when we're at home we go to a hard bubble, Saints coach Sean Payton said. We'll be in a secured area. Period. So, it's not like you can just stroll down the lobby and roll some dice for an hour."

Payton said he didnt have to implement those rules as the NFL put them in place as part of its efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

But not being able to hit the tables in Vegas shouldnt be much of a problem for the Saints as players reiterated this trip is to play the Raiders, not blackjack.

Were here to play football, Saints defensive end Cam Jordan said. We know that were of the same mindset. Its a business trip. I dont care if I dont leave the room. Im here to win a football game.

Jordan said on a normal road trip, hed walk to a mall or something along those lines but that wont be the case this weekend for the Pro Bowler or his teammates as they adhere to the safety measures.

Some guys like to go get dinner, some guys meet with their families, people come to the hotel, things like that, Saints running back Alvin Kamara said. With the world were living in, with the climate were in, its just something that we cant do right now.

Kamara said its an adjustment both players and coaches have to make but one he felt his team has done a good job of so far.

Weve got one goal in mind, Kamara said. So to protect that goal, weve got to do what we got to do, following the protocol.

Despite being sequestered, Saints quarterback Drew Brees said this trip will still be unique.

Its absolutely a historic moment, he said. First professional football team in Vegas, the opening of this new stadium, which Im sure is tremendous

Brees like his teammates said the focus is on moving to 2-0.

This is an up and coming team with a lot of talent and its Monday Night Football, Brees said. And, obviously, we want to continue to get better and take the next step as a team.

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Saints not rolling the dice on upcoming Las Vegas road trip - RADIO.COM

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The Eyes Of Argus – Breaking Defense

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Photo: Courtesy of Raytheon Intelligence & Space

To the ancient Greeks, Argus Panoptes was a giant with a thousand eyes who always kept watch, even in his sleep.That constant vigilance resonates with those responsible for keeping the United States and its friends and allies safe. Its why the U.S. Air Force, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Raytheon Technologies are creating a new space-based blanket of advanced sensors to keep eyes always on in the lookout for potential missile attacks.

The pace of technology is on a near-exponential curve right now, said Wallis Laughrey, a vice president of Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a business of Raytheon Technologies. Our adversaries are testing new weapons that require a new means of detection.

The challenge is to field those new means quickly. To that end, the Air Force designated Next Gen OPIR a system of satellites to provide early warning of intercontinental and theater ballistic missile launches as a Go-Fast program. It replaces the Space-Based Infrared System by providing more survivable and resilient missile warning from geostationary orbit.

The Next Gen OPIR program consists of three GEO and two polar satellites, all of which are expected to be in orbit by 2029.

Our ability to counter the threat is only as good as our ability to see it, Laughrey said.

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin turned to Raytheon Technologies to design the payload for its Next Gen OPIR Block 0 resilient missile-warning satellites.

The first geostationary orbiting satellite is scheduled to launch in 2025. Raytheon Technologies GEO contract covers development through system-critical design review.

Next Gen OPIR is one piece of the space-based layer. Space-based systems need to be geographically spread out to offer the most coverage, just like ground-, sea- and land-based systems do. The only difference is that when youre operating from space, you have a lot more territory to cover.

Enter DARPAs Blackjack program. Blackjack provides another layer of persistent global coverage. Designed to operate in low Earth orbit, also referred to as LEO, Blackjack will network multiple sensors together. Blackjacks mission is to demonstrate sensors, including OPIR sensors, that are low in size, weight and power, and that can be mass-produced to fit on many different buses from many different providers for less than $2 million a payload.

Once the sensors are in space, one of their applications could be missile warning.

The beauty of Blackjack is its an autonomous system, said Mike Rokaw, a director at Raytheon Intelligence & Space. Once its in space, it will be able to task itself and (be) aware of its health. That means it will be able to automatically adjust to deliver info to the end user, without intervention from the operator.

To learn more about RIS Space Solutions visit here.

Visit link:

The Eyes Of Argus - Breaking Defense

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NFL betting, return of table games offers glimmer of hope in Colorados COVID-impacted casino towns – The Denver Post

Posted: at 1:21 am

Like many corners of Colorado that had high hopes for 2020, the states gambling capital of Gilpin County has absorbed some serious body blows in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The novel coronavirus shut down casinos in Black Hawk, Central City and across the state from March 17 through mid-June. Now Gilpin leaders are trying to reckon with a more than $4.5 million hole in the countys projected tax income, Commissioner Ron Engels said.

There will be absolutely no capital projects in next years budget, said Engels.

The countys unemployment rate, which spiked over 20% in April, still paced the state in July at 12%, according to labor department data.

This past weekend is providing sparks of optimism in Black Hawk and Central City and putting people back to work. Those sparks are coming in the form of dice, cards, roulette wheels and footballs.

Gov. Jared Polis and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Tuesday moved Gilpin County to the Protect our Neighbors phase of coronavirus restrictions, a rollback that allows table games like blackjack, craps, and poker to resume for the first time since spring. It also greatly increases the number of people casinos can allow on the floor at one time, up to 500 from the previous limit of 175. Some Black Hawk establishments, including the Monarch Casino, welcomed players back Friday morning.

Our dealers are really excited to be back at work, Monarch chief operating officer David Farahi said Thursday, shortly after 100 returning workers went through COVID tests ahead of the reopening.

The Monarch does not plan to let 500 people in at a time right away, capping capacity at 25% of fire code, Farahi said. Some of the games will look different, too. In blackjack, only the dealers touch the cards now.

We want to make sure that we have a density that still allows for social distancing in the building, Farahi said.

The other major gambling development this past week is the kickoff of the NFL season.

Sports betting has been legal since May 1 in Colorado, with 20 licensed betting apps handling bettors money while casinos were closed. With all major U.S. sports leagues shut down by the virus, the biggest sport for those dollars over Colorados first month of legal sports betting was table tennis, the Division of Gaming reported at the time.

Since then, pro basketball, hockey and baseball have returned and sports apps have continued to proliferate but NFL football is the main event.

A recent survey from the American Gaming Association found that 33.2 million Americans reported that they planned to bet on NFL games this year, including 11.3 million through online platforms (legal and illegal) and 6.6 million who planned to visit physical sportsbooks.

DraftKings got in on the ground floor of Colorados legal market. In addition to its app, it has a physical presence at the Mardi Gras Casino in Black Hawk. Company co-founder Matt Kalish called Colorado one of our best markets, and expressed high hopes for what the NFL season will mean for action in the state.

The NFL has the biggest national audience following the sport, and I think its also the weekend cadence, Kalish said of footballs dominance when it comes to betting. The NFL has just carved off Sunday. Everybody is just paying attention and dropping what theyre doing to pay attention.

DraftKings is just getting into the retail side of sportsbook operations, but the Monarch, which has a sister casino in Reno, Nev., runs its own book and is used to the physical side of things. Farahi said when he first moved to Colorado, he was surprised at how slow the casino was on Broncos Sundays, noting the NFL used to bring out crowds in Reno.

I am really curious to see what happens on Monday night, and, now that sports betting is legal, if casinos are going to become a hub for watching football games, Farahi said.

The Monarch has a small physical sportsbook now but supplements that with a bar where fans and bettors can watch games. A larger sportsbook is coming as part of the casinos long-in-the-works expansion that will also bring a spa and 516 new hotel rooms to the property, but a projected completion date for that project hasnt been announced.

Because of the way the sports betting law is written in Colorado, even bets made at brick-and-mortar locations dont provide tax revenue directly to Gilpin County, Engels said. But the hope is players will drop some additional coin, be it on food or in a slot machine, if the sportsbooks can draw them in in person.

In Cripple Creek, table games are still not allowed to operate. Teller County Commissioner Marc Dettenrieder said he was filing a variance request with the state health department on Friday to change that and to allow 24-hour alcohol service in casinos.

We feel we are in the right position to put in another variance request for casinos specifically, based on the facts on the ground, Dettenrieder said of the countys efforts to contain the coronavirus after a case spike in late July.

In the meantime, the Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek is ahead of 2019 when it comes to its slots revenue and only a little behind annual revenue as a whole, director of marketing Andy Jones said. The casino, which is also in the midst of an ambitious expansion plan, including a 102-room hotel, stayed active reaching out to players even during the shutdown, Jones said. Its planning its biggest promotion ever, a nightly drawing giving visitors a shot at $2 million, starting in October.

Instead of trying to starve our way to success, were trying to grow the market right now, he said.

Wildwood does have its own sportsbook with 20 TVs, Jones said, and while the take wasnt fully counted as of Friday morning, he said activity on Thursday nights NFL game was better than expected.

Obviously, Sunday will be the big test followed by the Broncos on Monday, he said.

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NFL betting, return of table games offers glimmer of hope in Colorados COVID-impacted casino towns - The Denver Post

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Vincent Duffy | The Standard Newspaper – Waukon Standard

Posted: at 1:21 am

Vincent John Duffy, 70, passed away at his home in Spring Grove, MN Monday September 14, 2020. Vince was born in Waukon November 22, 1949 to William and Norma (Kostman) Duffy.After attending school in Waukon, he soon married Donna Smith and had two sons, Jay and Jayson. Vince later married Linda Bresnahan and the two had a daughter, Lena.Vince initially worked at Northern Engraving in Waukon. In 1977 he started his own company, Duffy Construction. He and his family lived in Waukon until 1987 when they then relocated to Berlin, WI. Here he took a new job at Leach Farms, Inc. as a maintenance mechanic.In 1997 Vince and Linda moved closer to their family and built a home in rural La Crescent, MN where he worked at Torrance Casting until he retired. Vince met his life partner, Barb Mannel, in 2007 and the two made their final move to Spring Grove, MN.Vince was a skilled carpenter and was able to build two of the family homes. Some of his favorite pastimes included competing in archery competitions, playing billiards and many types of card games, especially blackjack at the casino. As an avid outdoorsman, his passion was bear hunting with his bow and spending weekends fishing on Lake Michigan where he loved the water.Time spent with family, especially seeing his grandkids grow, was important to Vince. He liked talking about the outdoors, guns and sharing his political views. He enjoyed watching old westerns, war movies and listening to country western music. Barb and Vince enjoyed traveling in their RV to Maine, Michigan, Alabama and Florida.Vince was preceded in death by his parents and his sister, Betty Wagner. Survivors include Barb Mannel (companion); his sons, Jay (Marlene) Duffy and Jayson (Jennifer) Duffy; his daughter, Lena (Gordon) Lehmann; four grandchildren, Quynlan and Anya Duffy (Jayson), and Isaac and Dylan Lehmann (Lena); his brothers, James (Marcia) Duffy and Danny Duffy; and his sister, Maxine (Henry) Acosta. Other survivors include Sara (Amy) Mannel, Hannah Gruen, Lillian and Leeland Roaroff, Amara, Rylee and Isabelle Mannel, Donald Mannel and Stacy (Aaron) Kremmer.

A full obituary will also appear in the September 23 edition of The Standard. You can subscribe to The Standard's print edition or e-edition by clicking here.

See the rest here:

Vincent Duffy | The Standard Newspaper - Waukon Standard

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Where to Gamble in Dublin –

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If you are hoping to experience the thrills and the adrenaline of the gambling world, then visiting the capital of Ireland is a great decision.

A large portion of the Irish population choose gambling as their hobby so it makes sense that there are elegant and impressive venues hosting the best gambling you can get in all of the country, that offer a break from the popular online casino sites.

Whether it is casinos that you wish to visit for the roulette board and card games, or rather horse racing tracks for some sport events to put a flutter on, or even bingo halls that you can enjoy your night in, Dublin has it all and you will not leave disappointed.

Technically, casinos are illegal in Ireland. It makes Ireland seem like an odd choice for venues to gamble in if casinos are the most frequent choice for venue and they are illegal.

There is a loophole however in which casinos can still operate. Instead of being casinos, they declare themselves to be casinos and card clubs or something to that effect, which means that they are private clubs with members, and as such gambling is not illegal in such establishments.

The loophole is the fact that they open their membership to everyone above the age of eighteen, and membership happens to be totally free. This means that people just need to sign up for free with their ID and they are free to gamble.

Whilst this may make the law seem pointless, it does allow for more responsible gambling. Needing to sign up means that the decision has to be taken a little bit more seriously, and there is a record of them as well, so it is a win win situation.

Now, onto the list which is in no particular order and features some of the most popular venues to gamble in all of the Irish capital.

This first casino claims to offer Dublins premier casino experience and it is clear to see why. The Sports Emporium Casino, right in the heart of Dublin just off Grafton Street is beautifully decorated and it is no understatement to describe it as luxurious.

They offer a decent variety of live games. These include roulette and blackjack as the most common game, but you can also play Brag, Punto Banco, Sic Bo and even poker, which is not always offered in casinos.

If you play, you can enjoy complimentary beverages which is the kind of touch that shows that the casino is valuing the customers enjoyment of the evening as more important to the casino than the money that they would gain from selling the drinks.

It is open every night from six in the evening to six in the morning, which gives you a lot of leeway when you choose to visit. It is also as welcoming to professionals as total novices and beginners and is an overall extremely pleasant experience.

Declaring itself to be Dublins favourite casino and pointing to its reputation as Dublins friendliest club, Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club is a very decent choice for a venue to gamble at when you are in Dublin.

Another casino, Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club concentrates a lot more on poker than other casinos whilst still offering blackjack and roulette.

It is located on Lower Fitzwilliam Street and within walking distance of most hotels and major attractions. Like the Sporting Emporium, it is open for twelve hours a day, from 6PM to 6AM.

It offers Poker cash games from 6:30 in the evening and Texas Hold Em tournaments on a daily basis, so it can definitely add Home of Dublins Poker to its long list of credentials.

If any of your group is looking to play poker, then this venue will be within the best choices in all of Dublin.

Playland Casino is Irelands first electronic casino. It is located on Talbot Street near the City Centre and open from 10:00 to 1:00 every night except for Thursdays and Fridays, when it is open for an extra hour.

Playland Casino offers its customers the best electronic experience they could hope to receive in Dublin. It has the latest state of the art machines for video poker, slots and in touch bet roulette.

They continue to regularly receive more games and slots, so there should always be something new to do at the Playland Casino. Drinks and snacks are complimentary, which is always a nice touch, but it is the variety of options at your disposal that sets this casino apart from others.

The customer support is excellent, and even on the floor with the most slots in all of Ireland, you will not be waiting for a member of the help team for long, and usually they should be able to resolve any issues you might have been experiencing.

Overall, Playland Casino is a luxurious casino where you can expect the best electronic games to gamble on in all of Ireland. Make sure you remember to take breaks as it can be difficult to keep track of time, and always remember to gamble carefully.

The first non-casino on the list, Leapordstown is perfect for those who fancy watching and wagering on horse racing. There are various races and events at this venue, and it is always a lovely day out for those attending.

Most of the time, the dress code will be smart, as people like to dress up to go and see horse racing. Bear this in mind and make an effort to have an appropriate outfit and lean into the fun of the races.

If you are visiting Ireland with someone who does not really like gambling, this could be your best chance and even the horse names provide a decent amount of entertainment.

It is located just outside of Dublin and it offers world class racing. A lot of the best jockeys in the world are Irish, and many horses are bred in Ireland as well so the quality of racing on offer can not be questioned.

The first thing you need to know about this venue is that it probably was not founded by a man called Jack Pott. Fortunately, it is a bingo and is usually open from 12:30 to 23:00 most days.

It is on the Star Crumlin Kildare Road, which is within walking distance of most hotels. There are two other sister locations so there will likely be one near to wherever your accommodation is.

It is perfect for those who wish to have a less competitive night of gambling than poker, blackjack or horse racing but still want to have a fun night at a lovely venue. The venues are very open to novices and those who have never played before and the atmosphere is very friendly.

Each venue has its own state of the art amusement room, and apparently there are some world exclusive games at these venues, although this is not confirmed to be true.

4 Kings Casino & Card Club is a recommended venue for your gambling in Dublin. It is based in Swords and set in very comfortable surroundings. It is not perfect for total beginners, but those are used to this sort of venue will feel very at home.

There are plenty of tournaments for players to enter, and whilst it may not have the mystique of some other casinos on this list, it is a very decent choice of place for your gambling desires.

Located only five minutes from Dublin city centre, the D1 Club is a premier Members Club Casino that claims to offer some of the most exciting games and best food in Dublin, while also throwing a healthy number of freebies along the way.

There is an international level of service brought by the help team, and the poker club is equally as developed as the blackjack tables, roulette wheels and video slots. It is a thrilling vibe that you can instantly experience when you walk in, but you can still feel relaxed in the pleasant surroundings.

Macau Casino is situated in the centre of Dublin. It offers card games, roulette and electronic games over three floors. The staff are friendly and will help you out with any of the problems you may encounter at heir facilities. The decoration is pleasant and luxurious, and it is among the best casinos in Dublin.

Further gambling venues that you could want to visit in Dublin and that each have their own charm are Carlton Casino Club, Empire Casino and Funland Casino.

Wherever you may go, you will find that you will be warmly welcomed, as venues in Dublin have all put an emphasis on providing an enjoyable customer service.

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Five Blackjack Strategies You Need to Know if You Want to Beat The House – Blog – The Island Now

Posted: August 28, 2020 at 12:32 pm

Blackjack has been loved by casino goers for a long time. Of course, to succeed in the game, youll need to know the rules of blackjack. But how do you give yourself an edge on the house? Well, youre in the right place to find out

This is especially important if youre new to the game. Place your bets low when starting out, and learn to make those crucial decisions under pressure, without the fear of losing large amounts. Try out some of the strategies weve listed below, and experiment with what works for you against various dealers. Online casino blackjack may offer a free demo/game option, which can be good to practise on.

Being dealt a pair (for example two eights or two aces) is considered troublesome in blackjack. Its recommended that you split your eights as it increases the probability of receiving an 18 or 19 total which is much stronger than the 16 youll get without splitting. Splitting aces gives a player two chances to hit a 21, rather than one. Remember, if you split your aces and eights, youll receive an extra card on top of each hand you split.

This is the best route to follow if you wish to maximize your winnings without risk. Doubling down (increasing your bet and receiving an extra card) is recommended when the dealers card is nine or less as probabilistically, youre the favorite.

To recap, a soft hand is where the dealers ace is an 11. So, to make a soft 17, your hand needs to be ace-11 and a six. Tables where the dealer stands on this significantly reduces the houses chances and puts you in a stronger position.

When the dealer has an upcard of seven, its likely their potential is a seventeen. If you stand with your nines, then your potential is an eighteen, beating them. Essentially, its not worth the risk to hit.

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Five Blackjack Strategies You Need to Know if You Want to Beat The House - Blog - The Island Now

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Top Interesting Facts About Blackjack – The Union Journal

Posted: at 12:32 pm

Blackjack is currently one of the most popular games. It is both simple and fun, interesting, and incredibly reckless. One of the key advantages of blackjack is a large number of options to make a winning combination. If you have never played the game, then we have prepared top interesting facts about blackjack that will help you better understand the game flow and learn how to collect the most winning combinations.

Blackjack was the favorite game of the great commander. At the same time, Napoleon Bonaparte was well versed in the rules of the game and was often a winner when playing against his soldiers. Apart from the French military leader, many other famous personalities were true fans of this gambling entertainment. It is no wonder that so many game types, including vegas strip blackjack, are available today for play.

The origin of the blackjack game is still not fully understood. It is believed that blackjack was first played in Italy in 1700. Today, this card game is well known to all fans of gambling. According to opinion polls, blackjack is the favorite game of more than a third of the US population.

In the US, blackjack has long been an illegal card game, and the ban has only increased the popularity of this type of entertainment. Since the 19th century, underground blackjack tournaments have been constantly held in America. The ban was officially lifted only in 1939. It was then that underground games were legalized in Nevada.

Blackjack is the most popular card game. However, did you know that many of the game terms have been borrowed from baseball? It is believed that the player sitting to the left of the dealer is located at the first base, just like in baseball. The one sitting to the right from a dealer is considered to be on the third base.

A players success is largely determined by the number of decks used when dealing. The fewer they are, the higher the chances of winning the one has. Also, it is worth knowing that about 9% of all hands in blackjack end in a draw. Take this into account when making a bet.

When following the basic strategy of the game, the probability of a player losing with three hands is at the level of 14%. It is believed that more than 85% of unsuccessful bets occur in hard hands (when your card combination is worth twelve seventeen points).

One of the most striking stories of winning blackjack is that of Frederick Smith, founder of FedEx. Faced with a colossal lack of finance to grow his business, he went to the casino. At the start of the game, he had $5,000 in hand. After several bets, he has managed to pocket a sum of $27,000. This gain allowed him to cover all current fuel costs and take the business to the next level.

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Top Interesting Facts About Blackjack - The Union Journal

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For Many To Try Their Luck Online Games Has Become A Commonplace – IMC Grupo

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Internet casino, virtual casino or you can say online casino. Whatever you say, this is the place where you can play gamble and wager. This is an online version of a traditional casino. An Online casino is a prolific form of online gambling. It generally offers odds and payback percentage. The main convenience of online casinos is available anytime, anywhere. People can join in online casino for his home. If you are not able to go out in the casino, now its ok for being at your workplace or in your home. Online casino is now so famous and too much popular for its availability. And now you can found variety in casino gambling. You also heard about extreme heat casino. It is a fairy twist retro reels simple slot machine. But it looks like a simple machine in the outside. But you may find so much excitement to play this game. In retro reel series, extreme heat is one kind of video slot. So, try this new twist from the site. Youll enjoy it with full of charm.

To select the best online casino is very difficult for anyone. You can find lots of website of the online casino platform. Find the best one is very tricky. Here you can find some suggestion to find the best online casino site. So lets take a look:

And also try the demo option the website. That helps you to understand the functionality and usability.

Roulette: it is a decidedly more comfortable table games both online and physical casino. Just like in a real casino you can easily buy your things and you can select your number and can easily spin the roulette wheel from your device like a computer or your mobile phone.

Live dealer games: you can enjoy live time gambling from your mobile. The live games are streamed in real-time who play with real cards.

Blackjack: you can enjoy blackjack by the online casino. To win this game and make money you can bet with dealer score. Choosing between one to eight 52-cards decks you can enjoy this game.

Slots: slots are one of the most popular games in the online casino. And slots are straightforward to play in online or physical gaming. And beginner mostly prefers them. In this game, the odds are ever-changing, and therefore you cannot execute a strategy.

In a vital factor safety and security that people consider before signing up in the online gambling platform. It is essential to go through the privacy page. So you can understand what information is collected from you in the online casino. And you can also know about what measures the platform use to protect your information. A reputed online site should have given you personal protection and financial safety data. You can get full security from that site .but you have to check this all before your using.

So, now the online casino is very admired to all and you can easily enjoy all types of games from the online site. It gives the same feeling of physical gaming and all the games like extreme heat casino have different types of enjoyment. Visit the website and enjoy your gaming with full safety.

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For Many To Try Their Luck Online Games Has Become A Commonplace - IMC Grupo

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