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DARPA Pit Boss Contractors SEAKR and SSCI Team with DARPA for Blackjack Early Risk Reduction Orbital Flights – Yahoo Finance

Posted: June 20, 2020 at 10:06 am

WOBURN, Mass., June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DARPA Blackjack program prime contractors SEAKR Engineering and Scientific Systems Company, Inc. (SSCI) are preparing to use a series of small satellite demonstrations in an effort to verify and validate critical elements of the Blackjack program. In partnership with the U.S. Space Force, DARPA's Blackjack program has an objective to ultimately launch and test a constellation of up to 20 small satellites to demonstrate critical elements of global high-speed autonomous satellite networks in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), proving a capability that could provide the Department of Defense with highly connected, resilient, and persistent overhead coverage. The first two satellites in the Blackjack constellation are scheduled for launch in late 2021. Prior to that, three SEAKR and SSCI demonstration flights, all planned as rideshare opportunities, are scheduled to begin launching in 2020. Each flight aims to verify and validate key technologies to be integrated into Blackjack satellites, to include high-speed supercomputing, optical inter-satellite links, ground software for tactical user access, satellite and constellation autonomy, and advanced processing, exploitation, and dissemination.

SSCI is a provider of artificial intelligence-enabled autonomous software systems for land, sea, air, and space systems, GPS-denied navigation systems, and mission planning systems

SEAKR Engineering is the Blackjack prime contractor for the autonomous mission system called Pit Boss. Pit Boss is an autonomous, collaborative, distributed space-based enterprise that is designed to self-task, process, and distribute tactically relevant information to manned and unmanned subscribers. The SEAKR solution includes SEAKR's supercomputing hardware and teammate SSCI's Collaborative Mission Autonomy Software.

As prime, SEAKR supports the Blackjack program with two risk reduction demonstration flights planned as LEO rideshares. The first demonstration, Mandrake I, delivered on a cubesat, aims to demonstrate key Pit Boss hardware and chip level technologies prior to full production. The experimental orbital platform includes a digital twin and strives for 'real-time' efficacy feedback on LEO radiation mitigations and processor performance.

The Mandrake II flight demonstration, a DARPA partnership with Space Development Agency, forages early technology demonstration and verification of key Blackjack mission features. Mandrake II is designed to engage laser communications between satellites and also to ground assets with Blackjack constellation laser terminals. The demonstration merits SEAKR's forward trajectory developing state of the art space-based mesh network capabilities for Pit Boss, an integral part of the Blackjack Program.

SSCI meanwhile continues, under a Blackjack contract, to develop an early on-orbit risk reduction demonstration of Pit Boss. The mission, dubbed "Sagittarius-A*", is planned to include technology provided by SSCI's partners Orbit Logic, Emergent Space Technologies, Raytheon BBN, LeafLabs, Kitware, HawkEye360, and Innoflight. To get to orbit, SSCI has executed an agreement for a flight of SSCI's Pit Boss technologies with mission service provider Loft Orbital. Loft Orbital plans to integrate the Sagittarius-A* Innoflight processor, loaded with the SSCI team's autonomous battle management command, control, and communications (BMC3) software, onto its YAM-3 spacecraft, an ESPA-class mission hosting a number of government and commercial payloads. Loft Orbital has a unique ability to deploy missions quickly due to its Payload Hub technology, a modular, bus agnostic, and payload agnostic interface adapter that enables a plug-and-play approach to satellite missions. Loft Orbital also provides a turn-key command and control system that can be used by operators for payload operations during reserved times of the day.

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The Sagittarius A* mission is intended to provide a demonstration of key initial Pit Boss BMC3 software capabilities to autonomously manage a bus and payload to satisfy a tactical user's "mission service request" via prototype Blackjack human machine system interface (HMSI) ground software. Requested data services, in turn, are planned to be autonomously disseminated and shown on a tactically relevant user display system. The SSCI team's open and modular BMC3 software is designed to enable on-orbit upload and host of third-party exploitation algorithms, also referred to as "massless payloads". Multiple massless payloads are intended to be flown, all of which can operate on payload imagery data for demonstration of advanced mission capabilities. Finally, Sagittarius A* is designed to demonstrate the ability of Pit Boss to receive data products from external sources that will result in onboard autonomous tipping and cueing.

SSCI's Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Owen Brown, summarizes the mission's potential: "This is incredibly exciting that SSCI's Collaborative Mission Autonomy (CMA), further enabled by our teammate's plug-in components and third-party massless payloads, is scheduled to 'fly' in space. With a successful execution of Sagittarius A*, we can complete our journey of demonstration testing CMA in all of the physical domains. The implication is that DARPA has established a technology paradigm that not only could offer BMC3 services for Proliferated LEO architectures, but that same technology could help unlock many of the capabilities required for multidomain integration of intelligent systems operating at the edge".

About SEAKR Engineering

SEAKR Engineering is the leading-edge provider of advanced electronics for space applications. We design and manufacture processors, command and data handling systems, advanced payloads, and manned space hardware. Founded in 1982 to revolutionize spacecraft memory systems, today SEAKR continues forward innovation with state-of-the-art space communications processors capable of channelization and beamforming.

For more information on SEAKR's processing capabilities or SEAKR products, please visit SEAKR.COM; call us at (303) 790-8499.

About Scientific Systems Company Inc.

Since 1990, Scientific Systems Company Inc. (SSCI) has been developing the brains and nervous system for manned and unmanned vehicles to operate autonomously and accomplish their missions in difficult environments for defense and commercial applications. Based in Woburn, MA, SSCI is a leading innovator in performing research and technology development for NASA and US DoD agencies. SSCI is a provider of artificial intelligence-enabled autonomous software systems for land, sea, air, and space systems, GPS-denied navigation systems, and mission planning systems. SSCI's vision is to provide autonomy for any mission. For more information, visit or contact SSCI at (781) 933-5355 or

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DARPA Pit Boss Contractors SEAKR and SSCI Team with DARPA for Blackjack Early Risk Reduction Orbital Flights - Yahoo Finance

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Finest Live Dealer Blackjack Websites to gamble on weekend – Tunf News – News

Posted: at 10:06 am

A card game with no equal, Blackjack is one of those games that will never get old. Simple to play, yet hard to master, Blackjack has been a cornerstone of the gambling industry ever since the beginning. Even today, the games popularity never wanes.

Over the years, Blackjack has evolved so much that now you have tons of its variants dotting the internet. Blackjack Live, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Salon Prive Blackjack, and Common Draw Blackjack and so forth and so on.the number of its variants is endless.

The best way to try a large number of Blackjack variants is to find an online casino rich in live table games. Establishments such as this offer a fine selection of Blackjack titles, usually developed by NetEnt or Evolution Gaming.

To help you get started, we will show you three reliable casinos that offer a fine selection of Blackjack games. When you are finished reading and learning more about these three casinos, feel free to visit their sites, plenty of good things waiting for you there.

Not specifically tied to one category of games, Trada Casino tries to excel in all fields. The site regularly imports new games, whether slots, card games, or roulette. Its goal is simple; create a big and unrivaled portfolio, rich with blockbuster titles of all kinds. For now, all goes according to plan. Popular, intriguing, and highly professional in its work, Trada Casino is a place that has something for every type of gambler.

Mysterious as the universe itself, Genesis Casino is a themed place dedicated to providing its players with a good time. Ripe with top-quality titles, the site boasts a nice portfolio filled with blockbuster games. After all, Genesis Casino is all about quality before quantity. Besides immersive gameplay and jackpots, the site also offers an exquisite VIP program. It is definitely something worth checking out!

Now, this is a classy institution, designed in style. Mr.Play Casino is a good looking and welcoming place, known for its amazing bonuses and promotions. Spins, numerous competitions, and holiday offers are the things that players on this site can earn regularly. Besides being generous, it is important to know that Mr.Play Casino also includes a large collection of titles that include slots, cards, roulette, and so on.

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Finest Live Dealer Blackjack Websites to gamble on weekend - Tunf News - News

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Nevada gamblers now required to wear masks at table games that have no barriers – USA TODAY

Posted: at 10:06 am

The Las Vegas Strip is slowly awakening after a nearly 80-day slumber due to the coronavirus crisis. USA TODAY

LAS VEGAS Nevada gamblers arenow required to wear face masks at table games that have no barriers, reported the Reno Gazette Journal, a USA TODAY Network paper.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board updated its health and safety policy for casinos on Wednesday, tightening rules for gamblers sitting down to play.

"Licensees must require patrons to wear face coverings at table and card games if there is no barrier, partition, or shield between the dealer and each player," the board wrote in a notice to licensees. "This requirement applies to table and card game players, spectators, and any other person within 6 feet of any table or card game."

Read the full notice here:

The update comes less two weeks after casino opened in Nevada after a shutdown that lasted almost three months.

Thecoronavirus crisishaschanged plenty of thingsabout this gambling and entertainment capital, but key Vegas elements remain the same.

In the wake of COVID-19, the casino experience looks a lot different.

In the casino equivalent ofblocking middle seatson aplane, you'll find fewer chairs at blackjack, roulette and poker tables and fewer places to stand around the craps table.

The new limits per table: three players at blackjack, four at roulette and poker and six at craps.


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Dealers and other employees are required to wear masks or face shields, per gaming authority reopening regulations.Masks are mostly optional but strongly encouraged for guests.

MGM Resorts has gone so far as to install plexiglass partitions at its tables, and, in some cases, bar-top video poker machines. Caesarsrequiresthat gamblers wear masks at table games.

Las Vegas reopening: Here's your guide to what's open and what's closed

Ready to visit a reopened Las Vegas?MGM Resorts plans to open four more hotels by July 1

Follow Ed Komenda on Twitter: @ejkomenda.


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Nevada gamblers now required to wear masks at table games that have no barriers - USA TODAY

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Woman thinks camera inside her room captured ghost of her dead cat, netizens have thoughts – Hindustan Times

Posted: at 10:06 am

A vide of a cat has now sparked a chatter among people on Reddit. The video is a recording of a room and the original poster thinks that it captures her pet feline Blackjack who died a year back.

Not sure if this can be explained but I caught what looks like my cat Blackjack, who passed away almost exactly a year ago, materialising on our sofa (far left) when I turned the lights on from my phone, they wrote. Then they added that the sofa, where apparently the feline materialised, only had red, grey and cream coloured pillows on it.

The video has now left many confused and several people are sharing varied comments, either to explain that it may be an illusion or to say how they can also see the ghost.

Take a look at the video. What do you see?

Since being shared it has received over 200 comments. There were many who also shared their own paranormal experience involving their pets.

Last year my cat woke me up by carefully stepping on the pillow I was sleeping on. He did that a lot. Wanting to sleep on my head but not wanting to wake me up. The moment his first foot slowly drove into the pillow next to my ear I was wide awake and frozen. When his other foot started pushing down on the other side of my head I yelled out. I had had to put him down a week earlier. Best cat Id ever had. I guess he wasnt ready to leave, wrote a Redditor. To this, the original poster replied, I bet that was a bit of a shock but comforting too that theyre still with us after they pass.

Whatever it is that looks like Blackjack is there the whole time, you can see it before you turn the light on. Due to the night vision of the camera it appears light grey then you see it as black when you turn the light on, wrote an individual. Wow! That is pretty amazing. Definitely a cat head shape with ears, expressed another.

If you zoom in on it, it looks like it could just be a bag of some sort, one Reddit user offered this explanation. Agreeing, another wrote, Yea it was there throughout the whole video as well, it didnt materialize it just turned black when the camera went from night vision to color.

Idk whats wrong with me but its 3:30am and this post made me start sobbing. The idea that your little companion loved you so much that they sit on that couch watching over you and making sure youre okay is absolutely killing me. Im sobbing and I want chocolate pudding, wrote an emotional netizen. To which the OP replied, Aww Im sorry it upset you! But thank you thats such a sweet comment! Have all the chocolate pudding you want!!

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Woman thinks camera inside her room captured ghost of her dead cat, netizens have thoughts - Hindustan Times

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What are the Most Popular Online Games from Today’s Audience – The Sports Daily

Posted: at 10:06 am

Todays game proposal consists of a rich selection of attractions capable of ranging from the hugely popular video slots to the classic table games and skills. In the current landscape with entertainment on the web that allows all devices to find the one that most attracts the public, we think for example, Netflix, and the potential of these channels in the near future. Games that have been a pioneering sector of digital entertainment are part of this context.

Among the proposals that are at the top of the 2019-2020 data satisfaction indices, we find in addition to the slots with progressive jackpots, games such as roulette, an authentic classic for the digital casino sector, as well as the challenge at the blackjack bank. Currently gaming sites such as 888casino offer different game options, especially for what concerns the live mode via the app for smartphone tablets and digital devices; among the most popular games, we find blackjack, which from 2016 has increased the volumes of traffic and users who have chosen it as the ideal game for the casino.

In the United States, the game of blackjack has always been one of the classic games of skill, so much so that film works, study, and study volumes, both academic and in a more popular and popular context, have often dedicated it to it. However, the Italian and more generally European context is different, where for example roulette has always been considered one of the classic casino games, just as for card games the same can be said of baccarat or seven and a half, while blackjack is It has long been seen as an extremely niche game and a little too sought after. The popularity of Texan poker has probably provided the right push to make the game of blackjack better known.

Known among the patrons with the name of 21, blackjack is a ductile, extremely fast card game, it can be practiced digitally in any type of context, given that one or more hands are developed in a very short time. For those unfamiliar with it, it is good to say that with the game of poker it has very few points in common, excluding the fact that both are considered skill games, and both are played with decks of French cards.

For the rest, everything changes, since in poker the game develops through different phases of the game, both for community card games and for those of other categories. In blackjack, the player challenges the dealer in the figure of the dealer: whoever achieves a score close to 21 wins, but be careful because you run the risk of exceeding the maximum score and therefore getting high. For this reason, the game is very similar to baccarat and seven and a half.

The element of calculation is considered pure strategy, given that it is a game of skill whereby practicing it you can acquire the skills to significantly reduce the initial disadvantage given by the dealer and therefore by the casino. Over the past ten years, the offer of live and digital casino gambling halls has made it possible for games such as dice, roulette, and blackjack to be within the reach of all users.

Until ten years ago in Italy the most practiced game was online poker, both in the cash version and in the tournament version, giving much space and importance to Texas HoldEm, but also to other spectacular variations such as Omaha poker, the 7 card stud, and the 5 card stud.

Before the advent of the digital game, the best known and most practiced poker game was classic poker. Today for the offer of digital casinos, we can, therefore, find a wide range of games, ranging from the many slot machines, video poker, to more complex and structured games such as French roulette and blackjack.

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What are the Most Popular Online Games from Today's Audience - The Sports Daily

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Day Trading Surges In Popularity, This Wont End Well – Forbes

Posted: at 10:06 am

Circumstances are causing day-trading to spike. This likely won't end well. Photographer: Michael ... [+] Nagle/Bloomberg

An increase in furloughed employees, broader access to commission-free trading and a strong couple of months in the market have increased day trading for U.S. markets. For most traders, this wont end well studies show.

Brazilian researchers studied those trading Brazilian equity futures, among the third largest market in the world in volume terms. The paper is here, the results do not make happy reading. They found that 97% of day traders end up losing money as a year approaches. In fact, a similar paper examining the fortunes of day traders in Taiwan, found that only 1% made money. Other researchers have come to a similar conclusion, researchers in the U.S. found that about a third of U.S. day traders between 1992 and 2006 had some level of profitability after costs. Thats a better outcome, but the concern is that those results pre-date the broad adoption of algorithmic trading. Either way, depending on the study you look at, somewhere between to most to virtually all day traders lose money.

Day trading can be likened to a casino. Those who do well trade less frequently, and may have some degree of edge when they do. However, those trading every day likely dont have an edge, as such daily trading serves only to increase costs and risks. If you play a single hand of blackjack you may win. If you play a thousand hands of blackjack youll likely to lose out to the edge the casino has. As you play more hands, so your probability of winning declines. Researchers found a similar pattern with day trading, in the Brazilian study. After a single day of trading, almost half of traders were ahead, but after a year very few were.

Making or losing money is one consideration. The other is risk. The researchers also found day trading to be a risky proposition. Even the very best day trader earned $310 a day, but with a standard deviation of $2,560. Even when it works, day trading is not a predictable income stream.

Theres a lot to be said for long-term investing in stocks. Historically stocks have been a robust asset class to gain exposure to, and if more are making stocks part of their long-term portfolio, then that may be a good thing. However, if new investors are getting sucked into day trading because of short-term returns and trading more frequently as a result, then multiple studies suggest this is unlikely to end well.

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Day Trading Surges In Popularity, This Wont End Well - Forbes

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Playtech Teams up with Betano/Stoiximan to Launch New Live Cashback Blackjack –

Posted: June 6, 2020 at 5:54 pm

A new live casino product will be the result of collaboration between the Greek Betano/Stoiximan and Playtech.

Developer of iGaming products Playtech has recently teamed up with the Greek operator Betano/Stoiximan. Under the partnership, a new exclusive product will be launched on the gaming market deemed as industry-first. The new product is a variant of Live Blackjack called Live Cashback Blackjack. Started as a random number generator (RNG) game, the new Live Cashback Blackjack features an eight-deck game which is opened to limitless number of players.

The intriguing bit about the game is that players can cash out during any action round. Choosing to cash out instead of taking action will award the players with cashback amount determined by the round itself. The new unique game actually adds up to the ever growing portfolio of Playtech Live. The new version is actually the fifth variant of Blackjack predeceased by Unlimited Blackjack, Quantum Blackjack, All bets Blackjack and Majority Rules Speed Blackjack.

But what can players expect from Live Cashback Blackjack? At the game start, players wager a main bet and side bets. There is a total of six different side bets. Those are: 21+3, Buster Blackjack, Dealer Pair, Lucky Lucky, Player Pair and Top 3. The action rounds on the other hand hold five choices for the players: Cashback, Hit, Stand, Double or Split. By choosing Split during an action round, the player receives cashback for both hands. If the player chooses Double, no cashback is offered. The cashback rewards are calculated based on the cards which are on the table and may vary depending on each action round. The cashback is only applicable for the main bet, while side bets get paid out separately.

Playtech Live CEO, Edo Haitin commented on the partnership by saying:

The development of Cashback Blackjack Live has been a truly collaborative effort, and takes our partnership with Stoiximan/Betano to a new level. Stoiximan/Betano is already one of the leading operators in the Greek market, and were committed to working closely with them to not only build on this position, but also extend that success into further territories.

Haitin continued by saying that the new product is the result of collaboration of the development teams on both sides. According to him, the new product is dynamic and will give the players much joy and personalized gaming experience. Haitin further noted that the company is excited to see players reactions when interacting with a live casino that also offers cashback.

Stoiximan/Betano Live Casino Manager, Christos Mavridis commented by saying: Product innovation, wide game offer and an optimum customer experience have always been among our priorities at Stoiximan/Betano. He continued by saying that the customers response towards Cashback Blackjack has already been fantastic. Mavridis said that the company is looking forward towards delivering entirely new player experience with the first Live version of the game. He further noted that Playtech actually has quite a record when it comes to innovation and revolutionary approaches for new gaming content. In conclusion, Mavridis said that Playtech was the perfect partner for the developing of the new Cashback Blackjack Live.

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Playtech Teams up with Betano/Stoiximan to Launch New Live Cashback Blackjack -

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The Best Live Blackjack Games to Play with Friends to Beat Lockdown Boredom – Nerdcore Movement

Posted: at 5:54 pm

NerdcoreMovement is your one stop destination for all things nerd, pop culture and geek related. Comic books, TV recaps and reviews, movie previews, trailers, and hot chicks reviewing video games. What more could you ask for?

In these unprecedented times, many people are searching for fun activities to do whilst locked down in their own homes and most of these involve the internet! However, if youre bored of making Tik Toks, or hosting pub quizzes for friends and family over Zoom, then why not head over to an online casino and sit around a virtual, yet live, table, and enjoy casino Blackjack at home! If that sounds like something you and your mates would be interested in whether youre novices or local brick-and-mortar regulars read on to find out about the best live Blackjack games around!

Live Quantum Blackjack

In Quantum Blackjack, the games classic rules apply, except theres a few modernised twists! In this game which is brought to you by the ever-popular gaming developers Playtech Quantum Multipliers can boost your winning when you beat the dealer with a hand containing one or more Quantum Multiplier cards.

A total of three multiplier cards which can multiply your initial wager by 3x, 5x and 10x can be in play on the table in each round. These apply only to the main bet and not to side bets, and, to make things even better, these are of no advantage to the dealer whatsoever! As soon as youve placed your bets for the up-and-coming round, up to three multiplier cards are chosen at random from the deck of digital cards. If your hand was to beat the dealers, and you have one (or more) of the multiplier cards, then your winnings are ramped up by the multiplier displayed. However, when this happens your initial bet will not be returned.

You can still, of course, place side bets in this eight-decked game and theres a vast range of bets for you to place, including pair-based bonuses focusing on identical cards, colours and numbers. The popular 21+3 side bet is also at your peril.

An unlimited number of players can play this game at once. So, grab as many of your mates as possible and try to beat the dealer, whilst hopefully enhancing your bankroll!

Live All Bets Blackjack

The classic rules apply in this Blackjack game get your cards to reach the value of 21 (or as close to as possible). You can split your hand, double down and even take insurance, if the dealers up-facing card is an Ace. However, the difference is Live All Bets Blackjack is jam-packed with several side bets five to be specific, as detailed below:

Similarly to Quantum Roulette, an unlimited amount of players can join in the fun with this game!

Of course, there are standard Blackjack tables online that you and your mates can gather around, however, make sure theres enough free seats!

So, what are you waiting for? Gather up your pals and get playing!

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The Best Live Blackjack Games to Play with Friends to Beat Lockdown Boredom - Nerdcore Movement

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The Reopening Of Vegas Has Me Craving 4AM Strawberry Milkshakes At The Blackjack Table – BroBible

Posted: at 5:54 pm


Vegas is back, baby. And not a moment too soon. Or, too soon, depending on whether youre into science and stuff.

NY Post

Gamblers flocked to casinos in Las Vegas Thursday as the city reopened for the first time since the Strip went dark amid the coronavirus crisis in March.

Its just been months of us trying to get here, Bobbi Carlisle of Phoenix,told USA Today. Now were here, and were so excited. Were hoping to get a keno machine, and well play there for days.

Bobbi Carlisle has been trying to get to Vegas for MONTHS. So excited! So excited for that keno machine, gonna play keno for days. Thats all she wanted (Im assuming its a she, since Bobbi not Bobby?)slots, cigs, and the comfort of letting that plumbers crack run so deep you could shoot the Chilean miners movie down there. I hear you, Bobbi. We all hear you.

The one group chat I give a shit about on my phone has been pinging like crazy with the gambling news. Theyre all degenerates, and my favorite people in the world to gamble with. Its so much more about the camaraderie and the songs we sing at the table. Big hand for the table will have us breaking out in a chorus of thats my daughter, in the waaaater at the top of our lungs, which makes no sense but feels so right. This, of course, at 4AM, when youve become a full-fledged smoker because when in Rome

Im a strawberry milkshake guy at that hour. They bring them in the little glasses with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Sure, there might be some cig ash sprinkled on the cloud of cream from the 10-mile journey the waitress took from the bar to your table, but it only adds to the flavor. Nothing like a little carcinogenic grit to help you split fours against a five.


Im getting chills. You never root for your friends more than at the blackjack table. And you never hate them more than when they all come out winners and you lose big. But in my experience, were typically all losers or mostly winners together. All depends on the dealer I guess. Gotta throw him/her a tithe for karma.

Ive heard of these underground blackjack tables in New York City, but Im too afraid to hit those. Doesnt seem like the sort of place where you can scream FUCK YOUUUUU at the top of your lungs to the dealer. And while Im thrilled that Vegas is open again, I dont think Ill be in the first wave of visitors. Look at that clip on twitter. Thats not a winning environment, Im sorry.

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The Reopening Of Vegas Has Me Craving 4AM Strawberry Milkshakes At The Blackjack Table - BroBible

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DARPA has made a hint on regards to launching Blackjack satellites come to the end of the year 2020 – StartupNG

Posted: at 5:54 pm

Several payloads are anticipated to hover around the lower region of the earths orbit when the year is coming to an end as well as the onset of next year respectively, and this will be carried out by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, this has come about when the agency is planning to launch its satellite as an experiment of the Blackjack program

The Blackjack program was initiated back twenty-eighteen by DARPAS Tactical Technology Office, which was displaying the soldierly efficacy of the earths lower orbit sets and mesh networks of the satellites that are less costly. It is projected that around the year 2022 around twenty satellites will be launched

Mandrake 1 will be the first show off, it is a CubeSat that will convey processing chips for supercomputers, and Mandrake 2 will be the second one; it comes in pairs of small satellites, and it will be transmitting optical inter-satellite links for communication network data known as broadbands. The Tactical Technology Office says that this could create an opportunity in the days to come for visual topology or meshed networks in LEO.

The wildcard is the last payload, and it is programmed to launch as well, it is a radio that specializes in software correctly, and it is set to experiment with links coming from LEO going to the tactically-based receivers; however, the launch plans and details have not been agreed upon

Paul Thomas, who happens to be the person heading the Blackjack program says that Mandrake 1 and 2 will hover in detached launches both of them going separately, he further said that there are high chances that Mandrake 2 and Wildcard could be launched at the same time. It could be unclear of how the pandemic situation would impact the forthcoming launch.

The Blackjack programs main objective is to construct a satellite that incurs less cost compared to the old soldierly spacecraft through the usage of sensors that can be made to fit into different vehicles that have more than one provider in a range of two million dollars or less than.

Thomas highlighted that they were fixated on the vehicles and payloads than the Pit Boss which is an autonomous mission management system, he further said that the two payloads which come first would be combined and launched around the mid of the year 2021 and the remaining set the following year

The agency is looking at vehicles from three companies, namely; Blue Canyon Technologies, Telesat, and Airbus, which have a review that has been designed, but the final decision on which vehicle to choose will happen this vivid year.

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DARPA has made a hint on regards to launching Blackjack satellites come to the end of the year 2020 - StartupNG

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