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Sebastian Brushwood – Dreaming (Cosmic Heaven Remix) – YouTube

Posted: February 25, 2016 at 9:42 pm

Sebastian Brushwood - Dreaming (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Mitcchaell JM - Trance Live Vocal Trance & Progressive Music.

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---- Progressive Trance ----- Progressive trance first burst onto the music scene in the 1990s and is characterized by repetitive beats. It began as a noncommercial sound and was usually played in underground clubs throughout Europe. In recent years, its popularity has risen in mainstream media. In fact, trance has been incorporated into other commercial sounds such as pop and rock. As one of the branches of trance music, progressive trance is characterized as being mellower than other varieties. It also has a slower beat that usually consists of 130 to 140 beats per minute. Progressive trance in itself branches into different styles that range from tribal to pop. Despite the differences, the styles have certain shared traits. Progressive trance usually has a less significant melody and relies mostly on the atmospheric or background sound. It is also quite adventurous when it comes to the use of various elements such as guitars, synthesizers and other computerized sounds,progressive trance 2015 progressive trance mix progressive trance mix 2015 progressive trance 2015 progressive trance music progressive trance set. Armin Van Buuren, Tisto, W & W, Dash Berlin, Above & Beyond, Andrew Rayel, Aly & Fila, Paul van Dyk, Shogun, Markus Schulz, Tenishia, ATB, Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate

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Sebastian Brushwood - Dreaming (Cosmic Heaven Remix) - YouTube

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Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense – Without You | Crystal Clouds

Posted: February 5, 2016 at 12:40 am

Cosmic Heaven with Magic Sense are back on Beyond The Stars Recordings with their latest collaboration entitled Without You. Together these two have created an energetic, uplifting original that combines a classical break with a powerful main that seamlessly combine to create an epic track!

The Chronosapien Remix enters into a more techno mind frame, the pump generated from this track has you dancing on the ground!

Sepehr Nazari's Remix synths are so present that the mix is build beneath them effortlessly. The kick and bass holding such a strong base to complete this song.

Together, these three uplifting mixes combine to create a loving trio that would be added to any djs bag!

Artists: Chronosapien, Cosmic Heaven, Magic Sense, Sepehr Nazari Record Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings Catalog Number: BTSR089 Release Date (All Stores): 2016-02-08

01. Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You (Original Mix) 02. Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You (Chronosapien Remix) 03. Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You (Sepehr Nazari Remix)


Trance All-Stars Recordings Beyond The Stars Recordings on Facebook Beyond The Stars Recordings on YouTube Beyond The Stars Recordings on SoundCloud

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Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You | Crystal Clouds

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Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense – Without You (Original Mix …

Posted: January 21, 2016 at 2:41 pm

What an awesome release..ALL the mixes are very well wont be disappointed in this release from Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense out on Beyond the Stars Feb. 8th 2016....My Video is a bit sad, but fits so well to the track title...enjoy

Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You

01. Without You (Original Mix) 02. Without You (Chronosapien Remix) 03. Without You (Sepehr Nazari Remix)

Cosmic Heaven with Magic Sense are back on Beyond The Stars Recordings with their latest collaboration entitled Without You. Together these two have created an energetic, uplifting original that combines a classical break with a powerful main that seamlessly combine to create an epic track!

The Chronosapien Remix enters into a more techno mind frame, the pump generated from this track has you dancing on the ground!

Sepehr Nazari's Remix synths are so present that the mix is build beneath them effortlessly. The kick and bass holding such a strong base to complete this song.

Together, these three uplifting mixes combine to create a loving trio that would be added to any djs bag!

1. Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You (Original Mix) 2. Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You (Chronosapien Remix) 3. Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You (Sepehr Nazari Remix)

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Cosmic Heaven & Magic Sense - Without You (Original Mix ...

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Cosmic Heaven Awaiting Sunshine 043 (28-09-2015) mp3 …

Posted: October 4, 2015 at 9:43 pm

Download Cosmic Heaven Awaiting Sunshine 043 (28-09-2015) from zippyshare immediately!

Some people say, that living has never been easier! Actually, this statement might be relevant not only to specific parts of the live, especially knowing that most of the people are free, that anyone can do whatever they really want to, yet we are also talking about the services and products, which could be received anytime and on any point of Earth.

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Lets begin with saying that zippyshare, as the project, as the free music company, if we can say it in this way, has been popular since they started their activity and, as we can see, for a reason. What we are willing to say is that people have always been looking for greatest opportunity to get anything, especially not realistic material, for free, thus such possibilities to download the desired tracks just in few moments, naturally, got loved.

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Hopefully you will be one of the persons, who have been using zippyshare for a while and without any regrets naturally. Simply, imagine the possibility to get your loved tracks immediately sounds way greater, than it is, especially, when downloading makes the tracks in a short period to your computer. Easy downloading, easy to listen, easy to find what can be better, dear readers? The future is right here.

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Cosmic Heaven Awaiting Sunshine 043 (28-09-2015) mp3 ...

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Cosmic Heaven u0026 Marcprest – Love Will Find A Way …

Posted: June 15, 2015 at 8:40 am

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TFB Records proudly presents its 122nd release, a track by Cosmic Heaven & Marcprest called Love will find a way; including original mix and three huge remixes by the same Marcprest, Zahir and State Of Sunrise pres. Syntouch.

The original mix is the kind of track you expect to listen when looking for high quality uplifting music. It releases a huge amount of energy since the very beginning and merges the soft progression of the melody with the powerful baseline on the intro. This amazing progression will lead us into the breakdown, where a vaporous atmosphere embraces the magical sounds of the melody in such a subtle way. These two producers surprise us with a piano based melody which conveys an incredible beauty through its notes. The uplift appears suddenly and, before we can breathe some air after the impressive melody, the explosion of sound will be launched directly through our ears with this special emotional taste of uplifting music. Master piece achieved by these two great producers, congratulations to them.

The own remix brought by Marcprest is focused, as its name says, on the purest emotional soul of the song. The melody is the true main character of the track, being present since the first beats and enhancing a lot the intro. But of course it is on the breakdown where the emotions will rush through our heart and where an impossibly magical melody will freeze time in order to make us reach the skies. The amount of feelings and emotions we could feel during this break is so high that it is just impossible to describe. This is indeed one of the best emotional songs we have listened recently. Moreover, the last part of the song will again show how deeply the melody and the baseline are linked and the true level of production this remix has. Purest emotional uplifting music from Marcprest, congratulations.

Second remix is signed by State Of Sunrise pres. Syntouch, a remix which has also bet for the emotional sounds, putting the melody in the front to be the leader of the whole song; making extremely cute changes and keeping all the intensity. An awesome piano will have the honour of playing the melody on the breakdown, where, mixed with a soft classical atmosphere, it would release a master piece. The uplift that follows is as epic as the melody, gathering step by step the power of the different sounds of the baseline to end up with the astonishing mix between this baseline, the melody and the atmosphere. There is no other way to describe this remix that as a pure uplifting song, with all its ingredients and all this special essence that sorrounds this kind of mystic tracks. Marvelous work by State Of Sunrise pres Syntouch.

Finally we will find the remix by Zahir, in which a darker part of the original's soul is displayed. With a much powerful baseline, this is the remix which presents more energy and gives to the baseline a higher presence. The way the intro is presented is very special, keeping the short winks of the melody on the back, being part of the entire progression but letting the baseline to be the main leader. What an incredible surprise we will receive as soon as the breakdown comes and we can notice again how special this remix is, and how deeply prepared it has been. Despite being more focused on the energy, the breakdown appears almost as downtempo music, delighting us with such an amazing sounds and a heavenly atmosphere. The uplift of this remix is probably the best of the whole release, making the perfect progression from the clouds to the stunning energy. Again we feel there are few adjectives which can describe such an awesome song, so please, go and listen carefully to it. Simply a jewel of production by Zahir, congratulations!

Release Date : 11/04/2015 exclusive at Beatport

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Cosmic Heaven u0026 Marcprest - Love Will Find A Way ...

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Cosmic Heaven: The Marriage Of Heaven And Earth – The …

Posted: at 8:40 am

("Because in a world of ever more progressive depravity there is no penicillin for human stupidity, cruelty and systemic as conventional as pathological intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical disorientation to our native life and land as though for our own safety, security, salvation, survival or "ascension" and that of all Mankind. Such is a social repository or delta of psychologicalinvectivestantamount to and aptly demonstrated by doing as good a job as one could at compromising our social, familial and individual biological and psychological immune systems with vaccinations as much against the onset of infection from viruses as from any true safety or truly living intelligence worthy of the name. Because all crime, war and disease is as much a biological reality as a sociopolitical one in a cybernetic-industrial society, one contracts with Man for an exchange for anything like our native psychology of Life and Thought forwhat augmentations come currencies (bounties on the heads on the deaths and resurrections of our children) of infinite devaluations of our Life and Thought in terms of our born "debt" to God or State or both (a contract that would, surpassing that of gold for iron in a world where gold is nothing more than a worthless ingot, require no little embellishment and "incentivization"), a debt we can but pay, however spiritual or philanthropic the economics thereof (link), with our own blood, sweat and tears and that of our children though to a Sun or God of State or mass delusional psychosis obscured and revealed by and to strategic variations and distributions of competing thoughts and ideologies, clouds of war, disease, stupidity and conventional cruelty (moved as easily as toy boats across the pond of what used to constitute human thought) for which a child is born with absolutely no concept and in terms of whose "ignorance" of which are summarily and conventionally consigned, effectively if not intentionally (the benefit of any psychosis - that what one needs to do need having nothing to do with what one means to do) to but dumb animals or born murderers (whose clemency rests in conducting a transaction of the very though freshly spilled hemoglobin of Man or God, an occult Saturnalian rite utterly contradictory to the actual Teachings of Jesus or Krishna, Anastasia or Hiawatha) of that very Life or Christ without which Man cannot possibly maintain let alone advance his and her born coordination, body and soul, native feeling and genius, with the whole of cosmic Life at the force and fullness, substance and horizon of the entire Universe of Man's mind and vast natural, emotional, intellectual and spiritual inheritance and heritage by birth.Written while visiting a local University and doing for free what I used to pay thousands of dollars in order to fight the entire current of cybernetic schooling in order to do - study, as a and in terms of being a human being by birth, the pathological and as perpetual denouement (and denuding) of human civilization both as we know it and as we have, one and all, long ceased to know it.Although having our own land anddirect contact with our ownliving home, food, water and air and thought is the goal and whole image of human existence coursing through our brains, memories, senses, elements, heavens and Earth, one can have one's own land without creating sufficient space and time to gain the full value of one's conscious capacity for Life and critical thought and so one can create a sufficient space for one's conscious capacity for Life and critical thought without owning your own land orgrowing your own food,livingland, food, water, earth, air andthought runs to Man, if at greater expense to our food, land, air, earth, water and thought, wherever we may be, withoutany reserve but that which we, as Man, place upon it as though for our own "salvation" much as indigenous peoples had to beconvinced to disorient themselves to their native born coordinates of and coordination with their living destiny and memory and language (to create death) in order to be "saved fromdeath" according as much to State Christianity as Islam or Evolutionary theory.I have experiencedand researched this since I was born almost forty years ago to the day.At first, you will want to learn as much as you can from your intellectual superiors. Then, if you are lucky(sharing astatistical anomaly with that of any majorlottery winner), you might start to question whether ornot your intellectual"betters"are as competently informed as theyhave been trained to think (and are paid to train other people to think)they are, acelestial mantle conferred upon them asmuch by letters of parchment as by any actual qualifications as such as though daubed with the bloodof the condor and the hair of a three-toed frog. Then you will share a similarity with that of motes of cosmic dust which have successfully made their pilgrimage across all of known intergalactic space when or if you start to study why your instructors think what they do and why modern schooling operates with the equivalent belief as though the element of water does not exist. Then and only then will you begin the true process of learning as anyone but a three year old would mean it - which is, frankly, as insulting to three year olds as what is loosely called the education system, one as successful, by definition, at condemning Man to the privilege and prestige of a contagious psychosis as any cybernetic system on Earth, be it economic, medical, psychological or religious.")-Axiom 120- Domestication

"When people study evolution or astrophysics they are flattered for having escaped the perverse superstitions of mere religions when in fact they have found the most sophisticated and perverse religions there have ever been, religions for which all previous religions and their monumentally devastating effects serve as but vastly inferior prototypes, never guessing that they themselves are encouraged to think their predecessors as ignorant as nature made them and their progeny progressively more enlightened by a guiding international metaphysical military intelligence mafia (MIMMI) who know full well and gain all their power from the fact that the precise opposite is true."

-From "Back To The Flat Earth Theory"

Mark my words.

It is both a wonderful and terrible thing that our thought effects, feeds, and is fed by the whole Earth, the whole World.

For, mark my words, the self-proclaimed high priests of every respective society on Earth know that we did not descend from apes and that the Theory of Evolution is, for the most part, a total crock, that our ancient land-based ecstatic human existence (and divine natural inheritance) has been colonialized by a modern or technocratic way of Life the most perilous in all of human history, a way of Life we routinely send our children away to foreign lands to murder and die for, so effective has been the occupation by way of severely dimming the human speed of thought far beneath that of the self-proclaimed high priests, human beings who have led us down a path of almost complete atrophy of the human mind and imagination, much to the peril of the health of all people on Earth.

And then there is the invincibility of the dawn.

One Sun, for instance, produces Light that is translated or communicated, through a medium or various mediums (depending on your perspective), to diverse living systems in turn communicated to millions of human bodies and trillions of human cells and neurons through food and air and water and much else besides, not the least of which must include human kindness and warmth, something also, like the absolute phase of eternal Life, at once so visible and so invisible and so vital to our health, that of the harmonic or cosmic (all-embracing) order of every cellular, social, terrestrial and celestial system, that of the endless expansion not of disease but health and not of suffering and sorrow but of Happiness and understanding born of contact with our vast natural, emotional, spiritual and intellectual inheritance.

Just imagine the creative Light that can be created by a Man and a Woman in the conception of the entire living conditions for and of their child in terms of the cosmic beauty of one another, that of the reflected Universal Love (that of God's own eternal Soul) in and of a mother (a Universe Woman) as of the power of God's very own most inspired Dream the birth all that can be born the warmth of Man.

Anything or anyone that would complicate the direct communication among God, you, and your land is never true to God, you, or your Motherland. That I have discovered for certain.

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Cosmic Heaven: The Marriage Of Heaven And Earth - The ...

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Cosmic Heaven: From Three Pillars: The Brain and Nature

Posted: December 2, 2014 at 1:43 pm

What is knowledge (if not the core desire of knowledge - and even that bifurcates into extraordinary contradictions, that of personal power and safety with and in the full value of cosmic life) changes over time and at the behest of both human and natural forces.

It is common in the "new age" for a "new Earth" to say that one should "keep an open heart". This seems simple enough. But what does this also imply? That we should never close our heart. In fact, the heart opens and closes all of the time and needs to as much as any flower, or as much as any website for that matter. (see Note 1)

The heart as with every chakra system needs close regularly for maintenance purposes. And our experience of this will be directly related to the conditions of our three pillars of healing (and illness). People doing yoga, another much over-standardized lifestyle, especially kundalini yoga, will often force open different chakras like the root chakra and gain benefits that greatly conflict with anything like a natural and healthy human energy system, and people like most who have never experienced perfectly natural living conditions will generally fall predator and prey to these conventions. Here is a comment I recently made to a Yoga teacher, given that a teacher of so invasive a practice might wish, you would think, to consider all possible effects of this practice (one Doctor I trust showed me a study that showed that people who do regular physical yoga for enough years show increased signs of spinal degeneration even in their thirties - this is one of the many dangers of wholly standardized and as wholly unregulated "healing modalities" without the care of a true master):"My opinion: Yoga is very warming and I think a fast-paced or fiery culture tends to enjoy fighting fire with fire. Have you ever met anyone in your practice who seems too fiery?" It used to be common knowledge that Man was born with the capacity to enjoy contact and experience of that full value of cosmic life necessary for the proper coordination of the infinite complexity and proportions of body, mind and soul with the whole of cosmic Life. Our brains are inextricably bound to our social and natural environment as such. Take the brain out of Nature (or deprive a brain of its native life and traditional cultural development from that original pristine experience of cosmic Life) and the brain loses life and Life loses the human brain.

The fact is that few "healers" have anywhere near the knowledge necessary to harmlessly treat the complex human energy system with all due respect for our cosmic memories and environment across all bounds of space and time. That is absurd to suppose, though our modern culture produces no end of aspirants as such uniquely qualified as much by what amounts to a weekend seminar as by their own developmental arrest, that of their confidence, aggression and incompetence (and psychological incontinence) entire.

What cultural anthropologist William Irwin Thompson (a noted scholar in many cross-disciplinary fields) suggests in his book "The Time Falling Bodies Take To Light" (though I am not entirely convinced of even his competence) is that knowledge has genres as much as it exists in cultural contexts. Yes. Knowledge and brain function has many similar or uniform patterns and functions. Thank goodness. But it also has endless variations according to person, place and time (and Life).Knowledge is not how we are taught by State education (religion).One form of knowledge (A) may accomplish function X and another form of knowledge (B) may accomplish function X (such as arresting heart disease, for instance) and yet knowledge A and B could be said to be different and even incomparable by modern or ancient standards. And yet both achieve the same function.Therefore, just because our modern knowledge may be said to better our capacity to live in Nature this does not mean that it is the only or even the best knowledge in that regard. That being said, we are left with precious few visions of human history to convince us that modern knowledge is not as exclusively "good" as human history is presumably exclusively "barbaric" as we go back into the past.But we must acknowledge that the barbarity of human historical existence is both figuratively and literally exaggerated on the page and in human life experience spanning all known centuries.Imagine for a moment that, standing before the artistic canvases of a van Gogh or a Gauguin that I then began to rip them to shreds, having discovered that they were combustible and therefore useful to start a fire and warm my hands, maybe even to roast a marshmallow or two.I could, by modern conventions or genres of knowledge, rightly claim a new kind of knowledge of how to build a fire and warm one's hands, could I not? (Especially if I burned down the conditions most sufficient for the Life of the human mind in the process, something invariably desired, as though for their own survival, by minds who have been so destroyed. We do it every time we get into a car or choose to live around cars whose primary purpose might as well to be to foul our own oxygen supply and rob us of our own wealth and health under the thin guise of rapid transport deemed convenient when actual biological costs are borne in silent blindness supported by no greater conspiracy than our own cultural and biological intelligence when subjected to enough shock and trauma - and contemporary genres of "knowledge" - from birth).Thus it is very possible, even plausible that my rapacious manner of address to the artistic canons of van Gogh is similar to that of Man's to Man and founts and canons of so bountiful a Nature as though for our own "safety", a Nature uniquely corresponds to or would with every level of our human energy system, body, brain and Soul. Our modern knowledge accomplishes the function of improving survival (it does function X), but at what cost and compared to what other genres of such knowledge?Does it not take some considerable knowledge to survive tens of thousands of years of human existence in every dangerous climate imaginable, especially considering the forces of human history to which we have subjected ourselves and left ourselves so vulnerable and susceptible to?Nothing, I feel, could be so damaging to human biology and psychology and thus to the World entire than our insistence on standardizing education and food growth and consumption. Nature, on the other hand, is supremely customized to every biological and psychological level of human energy and existence.Our education and history, indeed the entire modern environment of our birth, brain and education (that as vital to the brain as a mother's womb, truth be told) presents a multitude of advantages to those who, over centuries of human brutality and as corrupted histories thereof, would maintain control of the standards, conventions, modes and as though exclusive genres of human thought and lifestyle, that of the three pillars of human existence, and might have a lot to lose, or so they may think, from our any means of consideration of any greater breadth of ancient human health, wealth, medicine and lifestyle. If you are going to go into a "New Earth", then what happened to the old one? Or has there been a distinctly "New Earth" for centuries, the very one from which we suffer, irrespective of our natural place in creation, so much? Just about every corrupted story of human origins, including the first book of the Bible, involves a "New Heaven and New Earth".

"However, people have asked to see these essays, so I created a separate blog for them. In sharing my transition away from paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical thinking, I am not beating a drum or proselytizing for reason uber alles. Im not creating a new us so that we can all be aligned against a new them. Instead, Im hoping to provide a kind of camaraderie for people who, like me, have made a sea change in their lives and left their communities and their cultures behind."

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Cosmic Heaven: From Three Pillars: The Brain and Nature

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Cosmic Heaven- Inspiration (Etasonic Remix) – Video

Posted: February 9, 2014 at 11:40 pm

Cosmic Heaven- Inspiration (Etasonic Remix)
Cosmic Heaven- Inspiration (Etasonic Remix)

By: PureTranceEuphoria

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Cosmic Heaven- Inspiration (Etasonic Remix) - Video

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Aeden – Destinations (Cosmic Heaven Remix) – Video

Posted: February 1, 2014 at 2:40 pm

Aeden - Destinations (Cosmic Heaven Remix)
Like Subscribe. http://www...

By: Dunergy Bass

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Aeden - Destinations (Cosmic Heaven Remix) - Video

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Eastern Sound – Unfinished Love (Cosmic Heaven Remix) [Submission Uplifting] – Video

Posted: January 19, 2014 at 5:43 am

Eastern Sound - Unfinished Love (Cosmic Heaven Remix) [Submission Uplifting]
Here it is! The next Submission Recordings Release! This new EP will be released from our uplifting side of the label. We would like to present Eastern Sounds new EP, "Unfinished Love/Heaven...

By: Sub.Mission Recordings

Excerpt from:
Eastern Sound - Unfinished Love (Cosmic Heaven Remix) [Submission Uplifting] - Video

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