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Empire Hemp Co. offers all-natural hemp CBD oil and topical products at walk-up window weekdays – The Batavian

Posted: March 31, 2020 at 6:17 am

Empire Hemp Co. is invested heavily in the hemp cannabidiol market for consumers and in Januaryopened a walk-up retail-salewindow at its manufacturing site in Batavia's Liberty Square office complex.

It's located at 34 Swan St., Suite 4, in the city and is owned by Chris VanDusen and Shelly Wolanske.

On weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. walk-up customers can buyall-natural hemp cannabidiol (CBD) oil and topical products that many customerssay haverestorative effects.

Hemp CBD, or cannabidiol, is a nonpsychoactive and non-habit-forming compound that occurs naturally in the flowers of the hemp plant. Unlike marijuana, which contains high levels of THC, hemp flower does not have any intoxicating effects and does not produce a high."

Empire Hemp Co. uses only the highest quality, locally grown, pesticide-free hemp flowers, grown in the sun byfarming partners in Genesee, Orleansand Erie counties.

The owners say theytreat these special flowers with the utmost of care, using a state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 extractor to preserve their beneficial compounds in as clean and pure a form as possible. Theythen blend the extracted hemp CBD oil in with the finest natural and botanical ingredients to create tinctures and salves of the highest quality.

All Empire Hemp Co. products are third-party tested to guarantee their strength and safety.

Their hemp CBD oils are available in three strengths: 600mg, 1200mg, and 1800mg, in both raw and mint flavor.

There are three different topical salves -- All Purpose, Muscle & Joint, Lemon Balm. There's also a muscle and joint relief product called "The Balm," which comes as a stick or roll-on, and contains a higher concentration of hemp CBD oil and more menthol -- for an "icy hot" effect on the skin.

The products range from $25 to $100 in price.

"No matter who you are, we have a product to meet your specific needs," says Wolanske.

VanDusen said they moved into the Swan Street space in June but spent months preparing it for the manufacturing process, including the installation of the $250,000 extractor. By January, they had carved out their walk-up window and beganto serve retail customers directly.

"We are one of the few companies in the state licensed to extract raw CBD oil from hempplants and manufacture CBD oil products," VanDusen said.

He said Sen. Chuck Schumer has worked diligently to assist farmers, manufacturers and sellers in New York's rapidly emerging industrial hemp market,which was legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill but initiallyhampered by a lack of clarity on FDA regulations and safety requirements.

Schumer helped expedite FDAguidance on the classification, labeling, quality, marketing, and sale of CBD products, a market the senator said is "brimming with potential to be a billion-dollar industry across New York State." Nationally, CBD product sales surpassed $200 million in 2018, according to data from Schumer's office.

Empire Hemp Company'swalk-up windowis open for business from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays,or visit their websiteto find out more about their local hemp CBD line. Phone is (888) 895-9032.

Photo, courtesy of Empire Hemp Co.: Company presidentChris VanDusen, left, helps an unidentified customer at the new walk-up window for retail sales.

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Empire Hemp Co. offers all-natural hemp CBD oil and topical products at walk-up window weekdays - The Batavian

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Tanner Quinn shares his story of selling CBD products and the business hurdles he faces – Ke Alakai

Posted: at 6:17 am

Photo by Chad Hsieh

After his small business creation class ended, Tanner Quinn said he still believes in the product he sold: CBD (Cannabidiol) oils. While in the class, Quinn, a junior from California majoring in business finance, began working for a company called Yes Life selling CBD oils. According to Quinn, he suffered from sleep issues and stress from school. However,since using CBD oils, he said he has seen changes in his life.

Once I started using it, I noticed a dramatic difference in my sleep quality. I started seeing the benefits of lowering stress and anxiety in school.

According to the Harvard Medical School, CBD is one of the two main active ingredients in marijuana. In a report on CBD, the Harvard Medical School said, While CBD is a component of marijuana (one of hundreds), by itself it does not cause a high.

While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has said the use of medical marijuana is permitted under appropriate circumstances, it has not made any statements about CBD products.

Quinn said the Church has not made a statement because in his opinion they dont need to. He believes CBD is not the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana which produces a high, and it is a non-addictive supplement.

CBD products derived from the hemp plant are legal in the State of Hawaii, according to the federal Farm Bill passed in 2018, and on the Food and Drug Administrations website.

Before becoming involved in the CBD industry, Quinn said he did not know much about what CBD was or what it was used for. Once he began selling CBD products for Yes Life, he said he has learned of the benefits and uses for it.

According to the Harvard Medical Schools report on CBD, some benefits include treating chronic pain and inflammation. The report also said, CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.

After serving his mission in Zambia, Connor Hollingsworth, a senior from California majoring in accounting, said he developed an eye irritation issue. After visiting different doctors and being prescribed different medicines which did not solve the issue, Hollingsworth began buying CBD products from Quinn.

Hollingsworth said CBD products have helped his eyes, and even his sleep, because his eyes are not constantly in pain. He called CBD products a much healthier alternative to prescription drugs. Hollingsworth explained this statement by saying, With CBD oils, Ive had no bad side effects.

A lack of understanding about what CBD is and is not is part of the reason why more people do not use it, said both Quinn and Hollingsworth.

Another student, Joana Chibota, a sophomore from Zimbabwe majoring in biology, said she did not know anything about CBD products. The most I knew about it is my hemp shampoo, and that doesnt even count, she said.

Quinn said most people hear the name CBD and assume it is the same as marijuana. To him, this misunderstanding has made it hard to grow his business in Hawaii. Quinn said he tried to have his products put on sale at the BYUHawaii Bookstore, however his request was denied.

Photo by Chad Hsieh

The effects and benefits of CBD products can vary explained Quinn. The only way to know if it will work is for someone to try it, he added. Quinn said he thinks there is little to no risk in trying [CBD products].

Another issue he said that has made it difficult is the skepticism surrounding the product. According to the FDAs official website, most CBD products are not FDA approved for use as dietary supplements. As of March 30, 2020, the FDA has only approved one drug containing CBD, used to treat epilepsy.

[CBD products are] not FDA tested and approved, so it falls in the realm of essential oils, said Quinn. This means although CBD products are permitted to be manufactured and sold, CBD products are not permitted to be sold as dietary supplements. As a result they fall in the same category as essential oil products.

According to the Hawaii Department of Health CBD information page, CBD products are not approved to be used as over-the-counter medicine. They said Hawaii supports the Department of Healths policies, in restricting products not approved by the FDA. In this case that would be CBD products listed as medicine or dietary supplements

Although more testing needs to be done on CBD products, Quinn said he envisions a future in which more and more people use these products in their everyday lives.

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Tanner Quinn shares his story of selling CBD products and the business hurdles he faces - Ke Alakai

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Hemp farming approved to begin in Georgia this summer – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Posted: at 6:17 am

Hemp farming has finally gotten the green light to begin in Georgia, bringing a new crop that will sprout this summer.

Farmers will soon be able to grow hemp, which will then be processed into CBD oil, apopular product used for anxiety and sleeplessness. CBD oil is already sold in stores across Georgia, but its imported from other states.

The prospects for the Georgia hemp industry to start this year were in doubt until the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved the stateshemp plan this month.

The federal government had put Georgias planon hold late last year but gave it the go-ahead when state legislatorsappropriated $200,000 to regulate the program in this years budget and proposed additional funding next fiscal year.

With everything online and all systems go, our phones are ringing daily with farmers, said Thomas Farmer, a co-founder of Second Century Ag, which plans to distribute hemp starter plants to farmers and then process grown hemp at a facility in Ocilla. Its a relief that it happened, without a doubt. We were looking forward to moving forward.

Hemp farmers and processors rushed to obtain licenses when state government began accepting applications last Monday. The Georgia Department of Agriculture received 57 applications for hemp farming licenses and five applications for hemp processing licenses in the first four days of the program.

Hemp and marijuana both come from the cannabis plant, but hemp varieties contain little or no THC, the compound that gives marijuana users a high. State inspectors will test hemp to ensure it contains less than 0.3% THC.

It will take at least 20 days for hemp licenses to be approved, and then farming can start.

Georgia has the ability to be a significant player in the country, particularly given our climate, said Kevin Quirk, the CEO for Harvest Connect in Roswell. People say theyre not sure how its going to grow in the red clay. Guess what, its growing really well intests by the University of Georgia.

Quirk plans to sell CBD oil through the companys Graceleaf brand, which he hopes will be available in drugstores and high-end grocery stores. Hell also sell it at the CBD Store and More, his companys retail operation.

CBD oil made in Georgia is expected to reach store shelves by the end of the year, if not sooner.

Georgia has been slow to adopt hemp farming, trailing 35 other states that already grow the product. Some of the nations largest hemp producers are in the South, including Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee.

But Georgias warm climate and long growing season position companies in the state to compete on a global scale, said Don Barden, the CEO for GA Xtracts, which has facilities in Union Point and Watkinsville.

The ultimate goal is for hemp grown in the state of Georgia to be the next Idaho potatoes, California raisins or Vidalia onions, Barden said. Im excited beyond belief. This means we can all finally get to work.

Hemp will be planted around June 15 and harvested roughly 90 days later, Barden said. Then it will be processed into CBD oil and shipped to stores.

GA Xtracts plans to hire between 200 and 250 people by July to work at the companys processing facility.

It will cost farmers a fee of $50 per acre annually, up to $5,000, to grow hemp in Georgia, according to the states licensing rules. Processors will have to pay an initial $25,000 fee followed by a $10,000 annual fee.

The state Agriculture Department is accepting applications online for hemp farming licenses. Once an application is received, the department will verify the applicants information, run background checks, collect payments and issue licenses.

Licensing may be delayed beyond 20 days after applications are completed because agriculture licensing staff is stretched thin as they focus their efforts on helping farmers respond to the coronavirus, said Julie McPeake, a state Agriculture Department spokeswoman.

We certainly are trying to get it turned around as quickly as possible, McPeake said.

Hemp farming in Georgia was made possible through both federal and state approval.

Congress authorized a national hemp-growing program when it passed the Farm Bill in 2018, and then federalhemp farming rules werefinalized in the fall. Meanwhile, the Georgia General Assemblypassed a bill in 2019 toallow hemp farming.

Many other states had already produced hemp under a pilot program authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill, but Georgia didnt participate.

Under Georgiashemp rules, licensees will have to undergo inspection of their hemp crops, and if any sample exceeds the THC limit, the entire crop would be destroyed.

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Your subscription to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution funds in-depth reporting and investigations that keep you informed. Thank you for supporting real journalism.

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Hemp farming approved to begin in Georgia this summer - Atlanta Journal Constitution

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Curaleaf buoyed by increase in hemp oil demand during crisis –

Posted: at 6:17 am

While there are some reports of over investment in hemp extraction facilities, companies selling finished goods to consumers report growing revenue. Curaleaf is a vertically integrated manufacturer of CBD oil and recreational and medical cannabis products. Neil Davidson, Curaleafs chief operating officer, said demand, which was already strong, has increased during the current disease crisis.

The only thing I will say is that I think it's true frankly across the industry that we are seeing an uptick in demand for cannabis. I will point you to one specific data point which is Florida that publishes weekly data. So last week in Florida, we dispensed 13 million milligrams of oil and almost 3,000 ounces which was a record for Curaleaf and we have really ramped up our production in Florida to keep putting up that type of product, he said. Davidson made his comments during an earnings call with stock analysts that was posted in transcript form on the site

For the full year Curaleaf recorded $173.9 million in retail sales, which was up from $57.5 million the year previously. The company also reports a measure it refers to as managed revenue, which includes revenue from entities with which it has management contracts but which are not included in the companys consolidated results under standard accounting rules. But that measure, the company brought in $221 million in 2019 versus $77 million a year previously.

Curaleaf CEO Joe Lusardi said the company has been successful in having its facilities classified as essential businesses in many of the states in which it operates. And Curaleaf has sufficient inventory to weather the current economic crisis, which has seen many workers confined to their homes under shelter in place mandates. And he said the companys production protocols needed little modification to match current needs.

Given the nature of our business we already have a strong culture of strict sanitation protocols in all our facilities. We have further enhanced our sanitation protocol frequency with standards that go well beyond current relations including more frequent sanitation and enhanced use of protective equipment, including gloves and masks, he said.

Our supply chain is strong. We have equipment, packaging and gross supplies for a 90-day period and continue to collaborate with supply vendors on creative solutions for future needs, Lusardi added.

During 2019 Curaleaf completed the acquisition of two retail brands named Acres and Select. The company reportedly has a commitment of $100 million in financing from key shareholders for additional acquisitions.

Those transactions, plus a hefty bill for stock compensation for executives, which totaled $5.7 million in the fourth quarter alone, meant that despite the good news about revenue and demand growth, Curaleaf still lost $27.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2019 versus a loss of $16.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2016. For the full year, the company reported a loss of $69.8 million, versus a loss of $61.9 million a year previously.

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Curaleaf buoyed by increase in hemp oil demand during crisis -

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CBD & Coronavirus: CBD Can’t Cure Or Prevent COVID-19 – Ministry of Hemp

Posted: at 6:17 am

Heres the simple truth: there is absolutely zero evidence that CBD can cure or even help with the COVID-19 virus. Theres not even any proof it can help protect you from getting sick. So why are so many hemp brands claiming otherwise?

Obviously, theres plenty of companies offering useful products and services during this unprecedented crisis, and some of them are profiting from it. Whether its Zoom offering vital video-conferencing tools, or hemp brands selling CBD oil that can help relieve some peoples anxiety or chronic pain, well-positioned companies profit from a crisis. Thats inevitable under our economic system, and its not what this editorial is about.

Theres no evidence that CBD can cure or stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Instead, were seeing brands try to capitalize on the fear and uncertainty of this pandemic by misrepresenting what CBD can do. At the Ministry of Hemp, we usually focus on the positive sides of the hemp industry. If a brand doesnt meet our high standards, we typically simply dont review them or partner with them on our site. But the current health crisis is different: Misinformation could cost people their lives.

Lets emphasize it again: Theres no evidence that CBD, in any form, can cure, prevent, or stop the spread of the new coronavirus. In addition, the idea of CBD strengthening the immune system is frequently misrepresented in order to sell hemp-based CBD products. Despite the lack of evidence that CBD can help directly in the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of CBD companies are making misleading claims anyway.

We understand that theres a lot of hype around CBD. In addition, the marketplace is crowded and brands are struggling to stand out against more competition than ever before. Thats no excuse to let greed overcome your ethics.

On March 19, Forbes reported that hundreds of thousands of mobile phones were spammed with ads for irresponsible, unsubstantiated products that purportedly could cure or prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Many of these ads led to a fake Fox News website purporting that one mom had found a solution to the new coronavirus. And that solution is CBD oil. Sorry, but even if you had 5 moms (or 500!) who believe this, it still wouldnt be true.

Other hucksters take that indirect approach so beloved by dishonest marketers throughout history. They dont come right out and claim that CBD can cure COVID-19. Instead, they make vague claims about the antibacterial, and antiviral properties of CBD. However you phrase it, its still snake oil.

Part of the problem here is greed, and the other part is scientific illiteracy. While hemp has antibacterial properties, its more that it can make hemp clothing less prone to smelling bad when it gets sweaty. And, remember, COVID-19 is caused by a virus, not bacteria.

There are intriguing possibilities for the use of cannabinoids in medicine, including as a solution to antibiotic resistant infections. But, thats all theoretical. Its in our future, if it ever pans out at all.

And currently, theres absolutely no published, peer-reviewed research were aware of on CBD and COVID-19. In a health crisis, we need to stick to facts, not speculation. Even (especially) if we can make money off speculating.

Its become a bit of a joke on social media that people are stuffing CBD into absolutely everything, even hummus and pillows.

Its not a joke that makes the CBD industry look good. CBD pillows dont help us make our case that this is a genuinely beneficial supplement.

Now along come brands seeking to directly capitalise on COVID-19 induced shortages and fears. With products like CBD-infused hand sanitizer. Rumor has it, the CBD infused face masks and gloves are right around the corner.

Theres no indication that CBD is doing anything here, despite the claims that proprietary technology makes the hand sanitizer offer faster relief. To us, this just seems like a way to charge $6 for a one ounce bottle of sanitizer with a few drops of CBD added. Its a product that wouldnt exist if there werent shortages of Purell.

Contrast this behavior with that of others who are stepping up to genuinely help. Cannabis brands in California and Massachusetts are now making, and donating hand sanitizer. Just hand sanitizer, no CBD.

If you have the resources to make protective supplies or equipment for our healthcare workers and other vulnerable people, please do so. And leave the cannabinoid hype at home.

Right now theres a booming business being done in herbal or nutritional supplements that are meant to boost or balance your immune system. That includes CBD.

Unfortunately, the reality is that theres no simple way to strengthen our immune system, nor any magic bullet that can bring it back into balance.

Lets talk science for a moment. CBD and the other natural cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis work by mimicking compounds normally found in our bodies. Those chemicals made by our bodies are called endogenous cannabinoids, because endogenous means, roughly, from the body. When we take CBD, it interacts with our natural endocannabinoid system, a series of receptors in our nervous system found throughout the body. And we know that this system does interact with the immune system.

Beyond that, our knowledge of the endocannabinoid system is very limited. Decades of drug prohibition made it extremely difficult for researchers to study how our body interacts with these chemicals. Once again, we simply have no evidence that CBDs effect on our body can do anything to help us fight off COVID-19. In fact, at least one study suggests that cannabinoids could harm the immune systems ability to fight off viruses, in some cases.

That doesnt mean quit taking CBD until the COVID-19 crisis ends (unless your doctor tells you to do so, of course). It just means we need more research before making any claims.

The idea that we can take herbs to boost our immune system is a bit of a myth, according to Self Magazine. For starters, noted Carolyn L. Todd on March 23, your immune system isnt one single thing that we can pump up on demandits a highly evolved, complicated system. You should read the whole article, because she goes into a lot of detail, and interviews actual experts on the immune system.

Your immune system isnt one single thing that we can pump up on demand.

In some cases, an overactive immune system can lead to health problems, even the dreaded cytokine storm that is deadly during some illnesses, including potentially the new coronavirus.

According to the experts Todd consulted, the only thing that can help make your immune system better able to fight off illness are basic healthy habits like eating well, sleeping seven to nine hours every night, getting moderate exercise, and managing your stress levels.

So if CBD helps you sleep better, recover from exercise faster, or feel less stressed, great! But the hemp industry should stop making unsupported claims about CBD and the immune system.

When millions of lives are at stake, seemingly insignificant claims can become very serious. Giving people a false sense of security, or leading them to believe that a nutritional supplement will prevent them from catching the COVID-19 virus, could have deadly consequences during this pandemic.

We decided to close out this editorial with some tips for CBD buyers, and advice for CBD brands.

Stay as safe as you can and lets all do what we can to protect each other.

Use caution when buying CBD, now just as any day. Make sure you do your research to help you identify quality CBD brands. During the pandemic, you can add another factor to your selection process:

Dont buy CBD from brands that make health claims about COVID-19 or the immune system.

Remember, CBD can help a lot of people with anxiety, insomnia, and other symptoms of isolation and a very stressful time. But claiming CBD can help directly with COVID-19 is simply inaccurate based on our current knowledge.

If you do see brands making outlandish claims about CBD during the pandemic, send us an email. Well make a list of some of the worst offenders we hear about here.

Just as we want everyone to act responsibly by washing their hands and practicing social distancing, we want hemp brands to act responsibly too. How can they do that?

By being honest about what CBD can (and cannot do) to alleviate suffering in this time. By taking care of their employees as best they can, and donating supplies and money whenever possible.

To the extent that CBD and other cannabinoids can help, make sure youre making your products accessible to people who are losing income. If you work for a hemp brand, consider launching a CBD assistance program. If you already have one, consider whether you can make more people eligible or give bigger discounts for a while.

We get it: these are scary and uncertain times. Youre trying to make a profit, while facing the prospect of profound disruption to our economy.

If the hemp industry wants to be a leader at sustainability, as we often claim, now is the perfect time to prove it. We must put people over profits, and humanity over economic growth.

Ultimately, we believe that has to be more important than any quick profits based on fear and lies.

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CBD & Coronavirus: CBD Can't Cure Or Prevent COVID-19 - Ministry of Hemp

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CBD Oil Market 2025 Expected to Rise at A Higher CAGR Value, Driving Factors, Sales and Revenue – Daily Science

Posted: at 6:17 am

The global CBD Oil market reached ~US$ xx Mn in 2019 and is anticipated grow at a CAGR of xx% over the forecast period 2019-2029. In this CBD Oil market study, the following years are considered to predict the market footprint:

The business intelligence study of the CBD Oil market covers the estimation size of the market both in terms of value (Mn/Bn USD) and volume (x units). In a bid to recognize the growth prospects in the CBD Oil market, the market study has been geographically fragmented into important regions that are progressing faster than the overall market. Each segment of the CBD Oil market has been individually analyzed on the basis of pricing, distribution, and demand prospect for the Global regions.

Request Sample Report @

Each market player encompassed in the CBD Oil market study is assessed according to its market share, production footprint, current launches, agreements, ongoing R&D projects, and business tactics. In addition, the CBD Oil market study scrutinizes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis.

In global market, the following companies are covered:ENDOCAIsodiolMedical MarijuanaAurora CannabisCBD American ShamanElixinolFolium BiosciencesIRIE CBDNuLeaf Naturals

Market Segment by Product TypeMarijuana-Derived CBD Oil ProductsHemp-Derived CBD Oil Products

Market Segment by ApplicationAnxietyFibromyalgia (FM)DiabetesOthers

Key Regions split in this report: breakdown data for each region.United StatesChinaEuropean UnionRest of World (Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)

The study objectives are:To analyze and research the CBD Oil status and future forecast in United States, European Union and China, involving sales, value (revenue), growth rate (CAGR), market share, historical and forecast.To present the key CBD Oil manufacturers, presenting the sales, revenue, market share, and recent development for key players.To split the breakdown data by regions, type, companies and applications To analyze the global and key regions market potential and advantage, opportunity and challenge, restraints and risks.To identify significant trends, drivers, influence factors in global and regionsTo analyze competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches, and acquisitions in the market

In this study, the years considered to estimate the market size of CBD Oil are as follows:History Year: 2014-2018Base Year: 2018Estimated Year: 2019Forecast Year 2019 to 2025

Make An EnquiryAbout This Report @

What insights readers can gather from the CBD Oil market report?

The CBD Oil market report answers the following queries:

You can Buy This Report from Here @

Why Choose CBD Oil Market Report?

For More Information Kindly Contact:

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90 State Street,

Albany NY,

United States 12207

Tel: +1-518-621-2074

USA-Canada Toll Free: 866-997-4948

Email: [emailprotected]

Excerpt from:

CBD Oil Market 2025 Expected to Rise at A Higher CAGR Value, Driving Factors, Sales and Revenue - Daily Science

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Canadian Scientist Wants To Research Cannabis As Treatment For COVID-19 – The Fresh Toast

Posted: at 6:17 am

Just how will the coronavirus epidemic end? Its a question youve probably wondered about multiple times during this period of quarantine and social distancing. If not, you likely wish things would just go back to normal. According to experts, one way the outbreak could end is doctors developing medications that prevent and/or treat the infection.

One medical supplier recently asked Health Canada for approval to study the effects of cannabis on COVID-19 patients. Dr. Mohan Cooray, who serves as president and CEO of Cannalogue, an online medical cannabis retailer in Toronto, wants to examine if certain cannabinoids can reduce inflammation and potential boost immune systems in a formal, rigorous setting.

What we know from medical cannabis over the course of the literature and the experience weve had in Canada over the years is that there are known anti-inflammatory properties that cannabinoids havecannabinoids being the active ingredients that come from the cannabis plant, Dr. Cooray told The Toronto Sun.

RELATED: THC-A: A Better Anti-Inflammatory And Neuro-Protectant

Previous studies have shown that marijuanas entourage effect when whole-plant cannabinoids like THC, CBD, or CBG work in unison, instead of isolated doses like you find in CBD oil demonstrates particular effectiveness in reducing inflammation. Other research has shown flavonoids in cannabis the genes responsible for a plants color and pigmentation contain anti-inflammatory effects 30 times more powerful than aspirin.

Photo by boonchai wedmakawand/Getty Images

Dr. Cooray believes now is the time to build upon that research.

On top of that, we know from a medical standpoint that these active ingredients have immunomodulatory properties, meaning that they augment the immune system to make it better and weve seen this in diseases such as Crohns disease, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis that medical cannabis functions as a naturally occurring immunomodulator, he said.

RELATED: Marijuana Legalization Could Get A Boost Post Coronavirus

A previous study published in the peer-journal AIDS Care, for example, focused on how cannabinoids affected HIV/AIDS patients. Researchers found those who were cannabis users developed stronger immune systems and generated more T cells that kill the HIV virus. But, the studys authors wrote, the mechanisms by which marijuana act upon immune and neurocognitive functioning cannot be determined from the current study. This is where Dr. Cooray hopes to improve our current understanding.

Cannalogue is committed to doing our part. The need is too great and we have to act now, he told Yahoo. We are not suggesting with the current knowledge of medical cannabis that it is a prevention, treatment or cure for COVID-19 or coronaviruses. However, plant cannabinoids have naturally occurring immunomodulatory properties that absolutely require expedited investigation given the current global COVID-19 pandemic.


Canadian Scientist Wants To Research Cannabis As Treatment For COVID-19 - The Fresh Toast

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The Green Organic Dutchman Receives Health Canada Licence Amendment for its Ancaster Processing Facility – Yahoo Finance

Posted: at 6:17 am

TORONTO, March 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (the "Company" or "TGOD") (TSX:TGOD) (US:TGODF), a leading producer of premium certified organic cannabis,is pleased to announce that it has received Health Canada's approval for the licensing of the final component of its Ancaster site, the processing facility.

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (CNW Group/The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.)

The licence amendment includes approval of a state-of-the-art production facility designed to support processing activity including dedicated spaces for packaging of flower, oils, pre-rolls, and several Cannabis 2.0 products.

This final phase of expansion at Ancaster enables TGOD to reduce its reliance on third parties, accelerating its supply chain timelines for product launches. Receiving the licence amendment for this large facility also enhances TGOD's quality assurance capabilities and marks a key milestone in eliminating bottlenecks in its production ramp up.

The licence amendment is valid until August 16, 2022 and is subject to customary terms and conditions.

"Receiving this licence amendment was a key element of our 2020 operating plan. We made significant investments in this state-of-the-art facility, and now that it is fully licensed, Ancaster can finalize the ramp up of its production capacity," commented Brian Athaide, CEO of TGOD. "The processing facility reduces our reliance on third parties for packaging, secured storage, and for our next wave of 2.0 product launches. Beyond the successful launch of our TGOD Infusers, we are planning to launch a series of differentiated consumer packaged goods, including organic teas and vapes in Q2, as well as edibles, beverages and topicals later this year," added Athaide.

About The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TSX: TGOD) (USOTC: TGODF) is a premium certified organic cannabis company focused on the health and wellness market. Its certifiedorganic cannabis is grown in living soil, as nature intended. The Company is committed to cultivating a better tomorrow by producing its products responsibly, with less waste and impact on the environment. Its two Canadian facilities are being built to LEED certification standards and its products are sold in recyclable packaging. In Canada, TGOD plans to expand its product portfolio by launching a series of nextgeneration cannabis products such as organic teas, infusers and vapes. Through its European subsidiary, HemPoland, the Company also distributes premium hemp CBD oil and CBD-infused topicals in Europe. By leveraging science and technology, TGOD harnesses the power of nature from seed to sale.

TGOD's Common Shares and warrants issued under the indentures dated November 1, 2017 and December 19, 2019 trade on the TSX under the symbol "TGOD", "TGOD.WT" and "TGOD.WS", respectively. For more information on The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd., please visit

Cautionary Statements

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Neither the TSX nor the TSX's Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of Toronto Stock Exchange) accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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The Green Organic Dutchman Receives Health Canada Licence Amendment for its Ancaster Processing Facility - Yahoo Finance

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5 questions with Danica Patrick about why she invested in a CBD company – For The Win

Posted: at 6:17 am

Danica Patricks post-NASCAR career is largely about health, fitness and self-improvement. Her book and her podcast, both titled Pretty Intense, focus on those themes, and lately, in addition to regularly posting her workout routines on social media, shes been leading workouts on Instagram Live while people are social distancing because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

And Patricks latest business venture aligns with her brand. She recently invested in the Boston-based company beam a wellness brand that sells organic CBD (cannabidiol) products made from hemp that are THC-free and contributed in a $5 million seed round in September 2019.

I hope that people trust me, especially at this point in my career where Im past the days of needing a sponsor to go racing, Danica, who will also be a brand ambassador, told For The Win.

In fact, I pay for things I want to do now. Im very much in the stage of wanting to offer help and wanting to help people grow and help people feel their best mentally and physically.

Former pro baseball playerKevin Moran and former pro hockey player Matt Lombardi started beam in 2018. They were training for the Boston Marathon that year and began looking into CBD to help their beat-up bodies, Lombardi said, when they realize it was an emerging market with inconsistent products.

Other professional athletes use (and promote) CBD, including former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who partnered with a similar company. Moran and Lombardi said current NFL and former NHL players are anonymous investors.

For The Win spoke with Patrick along with Moran and Lombardi about why she likes CBD and her investment in beam.

This interview has beencondensed and edited for clarity.

Danica Patrick: I really believe in the product. I really believed in everything they had going on and their view for the future as well as the product itself is really effective. And I had used a few CBD products over the years things you can get at a grocery store and never noticed anything, so I was like, I dont know if this stuff works. But beam does, it really does.

Danica: Im just always looking for new things to help function and feel better. And Im also not afraid to invest the time into it. So in any form, short- or long-term, direct effect or delayed effect, Im always interested in new modalities, new supplements, that resonate with me and could help me feel 20 when Im 60.

Im also very comfortable with and a big fan of anything that is natural. Plants are natural going all hippie here but were connected to everything, and the cannabinoid receptors are an example of that. So whatever you can do with nature to balance the body out and ease the body and fuel the body and calm the body, all of those things I believe are things we should all be doing. And I love that were learning more about it.

Danica: For anyone thats following me on social media, you know that I put a bunch of fun powders in my food a lot, and Ill post about that some times. Things like ashwagandha, reishi, cordyceps, lions mane those are some of the more mainstream ones that maybe people have heard of before. beam created a [powder] product called clarity and dream.

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Ya . 2 eggs, 1/4 c pumpkin, 1T maca powder, 2T paleo flour, cinnamon, ashwagandha, reishi, collegen. Cooked in coconut oil. Cover the top of the pan with a splatter screen to cook the top faster so you can flip them. Topped with banana, cashew butter, vanilla ghee, hemp seeds, and a little maple syrup. De-Lish.

A post shared by Danica Patrick (@danicapatrick) on Sep 4, 2017 at 8:59am PDT

And the first time I took dream, 20 minutes later, I was passed out on the couch. And when I had to wake up to go to bed, it was like I didnt even know how to walk. I was like, Oh my gosh, Im so out of it. Its an extremely effective tool.

And then a few weeks ago, I was traveling back from France just in time to not get caught there in some kind of quarantine and I had an overnight flight coming back straight from Paris all the way to L.A. So I got a cup of hot water, and I put a packet of dream in the water, stirred it, drank it, covered my head up with a blanket, laid there, and slept on a plane for eight hours! I was so happy. Thats more than a full nights sleep for me.

Danica: I dont think I have to do that now. [Its] not the point in time to sell out on the brand in any way. This is the authentic phase where I show you what I stand for and what I truly love and what Im interested in or believe in or want to know more about because Im not sure what to believe in.

A huge component about it is being consumables and about being healthy, and its right up my alley. When they said adaptogens, I was like, Ummm, I take like 13 a day, sometimes more. And I get sore a lot, so its really helpful.

Danica: We talked a lot about the powders when it comes to the adaptogens. Weve had long conversations about them and how I use it and what I use pre- and post-workout and for recovery as well as energy, so weve talked a lot about that.

Kevin Moran: A lot of the powders are stacked with other ingredients like different mineral compounds, ashwagandha, lions mane, adaptogens, things like that. And theres scientific evidence as to how that works. CBD just hasnt been taken enough to have a ton of scientific evidence around it, but weve coined this term internally of citizen science. Were working to invest in some science and be thought leaders in the space from a purely scientific perspective.

Matt Lombardi: In our bodies, we have whats called an endocannabinoid system, and thats essentially why there are so many different benefits of CBD. Our endocannabinoid system keeps our whole body in balance and promotes homeostasis, and it promotes normal functions in our body like sleep, stress, inflammation, digestion. CBD supports our endocannabinoid system to allow it to do its job more efficiently. Just think of as engine oil for your body.

Danica: I have a question actually. My understanding of cannabis is that we have cannabinpoid receptors in our body, which is why our body knows what to do with it. Is that right?

Moran: Yeah. So think of high-quality CBD, its almost like spark plugs igniting whats already in your body. Your endocannabinoid system gets out of whack and leads to all these chronic issues people deal with, and over time, it gets worse and worse. But then when youre putting something back in your body to reignite it. Its like premium engine oil for your body bringing it back into balance.

Danica: Magic.

Moran: It gets very nerdy very fast.


5 questions with Danica Patrick about why she invested in a CBD company - For The Win

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Cannabis and coronavirus: Here’s what you need to know – Leafly

Posted: at 6:17 am

Leafly StaffMarch 30, 2020

Masks are for patients and healthcare workers. If you're not sick, wash your hands. And don't pass that joint around. (Belkin & Co/AdobeStock)

This story was updated at 8am on March 30, 2020.

The global concern over the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 has many people taking precautions against contracting the virus. Its also raising a lot of questions about weed, smoking, edibles, THC, CBD, and your health during this difficult time.

Well continue to update this page as we learn more information. Heres what we know about cannabis and COVID-19.

Jump to a section in this article:

The coronavirus has disrupted cannabis commerce across North America, triggering runs on stores, closures, and the adoption of curbside pickup, and delivery ordering. SARS-CoV-2 is canceling most 420 events, and changing personal behavior away from sharing joints and pipes.

How are we doing so far?

Bad. America has tens of thousands of infections, and several hundred deathswith many more to come. The first wave is expected to peak in April, May, or June, depending on local conditions. Check out the United States trajectory on the latest graph:

The National Governors Association has a roundup of actions taken in each state, updated daily. The most reliable information sources right now are state health agencies in Washington, New York, and California, which are on the leading edge of the outbreak and mitigation strategies.

No. Just flat-out no.

Given the general hype around CBD, were already hearing outlandish claims about its effect on coronavirus, most likely spread via social media. These claims are not true. There is no solid research on CBD and coronavirus. Or cannabis and coronavirus.

Most states have designated medical marijuana dispensaries as essential parts of the health care system, and so have remained open. Some states have shut down adult-use sales while allowing medical sales. Others allow only delivery, or curbside pickup.

In general, yes.

During this period of social isolation and stay-at-home orders, its critically important to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. If your wellness regimen includes cannabis, and you show no COVID-19 symptoms, keep on keeping on.

Here are some answers to questions were hearing a lot right now:

Are bong condoms really a thing?

Absolutely! Get yourself one of these fun devices. One of our in-house experts suggests this $9.99 silicone MouthPeace from Mooselabs, which uses activated carbon filters. Jay the Cannabis Explorer reviews it in the video below:

Another suggestion: Pax Era mouthpiece covers can be had for $4.30 a pop from Delta 3D Studios. Use an X-Acto knife to cut a hole in the closed end and youve got yourself a personal lip caddy.

Note: Most viral transmission happens via the hands, so while youre being so clever with your lips you should watch your fingers, which are holding a bong or vape that many others have just recently held as well. Just saying.

Be aware of COVID-19 symptoms

What to do if you suspect you have COVID-19: Consult this Washington State DOH advisory, which contains action items.

Dont jam up the emergency room if its just a common cold, but get yourself tested if you fit the criteria for COVID-19 symptoms. Those include:

Note: The definition of area with ongoing spread changes practically by the hour, and this item on the symptom list is becoming less important as the virus is recognized as extant in local communities.

Check yourself with this flow chart

Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton teamed up with UCSD infectious disease expert Eliah Aranoff-Spencer to create this updated guide, published on Medium.

Have a self-quarantine plan

At this point were talking about a spectrum, from choosing a work-at-home option (if youre fortunate enough to have that choice) to a full-on home quarantine. The CDC has a page of recommendations for those who stay home with a suspected case of COVID-19.

What if youve been in close contact with someone with COVID-19? Stay inside and closely monitor yourself for 14 days.

Someone in my house has it. What now? Viral load matters. That means the fewer viral droplets that enter your system, the milder the severity of your case may be. So if a member of your household contracts the virus, its imperative that they separate from others in a quarantine room.

Cannabis business operators must consult their county public health guidance, as well as state, federal and World Health Organization guidance to ensure sanitary operations.

Sanitation measures include paid sick leave for ill workers, staying home with a fever, use of gloves, hand-washing, covering coughs and sneezes, physical distancing of staff and patrons, heightened cleaning and disinfecting, separate money handlers, and much more.

The point isnt to seal up the virus in a jar, or halt it at our borders. That moment has passed. What were all working to do now is make sure the infections dont all hit at once and overwhelm our limited medical supplies and hospital capacity.

If 100 people require a hospitals Intensive Care Unit, and the ICU can only handle 15 at a time, 85 people may die needlessly. If the infections in those 100 people are spread out over many weeks and months, though, we can get most of them through this alive.

The Washington Post has one of the best visual explanations of why were all working to flatten the curve:

Because all legal cannabis products are produced within the state in which theyre sold, industry experts arent expecting a shortage of actual cannabis due to import slowdowns.

Thats not to say there wont be shortages or supply interruptions in certain products. Most vape batteries and wholesale vape cartridges are manufactured in China. Those supply chains have already seen slowdowns and interruptions due to quarantines impacting the Chinese manufacturing sector.

The US imports about 30 million Chinese vape pens and cartridges every month. Most shipments stopped due to the annual Chinese New Year shutdown in mid-January and havent fully resumed due to the coronavirus.

The answer is yes. Organizers of 4/20 celebrations, which are now less than five weeks away, are already considering how a wider outbreak of COVID-19 could impact their events. Some have begun postponements or cancellations. Were tracking major events and cancelations at The best 4/20 events of North America 2020.

One cannabis store manager told Leafly he was putting a food truck ordered for 4/20 on hold because of health concerns. 4/20 festivals were already changing and evolving due to the expansion of legalization. The coronavirus outbreak may further accelerate that change in ways that are hard to predict right now.

What about legalization campaigns?

Depending on how long the COVID-19 social distancing era lasts, we may see more cancellations of larger events, gatherings, and festivals moving into summer. Larger-scale shopping malls and commercial districts may see a downturn in pedestrian traffic. That may affect the ability of signature gatherers to bank enough names to qualify legalization initiatives by a given deadline.

Leaflys Election 2020 page has a full rundown of all the state legalization campaigns currently aiming at the November 2020 ballot.

Start do it yourself projects, as well as enjoy some stoner entertainment to improve your mood.

Here is 5 reasons why its the perfect time to start growing cannabis. Heres how to germinate seeds and start an indoor garden.

Also, whip up some cannabutter to turn smokeables into edibles.

Youre inside, youre bored, we get it. Try these on for size:

And dont forget to use Leafly Pickup, and Delivery to get the most out of your chill time.

Leafly is the worlds largest cannabis information resource, empowering people in legal cannabis markets to learn about the right products for their lifestyle and wellness needs. Our team of cannabis professionals collectively share years of experience in all corners of the market, from growing and retail, to science and medicine, to data and technology.

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Cannabis and coronavirus: Here's what you need to know - Leafly

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