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Chad C. Meek, Author, Futurist Has Just Released a Book Entitled The New Libertarian Party, Revolution for America – PRNewswire

Posted: November 2, 2020 at 1:58 pm

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In his thought-provoking book, Meek points out how the 1% has co-opted the United States political system and government, which has marginalized the American People into a separate downtrodden serfdom class of citizens.

The 62-year-old futurist explains that a perfect storm has occurred that has completely adulterated every American Government Institution that includes the Executive, Judicial, Legislative, and the Federal Reserve.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, "The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation to the prejudice and oppression of another is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policyAn equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy."

In his abstract, Meek offers solutions to put the power back in the American People's hands. A single financial transaction tax, citizen jurists, universal income, universal education, on-line voting, and reducing the national voting age to 16.

The New Libertarian Party's (N.L.P) platform, also called the Great American Consolidation, along with the rapid adoption of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence, will revolutionize how our government will operate within the next five years.

Meek states, "For Generations X, Y, Z, the traditional political parties offer zero solutions to a Fascist controlled government that has lost its mind and moral compass.

He further adds, "Nothing will change with the current antiquated infrastructure other than the rich getting richer."

The N.L.P genesis began at a place called Giant Rock, located in the Mohave Desert. Chad C. Meek lived here during this discovery time and witnessed the thousands of people who attended the annual space convention over three decades.

Meek's first novel and a screenplay called Giant Rock were released in 2016 and profiled his family's and others' experiences who made direct contact with extraterrestrial entities.

The people of Giant Rock created a movement led by his uncle George Van Tassel circa 1910-1978, which promoted Peace, U.F.O. disclosure, free-energy, and a non-nuclear carbon-free world.

"The ideas that my uncle and the eclectic group out at Giant Rock were able to channel from the Universal Mind were 50 years before their time."

Books available on Amazon

Media Contact:Chad Meek[emailprotected]805-308-1949

SOURCE Chad C. Meek

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Chad C. Meek, Author, Futurist Has Just Released a Book Entitled The New Libertarian Party, Revolution for America - PRNewswire

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In a New Movie, COVID Mutates and America Is Still Locked Down in 2024 – Futurism

Posted: at 1:58 pm

We just got our first look at an upcoming COVID movie called Songbird, produced by the one and only Michael Bay and its a doozy.

The film examines the current disaster that is 2020, and contemplates what it would be like to live under quarantine for another few years until the year 2024, when the movie is set. Is this what four more years could do to America?

The trailer paints a gloomy picture of the near future. Basically, it sounds like the dystopian timeline that nobody wants to think about right now.

Heres the premise. The number of deaths has risen to 110 million, caused by a mutated COVID-23 virus with a high mortality rate.

Yes, dear reader, this is a movie the industry wants us to actually watch.

Filmmakers Simon Boyes and Adam Mason wrote the outline for the story during lockdown this year, as Entertainment Weekly reports. Mason apparently called it a crazy idea when he pitched the idea to movie producer Adam Goodman.

Surprising nobody, there will be a love story at the center of the film.Its Romeo and Juliet, but theyre separated by her front door and by the virus, Mason told EW.

According to a press release, the protagonists of the story is an essential worker who has a rare immunity, played by teenage heartthrob KJ Apa, from Riverdale fame.

Production kicked off on July 8 in Los Angeles, the first film to be made in the city since March, according to EW. Strict safety measures made filming complicated, with crews being limited to 40 or less. It took only 17 days to complete shooting the film.

A major question remains: Whos this movie for?

This is how Sofia Carson, whos playing the love interest, pitches the movie, despite the fact that anxiety is at an all time high across much of the globe: Even though this is the pandemic thriller and its suspenseful and terrifying, the heart of a story is hope, she told EW.

READ MORE: Get your first look at pandemic thriller Songbird, starring KJ Apa [Entertainment Weekly]

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In a New Movie, COVID Mutates and America Is Still Locked Down in 2024 - Futurism

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New Images Show Leftover Planetary Core Floating Between Mars and Jupiter – Futurism

Posted: at 1:58 pm

Closer Look

A new study takes the closest look yet at Psyche, an object in our solar systems asteroid belt thats thought to be the leftover core of a protoplanet that was destroyed before it could finish forming, possibly by an epic prehistoric collision that ripped off its outer layers.

In addition to taking clearer images of Psyches surface, the Southwest Research Institute study, published Monday in The Planetary Science Journal, is the first to observe the asteroid in ultraviolet, which revealed weathering effects due to being exposed in space for countless aeons. As NASA plans to launch a mission to Psyche in 2022, the new research could give the space agency a much better idea of what to expect once it arrives.

Psyche is one of the largest objects in the asteroid belt, orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. When they imaged it under UV light, the scientists found that Psyche has been gradually oxidizing thanks to solar winds.

Weve seen meteorites that are mostly metal, but Psyche could be unique in that it might be an asteroid that is totally made of iron and nickel, Southwest Research Institute scientist and study author Tracy Becker said in a press release. Earth has a metal core, a mantle and crust. Its possible that as a Psyche protoplanet was forming, it was struck by another object in our solar system and lost its mantle and crust.

If Psyche is the ghostly remains of a new planet, it would give NASA an unprecedented glimpse into whats happening beneath our feet on Earth.

What makes Psyche and the other asteroids so interesting is that theyre considered to be the building blocks of the solar system, Becker said. To understand what really makes up a planet and to potentially see the inside of a planet is fascinating.

READ MORE: Study offers more complete view of massive asteroid Psyche [Southwest Research Institute]

More on Psyche: NASA Hires SpaceX To Launch Mission To Giant Metal Asteroid

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New Images Show Leftover Planetary Core Floating Between Mars and Jupiter - Futurism

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Men at Facial Recognition Startup Used Its Own Tech to Sexually Harass Coworkers – Futurism

Posted: at 1:58 pm

Internal Harassment

Employees at the Silicon Valley security startup Verkada were reportedly using the companys own facial recognition-equipped security cameras to take pictures of women who worked at the company and make sexually explicit comments about them.

A sales director at Verkada, which sells security cameras and facial recognition software to companies, government agencies, and police departments, took a picture of a female colleague with one of the cameras the company uses in its own office, then posted it to the company Slack channel alongside sexually explicit comments, Motherboard reports. Other employees followed suit and did the same to other women at the company and all of them are still employed.

The incident and the months it took to disclose it to the company, according to a full account of the events from IPVM shows the clash of several toxic Silicon Valley trends. At Verkada, multiple employees told Motherboard about a pervasive misogynistic, fraternity-like workplace culture thats now in spotlight for illustrating how emerging tech can be used to exploit and abuse others.

I think its 100 percent fair to say I left Verkada because of the culture, a former employee told Motherboard. The worst part of it was that it seemed like the men in this crew continued to be celebrated and remained in leadership positions. Thats how [management] has made the toxic culture theyve created okay.

The four men responsible for the sexual harassment all kept their jobs but lost some of their stock options, Motherboard reports. To women at the company and those affected by the harassment, attempts to improve workplace culture fell short.

Everyone wants to stay there for the potential money they could make, but especially for women its hard to stay there, another former employee told Motherboard. Theres no support. They dont care about you.

READ MORE: Surveillance Startup Used Own Cameras to Harass Coworkers [Motherboard]

More on work culture: The Tech Industrys Gender Problem Isnt Just Hurting Women

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Men at Facial Recognition Startup Used Its Own Tech to Sexually Harass Coworkers - Futurism

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This Guy Is Creating Actual Diamonds From Reclaimed CO2 – Futurism

Posted: at 1:58 pm

Theyre Forever

Coming soon: carbon-negative diamonds made from nothing but atmospheric CO2 and rainwater.

A British clean energy company called Ecotricity, founded by environmentalist Dale Vince, told The Guardian that it plans to clean up the diamond industry, which has devastating effects on the environment and has a whole lot of blood on its hands. The plan, Vince says, is to suck greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere and use it to create a more ethical version of the gemstone.

To get just one carat 0.2 grams of a traditional diamond, according to The Guardian, miners could excavate up to 2.2 million pounds of rock, use 1,028 gallons of water, and emit 238 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, The Guardian reports.

Ecotricity hopes to reverse that environmental destruction by taking carbon out of the atmosphere, producing methane a crucial ingredient in synthesizing diamonds by taking hydrogen molecules out of rainwater, and powering the whole operation with wind and solar energy.

The resulting diamond is identical to one pulled out of the ground and Vince says Ecotricity is already capable of making about 200 carats every month.

Making diamonds from nothing more than the sky, from the air we breathe is a magical, evocative idea its modern alchemy, Vince told The Guardian. We dont need to mine the earth to have diamonds, we can mine the sky.

READ MORE: Ecotricity founder to grow diamonds made entirely from the sky [The Guardian]

More on diamonds: Diamond Batteries Made of Nuclear Waste Can Generate Power For Thousands of Years

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This Guy Is Creating Actual Diamonds From Reclaimed CO2 - Futurism

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There’s a Chance This Giant Asteroid Will Smash Earth in 2068 – Futurism

Posted: at 1:58 pm

Close Calls

In 48 years, an asteroid named after the Egyptian God of Chaos Apophis might hit the Earth.

Apophis will pass particularly close to the Earth in 2068, Popular Mechanics reports. And because its orbit is drifting little by little, theres a chance that it actually hits us. The odds of that happening are fairly low but the risk, scientists say, is real.

Even before then, Apophis will swing by for a visit. In 2029, it will even pass between the Earth and a network of satellites, at which point well be able to see it with our naked eyes, PopMech reports.

The University of Hawaii astronomers who couldnt rule out the 2068 impact say that the 2029 transit will definitely be harmless, though. Their work, which was presented at a 2020 meeting of the American Astronomical Society, has been tracking the changing orbit of Apophis since it was discovered in 2004.

Again, the odds that Apophis actually poses a threat to us are slim the probability is low, but the consequences would be catastrophic. Still, space agencies are preparing, according to PopMech. NASA and SpaceX are launching the DART mission, which will serve as a practice round for the plan to deflect potentially killer asteroids.

Russian scientists have also said theyre developing a nuclear missile they intend to shoot at Apophis so at the very least, the space rock wont catch us off guard.

READ MORE: A God of Chaos Asteroid Could Hit Earth in 2068 [Popular Mechanics]

More on asteroids: This Awful Tabloid Predicts a Killer Asteroid Almost Every Day

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There's a Chance This Giant Asteroid Will Smash Earth in 2068 - Futurism

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New Brain-Computer Interface Doesn’t Even Need to Touch the Brain – Futurism

Posted: at 1:58 pm

In an important step toward the goal of hooking our brains up to machines, scientists have developed a brain-computer interface (BCI) system that interprets neural signals without coming into contact with the brain itself.

Typically, neural implants need to rest on top or inside the brain, which can harm and kill brain tissue in ways that scientists still dont yet fully understand. But a company called Synchron is taking a different approach: developing BCI systems that slither toward the brain through the jugular vein, circumventing the need for brain surgery altogether.

Now, Wired reports that the company has taken it a step further: Its newest BCI doesnt even need to extend all the way to the brain in order to pick up on what its saying.

The implant, which remains in the bodys vasculature near the brain, was able to pick up and interpret neural signals that heralded the intent to move a muscle. Two patients paralyzed from Lou Gehrigs disease who were implanted with the experimental device were able to use it to communicate and send text messages, according to research published in the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery on Wednesday.

Self-expanding stent technology has been well demonstrated in both cardiac and neurological applications to treat other disease, neuroscientist and Synchron CEO Thomas Oxley told Wired. We just use that feature and put electrodes on top of the stent.

Its fully implantable, he added. Patients go home in a couple of days. And its plug-and-play.

Of course, its not quite that simple for the patients, who still need to spend weeks training the systems AI software to understand their neural signals once they get home. But once the system caught on to which brain impulses meant what, they were able to move a computer cursor around with an eye tracker and click their mouse just by thinking about it.

Theres a trade-off between how invasive you want to be and at what level you collect information, Andrew Pruszynski, a neuroscientist at Canadas Western University told Wired. This is trying to get to the middle ground, to insert a catheter close to the neural activity. Its obviously invasive, but certainly not as invasive as putting electrodes into the brain.

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New Brain-Computer Interface Doesn't Even Need to Touch the Brain - Futurism

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Futurism Announces Participation in the AHA Virtual Conference 2020 – PRNewswire

Posted: September 18, 2020 at 1:06 am

PISCATAWAY, N.J., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Futurism Technologies, Inc. takes great pride in co-sponsoring the AHA Virtual Conference 2020. Join us in the virtual conference, as we continue to extend our support to the healthcare sector through response to recovery and rebuilding in the age of COVID-19.

Futurism will be presenting its 'Smart Hospital' solutions at the AHA Virtual Conference 2020, aimed at empowering healthcare providers and organizations with a connected care system.

"We are delighted to be a part of this virtual conference and extend our services and support to help healthcare organizations get aboard the digital journey. Our position as a trusted DX partner demonstrates our robust portfolio of digital transformation and cybersecurity offerings," said Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies.

Futurism understands that the future of a connected and smart healthcare system revolves around care, collaboration and data security and is dedicated to help healthcare providers identify and adopt novel ways and solutions to connect with patients efficient whilst combat increased security vulnerabilities both within and beyond the walls of a traditional clinic or hospital setup.

Visit our virtual boothnow to find out how we can help you become more resilient and responsive as a healthcare provider during these unprecedented times and beyond.

Visit our virtual booth here:;F:APIUTILS!40000&UserKey=28559557&UserType=1&BoothKey=378516&LangLocaleID=0

About Futurism Technologies, Inc.

Futurism Technologies, Inc. helps hospitals and healthcare institutions leverage digital technology to fast track their operations and provide on-demand patient care within a secured and highly connected environment. With decades of expertise and proven record, Futurism has evolved as a trusted DX partner for a number of businesses, helping them to unlock the true value of digital. Futurism provides DX servicesacross the entire value chain including digital infrastructure, business processes, digital customer engagement, and cybersecurity.

Learn more about Futurism Technologies, Inc. at

Leo J ColeChief Marketing OfficerMobile: +1-512-300-9744Email:[emailprotected]


Related Images

futurism-technologies.png Futurism Technologies

SOURCE Futurism Technologies, Inc.

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Futurism Announces Participation in the AHA Virtual Conference 2020 - PRNewswire

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Doctors Are Preparing to Implant the World’s First Human Bionic Eye – Futurism

Posted: at 1:06 am

A team of researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, has built a bionic device that they say can restore vision to the blind through a brain implant.

The team is now preparing for what they claim will be the worlds first human clinical trials of a bionic eye and are asking for additional funding to eventually manufacture it on a global scale.

Its essentially the guts of a smartphone combined with brain-implanted micro electrodes, as TechCrunch reports.The Gennaris bionic vision system, a project thats more than ten years in the making, bypasses damaged optic nerves to allow signals to be transmitted from the retina to the vision center of the brain.

The system is made up of a custom-designed headgear, which includes a camera and a wireless transmitter. A processor unit takes care of data crunching, while a set of tiles implanted inside the brain deliver the signals.

Our design creates a visual pattern from combinations of up to 172 spots of light (phosphenes) which provides information for the individual to navigate indoor and outdoor environments, and recognize the presence of people and objects around them, Arthur Lowery, professor at Monash Universitys Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, said in a statement.

The researchers are also hoping to adapt the system to help those with untreatable neurological conditions, such as limb paralysis, to regain movement.

If successful, the MVG [Monash Vision Group] team will look to create a new commercial enterprise focused on providing vision to people with untreatable blindness and movement to the arms of people paralyzed by quadriplegia, transforming their health care, Lewis said.

A trial in July showed that the Gennaris array was able to be transplanted safely into the brains of three sheep using a pneumatic insertor, with a cumulative 2,700 hours of stimulation not causing any adverse health effects.

Its still unclear when the first human trials will take place.

With extra investment, well be able to manufacture these cortical implants here in Australia at the scale needed to progress to human trials, Marcello Rosa, professor of physiology at Monash and MVG member, said in the statement.

The news comes after Elon Musks brain computer interface company Neuralink announced its testing its coin-sized interface prototype in live pigs. The end goals are similar: to treat brain issues including blindness and paralysis.

Whether the Monash device is technically the first bionic eye, though, may come down to semantics.

A separate brain implant, a visual prosthetic device, developed by scientists at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston,recently allowed both blind and sighted participants to see the shape of letters, as detailed in a paper published in May.

READ MORE: Researchers ready world-first vision restoration device for human clinical trials [TechCrunch]

More on Neuralink: Neuroscientist: There Was a Huge Problem With Neuralinks Demo

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Doctors Are Preparing to Implant the World's First Human Bionic Eye - Futurism

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Reality TV Show Says It Will Send Contestant to International Space Station – Futurism

Posted: at 1:06 am

Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?

Space Hero, a US-based production outfit that claims to be the first space media company, says it has secured a spot on a 2023 SpaceX mission to the International Space Station, Deadline reports.

Its genius plan: turn it into a reality TV series and have contestants from all over the globe vie for a ticket into space.

Contestants will have to go through a gauntlet of challenges to test their physical, mental and emotional strength, qualities that are essential for an astronaut in space, according to Deadline.

An episode toward the end of the series will allow voters from around the globe to vote for the contestant they want to shoot into space, courtesy of a seat on board a SpaceX Dragon module. The show will then follow their journey to the ISS.

The winner will spend 10 days on board the station, alongside actual astronauts.

We see the world changing in front of our eyes, project creator Thomas Reemer told Deadline. In times like these we yearn to look up to people for the right reasons, so its time to look amongst ourselves to find the heroes that will inspire a bright future.

Its actually not the first attempt at space-based reality television. A previous shot, in the late 1990s, was originally called Destination: Mir yes, the Soviet Unions space station that operated from 1986 to 2001 but had to be changed to Destination: Space after Russia took its space station down. Needless to say, it never actually set anyone into orbit.

READ MORE: Space Travel Reality Show Set To Send Contestant To ISS In Works From Space Hero Company & Propagate [Deadline]

More on space reality TV: 20,000 Apply to Be Billionaires Girlfriend, Get Free Moon Trip

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Reality TV Show Says It Will Send Contestant to International Space Station - Futurism

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