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Step Into the World of Cyberpunk 2077 When the Lore Book Launches in June – PlayStation LifeStyle

Posted: March 24, 2020 at 7:46 pm

When Cyberpunk 2077 was originally slated to launch on April 16th, its lore book from Dark Horse, The World of Cyberpunk 2077, wouldve hit stores a few days thereafter on April 21st. Since the games delay, however, not a word has been uttered about the lore books new release date. Now, an updated listing on Dark Horses website indicates the lore book will launch early this summer on June 17th.

Check out a screenshot of the books updated listing below:

Priced at $39.99, The World of Cyberpunk 2077 is comprised of 192 pages. Within those pages, fans can expect a deep exploration of the sci-fi titles lore, world, characters, cybernetics, other technologies, and politics. Needless to say, those who pick up this companion tome are bound to find it teeming with interesting content.

Theres more than one version that will go on sale. The hardcover edition noted above will launch alongside a digital version, which costs $19.99. Dark Horse has a Deluxe Edition in the works, too, featuring a number of physical extras. For the list price of $99.99, fans can expect the Deluxe Edition to additionally include an exclusive Night City map cover, Night City graffiti slipcase cover, set of temporary tattoos, Johnny Silverhand poster, as well as a set of vehicle-centric postcards.

CD Projekt RED hasnt shown off much of Cyberpunk 2077 since last year. Though it was to appear in some capacity at recent events, such as Taipei Game Show and PAX East, those plans were nixed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Its currently unclear when the studio will share more information about the title, but CD Projekt RED counts among the first exhibitors signed up to take part in gamescom this August.

Cyberpunk 2077 will launch later this year on September 17th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Dark Horse]

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Step Into the World of Cyberpunk 2077 When the Lore Book Launches in June - PlayStation LifeStyle

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PS5: 5 Games we’re playing on the PlayStation 5 God of War 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 & more – RealSport – RealSport

Posted: at 7:46 pm

The PS5 is releasing later this year, and with it will come a whole roster of incredible games!

With the PS5 set to release later this year, we are beyond excited to get our hands on some of the new titles that are expected to come with next-gen.

With the upgrades in both software and hardware, there is likely to be some outstanding graphics weve never been able to experience before on a console.

Not only are there games set to release on all platforms, but Sony has some hidden gems up their sleeve just for the PlayStation 5.

Continue below to read more on our top picks for the PlayStations 5, as well as an honourable mention!

The first Horizon Zero Dawn released over 3 years ago, leaving fans desperate for more cyber-hunting action!

HZD2 is set to be a PlayStation exclusive, so any Xbox fans will have to wait for a possible, but unlikely, Xbox release.

The new PS5 will allow the developers to create an even more in-depth world. With better hardware, the game will look and feel more realistic.

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The PS5 is also using an SSD instead of a hard drive, meaning games will load much faster. With HZD, this will create a much more fluid and natural experience.

The God of War series is notorious for its elaborate storytelling and overabundance of badass fight scenes.

The reboot continued with this formulae and gave us one of the greatest games of all time.

We follow Kratos through the new Norse mythology realm, where he journeys to deliver his wifes ashes to the highest point in all the realms.

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At the end, we get a sneak peek into the next game with Thor coming to get revenge on Kratos for the deaths of his extended family.

We cant wait to get our hands on the next chapter of Kratos journey, with more Gods, Monsters and epic moments to experience!

The next Call of Duty is set to release in the Autumn of 2020. This means it is likely to come out before the release of the next console.

This will mean the game will release on both the PS4 and the upcoming PS5.

From the current information we have, we know the next COD will be set in the Cold War and will continue the Boots-on-the-ground feel that the series has been following for the last few years.

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The story will continue on from the first Black Ops games, with possible original characters such as Mason and Reznov.

Although the current COD game, Modern Warfare, has amazing graphics, we can expect the new title to look even better.

Cyberpunk has found itself delayed from April to September 2020. This is unfortunate, as this means it will release just before the next-gen consoles are available.

CD Projekt Red had no plans to release the game on the PS5, but due to this delay, they are now considering a next-gen release given the circumstances.

From what weve seen, the graphics look stunning! With its ultra-realistic lighting and immersive story, Cyberpunk is at the top of everyones watchlist.

READ MORE: Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date: Trailer, Gameplay, Pre-order Bundles, Weapons, Leaked Map, Characters, PS5, Xbox Series X & everything else you need to know

Fans of The Witcher and other RPG games are hyped for Cyberpunks release, but we have a little way to go yet. Click here to read more about our coverage of Cyberpunk.

Set in Feudal Japan, Ghost of Tsushima takes an eastern spin on your standard RPG.

The combat and swordplay look amazing. It seems gritty and realistic allowing the player to pull off combos and deadly executions.

The story is in-depth and presented with beautiful cinematics and dialogue. Alongside a genuine Japanese score, it seems Ghost of Tsushima will be an extremely immersive experience.

READ MORE: PlayStation 5 Specs: PS5 is a huge step above PS4, but might be behind Xbox Series X

Since its reveal at E3 2018, weve been on the edge of our seat to get a better look at the core mechanics of the game, as well as more story details.

GOS is set to release on PS4 on the 26th June 2020, meaning well see a re-release of the game on PS5 later down the line.

Elder Scrolls VI was teased at E3 2018. Its reveal trailer simply showing the name and logo as well as some scenery.

With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim become one of the biggest games of all time, there are high hopes for the next big Elder Scrolls game.

With Bethesda able to take advantage of the new system, we hope to see a much larger world to explore, as well as better graphics.

READ MORE: Elder Scrolls 6 Location: Leaked internal memo may have just revealed the location of the next instalment

There is currently no set release date for The Elder Scrolls VI. If you wish to read more about the ESO VI, click here.

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PS5: 5 Games we're playing on the PlayStation 5 God of War 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 & more - RealSport - RealSport

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The Kranio X is a Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a cybernetic lynx skull – The Verge

Posted: at 7:46 pm

File this one under Kickstarter products we cant easily explain: a fabricated cybernetic lynx skull that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. The Kranio X, as its called, is currently raising money on the crowdfunding platform for what seems like a very limited run of the product just $1,288 was the funding goal, and its already surpassed that with just 19 backers.

So what, exactly, is going on here? Well, according to Hong Kong-based industrial designer Alan Wong, he created the speaker casing in the shape of a lynx skull because he wanted to contrast a feral, organic feature with the cold, synthetic mechanical parts. It is not a real animal skull, of course; its 3D modeled out of various components and then hand-painted.

But its meant to evoke cyberpunk themes like the blurring lines between man and machine or, in this case, animal and machine. Technically speaking, the device is supposed to be a lynx with cybernetic implants (under the assumption that is a thing that will exist in the future) that has had its skull repurposed as an electronic device (in this case, a speaker). I could reasonably imagine something edgy and bizarre like that showing up in, say, Borderlands or perhaps Cyberpunk 2077, and that appears to be what Wong is going for.

For what its worth, the Kranio X is intended to be a hi-fi plug-in speaker, costing $269 under the first of two pledge tiers, with the other costing $359 alongside a poster, an engraving, and a copy of the stereolithography file the device will be manufactured from. It comes with a 4-inch, 10-watt inside, weighs just over 4.4 pounds, and has dimensions of 240 x 160 x 153 cm. It has Bluetooth 5.0, and Wong also lists the signal, sensitivity, and distortion metrics for those interested in a more detailed breakdown on the campaign page. The campaign is live until April 16th, 2020.

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The Kranio X is a Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a cybernetic lynx skull - The Verge

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Could Cyberpunk 2077 have Multiplayer ? – Gamer Turn

Posted: at 7:46 pm





Could Cyberpunk 2077have Multiplayer?

Heres what we think about the multiplayer aspect of Cyberpunk 2077, and what we can expect from it.

Engineer CD Projekt Red announced back in January that the discharge date for its up-and-coming RPG Cyberpunk 2077 was postponed to September 2020. Since then on, fans have been wondering how this can, if by any way, affect the multiplayer section of the game. Below, were going to go over what we know about Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer so far with the intention that you remember whats in store when the game dispatches in the not-so-distant future.

Could Cyberpunk 2077have Multiplayer?

Off chance you havent been aware of all the late 2077 Cyberpunk subtleties, you might think about whether the cutting edge RPG will have multiplayer and what that aspect of the game would look like. Indeed the short response is, Cyberpunk 2077 should have a portion of multiplayer. In any case, the programmers view multiplayer mode as their own undertaking which will discharge independently of the primary game. It is not yet clear what multiplayer mode would similarly look like.

The official CD Projekt Red Twitter page back in September 2019 confirmed that multiplayer was underway in a tweet hoping to contract game developers. After the release of Cyberpunk 2077 and its DLC content, the tweet went on to say the arrangement is to welcome you for some multiplayer action.

Since then, Cyberpunk 2077 has been postponed, but so far its safe to say that this is still the plan and players shouldnt expect multiplayer to start. In reality, we probably wont see the multiplayer part of Cyberpunk 2077 until more than a year after release of the game. CD Projekt Red publishing lead Micha Nowakowski confirmed during a recent conference call with investors that they are treating the multiplayer part of the game as its own triple-A release.


Could Cyberpunk 2077 have Multiplayer ? - Gamer Turn

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New game in The Witcher world to be developed after Cyberpunk 2077 – Infosurhoy

Posted: at 7:46 pm

The next entry in CD Projekt Reds highly successful video game adaptation of TheWitcher series is already in the planning stages. The developers CEO, Adam Kicinski, broke the news while speaking to Polish press and said the developer already has a small team working on a concept for another single-player title that is awaiting further development.

Once the studio finishes work on Cyberpunk 2077, which is set to release on September 17, it will reorganize to start work on the next game in The Witcher franchise. CD Projekt Red will divide into three internal teams with the largest group working on a multiplayer mode of Cyberpunk 2077 and another creating additions to the base game. The smallest of the three teams will start work on the developers next role-playing game.

Kicinski stresses that the next title is notThe Witcher 4 as the adventures of Geralt of Rivia was always meant to be a trilogy. He also reiterated that the studio wants to continue creating stories within that universe in addition to what it is currently doing with Cyberpunk 2077. All planned games are either Witcher or Cyberpunk, the studio head said.

Despite the latest title in The Witcher series entering development later this year, fans will still have to wait quite some time. Kicinski quickly shot the idea of a quick turnaround of its next ambitious RPG down when asked. He added the studios projects always last four to five years and that itd be difficult to imagine it releasing any sooner than that as they want to prioritize quality. CD Projekt Red Vice President of Finance Piotr Nielubowicz also chimed in on the next titles development by saying that it will take less commitment than Cyberpunk 2077 as theyre working in a world theyve already established rather than crafting one from the ground up.

CD Projekt Red originally releasedThe Witcher in 2007. Based upon the Polish novels of the same name, the RPG received critical praise upon release. The company followed it up with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in 2011 and The Witcher 3: Wild Huntin 2015 to even more commercial and critical acclaim. Cyberpunk 2077 will mark its firstgame outside of the fantasy universe.

Continued here:

New game in The Witcher world to be developed after Cyberpunk 2077 - Infosurhoy

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‘Altered Carbon: Resleeved’ Review: Breezy, bloody and raunchy, the anime is a visual treat for cyberpunk fans – MEAWW

Posted: at 7:46 pm

This review is spoiler-free

Season 2 of 'Altered Carbon' wasn't the last we saw of the dystopian cyberpunk drama. Three weeks after the release of the Anthony Mackie-starrer, comes an animated version helmed by 'Cowboy Bebop' writer, writer Dai Sato.

It also makes sense to bring in a more Samurai version of the series as the plot is set in the events between season 1 and 2 and deals with the introduction of Tanaseda Hideki (Played by James Saito in the series, and voiced by Kenji Yamauchi in the anime).

'Reseleeved' encompasses all the elements from the live-action series the generous splattering of blood, the explosive action, raunchy sex and cutting edge-tech. The 90-minute film also makes an attempt to join the storylines from Season 1 and the ending might either spawn a sequel for another animated series.

The plotline is simple: Takeshi Kovacs is given another state-of-the-art combat sleeve and is tasked with protecting a teen Yakuza tattoo artist from CTAC and some really badass ninjas.

Deception has always been one of the elements behind Altered Carbon's success and when Kovacs takes the mission, he realizes there is more to the reason behind the tattoo artist, Holly Togram (voiced by Ayaka Asai) who's hunted by two parties.

In Gena, a CTAC soldier, Kovacs finds an able ally as the duo face-off against a horde of enhanced ninjas to save the girl. Multiple storylines come into play with Gena having her own past as a storyline.

Her story will be a revelation and raises some serious questions about some of the recurring characters in season 2 of the live-action series while Hideki is shown to be one of Kovacs mentors after the supposed death of Quellcrist Falconer.

'Resleeved' may not have the wry humor or the rage-filled broody character of Mackie's Kovacs, but its version of the lead character is heavily modeled on Kinnaman. Be it the insanely jacked physique that clearly defines the hard-worn string musculature or the swagger, it gives an honest shot in showing Kinnaman as an anime character.

Chris Conner's Poe was a revelation. The AI was instrumental in both seasons and in the anime, we get to see Ogai (voiced by Jouji Nakata) who is the owner of the hotel, The Wild Geese. Again, another attempt where we see a Japanese version of Poe who's got some top-notch weaponry as part of the hotel's defense systems.

As far as the antagonists go, the film really keeps things tight and simple making 'Resleeved' a predictable affair. But, it does make up for the mainstream plot with some blitzkrieg action. The fight sequences bring in the feeling of being an active part of an FPS game and almost every ten minutes sees an action sequence.

'Altered Carbon' was ranked highly on Rotten Tomatoes and while the second season did see a dip in the audience score, the animated version promises to win back some fans who were disappointed with the second installment. 'Reserved' is breezy, bloody and aggressive.

Cyberpunk fans can pretty much give this a whirl for the visual treat it is.'Altered Carbon: Resleeved' is available for streaming on Netflix.

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'Altered Carbon: Resleeved' Review: Breezy, bloody and raunchy, the anime is a visual treat for cyberpunk fans - MEAWW

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AR contact lenses are here to usher in the cyberpunk future of our dreams – Digital Trends

Posted: January 17, 2020 at 3:41 am

Augmented reality is cool and all, but its hard to shake the idea that staring at our smartphone screens isnt the optimal way to experience AR. Thank goodness, then, for startup Mojo Vision, which has developed augmented reality contact lenses that promise to make viewing AR content a whole lot more seamless. And far more sci-fi in the process.

The companys forthcoming Mojo Lens AR lenses pack the worlds densest 14K pixels-per-inch micro-displays, wireless radio, image-recognition tech (which it claims will be able to understand the activities youre engaged in, so as to not disturb you when its not wanted), and motion sensors all in a minute form small enough to fit onto your eyeball. Mojo Vision believes its Invisible Computing tech has the potential to be a major game-changer when it comes to augmented reality, with the ability to transform how people interact with AR.

Through the use of [AR], useful information can be presented on displays built into glasses or a headset, the company notes on its website. You can see turn-by-turn directions while walking, important steps for replacing an unfamiliar machine part, or talking points for a presentation all without holding a device or looking down at a screen. By using a wearable display, AR helps you keep your concentration by providing information heads-up and hands-free. However, todays AR headsets are too awkward to be worn in social and professional situations, and many AR solutions try to create immersive experiences that can clutter reality. Thats why Mojo has pioneered the concept of Invisible Computing a display that never gets in the way.

Promotional images for Mojo Vision depict users having constellations highlighted in the night sky and hint at things like the aforementioned turn-by-turn directions on the street. Realistically, provided that the tech is as good as the company promises (and its $108 million in previous funding suggests), the number of use cases for this tech is almost limitless. An announced partnership with the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired could also make Mojo Vision particularly valuable as a piece of accessibility tech for the Blind community.

Theres still more work to be done, including the securing of U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval since contact lenses are considered medical devices. There is also the question of whether AR contact lenses are going to win over a public that thought Google Glass was a bit too creepy.

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AR contact lenses are here to usher in the cyberpunk future of our dreams - Digital Trends

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Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Feels We Can Expect Based On The Soundtrack – TheGamer

Posted: at 3:41 am

As we wait for the release ofCyberpunk 2077, we're all trying to anticipate what the game will be like. To do this, we look at the features the game offers, try to compare it to games by the same developer, or other games in the same or similar genres. Butif you want to know what the game will really feel like to play, you must pay attention to another aspect of the game, too, its soundscape.

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Developers have released information on who is playing music for the soundtrack,and this tells us a lot. Here're ten feels you can expect from the game based on the soundtrack.

A$AP Rocky is a rapper from NYC who has experienced firsthand what the street life can be like. At a young age, he lost his older sister to a drug overdose, and in addition to rapping he has sold drugs on the street. His music can be thematically heavy, but it can also be light in feeling.

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A$AP Rocky's music will add feelings of stepping into the shit and coming out clean. This will put you in the mood for conquering Night City. A great feeling for gearing up before a mission or getting down with friends afterward.

Rat Boy is a British rapper who also cites indie rock as one of his key influences. He's been compared to The Beastie Boys, and certainly there is a similarity in his early music. He's had experience as a disposable worker in the service economy, and his personal experiences form the basis for his music. For theCyberpunk 2077 soundtrack, he promises music that blends punk influence with an exploration of where electronica can go. This music will likely be good for listening to when things don't go your way; very comforting music for a loser.

Richard Devine is an electronic musician who has produced some amazingly complex sounds. The thickly layered music he produces is very different from the type of music we've encountered before on this soundtrack, and it broadens our understanding of what this soundtrack could be. Devine brings somethingalmost like what Vangelis did for theBlade Runner soundtrack, and this could lead to some very interesting feels for the game. Quiet, deep moments. In the music based trailer, he talks about making "rugged, rough, edgy" music, which isn't the type of sound he's normally known for, so it could be a bit of a wildcard here.

Nina Kraviz is a Russian DJ, producer, and singer. Trained as a dentist, she worked many jobs before she finally found success at her calling. In the music trailer, they quote her as talking about music that is "psychedelic, trippy, yet uplifting, engaging."

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This goes along with her style of music, which can separate an audience from their surroundings and put them into a headspace that she creates. We can see her music as being ideal for club scenes, of which we expect there will be several.

Deadly Hunta combines many disparate influences in his music, including dancehall and reggae. It's nice to see him on the soundtrack, because it helps to bring a more international feel to the game. Deadly Hunta is an African artist who moved to Jamaica before establishing himself as an energetic performer and thoughtful musician. In the music trailer he talks about the music being industrial and connoting a feeling of revolution.There are a lot of places this music might fit, either as background for a drugged-out scene, or perhaps as a call to action for an uprising, the latter is of coursehearkens most to his recent song "Chemtrails."

Gazelle Twin describes her music as being "quite rebellious, and it's quite noisy and aggressive." That certainly fits the style of this British-based electronic music composer, producer, and musician. The heavy beats anddeep themes of her music will make for a very oppressive atmosphere. Adding Gazelle Twin to the soundtrack will create a sensationalmost like being trapped under the weight of the world, but like the cockroaches she uses in her "Anti Body" video, the game's heroes are resilient and still capable of escaping the pressure.

While it might initially seem strange to add a cellist to the soundtrack ofCyberpunk 2077, Tina Guo is no ordinary cellist. This Chinese-American musicianhas come a long way from her training as a classical cellist. She has a long history in pop music, performing with the Foo Fighter as far back as 2008. She has entire album themed to video game music, calledGame On!, and she has a number of amazing performance videos out there, including theGod of War main theme and an outstanding live performance of the theme from theWonder Woman movie with violinist Caroline Campbell.

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She talks about the range of music she's performingfor the soundtrack, including some heavy, dirty tracks, but also some mellow, ambient music. So, I guess we have to expect some mellow scenes?

Refused is a veteran punk rock band from Sweden that debuted just a year after the classic Cyberpunk 2020 RPG printed. They combine driving guitars with a wide range of influences, including jazz. The band has changed dramatically. Their anti-establishment stance makes them a great tonal fit for the game, but Refused isn't actually appearing as themselves. They are portraying the band "Samurai," in the game. This legendary chrome rock band served as the launch vehicle for rocky Johnny Silverhand voiced by Keanu Reaves when he's not singing.Several tracks by "Samurai" have been released, and this gives you your best way to sample the true sonic environment ofCyberpunk 2077.

Grimes is a Canadian dream pop musician who has already released songs related to Cyberpunk 2077. This includes "4 M," which she also performed live at The Game Awards in a spectacular stage show promoting the game. This song is consistent with some of her other recent work. She says of her music, "I think it fits with Night City because both are scary and pretty at the same time."

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In the case of this song, the music has a dreamy, distant feel, like reality is slipping away. This could be in a good way, or it could be in a very bad way.

Perhaps the simplest inclusion on this soundtrack,Run the Jewels brings a heavy foundation to theCyberpunk 2077 soundtrack. Ahead of their highly anticipated new album this year, they are bringing their characteristic hardcore rap sound to the soundtrack, as well as their combination of fun, engaging lyrics. And the feeling they want to convey? That's simple. Killer Mike explains, "We wanna provide you with the soundtrack for f***ing shit up." There is definitely going to be a lot of that, Mike. And it will be a lot more fun with your music.

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NextThe Witcher 3: 5 Video Game Protagonists Who Could Beat Geralt In A Fight (& 5 Who Couldn't)

Matthew literally has a PhD in science fiction and has been a professional writer since 2007. He fell in love with games when they were simple, like Risk and Gort. He grew up with D&D, Paradroid, and Axis & Allies. Now he's delighted to enjoy fun times gaming with his kids and all the new options. Current favorites: Astroneer and Terraforming Mars.

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Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Feels We Can Expect Based On The Soundtrack - TheGamer

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The Last of Us 2, Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077 & More Have Set 2020 Up to Be an Epic Year in Gaming – The Escapist

Posted: at 3:41 am

Its said almost every year: This year is looking to be one of the best one for games ever! The prospects of each new year are analyzed and stock is taken on what can be expected from console manufacturers and publishers. While some deliver in spades 2018 was a killer year for the industry others often tend to be notable but not necessarily huge. Thats all about to change this year. With a string of high-profile tent pole game releases, the growth of cloud gaming, and the beginning of an all-new console generation, 2020 is set to be pretty explosive.

For starters, Final Fantasy VII Remake arrives in March. Its not the entire game, but fans are actually getting the full-scale remake theyve dreamed about for decades. Receiving even a piece of this remake is a huge deal.

Then Cyberpunk 2077, first announced back in 2012, releases on April 16. Anticipation is through the roof for CD Projekt Reds new epic action RPG. Each trailer, gameplay demo, and piece of media cements the notion that were in for an incredibly detailed world to explore. CD Projekt Red has proven itself to be a studio that has its finger on the pulse of what many core gamers desire: narrative-driven action adventure games focused on delivering high-quality stories. Whats more, the developer is still riding high on the goodwill built from The Witcher 3, which recently received renewed interest thanks to a Netflix series.

The big hitters dont stop there by any means. Doom Eternal and Resident Evil 3, scheduled for March and April respectively, are both expected to do extremely well critically and financially. Resident Evil 3 launching just over a year after Resident Evil 2 in particular comes across as ambitious and exciting (especially since Resident Evil: Resistance is included). Capcom has been on fire lately, and if Resident Evil 3s announcement trailer is anything to go by, were in for another great time.

Perhaps most shocking of all games releasing this year is Half-Life: Alyx. Many Half-Life fans had all but given up on ever getting another entry in the franchise, with Valve showing much more interest in its position as a platform (Steam) than narrative-driven games. While Alyx is admittedly VR-only, that doesnt take away from the fact that were getting a new Half-Life experience one thats long, suggests high quality with its trailer, and dishes out more story surrounding Half-Life 2 and potentially beyond.

When looking to the console manufacturers, we see a ton of movement. Microsoft has been incredibly busy as of late, heavily pushing Game Pass, laying the ground work for xCloud, and setting the stage for the next generation with Xbox Series X.

Xbox Game Studios appears to finally be picking up steam this year with first-party titles releasing almost every month. Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Bleeding Edge are two to watch for in March. Gears Tactics and Minecraft Dungeons will definitely have their share of players in April, and games like Grounded, Wasteland 3, Tell Me Why, Battletoads, Psychonauts 2, and Flight Simulator round out the list.

The biggest elephant in the room is of course the recently revealed Xbox Series X. Xbox easily stole the show at The Game Awards with its announcement. Touted as a very powerful and dedicated gaming machine, the Series X is Microsoft throwing its full weight behind console gaming. We have yet to learn details on launch date, price, and the full extent of its hardware innards, but gamers have shown theyre definitely hungry for it.

A new console launch is a big deal. Its the culmination of years of research and development, and Microsoft is smart to release a game many have been eagerly anticipating for years right alongside it: Halo Infinite. Not only is this subconsciously symbolic Halo was a launch title for the original Xbox its a calculated move, and one Microsoft hopes will push Xbox Series X units into living rooms this holiday. If 343 delivers a home run, it will be a system seller.

Microsoft is also gearing to finally launch Project xCloud into the public domain. The companys push into cloud gaming isnt hard to see. The preview program has been regarded as a success to a majority of players, and its rollout signifies a potential turning point for many gamers worldwide. Its going to be a massive year for Xbox.

Nintendo is more of a wild card at this point. We dont know much beyond releases like Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, both slated for March, and Grasshoppers No More Heroes III. But you can be sure that a company like Nintendo has some cards up its sleeve. Nintendo Directs are always on the horizon, often holding surprises that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Will the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild actually launch this year? Will we finally see Bayonetta 3 in our hands? Can we expect to hear more about Metroid Prime 4? These are all possibilities, just like a rumored new revision of the Nintendo Switch itself. The handheld-console hybrid has continued to ride a wave of momentum since its launch almost three years ago, and I have no doubt the company will continue that trend this year.

Sonys 2020 on the other hand is fairly transparent relatively speaking, and its looking like it will be a monster. A slew of first-party games and exclusives are set to release on PlayStation 4 this year. In development for the entire generation, Dreams is finally set to release on Feb. 14. Players have created some absolutely stunning works of art, not to mention actual functional games. Its an incredibly unique and ambitious project and could possibly open up something entirely new for game creators and gamers alike.

Nioh 2, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Iron Man VR are marquee exclusive titles to keep an eye on as well. Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punchs all-new open-world action adventure IP, will also be released at last later this summer. Expectations for the developer are high after the long gap since 2014s inFamous Second Son and its expansion, First Light. Demo footage and trailers have continued to tick all the right boxes, and PlayStation fans definitely love what they see.

But its The Last of Us: Part II, arguably one of the most anticipated titles in recent memory, that has PS4 owners foaming at the mouth. Naughty Dog can seemingly do no wrong at this point, and thanks to the highly lauded Uncharted series and The Last of Us, people are just dying to get their hands on the game. Its right behind Cyberpunk 2077 as the game Im most looking forward to this year. Sonys focus on highly focused narrative-driven games is continuing full steam ahead, and if Uncharted 4, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man are anything to go by, we might even see the best-selling first-party SIE title on PS4 to date.

All of that alone makes for a busy year for the company, but its also throwing its hat into the next-gen ring with the PlayStation 5. With over 106 million PlayStation 4 systems sold to date, its not a stretch to say that many gamers will be excited as all hell to grab the next PlayStation. We still havent seen the physical console itself, let alone details on price and launch date, but we know its coming this holiday.

Like every PlayStation before it, the PS5 launch will be massive. Expect a heavy marketing campaign and a wide range of launch titles big and small. Thanks to Gearbox Software and developer Counterplay Games, we already know of one launch game. Announced at last years Game Awards, Godfall is a new looter-slasher thats set to release alongside the new console.

Even with everything said so far, we still havent taken into account several other big third-party releases like Watch Dogs: Legion, Dying Light 2, and Marvels Avengers. There are bound to be a bunch of unannounced titles ready to go too. Will Warner Bros. Montreals new Batman game, frustratingly teased with logo after logo for the past four months, finally see the light of day? Will the long rumored Viking-inspired Assassins Creed become a launch title for next-gen consoles? Whats Bluepoint Games PS5 game going to be? Could a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn theoretically be ready as a launch title? Well almost certainly see Forza Motorsport 8 for Xbox Series X.

With everything we know so far, its easy to see just how big this years bound to be. Indeed, people do say every year in games is huge, massive, or epic! But hey, when we actually stop to look at everything thats coming this time, it actually does look that way.

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The Last of Us 2, Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077 & More Have Set 2020 Up to Be an Epic Year in Gaming - The Escapist

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Liam Wong’s debut monograph is a cyberpunk-inspired exploration of a neon-soaked nocturnal Tokyo – Creative Boom

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Technicolor 23:52:00 Liam Wong. All images courtesy of the artist and Thames & Hudson

Late-night taxi rides, rain-soaked streets, a fleeting glimpse of the last train home video game designer-turned-photographer Liam Wong reveals a neon-soaked journey into the nocturnal world of Tokyo.

Creative Boom was one of the first to share his Blade Runner inspired series when it was launched in 2016. Now we're happy to discover that Wong is releasing his first book, TO:KY:OO presenting the world's biggest city as it's rarely seen, masterfully reinvented from midnight street scenes to cyberpunk dreamscapes.

Self-taught and influenced by creative masters such as Syd Mead and Hideo Kojima, Wong developed his own software techniques to create the evocative images that render Tokyo's particular nightlife in a surreal world all his own.

The book also features a section on Wong's creative process, so diehard fans can discover how he chooses the right scene, enhances colour and adds further impact.

"One night, it rained, and the city came to life. I got lost in the beauty of Tokyo at night. I kept taking picture after picture. It was like being inside the cyberpunk world created by Syd Mead in Blade Runner," says Wong.

Art directed by Wong himself, TO:KY: OO is published by Thames & Hudson. You can grab a copy via Liam Wong's website at

Neon Noir 23:50:20 Liam Wong

Blade Runner Origins 00:17:59 Liam Wong

Ultraviolet 02:41:27 Liam Wong

Memories of Green 00:00:33 Liam Wong

TO:KY:OO Night Train 00:00:00 Liam Wong

Kimono Glitch 01:51:19 Liam Wong

Self-Portrait in Midgar 01:00:00 Liam Wong

Youth 23:11:00 Liam Wong

Neo Tokyo 20:9:00 Liam Wong

Traffic 02:32:19 Liam Wong

Blade Runner Vibes 00:49:51 Liam Wong

Noir 23:56:30 Liam Wong

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Liam Wong's debut monograph is a cyberpunk-inspired exploration of a neon-soaked nocturnal Tokyo - Creative Boom

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