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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Reveals This 1 Aspect of Polygamy That Can Feel Like ‘Mind Games’ – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Posted: January 18, 2020 at 10:48 am

Christine Brown of TLCs Sister Wives is Kody Browns third wife, a mother of six, and a fierce advocate for the legalization of polygamy. Sometimes jokingly called polygamy royalty by her husband, Christine grew up in the Apostolic United Brethren (the Browns fundamentalist Mormon sect) in a well-known polygamous family in Utah.

Although Christine is a strong supporter of the right to practice polygamy, especially for religious reasons, shes had her own issues with it over the years. On the Jan. 12 Sister Wives episode, Lonely in Flagstaff, Christine revealed her problems with jealousy during her many years as Kodys plural wife.

On Lonely in Flagstaff, Meri Brown, the first of Kodys four wives, admitted she was still struggling with her marriage. Meri and Kody have particularly struggled since Meris legal divorce from Kody in 2015. Although the couple still considers themselves married, as does their religion, they divorced so Kody could adopt fourth wife Robyn Browns three children from a previous marriage.

Although Meri said she still wanted to participate in family activities, she confessed that it was sometimes difficult to have Kodys relationship with his other three wives in her face. Because the Sister Wives patriarch still has a positive relationship with Christine, Robyn, and second wife Janelle Brown, she said it was challenging not to feel jealousy when she was around them.

It looks like Meri isnt the only Sister Wives star who has shied away from family activities due to loneliness and jealousy. On the episode, Christine opened up about her own experiences with jealousy towards her three sister wives. I get that, Christine said of Meris emotions around the tender subject.

Theres been so many times where Kody and I are just at it with each other, just in a fight, and we go to a family function, and I get to sit there and watch him have a good relationship with his other wives, Kodys third wife revealed.

Christine shared that watching her husband interact sweetly with his other wives when her own marriage is struggling is one of the hardest aspects of plural marriage (polygamy) for her.

Its a constant reminder that he does have good relationships with other people. And then maybe its all you, the Sister Wives star said. And I cant tell you the mind games that it does. Its terrible.

While Christine and Kody are in a good place now, they struggled quite a bit with their relationship in the earliest seasons of Sister Wives. At the time, Christine was pregnant with her youngest child, daughter Truely Brown. Meanwhile, Kody was courting his youngest and last wife, Robyn.

Because Christine was the last wife for so many years, she admitted to struggling with extreme jealousy over Robyn. Additionally, the Sister Wives star sometimes felt abandoned by Kody at a vulnerable time in her life, when she was pregnant. However, Robyn and Christine eventually worked out their differences and are now very close as sister wives.

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'Sister Wives': Christine Brown Reveals This 1 Aspect of Polygamy That Can Feel Like 'Mind Games' - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Mexican president visits La Mora and learns of the Mormon history there – Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: at 10:48 am

Mexicos president appeared to cry when listening to the Mormon history of La Mora and seemed sincere in wanting to capture the gunmen who killed three mothers and six children with Utah ties, two of the victims relatives said Monday.

President Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador visited La Mora, in the Mexican state of Sonora, on Sunday to discuss the Nov. 4 deaths. Before public remarks later in the day, Lpez Obrador met in the home of Kenny Miller, whose daughter-in-law and four grandchildren were among the dead.

The meeting included an introduction by one of La Moras founders, Paul Langford, known as Don Pablo, who told the president how the community can trace its lineage to when members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fled violence in Missouri in the 1830s and then how some Mormons left Utah at the start of the 20th century to continue practicing polygamy.

The president appeared to tear up, Miller said in a text message. Lpez Obrador definitely looked emotionally affected, but then so was I.

The Salt Lake City-based faith abandoned polygamy more than a century ago, and now excommunicates members found practicing it. Only a handful of La Moras residents still practice polygamy.

Lafe Langford Jr., whose aunt and cousins were among the dead, said Lpez Obrador met with all three husbands of the murdered women as well as some of the victims parents. He also met with one of the survivors, Devin Langford, who was 13 when he helped hide his siblings and then walked miles back to La Mora to find help. Lpez Obrador said he planned to bestow an award on the boy, Lafe Langford said.

Lpez Obrador asked the families what he could do for them. Lafe Langford said they asked only for a monument to be erected to the victims and those who saved the survivors.

We recognize the incredible effort the government is making on our behalf, said Lafe Langford, who grew up in La Mora and still has a cattle ranch there but resides in Louisiana. Its very special, touched a lot of hearts, and I think a lot of people were moved and given some brief hopes that justice will be served.

It was an amazing confirmation that Mexico stands with us, and they are determined to bring these criminal killers to justice.

Lafe Langford, who was not allowed into the private meeting but heard the public remarks, said those in attendance were impressed with how Lpez Obrador arrived. La Mora is about 1,300 miles from Mexico City roughly the distance between Washington, D.C., and central Nebraska.

Rather than arrive by helicopter, Lpez Obrador flew to Agua Prieta and took the same transportation La Mora residents do. His caravan drove four hours down bumpy, winding dirt roads. Lafe Langford said he was told Lpez Obradors vehicle even had a flat tire along the way.

Mexicos director of security also traveled with Lpez Obrador. Lafe Langford said the families were allowed to watch a previously disclosed video taken by a captured suspect. It shows the moments between the shooting that killed Maria Rhonita Miller and four of her children and when the killers set her SUV ablaze.

Lpez Obrador said he would give the families another briefing in two months and would return to dedicate the monument in four to six months. Lafe Langford said the monument is expected to be at one of the two massacre sites or there may be a monument at both locations.

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Mexican president visits La Mora and learns of the Mormon history there - Salt Lake Tribune

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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Polygamy Show Moved to 10:00pm – Is TLC Series Headed for Cancellation? – Soap Dirt

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Sister Wives featuring Kody Brown and his four wives returned last week for its fourteenth season on TLC. Fans were anxiously awaiting to see how the Browns big move to Flagstaff played out. Especially since season 13 ended with a cliffhanger last April. So, TLC aired the first episode of Sister Wives in its usual 8 pm time slot. However another more popular TLC series, 90 Day Fiance will now be taking over the 8:00 time slot.

The network preempted90 Day Fiance last week for the Sister Wives premiere. But this week, SW will move to its new later time slot of 10 pm. Does losing the coveted time slots indicate TLCs plan to cancel Kody Browns long-running series? Lets take a look at what this move could spell for the future of Sister Wives.

In the past, both 90 Day Fiance and Sister Wives were able to run in the lucrative Sunday night 8:00 position. This was possible because each shows seasons aired at a different time of the year. But with all the 90 Day Fiance spinoff shows, they are starting to overlap. And it appears that TLC executives want 90 Day Fiance to show instead of SW. The decision was made to not run 90 Day Fiance last week and instead run the premiere of Sister Wives at 8:00, then the rest of the episodes at 10:00pm.

90 Day Fiance fans were quick to voice their displeasure that Sister Wives preempted their beloved Sunday night show. And now, SW viewers are not happy that their show was moved to such a late hour.

Ratings have been steadily declining since season 11 of Sister Wives. So much so the show was in jeopardy of cancellation until Kody Brown made a deal to slash his familys salaries to keep his show on the air. However, that may not be enough to keep the series running. Fans are tiring of the redundancy of the storylines and the move to a later air time may finally cause the network to part ways with the Kody Brown reality show.

Although moving Sister Wives back two hours seems like a certain death sentence ratings-wise for the long-running series, it might have the opposite effect. Recall 90 Day Fiance and its many spinoffs are rating gold for TLC. So, with that highly rated show as the lead in, SW might pick up lots of new viewers that stay on the channel after 90 Day Fiance ends.

Sister Wives new season already is off to a tense start. The tension between Kody Brown and his four wives seems off the charts. From the clips we have seen, we know Kody blows up at Robyn Brown over Meri Brown. Additionally last week, we saw the divide between the wives was quite clear when Meris original rental fell through. Not one of her co-wives offered up their houses for her to stay in while looking for a new home. In fact, they seemed relieved to have one less spouse around. Then in the next breath, they question Meris loyalty and dedication to the family. Can you blame Meri for distancing herself?

Watch future episodes of Sister Wives on Sundays now starting a 10 pm on the TLC network.

Visit Soap Dirt dailyand find the latest Sister Wives updates.

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'Sister Wives': Kody Brown's Polygamy Show Moved to 10:00pm - Is TLC Series Headed for Cancellation? - Soap Dirt

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Meet the individuals who shaped Utah as state celebrates 150 years of women’s suffrage –

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Editor's note: This article is a part of a series reviewing Utah history for's Historic section.

SALT LAKE CITY On Jan. 13, 1870, a group of 5,000 women or so packed the old Salt Lake Tabernacle for what was called the Great Indignation Meeting. By this point, the Utah Territory continued to clash with the federal government over issues such as polygamy.

It was in this meeting one attended by close to one-fifth of the state at the time that they opposed antipolygamy legislation brought up in the U.S. House of Representatives, The Church Historians Press noted. As Neylan McBaine, CEO of Utah womens history nonprofit Better Days 2020 points out, the women at this meeting wanted it known they were independent agents.

They wanted to be able to speak for themselves, that they were not being oppressed under polygamy. They wanted to be respected for being independent women, McBaine said.

The following month, Utah became the second U.S. territory to allow women the right to vote. And two days after it became law, Seraph Young became the first woman in U.S. history to cast a ballot in an election.

Now, 150 years later, you can find an illustration of Young casting a ballot on the fourth floor of the Utah Capitol. Shes flanked by dozens of similar illustrations depicting trailblazers who have shaped the state for the better. The illustrations are a part of a new art exhibition at the Capitol to celebrate 150 years of womens suffrage in Utah and 100 years since a constitutional amendment gave women the right to vote nationwide.

The exhibit is comprised of about 50 paintings of women and men who either fought for womens suffrage or carried the torch of making a difference in Utah since that first ballot was cast.

The purpose of these (photos) is to bring some of the women from Utah history to life and highlight some of the untold stories of Utah women from the past, McBaine said.

Each illustration, designed by Utah artist Brooke Smart, is coupled with a brief synopsis of that person and the role they played in history.

A big goal for us, with these illustrations, was to make them relatable and to tell the story of each and every one of these women and men we illustrated, Smart explained. The designs were created with the help of research or after interviewing people who knew that person.

As I created each illustration, I just fell in love with these women and men," Smart said. "Each one felt very much like my friend by the end of the process its really a shame each and every one of them is dead because I would love to actually meet them. It would have been so nice to connect with them.

They include people from all different backgrounds, time periods and regions of the state, such as Young. Then theres Martha Hughes Cannon, who in 1896 became the first woman in U.S. history to serve as a state senator. Later this year, her statue will be moved to the U.S. Capitol.

One painting honors an entire Kanab Town Council, which was comprised of Tamar Hamblin, Luella McAllister, Blanche Hamblin, Vinnie Jepson and Mary Chamberlain. Those five won election in 1911 after some people placed their names on the ballot as a joke, according to Better Days 2020 research. The women accepted the position anyway and became Utahs first all-female town council and just the third such council in American history.

A big goal for us, with these illustrations, was to make them relatable and to tell the story of each and every one of these women and men we illustrated.

Then theres Lucille Bankhead, whom Utah Department of Heritage and Arts executive director Jill Love pointed out as a personal favorite of hers. Bankhead organized a protest against a Utah legislative proposal that would have forced African-American residents in Salt Lake City to move out of their current homes into segregated designated areas given the title black districts in 1939, Love explained.

Bankhead had never been to the Utah State Capitol and it was later recounted that she and her group stayed until we knew the legislature realized what they had to do and then we went home, and I guess the people of the legislature were glad to see us go, Love said. Recounting the perseverance and conviction, she held so many decades before, Bankhead said, If I dont like what youre doing, if I think Im right, Im going to speak up. Im going to talk about it and somebodys going to hear.

Another painting honors Olene Walker, who became the first woman to serve as Utahs governor in 2003. Maude Adams found success in two fields: She was the highest-paid actress at a point during her career, including while playing Peter Pan when it first hit Broadway in 1905, and he also helped invent technology that revolutionized theater and cinema, according to Better Days 2020.

Edith Melendez, who served on the Governors Hispanic Council under Utah Gov. Scott Matheson, was known as a tireless leader in the states Latino community until her death in 1990. During her life, Melendez fought for social justice and reform and advocated for womens rights and other issues, Better Days 2020 noted.

Only one of the faces on the walls, Susan B. Anthony, is of someone who wasnt from Utah or didn't reside in the state at some point. However, the famous women's suffrage crusader did have several ties to the state, including befriending leading Utah suffragist Emmeline Wells.

(Anthony) loved the women of Utah, McBaine said. She was really one of the only national suffrage leaders who was willing to take the Utah women in all of their crazy plural marriage stuff. A lot of the other national leaders didnt want to have anything to do with Utah, even though they were first. She was a great advocate for us and a great friend to us, so we wanted to honor her.

Its hard to list them all. In addition to the paintings on display at the Utah Capitol, the organization launched an online gallery for people to read biographies of all the individuals featured. The organization also printed trading cards, posters and books to help reach Utahs younger generation in different ways and educate them on the people who shaped the state they live in.

In addition to the illustrations, there are a few artifacts on the fourth floor of the Capitol. They include the original 1870 legislation allowing women to vote in the state and Utahs ratification document of the 19th Amendment.

The exhibit will remain on display throughout the year.

I think its really important for us to know there are people from our own backyards, from our own communities, who see problems, who see challenges and who band together sometimes they work against each other, but they do something about those problems and they make their voices heard, said Katherine Kitterman, the research director for Better Days 2020. We can recognize that our voice does matter, and we can take courage and inspiration from these women and men to make our voices heard in our communities in whatever way we feel like that should happen.

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Meet the individuals who shaped Utah as state celebrates 150 years of women's suffrage -

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‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Spends Her Birthday With Mariah And Audrey – TV Shows Ace

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown got a special treat on her birthday. Fans know she really enjoys the company of Mariahs fiance, Audrey Kriss. And, she loves getting together with her daughter Mariah. So, when she celebrated her birthday this year the 49-year-old TLC star told her fans about it.

TV Shows Ace reported that Meri Brown keeps herself very busy these days. Her LuLaRoe business involves a lot of her time, and sometimes she heads off on cruises to enjoy herself. Plus, her Lizzies Heritage Inn keeps her on her toes. Often, she wakes up really early and then gets her workout done. On occasion, by 7.00 a.m shes well into her day. So, on her birthday, hopefully, she got some downtime.

Meri took to her Instagram to talk about her birthday. Sitting in a diner with Mariah and Audrey, they certainly looked like they enjoyed themselves. She captioned her post with, Perfect birthday day with my girls! Living in Chicago, they miss@caferio and Im a super fan of it, so its a win win!! . Plus, she used the hashtag #MyGirls. Naturally, many Sister Wives fans sent in their congratulations. One said, Happy Birthday Meri!!!! Wishing you the best today and always.

Meri actually looks very happy on her social media, a far cry from the TLC version in the TV show. On her Instagram, InTouch Weekly noted that on January 11, she reaffirmed that shes a wife for life. Actually, while many fans think Meri should get out of polygamy life, she seems determined thats not going to happen. Fans often suggest with Mariah out the nest, and her own business to run, she should just leave Kody.

In the current season, fans see Meri unhappy. Actually many people who watch Sister Wives complain because the other wives wouldnt help Meri with a place to stay. Then, they saw her return from Vegas to Flagstaff and they got reluctant to even help her move in. Once more in the current season, fans urge her to leave. But, Meri loves the kids in the large family. Mariah might be her blood daughter, but she loves hanging out with Robyns kids as well.

Audrey and Mariah get along so well with Meri. Its really nice to see them hang together on Meris birthday. After all, when Mariah came out, Meri got a bit shocked. Now well over it, they moved on. And, Sister Wives fans also saw Mariah upset about her mom getting catfished. But, once again, they moved on and seem in a really good place.

Whatever Meri decides to do with the family, really is her business, some loyal fans think. Maybe people shouldnt take everything they see on the TV screen as reality. What do you think? Are you happy for Meri that she made her decision to be a wife for life? Are you pleased that these days, she and Mariah get along so well? It looked like a fun-filled birthday meetup. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back withTV Shows Aceoften for more news about TLCsSister Wives.

Woryn is a writer who started a small book publishing company. She wrote three books, one of them published by Domhan. Woryn also writes as Jane Flowers for The Destination Seeker and Blasting News.

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'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Spends Her Birthday With Mariah And Audrey - TV Shows Ace

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Milestones and palace intrigue: Rise and fall of Thai Royal Noble Consort – The Straits Times

Posted: December 27, 2019 at 6:17 pm

In July, Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn named Ms Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi Royal Noble Consort, bestowing on the trained nurse, pilot and bodyguard a title that was last used nearly a century ago.

After the unexpected announcement came the unprecedented release of a series of candid pictures featuring the new consort - from her in a crop top at the controls of a fighter jet, to her and the king dressed in combat fatigues, royal poodle in arms - which drew so many visitors to the palace website that it crashed.

No one could have predicted that Ms Sineenat's fall from grace would follow so swiftly - less than three months after she was made consort.

On Oct 21, the king stripped the 34-year-old of all her titles for "misbehaviour and disloyalty against the monarch". She was also accused of seeking to sabotage his official wife Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya's appointment as queen in a bid to take the position herself.

"(She) was acting out against the royal marriage and the appointment of the queen," said the Royal Gazette in a detailed condemnation of the disgraced consort.

It said the king had tried to take pressure off the monarchy by appointing Ms Sineenat as his official royal consort, but "she wasn't satisfied with the royally bestowed position and still did everything to be equal to the queen".

Her actions, it said, "are considered dishonourable, lacking gratitude, unappreciative of royal kindness, and driving a rift among the royal servants, making misunderstanding among the people, and undermining the nation and the monarchy".

Soon after, the king fired nearly a dozen palace officials - for reasons such as "extremely evil misconduct" - all of whom received harsh rebuke in the Royal Gazette.

Ms Sineenat's public rise to noble consort broke with nearly a century of tradition: The title had not been used since Thailand abolished absolute monarchy and polygamy more than eight decades ago.

Her fall, however, was not unprecedented. In 1996, then Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn denounced his second wife. In 2014, he stripped his third wife of all her titles and banished her from court.

Analysts see Ms Sineenat's removal as yet another show of power by a new king - making clear that his reign will be an assertive one.

"The abrupt move by the king tells us that he wishes to be seen as a very in-charge monarch who will not put up with possible divisions in the royal institution," analyst Paul Chambers from Naresuan University told British newspaper The Guardian.

The king came to power in 2016 after the death of his father, the widely-revered Bhumibol Adulyadej. Since then, he has made various moves to consolidate his power, including taking direct control of some key army units, and dismissing and appointing several palace officials.

Rumours over Ms Sineenat's downfall are still brewing, but a clear answer is unlikely and public discussion sparse because of Thailand's strict lese majeste law. This prohibits criticism against senior members of the royal family, and those found guilty can be jailed for up to 15 years.

Ms Sineenat's whereabouts are unknown.

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Milestones and palace intrigue: Rise and fall of Thai Royal Noble Consort - The Straits Times

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