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Real-Time Communication with Dreaming Person Possible, Says Study | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel | – The…

Posted: February 22, 2021 at 2:19 pm

Representational image

Can anyone perceive questions and provide answers in the midst of a vivid dream? It is possible, say researchers of a recent study whose results might sound like a real-life extension of the Hollywood blockbuster Inception.

The findings of the study indicate that it is possible for people while dreaming to follow instructions, do simple math, answer yes-or-no questions, or tell the difference between different sensory stimuli.

"We found that individuals in REM sleep can interact with an experimenter and engage in real-time communication," said researcher Ken Paller from Northwestern University in the US. According to the researcher, dreamers are capable of comprehending questions, engaging in working-memory operations and producing answers.

"Most people might predict that this would not be possiblethat people would either wake up when asked a question or fail to answer and certainly not comprehend a question without misconstruing it," Paller said. But the research shows that people in dreams could respond using eye movements or by contracting facial muscles.

For the study, published in the journal Current Biology, the researchers evaluated 36 people who aimed to have a lucid dream, in which a person is aware they're dreaming. The researchers refer to it as "interactive dreaming."

The researchers said that future studies of dreaming could use these same methods to assess cognitive abilities during dreams versus wake. Outside of the laboratory, the methods could be used to help people in various ways, such as solving problems during sleep or offering nightmare sufferers novel ways to cope, the team noted.


The above article has been published from a wire source with minimal modifications to the headline and text.

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Real-Time Communication with Dreaming Person Possible, Says Study | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | - The...

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Strathclyde secures funding for low carbon SME projects – University of Strathclyde

Posted: at 2:19 pm

Two projects involving the University of Strathclyde have received funding from Scottish Enterprises Low Carbon Challenge Fund.

The Low Carbon Challenge Fund is a partnership between the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise with total investment of 2.79 million with 1.39 million from the European Regional Development Fund and match-funding from the projects.

The University of Strathclyde is leading one project which will help the aerospace, rail and renewables sector to address the challenges around life extension and repurposing of assets and builds on linked projects.

The university will work with companies across Scotland to support their journey from identifying opportunities to reduce waste to demonstrating the process towards a circular economy.

Dr David Butler, Reader in the Department of Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Management, said: The project provides for timely intervention and support for SMEs who wish to engage the three sectors and benefit from the opportunities arising from aircraft decommissioning and the life time extension of rail rolling stock and onshore wind turbines.

With the drive towards the Scottish Governments net-zero targets it is important that we look for environmentally sustainable routes to develop new products and services which demonstrate best green practices and encourage reuse rather than disposal at the end of the product life cycle.

A second project, led by the University of St Andrews, and partnering with Strathclyde will assist companies throughout the hydrogen supply chain from fuel cell manufacturers to energy specialists to create a strong Scottish original equipment manufacturing (OEM) base.

The project builds on wider strategic initiatives around the Scottish Governments hydrogen action plan and hydrogen policy statement.

The fund was set up last year and provided opportunities for public, third sector and academic institutions to, in turn, develop projects for SMEs to support low carbon innovation and manufacturing capabilities across Scotland.

Scottish Enterprise Chief Executive Linda Hanna said: The Low Carbon Challenge Fund is a catalyst to support economic opportunities in Scotland and nurture businesses to develop net zero products, processes and services.

I look forward to seeing these pioneering projects take shape as they have the potential to transform the way companies work whether it is reducing manufacturing waste, future-proofing transport to developing new hydrogen products.

The three successful projects will harness the expertise of public sector partnerships and engage businesses in Scotland towards the transition to a net zero nation.

The university will establish a business advice service, seminars and provide access to testing equipment in addition to supporting early stage prototyping to identify innovation opportunities.

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Strathclyde secures funding for low carbon SME projects - University of Strathclyde

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Carlos Correa: Extension talks ‘are nowhere right now’ with Astros – Houston Chronicle

Posted: at 2:19 pm

Chandler Rome,Staff writer

Feb. 22, 2021Updated: Feb. 22, 2021 1:05p.m.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. Carlos Correa said there have been no talks about a long-term contract extension between his representation and the Astros.

"There's no talks right now about that. Talks are nowhere right now," Correa said. "I leave that up to my agent and the organization, but right now, there's no talks about it. I haven't heard from them since the arbitration was settled. That's where we are right now."

Last month, Correa told a team-sponsored radio show that he'd love to be "an Astro for life." He's among a star-studded group of shortstops set to enter free agency following the 2021 season.

"I'm not scared of free agency, but as I've said before and shared before, I feel like this is the team I grew up in. I feel like this is my team. I feel like I belong here. But they have to feel the same way."

Correa added "ifthe Astros want to extend me, I would like to get it done before the season starts."

Chandler Rome joined the Houston Chronicle in 2018 to cover the Astros after spending one year in Tuscaloosa covering Alabama football - during which Nick Saban asked if he attended college. He did, at LSU, where he covered the Tigers baseball team for nearly four years. He covered most of the Astros' 2015 playoff run, too, as an intern for

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Carlos Correa: Extension talks 'are nowhere right now' with Astros - Houston Chronicle

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Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market Size, Share Production & Consumption Analysis With Forecast To 2028 The Bisouv Network – The Bisouv…

Posted: at 2:19 pm

Growing emphasis on the food safety and longer shelf life has played an important role in the development of ingredients that aid in food preservation. These ingredients vary from simple water content to salt or sugar to chemicals like antioxidants and are used to prevent growth of microorganisms, thereby delaying the spoilage process. In terms of origin, food safety and shelf life extension ingredients can be synthetic or natural in nature.

Food preserving ingredients have been an integral part of kitchen aisles in the form of lemon, ginger, vinegar, spices, salt and sugar. Their traditional utilization was replaced by synthetic ingredients with increasing commercialization of the food industry in past decades. However, with the dissemination of knowledge related to harmful effects of synthetic ingredients, currently, the industry is witnessing a prominent shift toward natural ingredients for food safety and shelf life extension.

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Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market Notable Developments

Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market Dynamics

Clean-Label Trend Fuels Synthetic to Natural Transition in Food Ingredient Landscape

Naturally sourced ingredients have gained significant traction as consumer preference for natural products continues to surge. In terms of effectiveness, natural preservatives are superior in delivering greater protection and longer shelf life. As they work with equivalent efficiency and are healthful in nature, adoption of naturally sourced ingredients is increasing consistently as compared to the synthetic options.

Natural ingredients such as antimicrobials or antioxidants have additional potential health benefits also. Well aware of the increasing consumer demand for natural food products that are without artificial ingredients, manufacturers in the food ingredient market are introducing bio-based or naturally sourced food safety ingredients.

Frozen Foods Drive Demand for Specialized Food Safety Ingredients

Ranging from salads to sauces or ready meals to rice, a plethora of food products are available in frozen forms. As the demand for fresh and frozen foods increase across the globe, food manufacturers are seeking innovative ways to introduce novel food safety ingredients to extend the shelf life of frozen foods.

Manufacturers in the food safety and shelf life extension ingredient market are introducing ingredients specific to refrigerated products. Along with providing safety, these ingredients are label friendly and help in reducing sodium content while enhancing consumers sensory experience.

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Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market Regional Outlook

North America presents lucrative opportunities for the Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market on the back of buoyancy in regions the food and beverage industry and presence of leading F&B companies.

The market is likely to witness increasing opportunities in the developing countries of Asia pacific. These countries are witnessing huge demand for frozen foods, RTD food and beverages and processed food, thereby presenting higher potential for the market in the future.

Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market Segmentation

The Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market is segmented into following,

Based on type, Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market can be segmented in,

Based in function, Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market can be segmented in,

Based on application, Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market can be segmented in,

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About TMR Research:

TMR Research is a premier provider of customized market research and consulting services to business entities keen on succeeding in todays supercharged economic climate. Armed with an experienced, dedicated, and dynamic team of analysts, we are redefining the way our clients conduct business by providing them with authoritative and trusted research studies in tune with the latest methodologies and market trends.


TMR Research,

3739 Balboa St # 1097,

San Francisco, CA 94121

United States

Tel: +1-415-520-1050

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Shelf Life Extension Ingredients Market Size, Share Production & Consumption Analysis With Forecast To 2028 The Bisouv Network - The Bisouv...

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Francisco Lindor open to Mets extension, but talks haven’t started: ‘I’ve never been scared of free agency’ – Yahoo Sports

Posted: at 2:19 pm

Francisco Lindor during spring training Zoom on Feb. 22 2021

With Opening Day just over a month away, the Mets and Francisco Lindor have not had any talks about a contract extension. But there is "mutual interest" in getting one done, Lindor said on Monday.

"We haven't found the time," Lindor told reporters via Zoom. "I obviously got to get to know the organization, get to know the people. And they have to get to know me. If something comes up, we'll see in the future.

"That's between my agent and Sandy (Alderson) and the rest of the staff. I'm just focused on my business and that's doing things the right way here. There's been no insistence. I think it's too early, I think. I'm not sure."

In addition to Lindor, the Mets are also open to a long-term extension with Michael Conforto, who -- like Lindor -- is set to hit free agency after the season.

And while the Mets and Lindor haven't yet had serious talks about a deal (something acting GM Zack Scott recently said would likely happen at spring training), Lindor said there is interest from both sides.

"There's mutual interest. Like I said earlier, I've never been shy about an extension," Lindor explained. "Cleveland did what they had to do. They couldn't keep me. They weren't in the position to keep me. They decided to go in a different route. I've never been shy about an extension, but everything has to make sense. It has to make sense. If it doesn't make sense, then that's just not fair."

Asked about the Opening Day deadline for an extension that he loosely put in place during his introductory news conference as a Met, Lindor said the point of the deadline is to keep the focus on the field once the regular season starts.

"The reason why I have said I don't want it to (go beyond) Opening Day is because as players we have a duty. And the duty is show up and win," he said. "It would be unfair for me and the rest of the team to have an ongoing conversation about extending -- whether it's me or other players -- and we show up on Opening Day and our mind is somewhere else and we don't focus on our duty."

Asked if the 14-year, $340 million deal Fernando Tatis Jr. recently signed with the San Diego Padres would impact him, Lindor instead focused on Tatis' achievement and mentioned that he texted to congratulate him, adding about his own future:

"I've never been scared of free agency. It's not like I got to rush to sign a deal or I can't wait for free agency. I live life on a daily basis."

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Francisco Lindor open to Mets extension, but talks haven't started: 'I've never been scared of free agency' - Yahoo Sports

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Antioxidant Vitamin Market 2029 Competitive Analysis | Vibrant Health, AST R-ALA, GNC, Jarrow Formulas, Life Extension, NOW Foods The Bisouv Network…

Posted: at 2:19 pm

Courant Market Research Latest 2021 Report : The Global Antioxidant Vitamin Market Research Report represents a comprehensive study on the Antioxidant Vitamin industry including current trends and status.

At an initial stage, the Antioxidant Vitamin market report offers basic information including definitions, classifications, a wide range of applications, and the Antioxidant Vitamin industry chain framework. This report also covers industry development plans and policies, product specification, Antioxidant Vitamin manufacturing process, and pricing structures. It focuses on an in-depth study of the global factors influencing the Antioxidant Vitamin market such as market revenue, product cost, utilization rate, and supply and demand analysis. Additionally, it provides information on the long-term implications of the COVID-19 virus outbreak for further understanding of growth prospects.

Request free sample report

It presents a complete overview, market shares, and market growth opportunities of the Antioxidant Vitamin by product type, application, key manufacturers, and key regions and countries.

This study considers the value of Antioxidant Vitamin and the volume generated from the sales of the following segments:

The report also presents the competitive landscape in the market and a corresponding detailed analysis of the main manufacturers in the market.

Access main content of the research

In this essential research report, data related to the top manufacturer has been included, including its price, sales, revenue, product portfolio and global market share, business segmentation and financial description. The updated study report examines the global Antioxidant Vitamin market in detail by outlining the key aspects of the market that are predicted to have a quantifiable effect on its development prospects during the forecast period 2021-2029. The survey examines the complete demand and supply chain in the world market and studies the various components. Various research tools, such as Porters Five Forces Analysis and SWOT Analysis, have been used to present an accurate understanding of this market to readers.

Finally, this report looks at the key factors influencing market growth, opportunities, challenges and risks faced by key manufacturers. It also looks at key upward trends and their impact on present and future development.


Customization of the Report:This report can be customized to meet the clients requirements. Please connect with our sales team ([emailprotected]), who will ensure that you get a report that suits your needs.

Excerpt from:

Antioxidant Vitamin Market 2029 Competitive Analysis | Vibrant Health, AST R-ALA, GNC, Jarrow Formulas, Life Extension, NOW Foods The Bisouv Network...

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Opportunity Zone Extension Proposed in the House – Motley Fool

Posted: at 2:19 pm

The centerpiece of the Opportunity Zone (OZ) Program would get two more years of life under bipartisan legislation introduced this month in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Opportunity Zones Extension Act of 2021 would extend by two years -- until 2028 -- the ability for taxpayers to defer capital gains taxes by investing in qualified opportunity funds (QOFs).

"The Opportunity Zones Program was making a difference in East Tennessee communities and underserved areas around the country before the COVID-19 pandemic rocked our economy. Extending this program would give investors additional time to provide meaningful financial support to businesses and create quality, good-paying jobs in opportunity zones," says Rep. Tim Burchett, the Knoxville Republican who introduced the bill along with Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar.

Opportunity zones were created with bipartisan support as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to incent investment in economically distressed areas, about 8,700 of them in areas designated by census tract across the country.

Generous deferments on capital gains invested and then realized within the QOF investments themselves have attracted billions of dollars into QOFs, although just how much is unclear.

For instance, the White House Council on Economic Advisors pegged it at $75 billion in a report last August. Burchett's news release said $52 billion before the pandemic struck. And Novogradac, the San Francisco-based consultancy that operates the Opportunity Zone Working Group (OZWG), says that 659 of the 969 QOFs it's tracking have reported dollar amount of equity they've raised and that as of year's end it was at $15.16 billion, up $3 billion since August.

"Despite unprecedented economic challenges, people continue to invest in opportunity zones," John Sciarretti, head of the OZWG and a Novogradac partner working out of its Dover, Ohio, office, says in his firm's Feb. 3 news release. "As time passes and investors become more comfortable and familiar with investing in opportunity funds, we expect the amount of investment to continue to grow."

Some stakeholders in the Opportunity Zone Program and QOFs see 2021 as the year when the program begins to gain significant traction as all that money begins to go to work, primarily in residential and commercial projects.

How this latest bill fares in Congress also will be a bellwether for the program, which provides tax breaks the likes of which were seen as possible targets by an incoming Biden administration. However, the tradeoff in economic development and job creation is seen as a win-win, and the program is gaining interest both from prominent wealth and investors more of the Main Street variety.

It would seem the OZ Program has a decent chance of continued support in Congress and the White House, although it's also safe to assume some regulatory reform will be coming, particularly in the area of reporting on the program's impact.

Perhaps the impetus to report progress as a means of justifying their existence will help push QOF managers to put that money to work sooner than later.

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Opportunity Zone Extension Proposed in the House - Motley Fool

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SAIC Maxus V90 Villa Edition Adds Second Story to the Classic RV – Car and Driver

Posted: at 2:19 pm

When thinking of way to make an RV larger, most people think longer. Some imagine a wider motorhome. But the Chinese engineers behind the SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition had a different idea: why not extend upward? They didn't imagine just a simple pop-up roof, either, but a full-fledged upper level with a walk-out deck.

The two-story RV is full of surprises. When it's in driving mode, the V90 Villa Edition looks like a fairly standard RV. But when it opens up, Transformers style, at the spot where youre planning to spend the night, it becomes more than a tiny home on wheels. First, you can extend the V90 Villas pop-out sides, which give the main floor a total size of 215 square feet. This space includes the living room, kitchen, "luxury bar," and bathroom.

Upstairs, which you reach via elevator, youll find the second-level extension gives you another 133 square feet that can be used as an "open, sunlight room," a Zen tea room, or a study, Maxus said, with windows that can transition from clear to opaque depending on your privacy needs. You can't store large furniture up there, so the company website shows the space with lots of low tables and pillows.

The V90 Villa Edition uses LED lighting in the taillights, as accent lights on the outside of the RV, and as a way to create a gentle atmosphere while you're out on the upper deck. The interior living spaces can be outfitted with any number of convenience and luxury items, such as a JBL sound system, washing machine, kitchenette and air conditioner. There's an app-driven infotainment screen in the dashboard with navigation. There's also a pull-out cooking area behind the RV's rear passenger-side wheel that can turn your campsite into a kitchen with an even better view.

We will note here that the company website doesnt feature any actual pictures of the V90 Villa Edition, just renderings, including one of a Level 4 autonomous drive lidar sensor on the top of the front end. That said, SAIC Maxus sells a wide variety of RVs in China and other versions of the V90 are pictured on the company website. The basic (i.e., non-Villa) edition of the Life Home V90 starts at the equivalent of $70,960, but according to New Atlas, the V90 Villa Edition starts at just over $413,000.

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SAIC Maxus V90 Villa Edition Adds Second Story to the Classic RV - Car and Driver

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Base Resource’s Kwale on track to achieve FY,2021 production – Mining Review

Posted: at 2:19 pm

Base Resources has presented its results for the six-month period ended 31 December 2020 (H1,FY21), including announcement of a half-year dividend of AUD 3 cents per share, unfranked.

Kwale Operations maintained operational continuity in the period, adapting successfully for the ongoing COVID-19 challenge, and is on track to achieve FY21 production guidance.

Watch:CEO one-on-one with Tim Carstens from Base Resources

Firm demand from pigment producers supported ongoing price improvement for ilmenite during H1 FY21. While zircon and rutile prices moderated in the reporting period, there are positive signs of a price recovery in early 2021.

Read more articles about Madagascar

The Toliara Project progressed with practical completion of lender technical due diligence and submission by the Companys wholly owned subsidiary, Base Toliara SARL, of a Large Mining Investment Law application, which, if approved, will provide fiscal and legal stability.

Discussions with the Government of Madagascar on fiscal terms re-commenced in the period and are ongoing.

MD of Base Resources, Tim Carstens, says:

Kwale Operations performance has been consistently strong throughout the half year and is on schedule to meet our FY21 production guidance.

Outcomes for the remainder of FY21 are expected to be stronger again with firm market demand supporting price increases for all our products.

Progress towards Kwale mine life extension remains a priority with the North Dune pre-feasibility study nearing completion and the recent resumption of our near-mine exploration program.

On-the-ground activity at the Toliara Project remains suspended as we engage with the Government of Madagascar in relation to the fiscal terms applicable to the project.

This, together with international travel restrictions and broader COVID-19 measures and impacts both in Madagascar and globally, has led to the final investment decision (FID) to proceed with development of the Toliara Project being delayed.

Once fiscal terms are agreed and the suspension is lifted, there will be approximately 11 months work to complete prior to FID.

At a Group level, we are delighted to be once again delivering meaningful returns to shareholders via dividends whilst remaining committed to the sensible progression of the Toliara Project, and the value generation opportunity this represents for shareholders, as uncertainty resolves.

Financial highlights for H1,FY21

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Base Resource's Kwale on track to achieve FY,2021 production - Mining Review

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Norwegian Army Adding 20 CV90s to Its Fleet – Business Wire

Posted: at 2:19 pm

RNSKLDSVIK, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BAE Systems has received an order from the Norwegian Army for 20 additional CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to increase the combat power of its existing fleet. The Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency awarded the more than $50 million contract that will increase the Armys fleet to 164 vehicles as part of its effort to grow and modernize in the face of evolving threats.

Norway is one of seven CV90 users and is the latest customer to enhance its fleet of combat-proven CV90s following significant life extension and mid-life upgrade contracts from Switzerland and the Netherlands. The new Norwegian order for 12 engineering and eight multi-carrier CV90 variants is scheduled for delivery in 2023.

We look forward to fielding another 20 modern CV90 combat support vehicles into the Norwegian Army, said Brigadier yvind Johan Kvalvik, Norwegian Defence Materiel Agencys Land Systems Division. These additional vehicles will provide the Norwegian Army with the room for maneuver and combat power that the Army needs to be able to complete its missions using the most modern IFV vehicles in the world.

BAE Systems Hgglunds, the manufacturer of the CV90 based in rnskldsvik, Sweden, will deliver the new vehicles in cooperation with Ritek, an established Norwegian CV90 partner. With Ritek at the center of the local industrial cooperation hub, up to 30 potential Norwegian suppliers will be responsible for upgrading and repairing components, as well as delivering new subsystems and technology solutions as part of future upgrades for the Norwegian CV90 fleet.

We have a strong track record of delivering on time, at cost, and high quality to the Norwegian Army. This follow-up order demonstrates the importance of successful relationships with in-country industry partners like Ritek, said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, managing director of BAE Systems Hgglunds. As we work to enhance the Norwegian Armys existing fleet of CV90s, deepening our existing relationships with local industry will naturally benefit our end users.

BAE Systems has a successful history of industrial cooperation projects in Norway that have strengthened industry partnerships, transferred technical know-how, and exceeded customer expectations and requirements. During the latest CV90 procurement and upgrade contract, BAE Systems Hgglunds delivered 100 percent offset obligation five years ahead of schedule.

BAE Systems and Ritek look forward to strengthening their relationship through the successful execution of this contract. Our cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces and BAE Systems Hgglunds is based on trust and experience between all parties involved. We are very pleased with this new agreement which brings a positive local employment effect for Ritek as we focus on delivering this critical capacity to the Norwegian Army in the form of more combat support vehicles, said Hilmar Olsen, general manager at Ritek. We also expect the project to provide long-term opportunities for several other Norwegian suppliers across the country.

Norway is one of seven European users operating the CV90. The others are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands. With close to 1,300 vehicles in service in multiple variants, the vehicle is combat-proven and designed to accommodate future growth to meet evolving missions.

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Norwegian Army Adding 20 CV90s to Its Fleet - Business Wire

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