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7-Year-Old Simone Lim Wins At The Pokemon’s Oceania Championships – GameSpot

Posted: February 27, 2020 at 1:05 am

In a major upset, seven-year-old Simone Lim won the Junior Championship division in the Pokemon Oceania International Championships. Hailing from Singapore, Lim beat out last year's winner, an older and a more experienced trainer, Justin Miranda-Radbord. A relative newcomer, Lim is in the midst of her first competitive season, making her victory all the more impressive.

Her match against Miranda-Radbord was a close one, with the crucial win coming down to the final moments of the third game. In what seemed like the moment Lim might very well lose, Miranda-Radbord eliminated her team down to Tryanitar, while he still had two Pokemon, Rhyperior and Dusclops, remaining.

In those final turns, Lim had to make a choice: She could try to knock out Rhyperior, the attacker, and risk it using Protect, or go for the Dusclops first before it could use any of its support moves. Lim correctly predicted Miranda-Radbord's turn--using Protect on Rhyperior--and used Tryanitar's Crunch to knock out Dusclops. The next turn, Lim used Superpower to knock out the Rhyperior, ending the game. Giving an adorable post-game interview, Lim clutched her Eevee plushie while explaining her gameplay and said that she knew Miranda-Radbord would protect Rhyperior. And though it seemed like she was reading her opponent so clearly and calmly, Lim admitted that she was nervous after her loss in the second round.

Lim also thanked her friends, family, and coach for supporting her. She's earned an invitation to the World Championships in August, so be sure to catch more of her matches then.

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7-Year-Old Simone Lim Wins At The Pokemon's Oceania Championships - GameSpot

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What We Learned From the 2020 Oceania International Championships – The Game Haus

Posted: at 1:05 am

The region of Oceania has crowned a new International Champion in Marco Hemantha Kaludura Silva. Silvas run throughout this tournament was nothing short of impressive, finishing 12-2 over two days of Swiss and finishing off a tough Top 8 gauntlet with a victory over the defending Oceania Champion, Eduardo Cunha. Some could argue that Silvas journey to the finals was blessed by some fortunate circumstances going his way, especially in his Top 8 match versus Eric Rios (Dracovish was on point with its Rock Slide flinches). Nevertheless, he was able to capitalize on his teams favorable matchups and ultimately claim the title.

With the 2020 formats first International Championship in the books, theres a lot to unpack concerning the state of the metagame. The standard has all but been established at this point, but players have done their best to mix things up in order to improve their matchups. Here are some of our major takeaways from the Oceania International Championships.

Togekiss has cemented itself as the best Pokemon in the current VGC metagame by far. It appeared on 29 of the 32 teams that made it to the second day of Swiss, putting its usage at 90% (but it unfortunately failed to win the entire tournament).

Dynamax has been a blessing for Togekiss, allowing it to be an offensive menace with the ability to abuse Weakness Policy and the speed boosts from Max Airstream. Togekiss supplements this with outstanding offensive coverage and well-rounded stats that allow it to hit solid benchmarks for offense, defense and even speed.

Speaking of defense, the other side of Togekiss game is its bulk and support capability. Togekiss has access to the invaluable Follow Me and a plethora of other amazing support moves which can make its moveset somewhat unpredictable at times. In Oceania, players whipped out moves like Yawn, Helping Hand, Ally Switch with the list going even further. Babiri Berry has been a boon for Galars Fairy-types, and Togekiss is no exception, allowing it to take on some of the metagames most powerful Steel-types like Durant and Duraludon.

Togekiss sheer versatility will likely keep it as the metagames top Pokemon for the entirety of the format, and itll be interesting to see how far players will continue to push its viability.

VGC 2020 has been the year of de-buffing moves, with one of the most popular ones out there being Fake Tears. Fake Tears has made the format a haven for Special Attackers, with many of the formats top offensive threats being Pokemon like Duraludon, Togekiss, Inteleon and the Rotom forms (just to name a few).

Two of the metagames best supportive Pokemon in Whimsicott and Grimmsnarl both have access to this powerful move, and their added utility for providing speed control and further buffs/de-buffs have quickly catapulted their usage to the top.

Dynamax has been a big factor in the rise of moves like Fake Tears, as the extra push in damage makes Max Moves even more likely to score KOs and Dynamaxed Pokemon much easier to KO for non-Dynamaxed Pokemon.

The stat buffing/dropping game will only continue as the 2020 metagame progresses, and combining Fake Tears support with the formats plethora of powerful special attackers will likely persist as one of the top strategies.

What looked to be a strong team archetype at the beginning of the season, Trick Room teams look to have fallen off hard. Not a single one of these hard Trick Room teams made it to Day 2 in Melbourne, with not even Rhyperior or Torkoal managing to make it past the first day of Swiss. What happened?

It seems that players have shifted to more balanced teams with the option for Trick Room. Instead of entire teams being reliant on Trick Room, a lot of teams are often carrying combinations of Trick Room setters like Dusclops and Jellicent alongside slower Pokemon like Conkeldurr.

Tyranitars dominance of the metagame might also be a culprit considering how its powerful Dark-type attacks can easily dismiss many of the popular Trick Room setters plus its Sand Stream ability can put a rain (or I guess sand) on Torkoals Sunny Day. Tyranitar has also provided some decent competition for Rhyperior as a teams designated Weakness Policy abuser.

While its probably still too early to call it quits for Trick Room teams in VGC 2020, players who still believe in the archetype might need to revisit the drawing board.

Even though a lot of the top teams look similar, the individual Pokemon are often tailor-made to fit specific needs of a player and their team. As a result, there were a lot of interesting techs and new strategies players had success with this weekend.

Tyranitar was all over the place in Melbourne, but instead of the bread-and-butter Weakness Policy version, James Katsaros decided to use a primarily special attacking variant with Dark Pulse and Earth Power. This actually makes some sense considering this kind of Tyranitar can make better use of the Special Defense drops provided by Max Darkness.

Dragapult was a Pokemon that seemed poised to dominate the metagame at first, but it was tapering off from dominant status going into Melbourne. However, it found success on many successful teams as a special attacker mainly for its ability to outspeed the menace known as Durant and KO it with a Fire-type attack. Players like Yuya Tada experimented further with Dragapults diverse move pool by teching Scald on his version.

One of the biggest trends to break out into the mainstream is Rotom (primarily the Wash form) with Nasty Plot. Rotom was never known as a hyper offensive Pokemon, but besides spreading burns with Will-o-Wisp, Rotom forms were always valued for their offensive coverage. Enter the eighth generations gift of Nasty Plot, and Rotom becomes a potent sweeper. Rotom-Wash mightve been the most popular, but it ended up being Marco Silvas Rotom-Heat that took home the championship.

Weve been over Togekiss, but a couple players found another unique means of activating Weakness Policy on their teams. Nihal Noor (Top 4) and Brady Smith (Top 8) used unique teams featuring a Gengar with Sludge Wave that is able to hit the partner Togekiss and activate the Weakness Policy. This move also synergizes well with this teams other unconventional pick in Bisharp.

Thats a wrap for Melbourne and the first of three International Championships in the ever evolving 2020 format. Not only is the metagame changing organically within competitive play, but some big changes will be coming in March as more Gigantamax Pokemon and some familiar faces, courtesy of Pokemon Home, are added. It remains to be seen how far Melbournes impact on the metagame will reach as VGC 2020 continues to develop.

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Images from Nimbasa City Post, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon HOME and The Pokemon Company International.

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What We Learned From the 2020 Oceania International Championships - The Game Haus

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Fiji hosts AIBA Forum of Oceania on February 22 – Around the Rings

Posted: February 4, 2020 at 11:51 am

AIBA Continental Forum for Oceania is scheduled for February 22 in the city of Nadi, Fiji.

This event would be second continental forum after successful start in Panama City. European Forum is scheduled for February 29 in Assisi, Italy, and the rest two dates for Asian and African forums will be announced soon.

There are in total 16 National Federations in Oceania.

AIBA Interim President Mohamed Moustahsane noted that after first forum in Panama there were a lot of good changes in AIBA-NFs relationships.

Oceania has a big potential in developing our beautiful sport in the region. We truly believe that after intense forums discussions we will find solutions how to develop boxing on the continental, said Dr Moustahsane.

He added that together with AIBA it would be more easy to make continental boxing stronger.

We need to listen to Oceanian NFs and find appropriate solutions to solve all existing issues. And step by step we will come to a new powerful strategy for the future", noted Interim President.

As a service to our readers, Around the Rings will provide verbatim texts of selected press releases issued by Olympic-related organizations, federations, businesses and sponsors.

These press releases appear as sent to Around the Rings and are not edited for spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Your best source of news about the Olympics is, for subscribers only

More here:

Fiji hosts AIBA Forum of Oceania on February 22 - Around the Rings

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AIBA Continental Boxing Forum for Oceania to take place in Fiji –

Posted: at 11:51 am

Fiji will host the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Continental Forum for Oceania on February 22.

The event, due to take place in Nadi, is the second to be held by AIBA after the inaugural forum was held in Panama last month.

Sixteen National Federations are expected to attend.

"Oceania has big potential in developing our beautiful sport in the region," said AIBA Interim President Mohamed Moustahsane.

"We truly believe that after intense discussions at the Forum we will find solutions for how to develop boxing on the continent.

"We need to listen to Oceanian National Federations and find appropriate solutions to solve all existing issues.

"And step by step we will come to a new powerful strategy for the future."

The forums were devised by AIBA marketing commission chair Umar Kremlev to create fruitful dialogue between AIBA, Confederations and National Federations after a crisis-riddled year for the organisation.

AIBA was stripped of its Olympic status last June over a number of issues, including governance, finances and refereeing and judging.

The organisation's future remains precarious due to a large amount of debt and uncertain leadership, with Moustahsane currently acting as Interim President after the resignation of Uzbekistan's Gafur Rakhimov.

Moustahsane and Kremlev were in attendance in Panama to give progress reports, while Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee President Brian Lewis was invited to advise National Federations and Confederations on how to facilitate the renovation of Olympic boxing in line with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Last month, Nenad Lalovi, head of the IOC group monitoring AIBA, slammed the lack of progress the body has made since it was suspended, warning the organisation that it needed to work much harder to be reinstated.

Kremlev claimed in Panama that the Continental Forums gave the IOC "no reason not to reinstate" the organisation, however.

Moustahsane also branded the forums as one of his organisation's "greatest ideas".

The European Forum will take place in the Italian city of Assisi on February 29, with details for the events in Asia and Oceania yet to be announced.

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AIBA Continental Boxing Forum for Oceania to take place in Fiji -

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Paddling prodigy eyes up Oceania idols – The Bay’s News First – SunLive

Posted: at 11:51 am

Posted: 1:00pm Thursday 30 Jan, 2020 | By Jamie Troughton

New Zealand's Luuka Jones. Photos: Jamie Troughton/Dscribe Media

Evy Leibfarth turned up Down Under this time last year with stars in her eyes and the fresh-faced enthusiasm only a 15-year-old can bring.

The American teen shyly introduced herself to kayaking stars Jess Fox and Luuka Jones and proudly proclaimed them her idols as she watched their classy performances, on and off the water.

A year later, as she lines up at this weekend's Oceania canoe slalom championships in Auckland, the paddling prodigy will be eyeing Australia's Fox and New Zealand's Jones as near-equals after an astonishing break-out 2019 season.

She became the youngest person to win a world cup medal, picking up C1 bronze in Solvenia, and made a series of finals in both K1 and C1 across the world cup rounds and the world championships.

"My paddling took a huge jump - just being in the presence of so many top athletes and being able to watch and learn from them really helped my paddling," Leibfarth says at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park in Auckland this week.

"I was just really excited the whole year to keep training and pushing and I'm really excited for this upcoming year, starting with the Oceania championships."

She celebrated her 16th birthday on her first trip to New Zealand this week, although the Bryson City, North Carolina native met Jones and Fox at the Australian championships last year.

"Both of them have such a unique style and each does certain moves better than others and I just love to watch them and see how smooth they are in the water. Off the water, they just have such a great attitude towards the sport and they get a lot of younger kids into it and I really admire that about them."

Evy Leibfarth (United States) training at the Vector Wero Whitewater Centre in Auckland.

The Oceania championships double as the first Olympic qualifier for many Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island paddlers, with the second in Australia next month. Leibfarth has her own Olympic trials in Oklahoma in April - where she's heavily favoured to book spots in both C1 and K1 - while Fox and Jones have already pre-qualified with their world championship performances and just need their selections confirmed.

Fox, who became the most successful paddler in world championship history last year, was herself a precocious teen, winning Olympic silver in the K1 in London in 2012. She predicts a big future for Leibfarth too.

"She was catapulted onto the world tour last year with some amazing performances by a 15-year-old so she's definitely one to watch," Fox says.

"She's a bubbly, exciting paddler to watch and she can put down some fast paddling. She's just really tidy and clean and gets through the gates well, she's got a lot of potential and progress to make, being so young."

This will be the fourth time Fox has competed at Vector Wero and she's also looking forward to reigniting her long rivalry with Jones, with the pair sharing podiums in some big events in recent years.

"It's great to have such awesome competition close to home - I've known Luuka for years now and she's one of the strongest paddlers in the world and on her home course, she'll be hard to beat. I think back on Rio and how special it was to share the podium with her and to have New Zealand and Australia side by side, like a sisterhood in a way. It was nice to have the Southern Hemisphere represented when it's such a European-centred sport and the growth of the sport in the Southern Hemisphere is fantastic."

For Jones, having some of the world's best paddlers come to her home course is immensely gratifying.

"It's a huge weekend having the Oceania champs in New Zealand and it's really special having so many internationals over to compete with," Jones says.

"It's such an awesome whitewater course and I feel quite proud to show them where we train. Jess is an amazing paddler - the most successful in our sport - and just to have her here to measure myself against is pretty exciting."

While selection rivalry will be particularly intense in the men's K1 - where both New Zealand and Australia have qualified boat spots for Tokyo - the men's C1 is wide open with a continental qualification still up for grabs between paddlers from Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

Entry is free for spectators across all three days, with the championships starting at 9am on Saturday.

Event details

(Vector Wero Whitewater Park, Manukau, Auckland)

Saturday Feb 1: 9am-3pm Oceania qualifying rounds

Sunday Feb 2: 9am-midday Oceania semis and finals, 1-3pm Tamariki Challenge open to paddlers not in Oceania Champs

Monday Feb 3: 9am-midday Oceania semis and finals, 1-2.30pm Slalom Extreme


Paddling prodigy eyes up Oceania idols - The Bay's News First - SunLive

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Fed Cup Asia Oceania group-1 womens tennis tournament postponed – The Hindu

Posted: at 11:51 am

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has postponed the Fed Cup Asia Oceania group-1 womens tennis tournament, by at least three weeks, according to a release from the All India Tennis Association (AITA) on Monday.

The event was originally scheduled to be hosted by China in Dongguan, but had to be moved by the ITF owing to travel restrictions in China following the virus outbreak. The rescheduled competition was to be held in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan, from February 4 to 8. It was noted that the government of Kazakhstan had prohibited the organisation of international sports events in the country, due to the threat of coronavirus.

The ITF is working with the Womens Tennis Association (WTA) to ensure availability of top players and are also exploring further venue options to host this event, said AITA CEO Akhouri Bishwadeep, in the statement.

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Fed Cup Asia Oceania group-1 womens tennis tournament postponed - The Hindu

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Kobelco switches to TRT in Oceania – Cranes Today

Posted: at 11:51 am

Kobelco has chosen TRT, Tidd Ross Todd, as its distributor in Australia and New Zealand. The announcement comes after longstanding distributor ACM (Australian Crane & Machinery) said it was relinquishing the deal.

TRT and their Queensland-based subsidiary, TRT (Aust) Pty Ltd, will provide Kobelco crane customers in the Oceania region with technical information, parts supply, and sales of new Kobelco cranes.

Kobelco said: This new partnership reflects both organisations commitment to outstanding customer service and support throughout the region. We are excited to combine TRTs great customer support and expertise with Kobelco cranes, which are valued in the industry for their high performance, having earned a reputation as the most reliable brand of crawler cranes on the market.

TRT, a New Zealand based company operating across Oceania and established in 1967, have built up many decades of expertise in the crane industry. TRT is highly respected and well experienced with crawler cranes, including Kobelco, the Japanese manufacturer says. This new partnership will reshape the way customers are supported moving forward.

In a December 2019 email announcing the end of ACMs deal, MD Ben Potter said the company would be continuing to supply the local crane industry, through a new partnership with Zoomlion.

See the original post:

Kobelco switches to TRT in Oceania - Cranes Today

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Command Alkon Announces OCEANIA Conference 2020 to Be Held in Melbourne Australia – Yahoo Finance

Posted: at 11:51 am

Attendees Sure to Gain a New Outlook on How to Conquer Daily Tasks, Improve Decision Making, and Incorporate Industry Best Practices into Their Daily Operations

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. and MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Command Alkon, the leading Supplier Collaboration Platform for Constructions Heavy Work, will host their OCEANIA Conference 2020 in Melbourne, Australia, April 27-29. The event offers content, classes, and networking opportunities designed to take technology leaders and system users to new levels of performance. The Conference will be held at Crown Melbourne.

OCEANIA Conference 2020 is a great opportunity for the heavy work community in this region to gain hands-on training, but its much more than that, says Lori Allen, Solutions Marketing Manager at Command Alkon. Attendees benefit through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, illuminating Keynotes, and the opportunity to capture critical insights into current innovation across construction projects and the heavy material supply chain.

Training offerings will be available across the following product lines: Apex, COMMANDbatch, and COMMANDseries. Innovation tracks are also available for attendees to check out some of the latest breakthrough technologies from Command Alkon, including:

COMMANDassurance Concrete Properties Traceability in TransitsupplyCONNECT Demand & Replenishment ManagementTrackIt and TrackIt 3P Fleet Telematics & Workforce Management (Owned and 3rd Party)MOBILEjobsiteJobsite Materials Delivery Tracking & AlertsMOBILEticketElectronic Ticketing & Proof of DeliveryCOMMANDoptimize Concrete Dispatch Optimization Engine

CONNEX The Supplier Collaboration Platform for Your Heavy Work will make its OCEANIA market debut at the event. Attendees will learn all about CONNEX and how to get CONNEX Connected.

Detailed class outlines, event schedule, hotel reservations, and online registration is available here. Be sure to take advantage of the Super Saver rate until February 15.

Command Alkon holds events like these at locations around the globe throughout the year. Visit and click on Events to stay informed about this and future opportunities.

ABOUT COMMAND ALKONAt Command Alkon, we believe in building an amazing world. As the Supplier Collaboration Platform for Constructions Heavy Work, were dramatically improving how contractors, bulk material suppliers, logistics providers, jobsite inspectors, project owners, and more interact. Our See Together, Work Together, and Grow Together capabilities deliver increased productivity, real-time visibility, keen business insights, and certainty of outcomes when building the things that matter. For over 40 years, our people, software and technology have empowered customers to achieve greater levels of quality and profitability across their projects and operations. Command Alkon is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and has offices in locations around the globe. For more information, visit

For More Information, Contact:Becky BoydMediaFirst PR(770) 642-2080 x

Karli LangnerCommand Alkon(205) 879-3282 x

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Command Alkon Announces OCEANIA Conference 2020 to Be Held in Melbourne Australia - Yahoo Finance

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Intelerad awarded Best in KLAS recognition for PACS Asia/Oceania in the 2020 Best in KLAS global report – DOTmed HealthCare Business News

Posted: at 11:51 am

Montreal, Canada February 31, 2020 - Intelerad Medical Systems, a leader in enterprise workflow solutions, today announced that it received a Best in KLAS recognition, ranking #1 for PACS Asia/Oceania in the 2020 Best in KLAS: Global Software (Non-US) report. This marks the fourth consecutive year the company has received this award since the introduction of the Global PACS category.

"Providers and payers demand better performance, usability, and interoperability from their vendor partners every year. Best in KLAS winners set the standard of excellence in their market segment. Earning a Best in KLAS award should both excite and humble the recipients. It serves as a signal to providers that they should expect only the best from the winning vendors," said Adam Gale, President of KLAS.

This news comes on the heel of another major announcement for Intelerad, the company having finalized an investment agreement with UK-based private equity investor Hg. This investment, alongside continued dedicated efforts on boosting radiologists' productivity, enhancing clinical accessibility and supporting infrastructure dependability, will allow Intelerad to pursue its growth and expansion objectives while continuously improving on core products like IntelePACS as well as developing new and innovative solutions, such as the many it has launched in the past 6 months, for example Odyssey, a new AI-augmented workflow solution, its intelligent rule-based workflow orchestrator, Odyssey Navigator as well as Concierge Workflow, a solution dedicated to improve workload balancing.

Ad StatisticsTimes Displayed: 971772Times Visited: 8455

Special-Pricing Available on Medical Displays, Patient Monitors, Recorders, Printers, Media, Ultrasound Machines, and Cameras.This includes Top Brands such as SONY, BARCO, NDS, NEC, LG, EDAN, EIZO, ELO, FSN, PANASONIC, MITSUBISHI, OLYMPUS, & WIDE.

To learn more about our solutions, visit Intelerad at the 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, March 9-13 2020, in Orlando, Florida, booth #3079. To book a demo at HIMSS, please visit

The Best in KLAS report 2020 is available at

About Intelerad Medical SystemsFounded in 1999, Intelerad is a medical imaging software provider that specialises in diagnostic viewing, reporting and collaboration solutions. Headquartered in Montreal, Intelerad has over 400 employees located in various offices in Toronto and Calgary (CA), Seattle (US), Hertfordshire (UK) and Melbourne (AU). The company serves over 300 healthcare organizations around the world, with a particular strength in radiology groups, imaging centers, clinics and reading groups as well as a strong presence in hospital radiology departments.

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Intelerad awarded Best in KLAS recognition for PACS Asia/Oceania in the 2020 Best in KLAS global report - DOTmed HealthCare Business News

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Blind Spot Solutions Market by Product Type, Technology, End Market, Electric Vehicle, Vehicle Type and Region – Global Forecast to 2027 – Yahoo…

Posted: at 11:51 am

Advent of autonomous vehicles and increasing demand for semi-autonomous vehicle The demand for semi-autonomous vehicles has increased significantly in the last few years, which has accelerated the growth of the blind spot solutions market.

New York, Jan. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- announces the release of the report "Blind Spot Solutions Market by Product Type, Technology, End Market, Electric Vehicle, Vehicle Type and Region - Global Forecast to 2027" - Semi-autonomous vehicles are self-driven vehicles with the ability to sense their environment and navigate to the destination with partial human-based physical input or voice commands.

The main reason for the increasing adoption of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles is increased safety.Therefore, a large number of safety features will be integrated into such vehicles.

In semi-autonomous vehicles, the environment around the vehicle is detected through sensors such as radar, ultrasonic, LiDAR, and cameras.Blind spot solutions such as blind spot detection system, surround view camera, and digital side view systems can also be used to sense the environment better.

Hence, increasing adoption of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles will boost the blind spot solutions market.

Asia Oceania is projected to be the fastest growing marketIn recent years, the automotive industry has witnessed higher growth in terms of vehicle production in Asia Oceania than in the matured markets of Europe and North America.Asia Oceania has emerged as a hub for automotive manufacturing, given the nascent stage of the market, state-promoted support, and cost advantages for OEMs.

The growth of the automotive optoelectronics market in the Asia Oceania is expected to be driven by the increasing government regulations and promotions about road safety.The R&D activities on autonomous vehicles are continuously growing in the region.

China and Japan are the leading countries from the technology perspective.Japan is planning to start truck platooning tests in 2018 and aims to commercialize autonomous trucks by 2022.

This will boost the growth of blind spot solutions market in the Asia Oceania region.

Passenger car is expected to be the largest vehicle type segment in the blind spot solutions marketThe passenger car segment is estimated to contribute to the largest share of the blind spot solutions market.The passenger car consumers are becoming increasingly aware of vehicle safety.

Owing to the growing demand for safer and more comfortable vehicles, the passenger car segment is projected to lead the market in 2027.Governments around the world are planning to mandate active safety systems in passenger cars.

In the US and Canada, backup cameras are mandated for cars manufactured from May 2018 onward.These mandates are likely to drive the blind spot solutions market for passenger cars.

The increasing demand for luxury vehicles in developing countries is another driving factor for the growth of blind spot solutions market.

OE market is expected to be the largest and fastest growing segment by end market typeNew vehicles are equipped with many active and passive safety systems.Blind spot solutions feature as active safety systems.

The initial stage of installation by OEMs is a crucial phase for the blind spot solutions market.Most OEMs offer many standard safety and convenience features that include blind spot solutions.

In addition, optional high-end features such as a surround view system, intelligent park assist, and intervention system for blind spots are customizable according to the requirement. For instance, Toyota Sequoia offers blind spot detection and surround view system as standard features.On the other hand, Toyota Avalon offers a surround view camera as an optional feature.Nowadays, as a product differentiation strategy, OEMs are increasingly focusing on providing safety and convenience features as a standard fitment in vehicles along with aftersales services.

In addition, increasing government mandates are pushing OEMs to provide many safety features safety as standard fitment. This will boost the OE market for blind spot solutions.The study contains insights provided by various industry experts, ranging from equipment suppliers to Tier-1 companies and OEMs. The break-up of the primaries is as follows: By Company Type: Tier-1 40%, Tier-2 25%, OEM 35% By Designation: C level 38%, D level 35%, Others 27% By Region: North America 20%, Europe 40%, Asia Oceania 30%, RoW 10%

The report provides detailed profiles of the following companies: Continental (Germany) Denso (Japan) Valeo (France) Aptiv (Netherlands) Magna (Canada) Autoliv (Sweden) Ficosa (Spain) Bosch (Germany) ZF Friedrichshafen (Germany) Gentex (US) Samvardhana Motherson (Germany)

Research CoverageThe blind spot solutions market has been segmented by technology (camera, radar, and ultrasonic), product type (blind spot solutions market, park assist system, backup camera system, surround view system, and virtual pillar), end market (OE market and aftermarket), electric vehicle type (BEV, HEV, FCEV, and PHEV), vehicle type (passenger car, light commercial vehicles, truck, and bus), and region (Asia Oceania, Europe, North America, and Rest of the World). The market has been projected in terms of volume (thousand units) and value (USD million).

Reasons to Buy the Report:This report contains various levels of analysis including industry analysis, company profiles, and competitive leadership analysis, which discuss the basic views on the emerging and high-growth segments of the blind spot solutions market, competitive landscape, high-growth regions and countries, government initiatives, and market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges.The report enables new entrants/smaller firms as well as established firms to understand the market better and helps them acquire a larger market share. Firms purchasing the report could use any one or a combination of the below-mentioned four strategies (market development, product development/innovation, market diversification, and competitive assessment) to strengthen their position in the market.

The report provides insights with reference to the following points: Market Development: The report provides comprehensive information about lucrative emerging markets. The report analyzes the blind spot solutions market for all vehicle types across regions. Product Development/Innovation: The report offers detailed insights about R&D activities, upcoming technologies, and new product launches in the blind spot solutions market across all regions. Market Diversification: The report provides detailed information about untapped markets, investments, new products, and recent developments in the blind spot solutions market. Competitive Assessment: The report offers an in-depth assessment of strategies, products, and manufacturing capabilities of leading players in the blind spot solutions market. Vendor DIVE Analysis: The report provides company-level mapping of net sales, growth rate of a companys net sales, overall regional presence, companys presence/plans in emerging countries, mapping of inorganic and organic developments, manufacturing plants, companys presence in the OE and aftermarket segments, product offerings (breadth and depth), new product developments in recent years, and R&D expenditure among others. Company-wise product and business strategy scorecards: The report offers company level analysis and evaluation of product offering category including the breadth of offering, product innovation, and market presence (OEM and aftermarket). Also, the company level analysis and evaluation of business strategies including companys reach (based on regional presence), revenue growth, infrastructure and clientele, inorganic growth (on the basis of partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions), and organic growth (on the basis of geographic expansions and new product developments) are available in the report.Read the full report:

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Blind Spot Solutions Market by Product Type, Technology, End Market, Electric Vehicle, Vehicle Type and Region - Global Forecast to 2027 - Yahoo...

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