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Let us back Seychelles – The People Online

Posted: August 25, 2017 at 4:26 am

Let us join President Danny Faure on his mission to build the Seychelles that we want. Since taking over the Presidency last October, President Faure has been setting all the wheels in motion; to heal, to reconcile and bring the unity we all crave for among all Seychellois.

It is what Seychelles needs at this point in our history. Within Government, President Faure has been applying what he considers are the cardinal principles of his Presidency; Transparency, Good Governance and Accountability. He is also striving to improve service delivery within the civil service. The Head of State is sincere in whatever he does. He cannot be blamed if a few public officers fail to heed his call to improve their performance within the civil service. We need to back President Danny Faure, all the way if we want our Seychelles to move ahead. As he has frequently stated, Seychelles is greater than any of us.

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Let us back Seychelles – The People Online

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5 facts about Seychelles you probably did not know – Independent Online

Posted: at 4:26 am

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa is paradise. It’s home to numerous beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves, as well as rare animals such as giant Aldabra tortoises. Here are some facts you probably did not know about the country. 1: Bird Island houses the heaviest land tortoise named Esmeralda, weighing 303 kilograms.

2. The capital of Seychelles, Victoria, is the is the smallest in the world. Tourists can explore it within a day.

3: The native Coco de mer produces the heaviest (about 15kg) and largest seed in the world. The locals love it so much that there is literally one everywhere you look.

4: Breadfruit is very popular in Seychelles. It can be made into savoury or sweet dishes. Rumour has it that whoever eats it will return to Seychelles one day.

5: The Seychelles has some of the rarest endemic birds, including the bare-legged Scops-owl and greater painted-snipe.

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5 facts about Seychelles you probably did not know – Independent Online

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Seychelles – a socio-economic snapshot – eTurboNews (eTN) – eTurboNews

Posted: August 20, 2017 at 6:36 pm

The Republic of Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands, gained itsindependence in 1976. Over 4 decades, its per capita income has expanded by roughly seven times. Its estimated GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) for 2016 of around US$2.6 Billion originates from: 83.5% contributed by services (inclusive mainly tourism), 13.9% by industry and 2.6% by agriculture. Estimated GDP (per capita) for 2016 was around US$28,000. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted GDP annual growth between 3.5% and 3.7 % through 2018.

Today, the pre-independence, subsistence level of existence for a large majority of the population is a distant past for the bulk of the Seychellois. Seychelles has progressed to emerge as the very first high-income economy in Africa, according to World Banks classification. This is a positive and well-acclaimed achievement that nevertheless, comes with a price. The status disqualifies the economy from concessional resources for economic, social and environmental development and conservation. Yet the statutory adverse conditions of lack of economies of scale due to size, distance from main markets, paucity of skilled as well as qualified human and natural resources leave the small, face-to-face island economy very vulnerable to external shocks on which it depends for a large majority of its daily consumables. Thus, the focus on judicious management of resources under the present national theme of transparency, accountability and good governance, is timely and appropriate at this juncture.

On the international stage, poverty rates in Seychelles are expected to remain among the lowest in the world outside the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Recent estimates show that extreme poverty, using the international poverty line of US$1.90 per day in 2011 purchasing power parity (PPP), stood at 1.1% of the population in 2013. In the same year, moderate poverty, based on the US$3.1 per day (in 2011 PPP) poverty line was 2.5% of the population. Income inequality is one of the Republics main concern as it is considered substantial, with a gross income-based Gini index of 0.46 in 2013, one of the highest in the region.

A recent poverty analysis based on national household expenditure surveys by the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) revealed that 40% of the Seychelles population lives below the established poverty line in the high-cost Paradise.Creating a lot of concern, the Government has reverted to focus attention on policies to try and lower the cost of living by exempting VAT on a longer list of items considered essential and raising remuneration by introducing the 13thmonth salary across the board. The effectiveness of those policies remains to be felt by consumers in the free market environment of Seychelles. However, it seems more likely that the effects of cost-push inflationary tendencies as well as the reluctance for merchants and traders to pass on the VAT exemptions to customers seem to militate against the intended result of alleviating the exorbitant cost of living plight of the consumers in the absence of any form of price-controls of yester-year. Other innovative medium to long-term solutions must be found and tabled for consideration.

The consumers referred to above are locals as well as the tourists whose industry is the most significant foreign exchange earner ahead of the second pillar of the economy, which is the fisheries industry. The fact remains that with stiffer regional and global competition, Seychelles cannot afford to price itself out of the market to the benefit of its competitors in the region and further afield. Given much more efficient access to information, all potential clients have choices and cost is one of their primary concern in deciding the location of their next holiday destination. Thus reasonable prices, enhanced presence in terms of visibility on various relevant markets and quality service delivery as the perfect hosts, always with the famous Seychellois smiles should remain our consistent KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

The prevalence of the rule of law, peace, stability, safety and security are elements that are often taken for granted, yet, they are the very platforms for a successful and growing tourism industry. The prevalent challenges such as social-ills, especially with regards to drugs and alcohol abuses leading to petty crimes should also be addressed with greater effectiveness and conviction. Their respective levels could make or break the countrys goose that has been laying golden eggs in a significant way since the opening of the Seychelles International Airport.

This one quintessential infrastructure opened up the tourism industry that has brought much wealth and spin-offs to the island economy. It is clear that in this era of sustainable development and need to mitigate against the adverse effects of Climate Change, Seychelles has the potential to do a lot more than it has been able to register to-date.

What if we could independently produce and store renewable energy starting with solar, that is clean, free, natural from all our roof-tops? What if we could harvest much of the healthy rain-water that falls from the latter? What if from the same roof-tops, we could all enjoy hot water showers and baths? What if we could introduce and operate a smart-grid through Public Private Partnerships that could take on as much renewable energy that can be produced from various existing modes to store and deliver to where its needed? What if in doing so we benefit from a new and more powerful fiber-optic cable that will greatly enhance our connectivity with the world, consolidate our aspirations for the building of a knowledge-based society and give a boost to the potentials of our third economic pillar the Financial and Logistics Services Sector? What if the apparent lack of inclusivity claimed by the World Bank is partially addressed by each roof owner becoming a minor shareholder in the venture responsible to produce, mange and deliver the renewable energy produced? Could such transformational development single out Seychelles as one of the foremost environmentally conscious and forward-looking nations of the region? Would that like the construction of our international airport be the catalyst for the creation of more opportunities, wealth creation and prosperity?

Indeed, what if? You may think Im a dreamer and I would not be the only one but in all the above aforementioned scenarios, I am far from dreaming. Those are realizable objectives that are being proposed through a PPP. They are currently at the very early stages of being proposed to Government by investors. Due diligence of the investors and detailed feasibility of the proposals have yet to be finalized pending an indication of interest from the State to partner and realize the Hexagon Infrastructure Program.

Government is not being requested to contribute financial capital but rather use its leverages as a facilitator and enabler on the local scene to make it all happen. It is realizable as long as leaders from all angles see and believe in the latent potentials of such a comprehensive set of investments in an era where it is being acknowledged that Foreign Direct Investment is abating and needs a boost to sustain economic growth and development.

Standing at a cross-road on the eve that Seychelles is going to launch the processes for developing an inclusive long-termVision 2032followed by its5-year National Development Strategyto articulate in greater detail how the visions of the Seychellois people will be achieved, the time has come to think in effective, transformational terms rather than making cosmetic and paper-plastering propositions in this unique and timely opportunity to lay even more solid foundations for the next generation. We all have our part to play and we should be forward looking, bold and willing to embrace innovations in the era of Sustainable Development.

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Seychelles – a socio-economic snapshot – eTurboNews (eTN) – eTurboNews

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Seychelles Constance Ephelia voted region’s leading green resort … – eTurboNews

Posted: at 6:36 pm

Seychelles Constance Ephelia voted region's leading green resort …
Set within 120 hectares of land, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, Constance Ephelia, located at Port Launay, opened its doors in February 2010.

and more »

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Seychelles Constance Ephelia voted region’s leading green resort … – eTurboNews

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Intimacy, adventure and more at Seychelles properties – Travel Weekly

Posted: August 18, 2017 at 5:38 am

With so many islands and regions in the Seychelles, visitors can expect a plethora of resort styles. Here’s an overview of the properties I visited during my recent trip:

As the country’s most populated island, Mahe provides travelers resorts and hotels of all sizes and star ratings. It’s also the island on which all visitors land; therefore, at least a few days should be spent on Mahe.

Only 30 minutes from the international airport, the Kempinski Seychelles is a five-star property on Baie Lazare beach, which can be seen from most of its luxury suites. Tropical design includes just the right amount of contemporary flair, especially in the panoramic open-air lobby that overlooks a centrally located swimming pool and a toes-in-sand beach bar that grills up on-demand seafood and meats.

With its exceptional dining most notably the fusion of flavors at L’Indochine and the bountiful buffet breakfast (unlimited bloody marys and mimosas!) the Kempinski is the perfect starting point for an island-hopping Seychelles tour and a great choice for pre- and post-exploring.

Nightly rates begin at $300, double; see

No matter how many options there are, some people just want to stay put. For them, the best choice on Mahe is the five-star Constance Ephelia Resort, where guests can stay for two weeks and never get bored. Over 260 rooms and suites, 47 villas, 10 restaurants and bars, an entire spa village, two unique beaches, a range of activities and a kids club, all on almost 300 acres, create a little world of tropical luxury.

The resort is so large, in fact, that there’s an entire ziplining course. Service, cuisine and amenities are top-notch, and weekly events provide guests with cultural dinners and entertainment.

Nightly rates begin at about $700 to $1,000, depending on season. See

For a more intimate experience on Mahe, there’s Carana Beach Resort, a locally owned, design-driven boutique property.

With 40 contemporary chalets and a stunning infinity pool overlooking one of Mahe’s most picturesque beaches, this brand-new resort is the perfect in-between.

Nightly rates begin at about $480; see

Some of the Seychelles’ most exceptional resorts reside on otherwise uninhabited, self-sufficient islands, where travelers get the quintessential private island experience.

The newest and most lavish is undoubtedly Six Senses Zil Pasyon. Thirty ultra-private villas, each with plunge pools and breathtaking views, were designed with the brand’s full commitment to wellness and sustainability in mind, and come with a personal guest experiences maker, aka GEM. Nothing at the resort has been overlooked, and it is setting a new standard for eco-luxury. For more information, see

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Intimacy, adventure and more at Seychelles properties – Travel Weekly

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Air Seychelles launches new scenic flights offering a bird’s eye view of Mah’s breath-taking spots – eTurboNews

Posted: at 5:38 am

The Seychelles national airline is now offering scenic flights in a bid to offer more products especially for tourists holidaying in the island nation.

Air Seychelles panoramic flights at low altitudes will allow guests to experience a birds eye view of some of the most beautiful spots of the Seychelles main island Mah.

The 30-minute flight departing the Seychelles International Airport, is designed to take guests on a tour of either North Mah or South Mah.

On the North Mah tour for example, Cerf Island, Moyenne and Ste Anne islands will be visible to the right. The flight then continues past the capital of Victoria, following the coastline around the northern point of Mah to Beau Vallon beach. Heading past Anse Major, the Baie Ternay marine park and Port Launay, it also provides unparalleled views of the Morne Seychellois national park, before circling back at Grand Anse beach.

Air Seychelles said the airline has received the cooperation of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority to develop the scenic flights by assisting to design the low altitude routes.

The airline is also working with the travel trade and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) who will be key distributors of the new product.

A group of travel agents and representatives from the tourism industry were in fact the first to board the inaugural scenic flight on Wednesday August 16 and they were taken on a scenic tour of South Mah.

Guests wanting to avail of the experience can book their scenic flights with the local DMCs as well as directly with Air Seychelles.

Air Seychelles Head of Sales for the Home Market, Mrs. Kathleen Payet said the scenic flights which have to be booked 24 hours in advance will be sold on a charter basis instead of selling individual seats as is the case for normal flights.

We are targeting large groups who before had to charter two or three helicopters for such scenic flights, including guests from cruise ship who are very eager to embark on such experiences, said Mrs Payet.

The scenic flights using a Twin Otter DHC-6 400 aircraft with 19 seats among which 11 are window seats, can be available daily between 1.30 pm to 3.00pm based on demand and the DMCs can also choose to have a guide accompany the guests on the scenic tours.

Air Seychelles Chief Executive Roy Kinnear said the experience will allow travellers to appreciate the unparalleled beauty of Seychelles from a whole new angle.

Flying at a low altitude on a Twin Otter aircraft, our service will provide breath-taking views of many famous sights and landmarks of north Mah, from stunning beaches to the verdant rolling hills of the national park, all framed by the Indian Ocean, said Mr Kinnear.

Air Seychelles is confident that the new scenic flights will appeal to both international visitors and residents looking to explore Seychelles from the air.

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Air Seychelles launches new scenic flights offering a bird’s eye view of Mah’s breath-taking spots – eTurboNews

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Seychelles’ Tourism Minister pleased with level of standard following visit to small and large accommodations on La … – eTurboNews

Posted: August 16, 2017 at 6:39 pm

Tourism property owners on La Digue truly understand the importance of the tourism industry and go to great lengths to offer high standards of care to visitors coming from all over the world.

The Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne said this on Friday last week, after visiting tourism properties on the island, as part of his ongoing door-to-door visits to holiday accommodations in Seychelles.

This was his first visit to tourism businesses on La Digue the Seychelles third inhabited island since he took charge of the tourism portfolio in December last year.

Accompanied by the Principal Secretary for tourism Mrs. Anne Lafortune, they visited 14 tourism establishments from a one-bedroom self-catering apartment to a 70-room hotel ranging from quite recently opened accommodations to those that have been standing for a good number of years. The visit was an opportunity for them to see whether the properties were up to the required standard and to have a better appreciation of their successes and constraints.

Starting off at Anse Gaulette, the minister and his team called at the Le Relax Luxury Lodge a small hotel comprising of six villas as well as Lakaz an Bwa a two-bedroom self-catering. Both are quite new on the market having opened within the last two years.

Owned by Gerald Iglesias and his wife a retired couple originally from France Lakaz an Bwa, which has been built entirely of local wood, is one example of a tourism establishment on La Digue that has strived to showcase the Creole architecture.

Granite self-catering at La Passe was the smallest establishment visited. Owned by Sylvia Adrienne who has worked for several years in the tourism industry before venturing into her own business, the one-bedroom self-catering apartment is more of a family accommodation.

While at La Passe, the Minister also visited Chez Ahmed a two-bedroom self-catering, Kot Babi a nine-bedroom guesthouse that has been in business for 14 years, as well as the La Digue self-catering, which boasts six studio apartments located on the first floor of the recently built Mills Complex.

Chez Marston a small hotel of five rooms and a restaurant that has existed for a good 25 years is another property which the Minister visited at La Passe, where he met with the owner Mr. Marston St Ange who is well known character on La Digue. Right across the road from Chez Marston, Mr. Loustau-Lalanne stopped at the construction site of a new five-bedroom hotel, which Mr. Jos St Ange is planning to open in November this year.

The delegation then headed to La Digue Island Lodge at Anse Reunion the largest establishment to be visited. The 70-room hotel owned by Mr. Gregoire Payet has been standing for around 45 years. They were welcomed by the owners daughter Mrs. Brigitte Payet, who said the hotel was quite popular among honeymooners, while she showcased ongoing work to improve the standard of the hotel.

The delegation also called at Elje villa and Agnes Cottage two self-catering establishments, Villa Veuve a small hotel with 20 rooms and Petras guest house a three-room bed and breakfast guesthouse all situated at Anse reunion. At LUnion, the minister visited Chloes cottage and Villa Source DArgent. Mr. Loustau-Lalanne visited La Digue just a few days ahead of the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Patron Saint of the island on August 15, which is the busiest period of the year for the island. This meant that all of the establishments visited were fully booked.

At the end of his tour, the minister said that he had been able to ascertain that the owners most of the Seychellois were very good at marketing their properties, as they confirmed that their full occupancy was not only for the August feast, but will last for the next two to three months. Most of them noted that they were making use of booking websites such as Agoda, Airbnb,, seyvilla among others to market their business. When it comes to visitors, Germans topped the list of tourists that choose to holiday on La Digue. Visitors from Italy, France and Reunion also proved to be quite popular.

With regards to the level of standard, the minister expressed satisfaction with what he had seen during his visit to the various establishments.

They have gone to great lengths to improve the standard of their products. I think they know that we will be introducing a new hotel classification system soon and they are getting ready before this happens. Everything Ive seen from the one-bedroom self-catering establishment to a 70-room hotel, shows that they are all improving their products, said Minister Loustau-Lalanne.

The owners of the different tourism accommodations on La Digue also took the opportunity to raise several concerns to the minister. This ranged from lack of street lighting, problems with water and electricity supply, road condition, availability of local manpower, among others.

Minister Loustau-Lalanne said: There are some issues and I managed to solve one or two on the spot, but there are others that I need to cross check with other colleague ministers because they are not of my responsibility directly and we will attend to those as we continue to do our work. The minister also welcomed the desire of the various business owners to contribute towards the cost of solving the some of the issues highlighted, which he described as a good display of public-private partnership in the tourism industry.

Many of the establishments also highlighted their intention and desire to increase their room capacity to be able to expand their business to accommodate more clients and raised their concerns vis–vis a moratorium that is limiting new tourism establishments to five rooms only, based on a carrying capacity study done for the island.

Commenting on the matter, Minister Loustau Lalanne said: We need to look at it not on a case by case basis, but rather in its entirety to see what needs to be done to contain this resounding success which we are seeing today on La Digue.

The Minister has already visited a range of hotels on the Seychelles three main inhabited islands Mah, Praslin and La Digue in his endeavor to have a better appreciation of the various services and products on offer, as well as to appreciate the successes and gain an understanding of challenges faced by these establishments.

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Seychelles’ Tourism Minister pleased with level of standard following visit to small and large accommodations on La … – eTurboNews

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Praslin’s Islander Hotel: Another Seychelles’ tourism establishment rated highly by HolidayCheck in 2017 – eTurboNews

Posted: at 6:39 pm

With German visitors topping its list of clients, the Islander Hotel on Praslin, is another tourism establishment in Seychelles that has been rated highly by HolidayCheck the largest German-speaking portal that allows Germain tourists to review their travel and holidays experiences.

HolidayCheck certificates are given to establishments scoring highly based on excellent reviews received from visitors. The Islander Hotel was awarded a grade of 5.8/6 for 2017.

This is the second consecutive year that the establishment receives the HolidayCheck certificate, although it has been rated highly by the same travel website in the past.

Located at Anse Kerlan, the Islander Hotel is a small family-run establishment located a few steps away from the beach.

The establishment, which for some years has also received the TripAdvisors Certificate of Excellence, offers 12 rooms all of them bungalow-style except for one villa.

The owner, Mrs. Miette Godley said they have been receiving German visitors since the hotel opened its doors in 1991, adding that most of their German clients book their holidays through tour operators, both in Germany and Seychelles.

Germany is currently the number one source of visitors to Seychelles having sent 28,210 tourists to the island nation compared to 21,294 for the same period in 2016 thus representing a growth of 32 percent.

We were among the first tourism establishment within the Anse Kerlan region on Praslin to open its doors to tourists, even when all reservations was done by fax or telephone. Today we can acknowledge major improvement when it comes to increasing visitors from the German market, especially now with the internet which makes things a lot easier and faster, said Mrs. Godley.

We have been welcoming German guests since we open our doors to the tourism trade. Although at a one point the Italians were overtaking them, after a few years we saw Germany went back to being our number one source of guests, she added.

Aside of the accommodation facilities, which include their own kitchen, the Islander Hotel also has a restaurant on site providing mainly seafood and Creole cuisines. The owners residence, which is also close to the hotel allows them to offer a more personal service to their guests, who Mrs. Godley said are mainly middle-class tourists.

Mrs. Godley has expressed her appreciation to her staff and the Praslin community in general who she says work hard to offer a good service to the thousands of visitors that choose to holiday at the various establishments on Praslin.

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Praslin’s Islander Hotel: Another Seychelles’ tourism establishment rated highly by HolidayCheck in 2017 – eTurboNews

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Pampering in paradise for parents-to-be: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles offers new babymoon experience – eTurboNews

Posted: August 15, 2017 at 12:36 pm

Seychelles has over the years become a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds looking for the ultimate escape to spend their first days as husband and wife.

One hotel in the Indian Ocean archipelago, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, is now offering couples on their way to becoming a trio, another kind of experience.

Pregnant guests staying at resort located at Baie Lazare in the south of the main island, Mah, can now enjoy a babymoon experience.

A babymoon is a romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born or by new parents having just welcomed their little bundle of joy.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is offering the babymoon experience specifically for parents-to-be. This new experience, which the resort said is not chargeable started on Monday, August 7.

This was prompted by the desire to ensure that pregnant guests are made as comfortable as possible during their stay.

Guests indicating their pregnancy while making their reservations will be automatically enrolled into the babymoon experience in luxurious treehouse style villa depending on its availability.

A special kit of pregnancy must-haves from pool float, mobile phone for direct access to the Cravings Hotline to order their favorite snack or essential comfort item wherever they may be in the resort are just two of what the babymooners can expect.

The resorts General Manager, Adrian Messerli said: We often welcome couples who travel to our resort when pregnant, so our new babymoon is a way to ensure they have the most romantic experience together whilst also ensuring comfort and complete relaxation.

All of the elements of the babymoon have been designed with the needs of pregnancy in mind, to ensure that the guests can focus fully on enjoying their final romantic trip together before the new arrival, he added.

Expectant couples can also choose additional experiences including pregnancy yoga, massage or in-villa-dining at additional cost.

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Pampering in paradise for parents-to-be: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles offers new babymoon experience – eTurboNews

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First World Bank Country Diagnostic on Seychelles – eTurboNews

Posted: August 14, 2017 at 12:37 pm

The World Bank issued its first Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) on Seychelles on 2ndAugust 2017. Its findings will inform the World Banks operational work in the country and contribute to public debate, including as an input to the currently ongoing new national development planning process.

According to the SCD, Seychelles economic growth performance has been strong, both over the long term and recently, and employment rates are high. However, as this analysis demonstrates, that growth has been driven mainly by factor accumulation. Although Seychelles is considered to have a high-income economy, our challenge now is to sustain growth by raising productivity.

While absolute poverty levels in Seychelles are low, inequality is significant,saidAlex Sienaert, Senior Country Economist and the reports main author,Increasing Seychellois direct participation in an increasingly skills-intensive, sophisticated economy is the paramount challenge for the countrys social sectors.

The report indicates the need for a development model that fosters strong economic inclusion. In Seychelles, the labour market is increasingly rewarding workers with scarce technical and job-relevant skills. The pressure is on for the education system to equip graduates with the tools they need to reap the benefits of the growing opportunities offered by the Seychelles increasingly sophisticated economy. Additionally, social spending is already at generous levels, and needs to be better targeted, to shore up the sustainability of this spending, boost its impact on protecting the vulnerable and empower Seychellois to get high quality jobs.

The report also suggests that increasing state performance is another of the key challenges facing Seychelles today. A high-performing economy requires a public sector that is efficient enough to deliver high quality public services, agile enough to respond to emerging priorities, and small enough not to divert scarce financial and human resources away from the private sector.

The report adds that Seychelles has made much progress on this front and can build on this further to position government and the state-owned enterprises to support a high-performing, high participation economy.

It is to be recalled that this report follows recent insights shared by Maliki Jivan in Today Newspaper, where she proposed a series of measures to sustain growth by raising productivity, including a commitment to business, to stimulate FDIs, to encourage FOREX earning businesses and exports, and for Government to be a facilitator of business.

The time to move ahead and look at the tourism and hospitality operators is now.

Seychelles businesses are not competing among themselves. They have to be seen as the preferred holiday in advertised tourism publications. Our Seychelles packages need to be noticed and the businesses need to be able to afford to be remain visible.

The World Bank has issued its first Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) on Seychelles. The report says that the challenge now for Seychelles is to sustain its growth by raising productivity. Raising productivity in a country so dependent on tourism is to ensure that the islands tourism industry is consolidated for the long term. Many Seychellois have invested their life savings into tourism and they need the security for their investments. Others are employed in this industry and they are breadwinners for their families.

Ten years ago, the financial crash shocked the world and Seychelles. Our islands have fared well and came out as leaders, but is it time to give a boost to the players in this fragile industry to ensure they are able to work facing the situation on hand.

VAT remains a cost which our Government insists can be passed on to the consumer, but in reality, is just absorbed by the operator who remains scared of pricing themselves out of the market. Germany and France have been innovative in splitting where VAT is applicable and at what percentage. They have separated the infrastructure and the consumption with a lesser VAT on an infrastructure of the hotels BED ONLY rate and countrys applicable VAT on extras, such as meals, bar etc. We could stand to learn a thing or two from Germany and France in this regard.

The tourism trade should be encouraged to strive to actively raise the visibility of Seychelles and ensure that the islands remain relevant in the competitive world of tourism. Value for money and the necessity to better the service ethics will need to follow. Customer service skills will need to be honed and improved if we want, as a Nation, to keep tourists coming back to our sandy shores.

Managers in the tourism industry must ensure that their establishments staff are upholding the standard that is expected of them. Importantly, the State must allow managers the freedom to fulfill their employment functions. A recent incident involving interference and micromanagement by the State on Praslin Island has prompted fear in the industry that every foreign manager will be reluctant to discipline staff or to encourage their staff members to improve their job performance.In the incident in question, the State allegedly declined to renew a foreign managers work permit following backlash from the local staff at the establishment. This will inevitably lead to a further drop in the level of service and in the notion of value for money in Seychelles.There is a real risk that competent and capable foreign managers will think twice about taking up employment in Seychelles for fear of unnecessary interference by the State.

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First World Bank Country Diagnostic on Seychelles – eTurboNews

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