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Discover: ‘You’re getting sleepy’ the amazing science of hypnosis –

Posted: July 21, 2020 at 12:21 pm

Trance states can be fun when youre on stage, but they can also have profound effects in relieving pain and changing behaviour

When you hear the word hypnosis, you may be immediately reminded of that stage show you saw, and the man that had a great time clucking like a chicken on command. Perhaps you think of being out of your own mind, unable to control your body, and something you never want to experience.

But the thing is, you probably already have. Ever fallen into a trance watching the snow come at the windshield? So engrossed in a book or movie that you forget the world youre in, felt the relaxation of a flickering flame, or even, the calm meditation of the Zamboni making its rounds?

And you know everybody watches the Zamboni you cant take your eyes off it.

All of these times, you have been in whats really, at its base level, a trance. It is this state whether it is an altered state of consciousness or simply a relaxed one (this is still up for debate) that allows the power of suggestion to work to its true potential. And in the right hands, that could mean that changing your perception of the world while in this state.

Hypnotherapy, the practice of accessing the subconscious mind in order to change behaviour, has been around for some time more than 200 years really. And though it began as a pseudoscience, without much in the way of standard practice and some outlandish theories to say the least hows the idea of disease called animal magnetism featuring an internal liquid magnetic force it has now been shown not only to have an effect on the subconscious mind, but a measureable one.

A landmark study in 1999 by Pierre Rainville from the University of Montreal tested pain response in conjunction with hypnotism. In the study, hypnotized participants briefly placed their left hand in water one heated to a painful 116 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius) and the other left at room temperature. Some participants were instructed that as they put their hand in the water they may feel some pain, but not a bothersome amount. For instance, if the usual pain register would be a ten, then they might only feel it as a five.

The participants had neurological scans while the test was happening, and there were remarkable results. Those who put their hand in the 116-degree water but were told the pain would be less showed less activity in their brains. Specifically, less activity in the anterior cingulate cortex, associated with pain processing.

A more recent Stanford university study in 2016 found changes in the brains functions as well. Dr. David Spiegel, professor and associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford, and his colleagues screened 545 healthy participants and found 36 people who consistently scored high on tests of hypnotisability (your ability to follow orders and pay careful attention), as well as 21 control subjects who scored on the extreme low end of the scales.

Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) to measure brain activity, each person was scanned: while resting, while recalling a memory, and during two hypnosis sessions.

What they found and what they found only in the patients who scored highest on the hypnotisability test, and only while they were in one of the two hypnosis sessions was three distinct changes.

First, they saw a decrease in activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate, part of the brains salience network, which detects behaviorally relevant stimuli and co-ordinates the brain's neural resources in response to these stimuli.

Then, an increase in connections between two other areas of the brain the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the insula. Spiegel describes this as a brain-body connection that helps the brain process and control whats going on in the body.

Finally, Spiegels team also observed reduced connections between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the default mode network, which includes the medial prefrontal and the posterior cingulate cortex.

This decrease in functional connectivity could potentially be the disconnect between someones actions and their awareness of their actions.

When it comes to weight loss with hypnotherapy, small scale studies are showing it could be a more effective long-term weight loss tool, and highly complementary to other behavioural changes. Other small studies seeking to show if hypnosis can help with smoking, treat a drug addiction, or even self-hypnosis in order to avoid relapse have found it is a very viable therapy.

One of the most fascinating aspects though, is hypnotherapys potential within healthcare.

There is beginning research into hypnotherapy as a complement in treating Pediatric Crohns Disease.

As well, Montreal Childrens Hospital Interventional Radiology department took part in a pilot project to better understand medical hypnosis. More than 120 children and teens have now undergone medical hypnotism, and the results are astounding.

Patients who were hypnotized prior to procedures rated their discomfort at an average 1.4 out of 10 for pain those without rated it a 5.4. The use of medical hypnotherapy is now resulting in the use of less or no sedation for procedures that previously depended on the time, cost and risk of anesthesia. As well, as children are known to be medical wigglers, the hypnotic state is allowing the medical professionals to better and more easily perform the required medical procedures.

Imagine making the life of a child in pain better, without needing to do more than to teach them to relax.

But if youre a skeptic, you might still wonder about the placebo effect. Well, youre not wrong. The thing is, the placebo effect can be quite healing.

In her book, Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body, journalist and author Jo Marchant details the placebo effect, and the fact that the brain is still responding in the desired capacity. For instance, she notes that a placebo painkiller can actually trigger the release of the same pain-relieving endorphins that pain medication would. Or patients with Parkinsons disease can take a placebo pill and still feel the same release of dopamine that they would if they took their actual medication.

That is, of course, unless the patient knows its a placebo. That is one of the stickier issues when it comes to studying the effects of hypnosis. In order to accurately capture it, the study participant cant know its happening. And that can make for an ethical dilemma.

Using the method as treatment however, requires you in the drivers seat, says Gilles Brideau, Sudbury-based registered psychotherapist and practitioner of hypnotherapy since 2002.

What hypnosis is really like, he says, is like we're driving in a car, and I have a map. While he can gently advise you that your turn is coming up because his map says so you can still drive right past. Its this choice, this free will, which will help your experience with the process as well.

According to Brideau, the success of hypnotherapy comes from your brains inability to distinguish what is happening now, and what you are imagining is happening.

Im sure youve had a dream, says Brideau, a very vivid dream in which you were being chased. If you wake up and you do a carotid (pulse) check, your heart would be racing. But what were you doing? Laying down, resting. We get a physiological response to an action that wasnt taking place, because your brain perceived it to be real.

Its this power to bring the brain into a moment that hasnt happened yet that allows for help during medical procedures, hypnobirthing, even upcoming medical procedures that are causing anxiety for the prospective patient.

The session would begin with some questions, mostly geared to your desired outcomes. Then, some helpful tool of distraction. A pair of glasses that flash small lights in your eyes at a quicker pace before slowing, as well as a noise-canceling headphones that only allow the chosen musical cues and the voice of Brideau to enter. My clients laugh and say youre in my head.

Its then that Brideau uses not only his training as a psychotherapist to determine his plan of action, but also his background in cognitive behavioral therapy, and other modalities. While its easy to get someone into a trance, the rest takes a skillful hand.

Then, its a matter of practice makes perfect. If you are terrified of airplanes, your time spent taxiing should not be the moment where you try to deal with the fear for the first time. With hypnotherapy, you could begin your journey 10-20 times before setting foot in the airport, simply by practicing with a hypnotherapist to help to access a calm state, and listening to their hypnotic suggestions.

Suggestions are made based on the desired outcome of the client, says Brideau, but if it is not their true desire, it wont work, says Brideau.

So if I get a wife who would really like her husband to quit smoking, but he doesnt want to, its not going to work, he said.

The outcome is discussed in detail in advance of any sessions, and very often scripted according to protocols from other eminent sources. There is one for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that Brideau often employs, as well as also working with the clients to refocus on positive outcomes. Its not I want to be 150 pounds, says Brideau. Its about what is going to happen, will you be able to stop eating and feel full sooner, will you be able to choose foods that are better for your health.

And while there are no regulatory bodies governing hypnotherapy, the training in other areas will tell you when you have found someone you can trust. Hypnotherapy should be but one tool of an educated professional.

But if youre still worried about being made to bark like a dog, know that hypnosis cannot make you do anything youre not open to. When you see someone acting like a fool onstage, know that they are having a great time, because that was their desired outcome.

You go to a stage show to have fun, says Brideau. A lot of times, because I've done a stage show, it's kind of like I can't believe I'm doing this but I don't really care. Because you're aware the whole time. In that moment, I want to live, I want to have a good time, I want to enjoy myself right now.

So whether you are interested in hypnobirthing, help for a medical procedures, easing fears or anxieties, trouble with relaxation, smoking, and weight loss even animal noises then a hypnosis session could be of interest to you. While there are no large-scale, long-term studies at the moment, there is the beginning of fascinating research into the field, and a new understanding of the brain.

Jenny Lamothe is a freelance writer, proof-reader and editor in Greater Sudbury. Contact her through her website,

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Discover: 'You're getting sleepy' the amazing science of hypnosis -

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Dance Bii with WesdaRuler, And More Music News and Gossip | Flagpole – Flagpole Magazine

Posted: at 12:21 pm

A PARTY AINT A PARTY UNLESS THE RULER IS AROUND: Hot off the burned rubber of the most scorching political track in recent Athens history, WesdaRuler just released a new mix named Dance Bii. The single-track mix slides around through Wes many moods, but mostly has him out front with his strong lyricism and his signature sing-song flow. Stylistically, this dips deep into 70s R&B and proto-disco (I mean, hell, peep the cover art), but also has some of Slick Ricks oddball-ness, Kendrick Lamars sense of structure and even sparse instances of DJ Screw-style slowdowns. This is also a very personal record, much like his LP Ocean Drive, and lyric heads will take much appreciation of Wess attention to detail and unbridled openness. This runs at just about half an hour long, and theres no reason I can imagine that would keep this from being on a near-constant loop for a good while. Check it out at Its also available on limited edition CD and cassette via HHBTM Records at

TRIPLE PLAY: Sensational pop maestros Heffner have been on a slow tear all year long, evidenced most recently by the new single All Alone Baby. Its the third for the group this year. Whereas earlier singlesYou Dont Even Know Him and Higher Education (Electronic Dance Music)traded on pub rock masculinity tempered with fashionable melodicism, All Alone Baby pulls the throttle back into crafty reverb territory. First, its a much gentler tune than the other two, and the vocals are a lot more lethargicspecifically so and not merely slow. The buried guitars provide much of the power here. There are slight traces of a vapor wave aesthetic, so slight it can hardly be an apt descriptor, but mostly this is the sound of the band performing that crucial third-track on a mixtape action. They took it up two notches and now pulled it back a little. Find all three on Spotify or your favorite streaming service. Follow along at

LAY YR MONEY DOWN: Austin, TX label Chicken Ranch Records (current home to Athens own Five-Eight) is now taking pre-orders for the upcoming two-song vinyl debut single by Pinky Doodle Poodle. The featured songs are Are You Readywhich you can stream at the pre-order linkand Go Ahead. Featured guests on the first track include Athens folks Lucy Calhoun, Sienna Chandler (Monsoon) and Timi Conley. Please see for more information, and head over to to order.

GREEN GROW THE RUSHES: Every few months, like dependable clockwork, Love My Truck releases a new batch of songs. On Independence Day, the duo released the four-song set, Girth Of A Nation. It opens with the metaphorical hymn to perseverance Gumby, slides into the mixed-media heft of Odd Shape, heads into the buoyantly lowly celebration of friendship Beer Smoke, then closes with the clarity of See It. On this set, Love My Truck heads back into the heady use of empty space, which serves their drop-dead gorgeous melodies very well. I mean, whats left to say? Celebrate this all by yourself at

STOP. POTTER TIME: I swear, yall, the sun never sets on Michael Potters empire. To wit, yet another album by his long-running solo and ensemble project The Electric Nature just came out. This time credited to Michael Potter and The Electric Nature, its titled Trance Music and is composed of four long tracks (Trance I-IV), but theyre arranged in the order of III, II, I, IV. These live recordings are described by Potter as ambient primitive, which is pretty much on the mark and nods heavily toward what I can only imagine is a trove of heroes for Potter running from Eno to Fahey. While Trance III develops the records tone with minor swells near the middle, the very next track, Trance II, brings a pretty big howl-n-scrape in its midsection as well as some acoustic noodlin. Trance I follows in much the same fashion with similar construction. Closer, Trance IV begins with very audible audience chatter and the music builds in a lonely manner off in its own corner. By the end, though, the volume has increased, and the audience seemingly recedes. Its the audio equivalent of a camera slowly moving in for a closeup. This album is available via streaming and also as a cassette tape, and pre-orders are being accepted as we speak. To do either or both, please see


Like what you just read? Support Flagpole by making a donation today. Every dollar you give helps fund our ongoing mission to provide Athens with quality, independent journalism.

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Dance Bii with WesdaRuler, And More Music News and Gossip | Flagpole - Flagpole Magazine

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MCs, Stunts and Doing Keys: Behind the Scenes With Bad Boy Chiller Crew – VICE UK

Posted: at 12:21 pm

It's the tail end of 2019 and Bradford's Bad Boy Chiller Crew are setting the stage alight at Trance Party, a regular night at South London's Corsica Studios. Alongside electronic artists like Varg2 , Total Freedom and Lisa Pinup, the three of them stick out like a ket halo. But their frenetic topless bassline MCing quickly turns the crowd into instant fans PC Musics Danny L. Harle is at the front with his hands in the air, and the atmosphere is sweaty and full on. Afterwards, BBCCs Gareth Kelly otherwise known as GK heads to the green room, getting emotional. It's the biggest night they've ever played, he says, and it means a lot.

BBCC made up of GK, MC Clive and Kane are more than a crew. They're an autonomous media company. They've remixed UK garage tunes into Bradford-style bassline bangers. They've released branded music partnerships with a carwash. They've created their own universe of comedy characters online, based on their experiences growing up on council estates. And their Jackass-style skits have been getting serious organic numbers over 150 million, according to their manager Darren AKA Dr Google (his dad used to run an adult website, Go Ogle, hence the name.) In one video, Clive (the one with the mullet), puts a traffic cone to his mouth while the rest of them pour whatever drinks they can find down it, cans and all. I had to go and meet them for myself.

VICEs Tir Dhondy with S-Dog, Kane, GK and Scum.

Myself and VICE host Tir Dhondy wound up driving to Bradford to film BBCC and the West Yorkshire rapper S-Dog for a documentary about the trio, which you can watch below. Crowded into a small studio in someone's back garden, they came across like a hit-making machine; churning out two brand new belters in a few hours, with each MC taking turns to spit bars about doing keys, copping three Phantoms and local fiends robbing goldfish from Pets At Home.

Tir asked them why they chose to MC over bassline rather than something like drill. Kane shrugged. Its what we like. Its what we listen to, he said, simply. Its always been popular in Bradford, GK laughed, 'cause were still 20 years behind!

GK might be joking but he's got a point: breathing new life into forgotten genres is a rich tradition in regional scenes in the UK. BBCCs music and antics could be seen as belonging to a bygone era, one we recognise from the 2000s, but which now only exists in Facebook echo chambers. Their world is an irresistibly nostalgic jacuzzi bubbling with UK bassline, stunts, sesh culture and people calling each other charva. Even so, it seems to have built them an army of new young fans, and in quite a short space of time.

S-Dog, Kane & MC Clive in their mates studio in Bradford

After their studio sesh, Tir and I jumped in their BBCC branded van. They took us to a spot affectionately dubbed, Top O World a hill overlooking their estate so I popped off some stills.

MC Clive next to BBCCs branded van

A week later, we returned to Bradford to catch them performing a gig for their underage fans at a local social club ahead of their then-upcoming world tour, which before the coronavirus pandemic was supposed to take them to destinations as far-flung as China, according to Dr Google.

Outside the venue, legions of kids sporting MC Clives trademark mullet were hanging about in groups. Tir asked one of them if the mullet was a popular haircut in Bradford. Oh yeah, mullets and curtains are, he said, before going on to promo his own MC crew. These kids are barely in their teens, meaning they definitely wouldn't have been around for the first wave of UK bassline. It might be a stretch to claim that BBCC are kickstarting a bassline renaissance, but they're definitely ushering in a moment right now.

From left to right: GK, S-Dog, MC Clive and Kane.

A couple of the kids had bunked off school to get tickets and a glimpse of the crew. Do you actually do coke? one of them asked BBCC, followed by fits of laughter from GK and Kane. With lyrics like, Lines of the flake to get my heart pumping, and Put your guns in the air and get your keys out, it's not an off-topic question. Tir asked them why they mentioned drugs so much. Were just demonstrating what weve been brought up around, explained GK. We believe taxpaxers' money dont make Bradford go round, its white and brown powder. More fits of laughter followed.

MC Clive, Kane, S-Dog and GK at 'Top O World' in Bradford

As the gig kicked off, hundreds of kids started shouting along and even grabbing the mic themselves to perform their own renditions of their favourite BBCC tracks. The vibe had the same energy as the time I watched the Vengaboys at a Mecca Bingo in Southend-on-Sea euphoric, candy blasts of bassy pop where you unconsciously knew most of the words but had no idea why. (The lads also cite the Vengaboys as a major influence.)

After the show, Dr Google took to the stage to announce the winners of a raffle another way of generating income and we spoke to the lads for the last time IRL. Whats next for the Bad Boy Chiller Crew? asked Tir, congratulating them on their performance. Kane seemed hyped. Were goin on tour mush and were goin divvy, he replied, oblivious, like the rest of us, to the global pandemic which lay ahead.

Since COVID-19, the lads are having a Beatles-style Hamburg moment. They've relocated to Dr Googles permanent residence in Minsk, Belarus, to escape the UK, hone their craft and for GK to finally get the chest reduction surgery hes always wanted. In the meantime theyve been pumping out the social content, from GK documenting his hospital experience to bottle service club appearances with live snakes to MC Clive necking an entire bottle of voddy and shitting in Dr. Googles prosthetic leg.

Right before the documentary's release, I arrange a Zoom screening with BBCC and the London label House Anxiety, who released their recent single 450 ft. S-Dog and EP Full Wack No Breaks. The crew all answer the call topless while getting massages in their hotel room. Its probably the strangest screening Ive ever done, but I'm relieved to hear they enjoyed the film, with Dr Google giving us his seal of approval. I reckon thisll put VICE on the map, he says.


By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content.

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MCs, Stunts and Doing Keys: Behind the Scenes With Bad Boy Chiller Crew - VICE UK

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Blackpool nurse is a hit as guest DJ on Dave Pearce Delirium show as a thank you to key workers – Blackpool Gazette

Posted: at 12:21 pm

Nurse Chris Gorse who played a DJ guest set for Dave Pearce Trance Anthems

Father-of-two Chris, who turned 50 last month, was surprised by wife Janet with the chance to play the guest DJ mix on Pearces Delirium slot after writing to him and telling him of Chriss dream.

The amateur DJ from Cleveleys said Janet was stunned to receive a response from the former Radio 1 DJ inviting Chris to record a set, as a thank you for his work during the Covid crisis.

He said:Janet handed me a letter the day of my birthday with this opportunity and I couldnt believe it. To play in the club alongside someone of Daves calibre has always been an ambition, to have the chance to do it even online was just unreal.

He is a genuinely lovely bloke who really champions NHS causes and a couple of months back supported Blue Skies so it was really touching.

I then had to get the decorators in to sort the room quick as I had cleared it out of all my decks and needed to set it back up!

Chris played a 25 minute set of some of his most meaningful and favourite trance anthems and then sent the track list to Pearce for approval. The set can now be listened to on his official Dave Pearce Facebook page.

Chris, grandad to Archie and Alfie, even recorded a voiceover with a special shout-out to his team at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary where he works.

He added: On the night it was a real family, team effort as my daughters Clair and Cody set up laptops so we could respond to everyone tuning in from all over the world - it was great to see people enjoy it.

DJ Dave Pearces Trance Anthems show streams every Sunday via his official Facebook page amateur DJ Chris Gorse was given the guest DJ slot by Pearce as a thank you to Keyworkers through the Covid 19 crisis.

Chris who has been playing his decks for 21 years said: It is my passion and a way for me to just switch off from it all - I can close my eyes and transport myself anywhere in the world.

It was a fantastic experience to put my own imprint on a guest set and work with a DJ who really flies the flag for trance music.

More here:

Blackpool nurse is a hit as guest DJ on Dave Pearce Delirium show as a thank you to key workers - Blackpool Gazette

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Magic Beans Gather At Beanstalk: At The Drive-In Part Deux With SunSquabi, Dynohunter, More [Photos] – Live for Live Music

Posted: at 12:21 pm

Magic Beans hosted a second round of their reimagined annual Beanstalk gathering at Fort Collins, COs Holiday Twin Drive-In Theatre this past weekend. After selling out the first drive-in edition of their festival three weeks ago, the Colorado-based quartet decided to keep the music going with Beanstalk: At The Drive-In Part Deux for their last show of the summer, regulating safety measures and social distancing throughout the weekend.

Friday kicked off with a Dynohunter DJ set by trio member Clark Smith at 6:30 p.m., who set off the night with an hour-long set of infectious, trance house grooves. SunSquabi took to the stage for their first of two sets of the weekend at 8 p.m., welcoming friends Colby Buckler (Emancipator Ensemble) on drums and Ian Gilley (Recess) on keys billed as a SunSquabi & Friends set. The group kicked off their with Just A Little, laying down electro-funk jams for 90 minutes as the sun continued its path down over the horizon.

As the stars peeked out over the glow of the stage projection screens and old-school concession advertisements, the Magic Beans strode onstage at 10 p.m. for a two-hour set, setting things off with their 2018 What In The World. Keyboardist Casey Russell sang the all-too-familiar lyrics feels like were living in a world gone wrong as the crowd got shook off the worlds stress and problems and grooved to some much-needed jams. After an Alibi run-through, the band welcomed Dynohunters Clark Smith for a saxophone sit-in onHerbie Hancocks Cantaloupe Island for a high-energy jazz break.

Some sweetness was had in an intro of Gene Wilders Pure Imagination that led into the bands Handshake Or Hug, even though neither were exchanged on-site. Guitarist Scott Hachey led the group to take the song into an extended trance jam, before tour manager Austin Koontz took over lead vocals for a cover of Gary Numans Cars as fans cheered and danced at their cars for the surprise vocal sit-in. The rest of the set ended with Luck and Wanna Be Your Lover before the band closed with their Inventor, adding in a Star Wars Force Theme jam to the song as Comet NEOWISE flew over the sky.

After a relatively-less hot Saturday afternoon to re-energize, Saturday night kicked off with an hour-long set by Denver-based producer Homemade Spaceship at 6:30 p.m. Multi-instrumentalist Rob Levere held down the stage with his genre-mashing bass drops, including CloZee and Queen remixes. SunSquabi & Friends played their second and final set of the weekend at 8 p.m., sending out electro-grooves in-sync with the shooting lasers and fireworks off in the distance.

Magic Beans got freaky one more time for their last performance of the summer at 10 p.m., setting off the night with Lost & Found. The group was well warmed up from last nights show, and transitioned into their Feed The Beast, which featured a Beverly Hills Cop jam for some 80s, old-school techno jams. Sucka Blues came up next in the setlist rotation, followed by The Rolling Stones Dead Flowers and Magic Beans original Whos Crazy.The Magic Beans took the song into space territory with sequencing jam themes of Jurassic Park,Star Wars, and Top Gunmelody snippets, throwing in a quick tease of Andrea Bocellis Con Te Partir to finish it off.

The band continued the second half of the set with their slowed-down sultry Dr. Bubbleman featuringa sit-in by SunSquabis Kevin Donohue, and kept up the fun covers with an appearance ofCeline Dions My Heart Will Go On that lovingly led the band into Do Your Thing. Hachey closed out the night with a celebratory banter, and how the time in quarantine has been used to take a step back and learn more about yourself and those around you to better the world, as a feel-good Off Leash sequence rounded out the bands set. A reappearance of the ending bit of Lost & Found was squeezed in the middle of the light-weight dance jam to have fans leave the weekend with a positive spirit and energy to carry until live music is able to safely return again.

Scroll down to check out the setlists of the weekend, and a photo gallery courtesy of photographer Conrad Meyer.

Setlist: Magic Beans | Beanstalk At The Drive-In: Park Deux | Holiday Twin Drive-In Theatre| 07/17/19

Set: What in the World > Alibi, Cantaloupe Island*, Pure Imagination Intro > Handshake or Hug > Cars% > Luck, Wanna Be Ur Lover > Inventor^

*Clark Smith on Sax% Austin Koontz on Vocals^Force Theme (Star Wars)

Setlist: Magic Beans | Beanstalk At The Drive-In: Park Deux | Holiday Twin Drive-In Theatre| 07/18/19

Set: Lost & Found > Feed The Beast* > Sucka Blues, Dead Flowers, Whos Crazy$ > Dr. Bubbleman^ > My Heart Will Go On > Do Your Thing, Off Leash > Lost & Found > Off Leash

*Beverly Hills Cop Jam$ Top Gun Theme, Jurassic Park Theme, Star Wars Theme, Con Te Partiro Tease^ w/ Kevin Donohue (SunSquabi)

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Magic Beans Gather At Beanstalk: At The Drive-In Part Deux With SunSquabi, Dynohunter, More [Photos] - Live for Live Music

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Tisto to unveil VER:WEST at Tomorrowland’s Around The World – Dancing Astronaut

Posted: at 12:21 pm

by: Jessica MaoJul 14, 2020

Following a taste of his upcoming side project VER:WEST, Tisto has revealed he will debut the new alias at Tomorrowlands digital event, Around The World. The hotly-anticipated virtual festival will welcome an extensive selection of talent including Martin Garrix, David Guetta,Armin van Buuren,Charlotte de Witte,Tale Of Us, and the recently-announced Katy Perry, among many others. Around The World will take place the weekend of July 25-26.

Tisto first previewed VER:WEST on July 9, hinting at a return to his classic trance and progressive house roots, before sharing the project would be unveiled at Tomorrowlands forthcoming event. The Dutch DJ described the direction as melodic house, noting VER:WESTs sound as, a lot deeper and more chill, a very different energy than Tisto. The upcoming single 5 Seconds Before Sunrise, is slated for release July 17 via AFTR:HRS.

Featured image: Jordan Loyd

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Categories: News

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Tisto to unveil VER:WEST at Tomorrowland's Around The World - Dancing Astronaut

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People who are easily hypnotized are more likely to be addicted to their smartphones, study finds – PsyPost

Posted: at 12:21 pm

New research published in Frontiers in Psychology suggests that being absorbed by your smartphone might bear some resemblance to a hypnotic trance. A hypnosis experiment found that students with heightened smartphone addiction scores followed more hypnotic suggestions than their counterparts.

Study authors Jay A. Olson and his team were the first to explore the relationship between smartphone addiction and hypnotisability. They propose three features that problematic smartphone use and hypnosis have in common: absorption, time distortion, and automaticity. Heavy smartphone users tend to get absorbed in their screens, lose track of time spent on their phones, and feel a loss of control when using their phones behaviors that suggest a trance-like state.

If heavy smartphone use can resemble hypnosis, Olson and colleagues say, people who are more hypnotisable may also be more prone to problematic smartphone use, in which phone use interferes with daily life.

A sample of 641 university students with an average age of 21 took part in a hypnosis experiment. Students first listened to a 45-minute audio recording designed to induce hypnosis. Next, they heard 12 verbal suggestions, for example, a suggestion that the subjects head will fall forward or that they will be momentarily unable to open their eyes. Following the 12 suggestions, subjects were led out of hypnosis and asked to complete a questionnaire asking them how many of the prompts they had followed. They then completed the Smartphone Addiction Scale to assess how much their smartphone use disrupts their normal life, which included items like, I feel impatient and fretful when I am not holding my smartphone.

Results showed a positive correlation between participants scores on the Smartphone Addiction Scale and the number of hypnotic suggestions they followed.

The authors propose two underlying psychological constructs that might explain the relationship between smartphone addiction and hypnotisability. The first is dissociation, which is when a person disengages from the sense of self or the environment. Previous research has uncovered dissociative tendencies in subjects who are easily hypnotized and also in subjects who display problematic technology use. Another construct possibly linking the two behaviors is sociality. Hypnotisability, the authors say, may be related to ones tendency to respond to social cues, and using phones for social purposes has been linked to addictive behavior.

The prevalence of problematic cell phone use was particularly high in this study. The average score for participants was 31.41, which, as the researchers report, means that 51% of the women and 39% of the men would have a high risk of phone addiction.

Since developers stand to gain more data collection and advertising revenue by keeping users engrossed in their phones, smartphone technology is likely to become still more immersive. The authors suggest this may increase users problematic behavior. To reduce automatic interactions, Olson and team suggest, behavioural interventions could reduce the salience of the phone or make it more effortful to use, for example by keeping the phone further out of reach or limiting sporadic notifications.

The study, Hypnotised by Your Phone? Smartphone Addiction Correlates With Hypnotisability, was authored by Jay A. Olson, Moriah Stendel, and Samuel Veissire.

The rest is here:

People who are easily hypnotized are more likely to be addicted to their smartphones, study finds - PsyPost

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INTERVIEW | Gautham Menon feels a big film is all that is needed to bring audience back to theaters – The New Indian Express

Posted: at 12:21 pm

Express News Service

Discovery Channels latest documentary, COVID-19: India's War Against The Virus, which is getting released today, comes at a time when the country is still battling the coronavirus pandemic. Extensively shot during the lockdown, the documentary is said to be shedding light on how technology is being used to combat the virus, and also on those working tirelessly behind the scenes to arrest the spread of this disease.

The Tamil voiceover for this show is lent by Gautham Vasudev Menon who is donning the hat of a narrator for the first time. I got a call from Discovery and agreed straightaway. I got to dub it with Mahesh along with whom Ive dubbed during the Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu days. The concept of the documentary convinced me to step out from the safety of my house, says Gautham, opening up about several topics, including the status of his films, through a video call.

What was it to be a part of a documentary about something as pressing and momentous?

It felt like a personal thing and thats why I agreed to do this. I ventured out just to recognise the war we are waging against the virus, and talk about people in the frontlines who have done their part, what the statistics say, and what progress we have made.

Even the Chennai floods was captured as a moving documentary. What should we expect from this documentary?

Theres a lot of work that has gone into it, and I could figure this from watching the rushes. Its not just a compilation of bytes. Painstaking effort has been taken amidst the lockdown to make this film. There are some great shots, and the film has everything from the PMs speeches to conversations with the people working in the health department, and front line people such as the police officers, doctors and nurses. It has also covered the whole transport system that has gone into gridlock, and covers migrants too. Every nuance is covered and its put out in a manner where it leaves you with hope in the end. Its telecasting at a time when we are in the middle of a war and I hope they come up with a part two of the documentary to tell everyone how we have won that war.

We know about your love for voiceovers but what is it like to offer your voice for a film you havent created?

I felt one with it. I was hoping that the script will take a personal narration approach instead of just an overall voiceover. This was done in a personal manner and I even get to say, I, Gautham Vasudev Menon, am going to take you through Indias war against the virus. I say this in Tamil obviously (smiles).

We see channels like Discovery and platforms such as Netflix, with whom you are working on a project as well, beginning to concentrate more on regional content.

We have always been on the map. As far as filmmakers that have come from here are concerned, I think its about time we were in all these platforms. Theatres are not going to be open about taking in every film... the small films dont get noticed at all. The way I look at it, we were always there, but now we are flooding these platforms.

We have seen you get into mainstream acting in films like Trance and Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal, and sing in films like Puppy and Takkar. Is this reinvention of your presence in the industry in a sense?

(Smiles) I dont look at it that way. Its just like how I write my scripts. I have no idea whats going to come up and sometimes, nothing comes up. But I love the process. I dont have plot points and I just let it meander as a river would. Whatever roles you have seen me playing are all that I felt like doing at that moment. I did Trance because of Anwar Rasheed (director) and Fahadh Faasil. I am a fan of Fahadhs work and I have heard so much about Anwars work. It was a wholesome enriching experience to watch them at work. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal happened because Dulquer asked and there was a like-minded producer. For this documentary, I felt it would be right to be a part of it.

You recently released a song called Oru Chance Kudu single, a short film called Karthik Dial Seytha Yenn, and two singles from your upcoming film, Joshua Imai Pol Kaakha. The lockdown seems to have been productive for you.

These are unfortunate times, but silver linings have been there. I spent a lot of time at home. Its sad that something like this has to happen for us to scamper home. The uncertainty is bothersome, as theatres are not opening and shooting too is not allowed. Its all about safety right now. Whatever you write, you realise you cannot go out and film, so your writing gets changed to what can be done right now and I feel that its not good. That said, so much time has given me the space to know people a lot more.

Whats on your plate now?

Karthik... was an excerpt from a script that I was writing and I thought it could be filmed and put out. I want it to serve as a reminder and a prologue for a film thats going to come up. I am writing that and I am waiting for a few things to fall in place. I also have something for Suriya and we are in alignment. Nothing is confirmed, but I hope it will be soon. I also have Joshua and Dhruva Natchathiram set for release. Both films have about a dozen days worth of work left. Post-production has been happening on full swing and we are working remotely.

Once the world returns to normalcy, how do you see the film industry being?

I think one big film here and in Mumbai will bring the crowd back to the theatre. Thats the passion that drove us to do films -- to put films out in the theatres. OTT is also a platform for people to put out different content and its a boon. Right now, everyone is seeing if we can film under safe conditions and a lot of discussion is happening on how safe we can make the sets. I dont think its as easy as wearing a face mask and going to shoot. At the same time, we are hoping for some miracle vaccine.

Continued here:

INTERVIEW | Gautham Menon feels a big film is all that is needed to bring audience back to theaters - The New Indian Express

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Back in the pool: the new rules of swimming – The Irish Times

Posted: at 12:20 pm

I missed swimming so much in lockdown; a bit for fitness, but mainly for its magical effect of processing a grumpy mood into a light one.

Everyone was raving about the sea, but while the endorphins from the cold water shock were welcome, two minutes was enough. And when a friend got bitten by a jellyfish I got wary.

Ben Dunne might want to close his pools but with 6.2 per cent of Irish adults swimming over 30 minutes weekly (according to a ESRI/Swim Ireland report) - there would have been a large cohort like me missing their fix.

I love the pool because I can zone out - after five minutes I go into a kind of trance thats really calming. I used to go three times a week - around 20 minutes swimming, a nip into the sauna followed by a splash of cold water in the shower - and I never realised, until it was gone, how much this routine enhanced my week.

But now its back.

My pool is in a gym, The Dartry Health Club, and while gym users cant shower, thankfully swimmers can as heading home in wet togs holds little appeal.

You have to book your slot a generous 75 minutes.

In the changing rooms every second and third locker is closed off to allow for two metres social distancing.

Apart from fewer people and no hair dryers even the machine that dries the swimsuits was off it was a lovely return to normality; lowering myself into the water the pandemic felt like a bad dream. Everything was clean and with reduced numbers there was no problem keeping a distance.

Manager Sen Gavin said demand was strong with the booking system going down well with aqua aerobics particularly popular (classes are now halved to 10 places) even though some attending this class are in their 70s and 80s.

Next on his agenda is figuring out where to put the family swims and to sort the kids swimming lessons.

I was sad to see the sauna closed and professor emeritus of epidemiology of infectious diseases at University of Nottingham Keith Neal told me this would be low down the reopening list. Although the heat and dryness of saunas mitigates against risk, the problem is distancing in a very enclosed space with multiple people.

The HSE has said coronavirus cant be transmitted in properly chlorinated water and Neal was unequivocal about the impossibility of picking up the virus in the water. The chlorine in swimming pools kills Covid-19. No ifs, no buts, it kills it. I think the big issue is the changing facilities and showers and maintaining safe distances and clean surfaces.

Pools could reopen on June 29th and while many did, large numbers of Irelands 398 pools (of which 35 per cent are public) will only open this week - with a few waiting later still.

The reason, according to Trish Mayon of Swim Ireland, is that initially pools were aiming towards phase four of the roadmap. Many of the bigger groups, such as Coral Leisure, which has nine pools around Ireland, were waiting until July 20th (as per) the initial announcement. The same for Gym Plus in Ashbourne, Drogheda and Newbridge, and Kingfisher in Galway and Waterford. There was just one weeks notice of the earlier date and it was insufficient to get facilities prepared, to bring staff off furlough, and in some cases, re-fill the pools.

She said 300,000 adults swim weekly so there will be many eager to get back this week, along with the thousands of children who swim regularly.

We have 160 swimming clubs around Ireland and its been a long, tough stretch though it could be worse with the 60 pools in Northern Ireland not allowed open until August 7th, she said.

Swim Ireland have detailed plans on their website offering advice on how to reconfigure changing rooms and safely give lessons such as the instructor remaining on deck and not giving out equipment but says, depending on size, there has been a mix of approaches to opening.

The Swan Centre in Rathmines in Dublin are members only for the moment. There is a one in, one out system with manageable numbers so far for family swims and lane swimming.

Lorcan Beggan is a swimming teacher who has been answering the phones until the lessons start again this week, and says so far theres been no need for a booking system but he is conscious that non-members are keen to get back.

UCD are also on normal hours with no need to book, though you might need to wait a few minutes at certain times. The lanes have been widened - instead of 10 there are five - with every second shower closed. They are now running the childrens swimming lessons that had been cancelled.

Dublin City Council runs seven pools. Ballyfermot and Markievicz have been open for weeks, with Crumlin and Coolock to open this week or shortly. Another three-Sean McDermott Street, Ballymunand Finglas - are closed for repairs.

The Markievicz is open to all, though non-members need to provide contact details. They are open as per pre-lockdown hours and run a coloured armband system to show what time you got in, with one hour allowed.

Robbie Murtagh says numbers have been steady with all the hardcores who come at 7am back.

In Ballyfermot you need to book your 45 minute slot, with the pool open just four days a week with a maximum of 16 people.

Duty manager Amy Heather says the over 60s have been especially keen, with their initial two hour slot increased to four hours. They close the pool to clean after each session, with just half of the 32 cubicles available. Its bonkers the demand. The customers missed it, we all did. Were delighted to see each other. Its been no issue getting them back in the door. Trying to get them to leave thats the problem.

See more here:

Back in the pool: the new rules of swimming - The Irish Times

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Bachelorette: Brother of Country Star Granger Smith On Clares Season – Screen Rant

Posted: at 12:20 pm

The brother of country music star Granger Smith, Tyler Smith, is one of the 42 men who were flown out to Palm Springs to film The Bachelorette.

There is a great deal of mystery which men will be on Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette, in large part because an abundance of dudes were shipped out to Palm Springs in case there is a coronavirus outbreak and multiple men test positive. Most of the men are relative unknowns, but there is one potential suitor who is related to a famous country music singer.

The Bachelor has leaned into country music, especially as of late, recognizing there is an overlap in the two fan bases. The winner of Hannah Brown's season, Jed Wyatt, was a country music singer, though not a good one. Many of the guest artists that have been welcomed on the show in past seasons have been country singers. During Peter Weber's season, Chase Rice - who recently held a concert in a pandemic - performed during a one-on-one with Victoria Fuller. It caused a stir since Chase and Victoria had been romantically involved in the past. Later in the season, Hunter Hayes serenaded Peter and Victoria with his appropriately named song "I Want Crazy." Soon after, Peter learned that Victoria was, indeed, a bit too crazy for him.

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This upcoming season, it seems country music should at least be a part of the storyline. That is, as long as Tyler Smith doesn't test COVID-positive. Tyler, 36, is the younger brother of 40-year-old country star Granger Smith. Granger has hit tracks like "Backroad Song" and "Happens Like That," one of which he might perform on the show in front of Tyler and Clare. According to Tyler's Twitter bio, he is his brother's manager.

Tyler could be a perfect fit for Clare. For one, he isn't way younger than her like a large portion of the field. Also, he is tied to someone famous. Generally, that tends to work in the favor of men on the show. Jordan Rodgers, brother of NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, won JoJo Fletcher's heart on her season. Josh Murray, who was a professional athlete, was chosen at the end of Andi Dorfman's season...before she realized he's not a good person. Musicians too have a way of wooing women. Hannah fell into Jed's trance, selecting him despite clear signs he wasn't being honest with her. Even as far back as Wes Hayden on Jillian Harris' season, musical talent has rarely hurt the male contestant.

Now, we don't know how musically inclined Tyler himself is. But it can't hurt having country music in his blood. Let's just hope that if Clare does choose him, he doesn't turn out to be a bad guy.

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The Bachelor: Lucy Hale Was Always Interested in Colton Underwood

Justin Fedich is one of Screen Rant's reality TV news writers and editors. He is from Atlanta and currently resides in New York City. His favorite reality shows are Survivor and The Bachelor, though for entirely different reasons.


Bachelorette: Brother of Country Star Granger Smith On Clares Season - Screen Rant

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