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‘Drug users’ filmed ‘shooting up’ in broad daylight outside flats before staggering away in trance-like state –

Posted: August 25, 2017 at 4:15 am

A sickening video appears to show a group of alleged drug users shooting up outside flats in broad daylight.

The group were seen congregating in a barely-covered doorway drinking spirits from a bottle and injecting themselves with what appears to be drugs.

A concerned resident filmed the group from an upstairs window, where he lives with his two young children.

Soon after, the group were filmed walking away in a “trance-like” state moving slowly, drinking from a bottle and staggering around after appearing to “shoot up” in the doorway, the Hull Daily Mail.

Keith Allison, 45, from west Hull, says he was disgusted when he saw the scenes unfold in front of his eyes.

Mr Allison, who called the group a “joke”, was in his house when his partner filmed the group from a bedroom in his house.

He said: This isnt the first time its happened which is why we filmed it.

“Ive got two young kids and if they looked out the window, or god forbid stepped out the back gate, theyd come face to face with it. Its not fair.

Keith slammed the group for hardly concealing themselves.

In the video, one woman can clearly be seen with her trousers by her ankle injecting into her leg or groin, whilst another woman injects a needle into her arm.

Keith said big groups, not dissimilar to the one in the video, are always hanging around the area.

Ive never seen a drug exchange myself but theres always people loitering at the edge of the park and waiting for something,” he said.

“A car often pulls up. They literally go and do it in the first doorway they come across. The street is crawling with people like this.

In July this year, the newspaper reported a young girl stumbled across two drug users with needles hanging out their legs at the park near where this group were filmed.

The pair were so still the nine-year old thought they had died.

Keith, who has a ten-year-old and fourteen-year-old, says he is concerned about the welfare of those growing up around this type of behaviour.

Keith said: Theres always discarded needles lying around. Its disgusting and scary. What if a little kid picked them up? Its not safe.

He also mentioned that the groups argue and fight amongst themselves.

He said: We know the stuff going on. I wouldnt want my ten-year-old playing out there.

Its unfortunate but some of this is just routine around here.

Ward councillor Nadine Fudge said: This is a big problem around the area, particularly the park.

“Weve put notices up around it in different languages asking people not to drink or use drugs there. Weve paid for a lot of CCTV around the area so we know whats going on.

“The main thing is to educate people about the problem.

Mrs Fudge mentioned the chemist in the area opens until late and provides a methadone programme and clinic.

She said: We had the same type of problem on another street, it is an ongoing problem but we managed to sort it out there so we will use the same tactics here.

“We are going to find and catch the drug dealers and hopefully the users will move on.

A statement on the Humberside Police website says: “Drugs and drug related crime have a huge negative impact on our communities.

“We are committed to tackling the problems associated with drug use and drug dealing across Humberside and welcome any information you may have.

“We would encourage anyone with information about drug dealling to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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‘Drug users’ filmed ‘shooting up’ in broad daylight outside flats before staggering away in trance-like state –

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Portico Quartet: Art in the Age of Automation review reunited foursome make dreamy, layered trance – The Guardian

Posted: at 4:15 am

Hushed horns and temple gongs Portico Quartet. Photograph: Duncan Bellamy

On their last album, they slimmed down to a trio, signed to Ninja Tune Records and reinvented themselves as an ambient synthpop outfit, with help from various guest vocalists. Now theyre back on their original label and reunited with Keir Vine, who provides those distinctive and hypnotic steelpan-style patterns on an instrument called the hang. Jazz purists may have lost interest in the band by now: saxophonist Jack Wylie rarely improvises in any meaningful way. Instead, his languorous lead lines are pitched somewhere between Arve Henriksens FX-laden trumpet and Graham Masseys soprano sax in 808 State. But among the rather snoozy trance dirges are some delicious moments. Opening track Endless invokes Massive Attacks Unfinished Sympathy, while A Luminous Beam mixes a punky two-note bassline with junglist breakbeats and astral electronic burbles. Best of all is the title track, a beautiful, symphonic layering of hushed horns, temple gongs, warm synth pads and dreamy strings.

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Portico Quartet: Art in the Age of Automation review reunited foursome make dreamy, layered trance – The Guardian

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Op-Ed || Pure Trance Argues For The New Over 1999 – EDM Identity

Posted: at 4:15 am

Thanks to the Pure Trance Team, arecent post on Facebookhas the collective Trance Family going crazy debating the context.

Today, the Pure Trance Team, headed under the direction of Solarstone, posted a simple image to Facebook and opened the floor to debate.

Heated comments have flown around the internet in relation to this post both in favor of the new and the classic. As a bonafide fan of the genre, and after reading the comments flowing around, I decided that it might be good to lay some context and to gather my personal thoughts on the matter.

Want to know more about the recent Solarstone? We interviewed him just a few months back!

In regards to history, it is extremely hard to say that Rich doesnt have respect for the classic styles of Trance. Heck, he helped write a number of songs considered by many to be classic tracks of the genre. Take the track Seven Cities as a prime example of just that.

Seven Cities was released in 1999, ripe in the era he discusses in the post above. It is perhaps a zenith track to epitomize the summertime mood and moving melodies of what Trance is. He does not deny how important these tracks are, nor does he lack respect for his own work.

Having been in Ibiza and on a boat party with him in 2015, I heard him drop this track as the sun set on the Mediterranean Sea. He loves this track and what it means to his fans. With that in mind though, remember he has continued to produce tracks year after year to continue moving the genre forward.

If a quick look back into the discography of the labels Solarstone has attached his name to doesnt show this, I admittedly dont know what does. We could take a stance and look at Pure Trance and Pure Trance Progressive onlybut lets dig a bit deeper into the history books.

From the Solaris-era youll find talents like Alucard, Mike Shiver, Mark Eteson, Mark Pledger, Bot Cipryan, Matt Cerf, Majera, LTN, and Forerunners. This doesnt even bend the page to see who was selected to create remixes under these artists, but Im picking out two samples below for you to peruse.

Here we find tracks by talents considered legend today Bobina, Magic Island (aka Roger Shah), Sunny Lax, and Agnelli & Nelson. The following two tracks from FKN and Bobina show off the style presented during the Deepblue Records era.

It is clear to see the foundation Solarstone comes from when developing his thoughts and releasing the statement he made on Facebook.

With the above all in mind, I offer this response in the debate in favor of Richs statement:

For the fans, it sounds strange but its about context. The comment is about supporting the new wave of up and coming talent say a Forerunners or Sneijder three to four years ago. It focuses on where the genre is heading, rather than the legends of yesteryear. In some ways, he means breaking away from old-school talent like Ferry Corsten and Paul Oakenfold (who chase trends over sticking to the genre) and giving new people a shot. Rich doesnt mean that the music they make today isnt good, or that it isnt Trance right now. He just wants to see support for the new at something like Dreamstate or the rebirth of Trance Energy.

Dont get me wrong, I love a ton of old-school Trance guys, and would love to see Johan Gielen get a set here. Im stoked to see Marco V play at Dreamstate and throw-down Trance. Yet, Marco V left the genre years ago and lacks any major accomplishment for the modern Trance community. Thats the context of the comment. He wants us younger guys in the scene, whove been working hard for years to get any recognition in our local or break into the national/international scene. Hes excited for people like Niko and Triceradrops to break through the ceiling and take the mantle forward. He wants talent like Magnus to grow and take over what makes the genre great!

Rich is tired of seeing events (and maybe it is a regional thing) that revolve around Trance of old, or bringing back talents that may have been popular around the turn of the century. I for one would rather see Forerunners over a Tiesto set at this point. Id rather see Shugz over Dash Berlin/Alice Deejay. Thats the point hes trying to make. In fact, a part of me really wanted to hear what Neptune Project would have done with a open-to-close set down in San Diego without the classics moniker.

Heres the magic there is no reason a DJ cant play classic tunes! If you want to strictly play a set of them, sure, label it as a classics set. When you have the table before you, open to take people on a journey, why not give them something vivid and new, instead of relying on memories of sounds gone past? As a DJ personally, Im not afraid to weave in Arksuns Arisen with modern tunes in a set. Ill take Marco Vs Godd and slam it into two FSOE Excelsior tunes or whatever.

I understand the counterargument for why Ferry/Paul/Dash are on lineups over the rising talent. That is not what he is discussing from the conversations weve had (the true cash flow issue of festival production and maximizing the base that comes through the door). Hes talking about why people like Alex Ryan or Ally Brown cant get a gig but people keep booking someone like Armin hoping for that magical classics set that blows all of our old-school minds. Why dont we stop wishing for the past to be the present, and focus on the present and future of the genre being great?

Matt MyStro S

MyStro’s been embedded for years in dance music industry – finding the passion during the early years of the internet when in 6th grade.Since the passion began, he’s done a bit of everything – DJed in Ibiza, promoted and thrown his own parties, VJed, created promotional material, worked A&R for labels, and of course, wrote for blogs.Now he is here with EDM Identity, ready to make waves with his honest and unique perspective honed through years of varied experiences in the industry.

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Op-Ed || Pure Trance Argues For The New Over 1999 – EDM Identity

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Lightworkx trance party for KZN – Independent Online

Posted: at 4:15 am

Lightworkx is KwaZulu-Natal’s original outdoor trance party collective that has been organising outdoor parties in KZN for the past three years.

The collective comprises a group of DJs and electronic music producers who are passionate about their music and combine their resources by putting on events in beautiful locations.

Of late, they have been producing a video documentary on the REAL underground dance scene in KZN. Lightworkx will be throwing their next party tomorrow from 1pm at a beautiful venue on the Umkomaas lagoon.

There will be two dance floors combining trance and new school breaks. The entrance is at The Umkomaas Ski Boat Club.

Founder members of the group are The Psyko Surgeons (Dr Chaos and Dr Mayhem), who produce their own music and play it live using computers and mixing gear; DJ Paperboy who spins “dub” to kick off proceedings; The Kamanchi-Antz (Captain Murray and Kernal Mike Kamanchi) eastern sound specialists; Lee Human; Dodgy Rodge, who is well known to Durban audiences, and Omen, who plays progressive, funky style trance.

Each member adds variety and flavour to the event. There will also be two guest DJs from Jo’burg – Digital Dream, who produces his own music, and Dj Boogie Monster, something of a pioneer on the Gauteng scene.

The second dance floor will feature Kid Colt and One Track Mike, both from the Trip Hazard Crew. They will be playing new school breaks – “a new and exciting genre of music”. Tickets are R60.

The rest is here:

Lightworkx trance party for KZN – Independent Online

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Seattle Trance Duo Sean & Xander Release Exciting New Pacific Waves – Dance Music Northwest

Posted: at 4:15 am

Receiving support from Giuseppe Ottaviani, Markus Schulz, M.I.K.E. Push, and other top heavyweights in trance, Seattles Sean & Xander are back with a new single and its quickly generating waves. A little nod to our region, Pacific Waves sees the duo deliver a progressive tech melody that brings the energy literally seconds after you hit the play button- enforced by massive drops throughout. Take a listen below!

Pacific Waves is a part of M.I.K.E. Pushs MPS Festival Selections compilation, which shines a spotlight on some of trances relative unknowns. But for Sean & Xander, theyre no strangers to the Pacific Northwests trance scene. Since coming together while studying at Western Washington University a few years ago, the two have played at some of the biggest festivals in our region, in addition to regular appearances at local clubs. After teaming up with Maximized Music Management in 2015, the duo have frequently churned out releases on some of the biggest labels in trance. With such a quick rise to fame in such a short time, the sky is the limit and we cant wait to see what they release next!

Pacific Wavesand its extended mixis available now on almost all streaming platforms. You can keep up with Sean & Xander by following them on social media or by listening to their weekly Inspire trance radio show.

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Seattle Trance Duo Sean & Xander Release Exciting New Pacific Waves – Dance Music Northwest

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Armin van Buuren drops NEW Mix Album: ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza … – Rave Jungle (press release) (subscription) (blog)

Posted: August 20, 2017 at 6:23 pm

For the fourth year in a row, the Trance legend, Armin van Buuren has turned to the White Isle with a sizzling-hot edition of his A State Of Trance mix album series.

Through A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017, the five-time number one DJ in the world, whos been in charge of the Wednesday nights at H Ibiza this summer, pushes the Trance genre onto an even higher level and lets its fans revel like never before.

Composed of two parts (On The Beach and In The Club), A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017 harbors forty jaw-dropping Trance smashes from some of the most talented and highly-acclaimed Trance artists of the moment, including Alexander Popov, Alpha 9, Ben Gold, BT, Estiva, Gaia, Gareth Emery, KhoMha, rjan Nilsen and Super8 & Tab.

Anticipated since Armin van Buuren teased some of its exclusive tracks on the ASOT stage at Tomorrowland Belgium 2017, A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017 marks a definite 2017 highlight for all Trance die-hard fans around the world.

Since 2004, the DJ and producerhas released at least one A State Of Trance mix album every year in addition to the A State Of Trance Year Mix, which has remained an annual highlight for countless Trance fans.

Past Thursday, episode 827 of A State Of Trance involved a one-hour A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017 special, which fully succeeded in getting fans psyched for todays release of the mix album.

Listen to the mix here.


CD1 (On The Beach) 1. Sultan + Shepard Bloom (Intro Mix) 2. Joonas Hahmo X K-System Maana 3. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge FaceOff 4. Rodrigo Deem Tearsdrop 5. Estiva Little Planet 6. Alpha 9 Blossom 7. BT LSTM 8. rjan Nilsen Hi There Radio 9. Fatum Sugar Free 10. Rodg Miami 11. Sound Quelle & Max Meyer feat. Brandon Mignacca Andromeda 12. Max Meyer Monte Cara 13. Tenishia feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn Sun Comes Again (Eximinds Remix) 14. DARVO Black Rainbow 15. Equador Bones Of Man (Gareth Emery Remix) 16. Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee Sunny Days (Club Mix) 17. Denis Kenzo Somnambulist 18. Tenishia Alba 19. Gaia Crossfire

CD2 (In The Club) 1. Estiva Raket 2. Super8 & Tab Quest 3. Beatsole Before I Wake 4. Sheridan Grout Escape 5. Rub!k First Light 6. rjan Nilsen Swoosh 7. Armin van Buuren and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano You Are 8. Armin van Buuren This Is A Test (Arkham Knights Remix) 9. KhoMha Laberinto 10. Assaf feat. Nathan Nicholson Lost Souls (Radion6 Remix) 11. Eximinds & The Enturance Magrathea 12. Alexander Popov Awake The Flow 13. Rub!k CFEN 14. Frainbreeze Back To The Future 15. ReFeel Always (Venom One Remix) 16. Luke Bond Gravity 17. Neelix 1000 Sterne 18. Jorn van Deynhoven Rising High 19. Darren Styles feat. Christina Novelli Sun Is Rising (Ben Nicky Remix) 20. The Space Brothers Shine (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) 21. Ben Gold Twilight

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Armin van Buuren drops NEW Mix Album: ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza … – Rave Jungle (press release) (subscription) (blog)

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Armin Van Buuren Drops ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017’ – EDM Identity

Posted: at 6:23 pm

Armin Van Buuren releasesA State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017 to give fans a taste of the island paradise.

Starting all the way back in 2004, Armin Van Buuren began releasingA State Of Trance mix albums in addition to his annual year mix which has become a staple of Armada Music. All tied into his A State Of Trance Radio show which is broadcast weekly from Amsterdam, the series, events, and imprint bring together some of the best artists in electronic music for fans around the world. During Episode 827, Armin brought forth a one-hour special forA State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017 to help get everyone hyped up on the compilation which dropped today.

Teasing some of the exclusive tracks off the album at the ASOT Stage during Tomorrowland 2017, this release has been on our radar and anticipated for quite some time.Broken into two parts, On The Beach and In The Club, the A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017 compilationshows the duality of the electronic music paradise off the coast of Spain. Bringing fans a total of 40 tracks from artists ranging from Alpha 9 to KhoMha, with Gareth Emery, BT, and more getting some love too, this is a must-listen to compilation for any ASOT or Armada Music lover.

Download or streamA State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017 on your favorite platform here!

CD1 (On The Beach)

CD2 (In The Club)

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | YouTube

Grant has been listening to electronic dance music since the early 2000s. Actively involved in the EDM community, Grant is an admin for the EDC & Coachella subreddits and their Facebook groups. Previously he has been part of several EDM startups and promotion companies such as Shamele55, Electric State of Mind and Q-Dance. Originally listening to trance artists such as ATB, Armin Van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold, Grant has expanded his listening experience to include a full set of genres ranging from hardstyle to deep house and has been regularly attending both festivals and club events since 2010.

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Armin Van Buuren Drops ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017’ – EDM Identity

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Otis Taylor brings trance blues back to Buena Vista – Chaffee County Times

Posted: at 6:23 pm

What do Derek Trucks (Allman Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks Band), Tommy Bolin (Deep Purple, James Gang), Warren Haynes (Government Mule, Allman Brothers), Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy) and Bill Nershi (String Cheese Incident) all have in common? Theyve all played with Otis Taylor.

In a summer replete with live music gems, Taylors upcoming performance 8:30 p.m. Friday at The Lariat is the crown jewel.

Taylors music has repeatedly garnered awards, and he has received critical acclaim for his work as a songwriter, a lyricist, a vocalist and an instrumentalist.

His music shows up in Hollywood movies like Public Enemy, starring Johnny Depp, and Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg.

Taylor calls his music trance blues, which he compares to Haitian Vodou music.

In an interview with BG Blues and Music News, Taylor describes trance blues as American trance music, cause its just drums. Theres no chord changes, its repetitive, and when you have something thats repetitive it puts people in a trance, you lose your sense of time.

Released in February, Taylors latest album, Fantasizing about Being Black, features renowned dobro player Jerry Douglas and jazz trumpeter Ron Miles.

The album combines new material with some older songs that examine the historical trauma of the African American experience through stories that ultimately reveal the enduring nature of the human spirit.

Taylor was born in Chicago, and his family moved to Denver during his childhood. I started off playing banjo at 14, Taylor said. His website shows a Denver Post clipping with a photo him playing banjo while riding a unicycle.

I was gigging by 65. After learning the banjo, Taylor moved on to the guitar, then blues harmonica, and he went to London to perform at the age of 19. But he eventually left the music scene for almost 20 years.

I quit music in the 70s, he said. I wasnt happy and didnt need the money. I had a little antiques business. I also ran a bicycle team in the 80s for 4 years.

In 1995, Taylor said, the bike team sponsor opened a coffee house and called some friends to play. One of them was Kenny Passarelli. We went to high school together.

Passarelli is a legendary bassist who has worked with Elton John, Dan Fogelberg, Hall and Oates, Stephen Stills and Joe Walsh; he also co-wrote Walshs hit single Rocky Mountain Way.

Passarelli convinced Taylor to perform along with guitarist Eddie Turner, and the favorable response to the show prompted Taylor to return to the music scene.

Since then, Taylor has recorded 15 albums, including White African, which earned him four nominations for the W.C. Handy Award (now known as the Blues Music Award) and won him the Handy for Best New Artist Debut.

The album explores the history of race relations and social injustice and addresses the lynching of Taylors great-grandfather.

Guitarist JP Johnson, son of Lariat co-owner Court Johnson, played on two of Taylors albums and toured with him.

JPs flying out to play with us for this show, Taylor said. Hes a killer guitar player. Ive known JP since he was 15 so this is a special concert to me. Wed like to keep it a tradition.

Taylor performed at The Lariat last summer, so the beginnings of that tradition are in place, and its one that will hopefully continue for many years.

Gasoline Lolipops leave a good taste

Colorado Daily readers voted Gasoline Lollipops the Best Local Musician/Group for 2017, and in 2016 Westword named the band Colorados Best Country Artist.

The Denver Post calls Gasoline Lollipops Uncompromised, vicious and authentic.

The bands music inhabits the sonic realm known as alt-country, where it is the wild, rambunctious punk rocker of the family.

The band members arrive in Buena Vista with a third album under their belts. Resurrection completes a trilogy that began with Death followed by Dawn.

In reviewing Resurrection, Scene Magazine says, Gasoline Lollipops has managed to take the well-tread turf of alt-country and make it feel newly discovered. There is nothing hasty about (Resurrection).

These are songs that have been road-crafted before a live audience . As a result, they almost immediately sound like classics youve probably heard somewhere. … We have musicians who are considerate of each performance, and a production quality that honors the songs.

Band front man and singer-songwriter Clay Rose said the he and his fellow musicians are currently working on a new album scheduled for release Dec. 16 at the Fox Theater in Boulder and doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund it.

He said the album can be pre-ordered, noting, Its going to be our first vinyl release. Nobody has CD players any more but people like artwork and liner notes.

So Buena Vistans can expect to hear plenty of new material Friday.

Rose said the band has evolved significantly since its early punkabilly days. Its been a revolving door, but this incarnation has been together about two years now. We have six band members, all of whom live in Boulder County.

Muscially, Roses influences include outlaw country musicians like Townes Van Zandt and Willis Alan Ramsey as well as The Allman Brothers Band, Jimi Hendrix, folk music, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. My three main influences are Leonard Cohen for lyrics, No FX and Allman Brothers.

A sign of the bands growing recognition, come September Gasoline Lollipops will perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater for the first time.

Playing in Buena Vista will also be a first for the band, but Rose said hes traveled around the Upper Ark Valley quite a bit as he has a fondness for Valley View Hot Springs.


Friday 3 p.m. Farmers Market Dan Waldvogle Country

Friday 6 p.m. The Lariat A.J. Fullerton Progressive blues

Friday 6 p.m. The Beach Coral Creek Newgrass

Friday 8:30 p.m. The Lariat Otis Taylor Band Trance blues

Saturday 3 p.m. The Peoples Stage Backyard Berserker Rock

Saturday 6 p.m. Eddyline Brewery TLoop Band Acoustic pop, folktronica

Saturday 6 p.m. The Lariat Barb Maxey Acoustic blues

Saturday 9:30 p.m. The Lariat Gasoline Lollipops Alt-country

Sunday 1 p.m. Eddyline Brewery Lazer and Levi Blues, country, rock

Sunday 6 p.m. Watershed BV Laura Goldhamer and Dandu Eclectic

Wednesday 7-10 p.m. The Lariat Open Mic Night

Thursday 8:30 p.m. The Lariat John Primer Chicago blues

Compiled by Joe Stone


Otis Taylor brings trance blues back to Buena Vista – Chaffee County Times

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Transmission in a trance – The Nation

Posted: August 18, 2017 at 5:24 am

The biggest indoor festival in Europe will once again bring a production crew of 25 to present the newest show to Bitec Bang Nas newly built Hall 100, the only venue in Thailand with sufficient capability to host the massive Transmission stage.

Back in March, music lovers from more than 60 countries travelled to Bangkok to experience Transmission Festival Asias debut. We are expecting that number to increase significantly in 2018, says Martijn van den Berg, international brand manager of Transmission Festival.

We invite anyone seeking a world class audio and visual experience to stay up-to-date on Transmission Festivals communications platform, including Facebook fan page and event page for ticket sales and line-up announcements. We will also be releasing travel packages for the conveniences of travelling fans. After all Trance music, which is one of the key elements of Transmission beyond the audio, visual and production highlights, is all about sharing joy, togetherness and exclusive experiences.

The after-movie is available here: Transmission festival Asia Fan Group and at

Find out more at

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Transmission in a trance – The Nation

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Vh1 Supersonic 2018 dates are out – Trance Hub (satire) (press release) (blog)

Posted: at 5:24 am

After a rapturous edition in 2017, a festival which will go down in the history for Eric Prydz, Zedd and that wonderful Trance stage, Vh1 Supersonic is back with its 2018 edition.

Mark those dates 9th February to 11th February at the same Laxmi Lawns, Pune. We hope even a bigger lineup this year, more techno and of course more trance as well!

Tell us which artists would you love to see at Vh1 Supersonic 2018 and we shall share it with their talent booking team. Until then keep it uplifting!

Follow their event page for more updates = VH1 Supersonic 2018

Co-Founder of Trance Hub, Curator of The Gathering events in India and ALT+TRANCE in Czech Republic. By day, a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with love for Food and Technology. By night, a dreamer who wants to grow the Trance scene in India.

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After a super successful edition in 2017, Transmission makes its way back to…

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Vh1 Supersonic 2018 dates are out – Trance Hub (satire) (press release) (blog)

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