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Znas delivers awe-inspiring EP ‘Unearth Me’ with Nelly TGM: Listen – We Rave You

Posted: September 16, 2021 at 5:53 am

Following the release of his awe-inspiring progressive trance EP, Philia & Phobia, Znas is back with yet another masterpiece of an EP production. Staying true to his progressive trance nature, the multi-faceted artist has teamed up with singer/songwriter Nelly TGM for a vocal track titled Unearth Me.

Providing fans with both a radio edit and extended version of his latest track, Znas has been following a similar approach when releasing music, as he has stated that Original Mixes are not necessary according to how the music industry is focused, and in turn has opted to omit the original version in the work which he presents.

Adding to his philosophy, the Znas Music owner created his label with the intention of discovering new musical values and give them a chance in their beginnings. With each release, the Spanish DJ/producer looks at portraying a message that will significantly impact an individual in that moment of time, and Unearth Me has come at a time where people fail to realise that happiness is within our reach, and that it is in ourselves to find it.

A dynamic trance production, Znas never fails to disappoint when it comes to showcasing his musical prowess to the world. The addition of Nelly TGM on vocals helps intensify the tracks personality, whilst the deep meaning behind the lyrics will have the listener embark on a unique journey of musical freedom and euphoria. Sharing her thoughts on the overall meaning of this track, Nelly TGM had the following to say;

I believe some imaginations only are defined in humans mind. Fortunately or unfortunately, I consider time and space as imaginary matters too. But if we could imagine the truth (the light which I mention in the lyrics) we will find our truth and real peace which from its comfort we will end up crying because we cant believe were only one breathe away from real happiness. And in the end, we need to unearth the truth from material life (soil) and plant them in our minds and souls in order to let them grow naturally, not depending on our illusions.

Out now via Znas Music, Unearth Me is destined for nothing other success. With a powerful backstory, both artists have set to remind people that happiness comes from within, and that material things and other people may come and go, but we must always ensure that we stay true to ourselves. Meaningful to say the least, you can check out this latest EP below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Image Credit: Press Release

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Znas delivers awe-inspiring EP 'Unearth Me' with Nelly TGM: Listen - We Rave You

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‘Skyline’ is the traditional jazz trio format you’ll love – Yahoo News

Posted: at 5:53 am

Sep. 15Skyline

Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. 5 Passion Records.

If you love the traditional jazz trio format, you'll love Skyline.

Due out this Friday, this amazing album features Grammy-winning pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba and National Endowment for the Arts jazz masters Ron Carter and Jack DeJohnette on bass and drums, respectively. Carter received the NEA jazz master honor in 1998 and DeJohnette followed in 2012.

Both are two of the more highly regarded and sought-after jazz artists.

Carter and DeJohnette also are no strangers to Rubalcaba, who was raised and educated in Havana before emigrating to the Dominican Republic in 1991 and then to Miami in 1996. He said early gigs with those two turned out to be his "real school, [his] portal to a different relationship with American musicians and American music."

Rubalcaba sought out the two of them again for Skyline, a project filled with Afro-Cuban rhythms but also one which allowed for a lot of individual creativity gained from experience.

In the opening number, "Lagrimas Negras," a Cuban standard from the 1920s written by Miguel Matamoros, Rubalcaba plays like a house on fire. I'm not kidding. His furious tempo and incredible dexterity on the keyboard makes your jaw drop. It's not just fast. It's brilliant.

All three of the musicians brought in a pair of tunes previously recorded by other musicians, to give them fresh new visions and reinterpretations. Several were originally recorded between the late 1970s and late 1990s.

The shortest number of the nine-song disc also hails from the 1920s, a Cuban standard called "Novia Mia," by Jose Antonio Mendez. It is three minutes and 26 seconds of sheer beauty in which the trio steps back into a real soothing groove, putting listeners in a delightful trance.

The final song is a fun, bluesy mashup written by all three, called "RonJackRuba."

The talent's outstanding on this disc, but so is the collaboration. If you like that stripped-down, unplugged interplay between jazz piano, bass and drums, this is one of the best to come out in a long time.

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'Skyline' is the traditional jazz trio format you'll love - Yahoo News

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Watch rave documentary ‘The Sound of Belgium’ – Crack Magazine

Posted: at 5:53 am

Crack Magazine Supporters can watch for free from Friday.

The Sound of Belgium is one of the standout music documentaries of recent years, a journey into the smoke and lasers of a small countrys rave culture and its big impact on dance history.

Directed by Jozef Devill and produced by Visual Antics, the documentary explains how Belgium became an unlikely hotspot for electronic music in the 80s and 90s. With insight from bands, producers and DJs on the scene, the documentary traces the energy flash of techno and trance back to Belgian beer halls, pipe organs and the 60s motorway network that connected the countrys youth to its legendary nightclubs.

With a belting soundtrack featuring Front 242, Technotronic, T99 and more, the film touches on the 70s scene known as Popcorn, the emergence of New Beat and EBM, and the hoover sound heyday of Belgian rave created by artists like CJ Bolland and Outlander.

Crack Magazine Supporters can redeem The Sound of Belgium for free from 17-23 September. The screening is available to Supporters around the world.

This is the latest music movie made available to Supporters, following Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda and WITCH: We Intend to Cause Havoc. Become a Supporter now to access this and more screenings, talks, digital issues and exclusives.

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Watch rave documentary 'The Sound of Belgium' - Crack Magazine

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Nanaimo RCMP hope to return expensive bike, suspected to have been stolen, to its owner Nanaimo News Bulletin – Nanaimo Bulletin

Posted: at 5:53 am

Police in Nanaimo hope to reunite a mountain bike with its owner. (Photo submitted)

Police turning to the public to help find owner of Giant Trance mountain bike

The Nanaimo RCMP recently recovered an expensive mountain bike they suspect was stolen.

Investigators have exhausted efforts to locate the rightful owner of the bike and are now turning to the public to help return the bike, a blue and white Giant Trance, to its owner.

Anyone with information about who owns the bike is asked to contact the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file No. 2021-28559.

READ ALSO: Suspected thief spews barrage of profanities as Nanaimo RCMP seize mountain bike

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CrimeCyclingOutdoors and RecreationSportstheft

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Nanaimo RCMP hope to return expensive bike, suspected to have been stolen, to its owner Nanaimo News Bulletin - Nanaimo Bulletin

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J Balvin Recaptures the Reggaetn Crown on ‘JOSE’ – Exclaim!

Posted: at 5:53 am

Published Sep 15, 2021


Over the years, Balvin had developed a successful formula of blending international trends with his trademark reggaetn sound and encapsulating club hits and ballads into a neat conceptual package. WithJOSE, he takes a more freehanded approach and puts himself at the forefront of the album's musical direction by carefully curating each song's progression.

Previously, Balvin seemed satisfied to simply be with the times and he is leading the way once more withJOSE. From opening track "F40," Balvin announces the album will be taking more risks by way of a sudden tempo change and the inclusion of a self-aggrandizing speech from Latin trap legend Arcngel. "Una Nota" and "Te Acuerdas de M" share the same beat provided by Balvin's implacable production team of Sky Rompiendo and Tainy, but featuring two artists at opposite sides of the Latin music world, the former with newcomer Sech and the latter featuring the announced return of reggaetn veteran Yandel (who boldly asks, "Remember me?").

Where Balvin used to find himself, at times, bested by his flavour-of-the-month features, the Colombian has now taken the reins and holds his own on every collaboration. He sounds more comfortable than ever on the trap-tinged "Billetes de 100," offering a solid contrast to the rugged Myke Towers verse, and he effortlessly outperforms crooner Ozuna on "Pa' Guayarte." Balvin still does what he does best in breaking new artists such as Tokischa on "Perra" and Maria Bercerra on "Que Mas Pues" but he proves he can hang with the legends too, like when he provides a sublime sonic setting for the legendary Zion & Lennox on "Si Te Atreves" or on the Skrillex-supported sleeper hit-in-the-making "In Da Getto."

The album's solo tracks standout including the trance-inducing "Que Locura" and silky ballad "Fantasas." But no reggaetn record would be complete without a posse cut here, it's the remix of mega-hit "Poblado" featuring heavyweights Karol G and Nicky Jam, now joined by a crew of rising artists. Balvin also pulls off one of the most well-executed Spanish-English duos in recent memory on "Otra Noche Sin Ti" with R&B star Khalid.

JOSE's ambitious 24-song escapade neatly concludes with the genre-bending "UN DIA (ONE DAY," featuring Dua Lipa and Bad Bunny, where Balvin proves to be taking risks the whole way through. With JOSE, J Balvin offers stiff competition to Kanye and Drake's recent 20-plus song efforts with a far more consistent effort.(Sueos Globales)

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J Balvin Recaptures the Reggaetn Crown on 'JOSE' - Exclaim!

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What to Expect at EDM Trance 2021 – One EDM

Posted: September 14, 2021 at 4:29 pm

Dance music lovers are anxiously waiting for the upcoming EDM Trance Music Festival. This years event, Trance Music Celebration (TMC) will take place in London at Victoria Park on August 4th. It is anticipated to be one of the most popular trance events of the year. If you want to attend this fantastic event, keep reading.

Trance Music Celebration is a free event and is open to all who enjoy electronic and techno music. It is held every year at Victoria Park in London. The venue has been renovated with a grand opening celebration. With world class DJs, live music acts and special guest appearances, the Trance Music Celebration is definitely an experience you will not want to miss.

What can you expect at the festival? Well, tickets are available for sale online. If you are looking to enjoy a free view of the venue, you can watch the live video stream from the official website. You will also get to see photos from past events of the electronic dance music community such as Jahrome and Donut.

Tickets for the rave are limited, so hurry up if you are planning to attend. There are early bird ticket prices, which are only slightly more than regular prices. If you want to secure a good spot, the internet will be your best bet. The official EDM Trance Facebook page has rave events posted all over the day and week and you will definitely want to check them out if you are planning to attend the electronic dance music event.

The festival will start on Friday night with a free, open air concert by Swedish House Mafia. From there, the other musical acts will include Disclosure, Arty Rock and special guest. On Saturday, trance queen DMA will be performing as well as Swedish House Mafia. If you want to experience some electronic music in a completely intimate setting, the private intimate concerts are an option as well. The private concerts feature a series of songs chosen only by the artist or the crowd.

This is the final weekend to experience trance music at the festival. On Sunday, Swedish House Mafia will close out proceedings with a free show for fans. Arty Rock will be performing the final track of the evening as well as Disclosure. A VIP concert series will take place afterwards featuring artists such as Arty Rock, Disclosure, and M-Audio. The final performances of the day will feature No Mans Sky, Sunsets, and No Strings Attached.

For those looking for electronic dance music for the whole family, the Mardi Gras dance party is also scheduled for the day after the closing ceremonies on Friday evening. This party is a complete celebration of fun, food and music. You should definitely join in on the fun!

EDM Trance Music festivals are not the only offerings of this type of music event. Miami Swing Dance is a monthly happening trance event that happens at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center every Wednesday. This is another huge weekend planned for visitors to the area. Another upcoming festival in Florida is Midsummer Festival. It is the perfect chance for you to experience trance at its finest while enjoying all sorts of food, drink, and amazing visuals.

If you want to do trance music live, then you should definitely check out Coachella. This is an amazing annual event held right in the Palm Springs Desert. It offers some of the best trance music you will ever hear. It also features musical performances by top trance musicians from around the globe.

If you love to shop, then you should definitely check out Treasure Island. Treasure Island is known to host some of the biggest trance and music events in the world. This island gets its name from the way traders brought exotic items back to shore for selling. This is still true today as many vendors set up shop here to offer their wares to visitors. Treasure Island is also home to the first Aqua Beach Resort, so go pack your bags because youre sure to have a great time here.

For those interested in a little more than just electronic dance music, then there are always South Coast Music and Arts Festival. This three day festival celebrates everything that is related to the South Coast, from the artistry of the artists to the foods that are served at the festival. The festival has been going for over ten years now and is surely worth attending if you can make it to all three days. The festival usually happens in the early May or early June, so book your tickets well ahead of time to get the best selection and deals.

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What to Expect at EDM Trance 2021 - One EDM

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Fast Electronic Dance Music From The Early 1990s – One EDM

Posted: at 4:29 pm

The original and fast becoming an international phenomenon of trance, house, breakbeat and new age music is Paul Elstaks worldwide chart topping album Trance. It is widely hailed as the best and most downloaded album in history and has achieved a fan base all over the world. Over the years, the popularity of Paul Elstaks music has grown and taken fans from across the globe to his musics dance floor, club and record label appearances. This article will discuss his rise to fame and the success of his worldwide fan club, including a brief biography of the man himself.

The term Trance was coined by British DJ and producer John Caffe (with whom Elstak worked for over 15 years). Trance is usually characterized by a heavy, dark and mysterious atmosphere usually characterized by deep vocals and instrumentation. Most producers from the rave and hardstyle music genres are known to have produced a good amount of trance tracks and are usually characterized by a dark & sinister sound, although there is often an underlying feeling of humor amongst the critics. Trance music usually has an impressive range of high frequencies, with high frequency ranges usually consisting of ultra-deep bass sounds that are usually characterized with pounding drums. A good amount of trance songs have been produced using such musical styles, most notably Michael Jacksons XT and Korns I Remember You. There are also countless other artists that have made trance music tracks, most notably buried in the digital underground where they have been continually released through illegal downloading and sharing.

I Remember You is one of many examples of a great example of a track that many people consider to be among the best trance songs ever made. Produced by DJ Chronic, I Remember You uses some of the new elements of breakbeat and tribal style vocals which are very much present in many of the leading breakcore albums of the moment, but which typically wouldnt feature in such a highly popular track. One reason why I Remember You stands out is simply down to the incredible level of production that has gone into producing this track. Other producers who have worked on similar albums have only managed to match or even surpassed the quality of production that is characteristic of Chronics work. This is down to his experience and because he knows what it takes to make a hit album, which is something a lot of modern producers dont seem to have.

Another track that many people will consider to be in the same genre as I Remember You, Karaoke 4ever by Lee Sharp is another example of a fast electronic dance music song which features a wide variety of high-pitched vocals. Although the vocals are relatively similar between songs, the production is not. One reason why this can be an issue is because it makes it seem like the vocals are being recorded at the same volume as the beat. In many cases, especially on Karaoke versions of this track, the vocalist may be trying to reach a pitch that is higher than her own, something that causes a distortion due to hitting the top of the head. In many cases, this version is probably not even close to being a happy hardcore song.

One other track which is often lumped together with the likes of Karaoke 4ever and I Remember You is none other than Bouncy Techno. This is another track from Lee Sharps acclaimed Bouncy techno series and is also from the Bouncy techno series. The production on this track is a real spectacle, featuring an abundance of keyboards and effects. Unfortunately, this version of the track does not have the same production values as the others in the series and is probably not as enjoyable for those looking for some fast electronic dance music. Its a shame that this track didnt make the cut though, as it is just another example of a fairly similar sound that is unfortunately missed by most producers.

One other track which should feature more prominence when discussing early 90s rave is I Remember You by Novelty and his mates. This track is a classic rave hit, featuring early 90s rave legend Michael Jackson (of Thriller fame). For those looking for that familiar Michael Jackson vibe, this track is a great place to look as it has a distorted and almost dubby sample that is incredibly hard to identify on its own.

Now lets discuss some tracks which arent from the early 1990s but which still sound popular today. One of these is Electronic Guitar Starring feat. Antony, Jon Bell & Alex Grey (The Who) from the album Reality. What makes this track standout from the others that came before it is the use of a distorted bass drum sound. This sound was used extensively in early 90s rave music and continues to be used to this day. A lot of producers consider this style of drum sample as over processed and unnecessary, but many people feel that it adds a unique aspect to the sound which isnt commonly found in many other songs from the early 1990s.

Finally I want to touch on the less popular and lesser-known style of electronic dance music from the early 1990s. This is techno, which can loosely be described as raveting techno. There are a lot of artists that have released some excellent genre defining techno tracks throughout the years, but none more so than Canadian group Astral Travel. Their song Waking Light is an excellent example of this style and comes from their classic album Astral. This track is worth a listen to by any fan of rave.

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Fast Electronic Dance Music From The Early 1990s - One EDM

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In Albania, Afghan Refugees Live in Luxury and Trauma – The New York Times

Posted: at 4:29 pm

SHENGJIN, Albania The medical student, in a trauma-induced trance after a week under Taliban rule and three days of terror waiting for a flight out of Kabuls airport, looked out the window on her first day at her new home and saw the Statue of Liberty.

I thought for a moment that perhaps I was in New York, said Tahera, a 21-year-old student. But the statue, made of plaster instead of copper and located in northern Albania, a fiercely pro-American country, was much shorter than the real one, she added, summoning up a wry sense of humor despite her harrowing ordeal.

The statue was an unintentionally taunting decoration, a kitschy flourish on the grounds of an Albanian beach resort housing more than 440 Afghans who fled Kabul after the city fell to the Taliban on Aug. 15.

Before being flown last week to Albania, a country she had never heard of, Tahera had hoped to escape to the United States or Britain, where she has an uncle. (The New York Times is using only Taheras first name to protect her family still in Afghanistan.) But with those countries and other wealthy nations wary of taking in refugees, she has found shelter in what is perhaps the worlds strangest and most luxurious refugee camp.

Albania, one of Europes poorest nations, has committed to taking in up to 4,000 refugees from Afghanistan, more than any other country. The 677 who have arrived, including about 250 children, are being housed in resorts along the Adriatic coast, a practice based on an emergency-response approach that Albania developed after a devastating earthquake in 2019, when people left homeless were put up in beach hotels.

Although the Afghans are grateful for the accommodations, the touch of luxury rings somewhat hollow for many.

Parwarish, an Afghan womens activist who worked on projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development, said that she was touched by the Albanians kindness but that she nonetheless was sleeping fitfully and having nightmares.

I see my family dying in my dreams, she said. All this luxury is great if you have peace of mind. I dont.

The decision to welcome the Afghans appears to be popular in Albania, a country with a long history of its people taking flight. Providing for the refugees is the right and natural thing to do, Prime Minister Edi Rama said in an interview in Tirana, the capital.

While opposition politicians in France, Germany and other European nations regularly stoke fear of refugees and migrants to put pressure on government leaders, Mr. Ramas opponents have mostly stayed quiet or supported his welcoming of Afghans.

We dont put people in camps. They are dehumanizing and where all the problems start psychologically, the prime minister said. We have been like them many times in our own history. They are just trying to escape from hell.

Tahera, the medical student, shares a room with an Afghan woman who lost both of her hands in a bomb attack in Afghanistan. Now at a resort with three swimming pools and a long sandy beach, Tahera wants to learn to swim, keen to take her mind off the traumas. She also looks forward to learning to ride a bicycle, a form of exercise that Afghanistans conservative, patriarchal society frowns on for women.

Determined to keep her planned medical career on track, she is taking a first-aid course offered at the resort by an Afghan doctor from London.

Albania, a NATO member that sent troops to Afghanistan to join the U.S.-led effort to hold the Taliban at bay, has long helped people the United States doesnt want or doesnt know what to do with.

When the American military decided in 2006 that a group of Chinese Uyghurs it had held captive for four years at Guantnamo Bay, Cuba, were not dangerous terrorists as China had maintained, Albania agreed to give them a place to live.

But Mr. Rama said of taking in the Afghans, We are not doing this because the Americans asked us.

Sensing that the American-backed government in Kabul would not last long as U.S. troops completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan, Mr. Rama first offered at a NATO summit in June to help with what he feared would be a flood of Afghan refugees. He urged other leaders to do the same. (A senior American diplomat in Tirana confirmed Mr. Ramas account.)

But NATO leaders saw little reason for immediate worry. They stuck to Washingtons optimistic view that the Taliban were months or even years away from victory.

Two months later, Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, setting off an exodus of womens activists, civil society workers, journalists and other Afghans who fear the Taliban.

In Albania, at the Rafaelo Resort, a cluster of four- and five-star hotels near the town of Lezhe, evacuees from Afghanistan eat in a separate restaurant that serves halal meals, but mingle by the pool with tourists, mostly ethnic Albanians from neighboring Kosovo.

The Afghans room and board are covered by foreign organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy and the Yalda Hakim Foundation, which was set up by a BBC journalist of Afghan origin. George Soros Open Society Foundations are paying for 135 Afghans who worked with the organization in Afghanistan to stay at a high-end hotel and spa down the coast. (The organization negotiated a steep discount.)

The presence of veiled Afghan women on poolside lounger chairs at the Rafaelo Resort has come as a surprise to the paying guests, but none seemed to mind.

Who are the Taliban? The Taliban arose in 1994 amid the turmoil that came after the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan in 1989. They used brutal public punishments, including floggings, amputations and mass executions, to enforce their rules. Heres more on their origin story and their record as rulers.

Who are the Taliban leaders? These arethe top leaders of the Taliban, men who have spent years on the run, in hiding, in jail and dodging American drones. Little is known about them or how they plan to govern, including whether they will be as tolerant as they claim to be. One spokesman told The Timesthat the group wanted to forget its past, but that there would be some restrictions.

I had no idea there were so many Afghans living here, but they dont bother me, said Besnik Zeqiri, a Kosovo Albanian migr to the United States. They are all humans and need to be protected.

Liri Gezon, another tourist, said he had seen terrified Afghans at Kabuls airport on television and was happy to see them safe in Albania. They are not creating any problems for us and deserve to live like we do, he said, recalling how hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians had fled Kosovo to escape marauding Serbian forces in the late 1990s and knew the trauma of flight.

Albanias foreign minister, Olta Xhacka, said in an interview that the Afghan evacuees were originally expected to stay a couple of months while their visas for the United States were being processed. But we are now working on the premise that they will stay in Albania for at least one year, maybe longer, she said, adding that those unable to secure visas to move elsewhere would be welcome to stay in Albania.

Wahab, a journalist who helped run a U.S.-funded news agency covering womens issues in the western Afghan city of Herat, said he had never expected such deluxe facilities. He fled Afghanistan with his wife and three children, with help from the National Endowment for Democracy.

We are luxury refugees, he joked. We go to the beach and see half-naked women. We sleep, eat and go to the beach. For most people this would seem like paradise.

But Afghanistan keeps intruding. He cant stop thinking about the eight Taliban checkpoints that stopped the bus he was traveling on with his family from Herat to Kabul, or seeing the Afghan capital for perhaps the last time as his evacuation flight took off. Kabul, which the Taliban had taken over a few days earlier, looked very, very dark, he said.

An editor, who asked not to be named because her family has received threats from the Taliban, said she had lost all hope in Afghanistan and believed that the United States was in a way right to leave our country, because nothing was really changing.

As a fiercely independent journalist who grew up in a family of Pashtun, Afghanistans most conservative and numerous ethnic group, she was herself evidence that some things could change. But the lightning-swift return of the Pashtun-dominated Taliban sounded the death knell for her media outfit.

Any change we achieved has now been multiplied by zero, she said. We are back at naught.

Tahera, the medical student, avoids discussions about why her world imploded so quickly.

She had never planned to leave Afghanistan, but as a woman and a member of the often persecuted Hazara minority, she decided that there was no future for her in a Taliban-ruled nation.

I always told my family and friends, I will never leave my country, she said. Yet her father urged her to go when the Yalda Hakim Foundation offered her a chance to get out, even though it meant leaving behind her parents, five sisters and an infant brother.

I miss my family, she said. I miss my university. I miss Afghanistan. I worry all the time. There are just too many questions I dont know the answer to.

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In Albania, Afghan Refugees Live in Luxury and Trauma - The New York Times

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Get the Latest on all Things Cosmic Gate [Interview] – The Nocturnal Times

Posted: at 4:29 pm

Beloved trance legends Nic Chagall and Bossi AKA Cosmic Gate just dropped a bomb on us with the first stage of their hotly anticipated new artist album MOSAIIK. Trailed throughout the early parts of 2021 by vanguard single releases and stunning livestreams, MOSAIIK contains nine sensational cuts from the GRAMMY-nominated duo.

They say that music is a reflection of the times it is written in, mostly a sonic snapshot of the mood of a society and a window into the soul of the enduring human spirit. When enthusiasm is high, anthemic powerhouses tend to arise, urging listeners to have fun, worry less, and party more. And when morale slips, the tones are somber and lyrics turn towards self-reflection. Arguably, humankind is currently experiencing the latter, and musicians are listening. As producers emerge from the progressive tones of the 2010s, electronic artists have taken a liking towards deeper, techno-driven sounds. The minimalistic approach practically mirrors societys angst amidst a global pandemic, something Cosmic Gate picked up on and created yet another shift in their musical catalogue.

With MOSAIIK they will be mirroring the same delivery system they adopted by their 2017 Materia albums. Most seasoned Cosmic Gate fans will already be familiar with MOSAIIK release dynamic. Shared across two Chapters MOSAIIKs II styled title is a direct nod to the groups eleventh artist long-player. In chapter one we find Nic and Bossi embracing the dark corners of the dance floor in a bass-driven techno affair. We were delighted to have a chat with them about their new album and what else inspires them.

The Nocturnal Times: Thank you both for taking the time for this interview. Big congrats on your new album release. You must be pretty excited to finally release this beast to your fans. What does this album mean to you? And what can fans expect from this album? What would you like to tell readers about the entire MOSAIIK project that they may not already know?

Cosmic Gate: Hey, thanks a lot for having us, we appreciate your time! What can we say, indeed we are so excited MOSAIIK is finally released now, even after so many years and album releases ( The II-styled title a nod to our eleventh longplayer, in case you wonder!), its always a special moment when an album sees the day of light.

About the story behind it, somehow after our anniversary album Forward Ever Backward Never, it did not just feel like just a new LP, but more like the start in a new era. There were some signs that our fans were as ready as we were. I mean accepting of a deeper, more progressed sound and production direction. No one told us we needed to do this change. We very naturally felt this from within, as weve always followed our intuitions over the years.

When the clubbing world was pretty much severed from dancefloors last March, that circumstance gave us even more artistic latitude. Thus MOSAIIKs music making became less symmetric and floor-focused, and all the more enriching for it. It as weird as it sounds, we somehow became even freer in our work, while life outside was actually the opposite. We tried to take the worst of possible circumstances and turn it into more of a chance and less of an obstacle.

After a fair while, we laid out all of MOSAIIKs ideas, drafts and demos, and quickly realised that there was so much material, we needed to split it into two again, (as we did before with the Materia series).

The Nocturnal Times: This album is jam packed with nine amazing tracks. One might wonder what your personal favorite track is? And is there a story you want to tell us with this track selection?

Cosmic Gate: To be quite honest, we tend to never answer this question, simply, as were not able. Its like asking parents to point out one of their kids is above the others. Its impossible to choose. All the tracks are our creations and mean a lot. All that matters to us in the end, is that our fans, or new listeners that have not heard of us before, hopefully find some tracks they like, or maybe even love. They put them in their favourite playlist or introduce them to their friends. Then our time in the studio was wells spend and we could not be any happier.

The Nocturnal Times: With this album it feels like you keep re-inventing yourself. Tell us some behind the scenes of producing this album? What techniques do you use to remain original yet so innovative?

Cosmic Gate: Well, we feel its less about the production techniques, and more about the mindset and personal current taste in music when it comes to writing something new. But reinventing, this sounds great to us we take it anytime as a big compliment. To us that means we sound fresh and not like a copy of what we did before. Sure our tastes change over time, and are always already influenced from club music of the 90s, as trance, techno, progressive, etc, have developed and changed.

The Nocturnal Times: You both have been living abroad for some years now. Do you guys miss the good old Germany? And how did moving to the States affect your career? Is it difficult at times to collaborate while living far apart from each other?

Cosmic Gate: Indeed we do both live in the US for round about 10 or more years now. It means we were on the forefront of this EDM movement coming from Europe somehow. We played a lot of great shows, and sure do love living in the US guess we are fully domesticated!

Still during all this time we traveled abroad for shows a lot. Europe, Asia, Australia, and we will be in Germany at least a few times a year, so we see our families and dont miss our favourite foods either. That is one of the big perks of the job fortunately. On top to come to the last part of your question, we can work together on music in those times on the road. Living apart or not.

The Nocturnal Times: Throughout the pandemic, you performed some amazing live stream shows. What was your most favorite live stream show? And how excited are you now to be playing in front of live crowds again?

Cosmic Gate: We enjoyed all of these streams and their individuality enormously, but one we like to point to most maybe was the one in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Its just a spectacular charming and gorgeous little city with a lot of surprising cool venues, good food and friendly people. Do check it out if you have the chance and think about us when you do. We had great times doing these streams, we always have fun DJing together. To be very honest though, the energy to play for a crowd is so much better. The chemistry between a DJ and their audience cant be replaced by anything! So yes, we loved playing these locations and play these streams for you guys, but to be in one room together with a big crowd nothing can beat that. We are very social creatures and thrive from the energy around us. We hope to see you all on one of our future club or festival shows very soon.

The Nocturnal Times: Do we dare ask when may fans get a glimpse of MOSAIIK chapter two?

Cosmic Gate: We do love to test new tunes out, so our tip would be to come to some of our shows in the coming fall and winter. We cant promise, but wont deny to catch some glimpses of MOSAIIK part 2 during some of those sets either

The Nocturnal Times: We appreciate taking time for this interview and we know you are busy! Lets wrap this up with a question. Who is one artist you havent worked with yet that you would like to and why?

Cosmic Gate: We were lucky enough to work with some of the most outstanding talents in our scene in the one or other way during the years, no-one in particular we have on a list ready to present now be very honest though. Things will happen. Whats meant to be is meant to be. We will keep Nocturnal Times posted in this regard first. Thanks again for having us, a pleasure as always!


Get the Latest on all Things Cosmic Gate [Interview] - The Nocturnal Times

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Music Artist Jahi Israel’s Recently Released Song ‘Oppression’ is a Creative Plunge into Reggae Streams – Daily Music Roll

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September 14, 2021September 14, 2021

4.7/5by Daily Music Roll


ArtistJahi Israelrecently came out with the single Oppression that defines the best streaks of reggae music along with reformative and inspiring themes.

Music artistJahi Israelrecreates the essence of life with his own interpretations and melodic streaming. He is a reggae artist who is bringing back consciousness into music with his captivating productions. He recently came out with the track, Oppression which is a beautiful track depicting the virtues of life with a renewed perspective. What sets the song apart from the rest lies in its purpose to inspire and motivate the audiences. He is a poet who puts together a compelling thematic trance through his soundscape paving the way for new ideas and lyrical verses. Speaking of truth and rights, the artist sets a motion that makes each listener extract a sense of inspiration. From the start to the end, the track keeps the audience hooked to its musical glory.

ArtistJahi Israelis making reggae music reach the highest point of global appreciation. The track, Oppression presents his own perspectives aligned with that of lifes true colors. The song is not just for recreation but to enable people to live their life on their own terms. His other song, Give Praises is another successful attempt at delivering the best creative inspiration. His music is for the global audience looking for closure. Reggae music goes back in history for its opinions and individualism. The artist also exemplifies the same in his art and melodies alongside a beautiful lyrical trance. For anyone looking for inspiration, his soundscape is the best dose to elevate the mood in an instant. Listen to his songs on Apple Music and get immersed into an endless stream of melodic and lyrical consciousness.

Check out the song on Apple Music:

Charles Edward is a writer and musician from New York City. He publishes various poems and writes songs for his band.He is one of the leading members of a New based Rock band. He also does reviews in Daily Music Roll and writes music blog posts.

Visit link:

Music Artist Jahi Israel's Recently Released Song 'Oppression' is a Creative Plunge into Reggae Streams - Daily Music Roll

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