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Posted: July 16, 2021 at 1:25 pm

It looks like another liberal hero, Michael Avenatti, will be wearing a new suit with large black and white pinstripes for several years to come.

Another loud mouth distorter and criminal that the state-run media (MSNBC, CNN...) praised, gone by the wayside. And why did they love him so much? One reason, he hated Donald Trump. Hey, they even had him at the top of the Democrat Presidential Primary for a period of time! You got to give the left credit though, they never give up. Just like the Russia hoax, Ukraine, the ridiculous tries for impeachment, and so many more falsehoods that were thrown at President Trump and yet not one has stuck because they are just not true.

Funny, they even blame President Trump for the January 6 protest at the Capitol. The man clearly told the crowd during his speech to go to the Capitol and protest peacefully in front of the building. But the Democrats had it all planned to make it look like a riot. I agree that the protesters should have never entered the building, however videos showed that initially the Capitol Police opened the doors inviting protesters in. It is a lie that the protesters had anything to do with killing a policeman, he died of natural causes later. However, we are yet to know who killed a military veteran when she entered through a window. Even at that, how can anyone compare January 6 with riots in Portland, Seattle, and many of the major cities resulting from the tragic death of George Floyd? They have destroyed numerous businesses, many owned by minorities.

Finally, I hope all you liberal Dems are enjoying paying a lot more for gas, groceries, building materials and runaway inflation on about everything. Oh and how do you like the let em go Joe illegal migrants pouring into the country and driving down wages? Are we having fun yet???


Say goodbye to a liberal hero | Letters to the Editor | - Tullahoma News and Guardian

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