Liberal Illinois Students Upset Over Incidents Of Kneeling And Jeering As They Try To Celebrate Their Culture – The Free Press

Posted: October 17, 2021 at 5:13 pm

In the age of Trump, conservatives were told that resistance in the form of kneeling for the national anthem and disrespecting the American flag was really patriotism an effort to protest our nations racist past and to force it to live up to its ideals.

And, as the lefts narrative goes, white Americans, just by being white, were guilty of these sins, supporting, furthering and benefitting from Americas systemic racism and so they must accept the kneeling and flag desecration as free speech.

But, it seems, liberals are not so happy when their tactics are turned on them.

At Marist High School, a Catholic school in Chicago, Hispanic students complained that they were victimized by racism when other students kneeled or sat as Hispanic music was played at last weekends homecoming dance.

As the Chicago Sun-Times reported, About an hour into the dance, the DJ spun a Spanish-language version of Billy Ray Cyrus hit Achy Breaky Heart. As Hispanic students ventured onto the dance floor, a few dozen of their classmates then knelt together in the center of the dance floor, apparently in protest, while some students booed and jeered, while others purposely disrupted a line dance.

One of their classmates reportedly made a racist comment, saying, Ugh, its Mexicans.

Im trying to understand their point of view, junior Elizabeth Pacheco told the Sun-Times of her classmates. But when its something thats so wrong that just targets you and your community, its really upsetting. I kind of cant see them the same anymore.

In an Instagram post she made of the homecoming incident, Pacheco said, You send us emails asking for pictures of our families during Hispanic Heritage Month. You hang up our banners of papel picado [Mexican folk art] throughout the school. If you love our food, ethnic fashion, and energy so much why do you resent us. How would you like it if we kneeled to your country music?

Well, one might ask where these protesters learned that kneeling, jeering and mocking are acceptable forms of demonstration.

The answer is from liberals who maintain that their love for America leads them to kneel for its anthem, tear down or vandalize statues of its heroes, and demand that its buildings, schools, streets, parks, and other public assets be renamed.

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Liberal Illinois Students Upset Over Incidents Of Kneeling And Jeering As They Try To Celebrate Their Culture - The Free Press

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