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Posted: January 24, 2022 at 10:09 am

Tommy McClure

The Angry Red wrestling traveled up north to Atwood Kansas to compete in the Buffalo Invitational with an almost complete varsity boys and girls team and a few JV. The Redskins came off a loss to Garden City in their first WAC dual of the season. The Redskins looked more motivated than down going into Atwood. Both Redskin squads would come home with 1st place teams in the boys and girls division with 6 champions and 16 other placers.

The Lady Redskins would only have one individual champion in Mana Chanthasone at 106, but with a large number of girls vs a tournament filled with smaller schools, the lady red would put a placer in every bracket. Chanthasone would dominate her best of three series against Colbys Volger. Isabella Gutierrez would pick up a couple of pins to place 2nd. Leilani Torres would pin 3 of her girls on her way to a second-place finish in the tournament. Other placers were Amelia Alarcon 3rd at 120, Luz Tercero Vargas 2nd at 132, Angelica Quezada 2nd at 143, Alexa Valenzuela 3rd at 143, Rosa Pablo 3rd at 155, Jasmine Rangel 3rd at 170.

The boys would ratchet it up a notch and look the part of a top team. The Redskins big 5 took care of business and all won their brackets with ease. Irving Mendez pinned all three of his foes in the first period all in the first minute. Tommy McClure would pin one and put his other two opponents in grueling matches. Jesus Torres would pin all three of his opponents with his championship being the best of the three, as he would pin Atwoods Withington, who had a record of 23 and 1 record and a number 3 ranking in 3A, in 1 minute 24 seconds. Trystan Juarez, like Mendez, would not let his opponents even get a minute of wrestling in pinning all three. Javon Allen would start off tech falling his first kid in the first period, then made it easier on himself pinning the last 4 opponents.

Liberals biggest surprise came in at their 106-pound bracket with freshman Julian Orrantia, who was Liberals JV and non-scorer. Orrantia, who is almost 20 pounds under weight, broke brackets. He would defeat the number one seed and make it into the championship match. He would fall in the second period but wrestled as a master technician all day. Liberals Big freshman, Hudson Rice, continued his good showing taking 3rd in a round-robin, only getting third because of criteria due to the fact Hudson would beat the one wrestler who had pinned all the other heavyweights, but his early loss to Atwoods Bearley. Other placers were Trey Dinkins 4th at 285, Mathew Trejo 2nd at 195, Yahir Gomez 3rd at 160, Aldo Hernandez 4th at 138, Edgar Landa 4th at 120,

I was very impressed with how both the boys and girls teams bounced back after hard fought losses to Garden City on the previous Thursday night. Our Angry Red girls and boys teams came together to form a unified Liberal Angry Red wrestling team. The girls team are well balanced and a solid team, and they proved it by starting and finishing strong. The boys also had a dominating day from start to finish of the tournament. The boys have built their success on a trio of wrestlers for the 1st half of the season and now have expanded that to the BIG 5. The Angry Red boys wrestling teams BIG 5 consists of: Irving Mendez, Tommy McClure, Jesus Torres, Trystian Juarez, and Javon Allen. We are now focusing on trying to expand the BIG 5 up to the BIG 6 and then the BIG 7, and so on, Coach Fowler.

Liberal will travel to Lamar Colorado for a dual on Wednesday then Varsity Boys and Some Varsity girls will Compete in one of the states toughest tournaments Rocky Welton Friday, while JV boys and other Varsity girls will travel to Larned on Saturday.

Mana Chanthasone (14-2) placed 1st and scored 14.0 team points.

Isabella Gutierrez (12-9) placed 2nd and scored 14.0 team points.

Gisel Tarango (1-8) placed 5th and scored 0.0 team points.

Amelia Alarcon (4-10) placed 3rd and scored 9.0 team points.

Luz Tercero Vargas (5-9) placed 2nd and scored 9.0 team points.

Alexa Valenzuela (8-10) placed 3rd.

Angelica Quezada (6-11) placed 2nd and scored 7.0 team points.

Rosa Pablo (1-5) placed 3rd and scored 4.0 team points.

Jasmine Rangel (0-4) placed 3rd and scored 4.0 team points.

Leilani Torres (9-5) placed 2nd and scored 16.0 team points.

Julian Orantia (8-7) placed 2nd.

Eloy Trujillo (1-11) place is unknown and scored 4.0 team points.

Amedeus Holler (1-2) place is unknown and scored 1.0 team points.

Edgar Landa (10-10) placed 4th and scored 11.0 team points.

Irving Mendez (20-2) placed 1st and scored 20.0 team points.

Aldo Hernandez (4-6) placed 4th and scored 15.0 team points.

Edgar Dominquez (6-7) place is unknown.

Tommy McClure (29-4) placed 1st and scored 25.0 team points.

Mason Bickerstaff (0-2) place is unknown.

Jesus Torres (20-5) placed 1st and scored 28.0 team points.

Julian Harvey (2-5) place is unknown.

Alex Schwindt (5-11) place is unknown and scored 8.0 team points.

Yahir Gomez (8-3) placed 3rd.

Trystian Juarez (23-2) placed 1st and scored 24.0 team points.

Max Arcos (9-10) place is unknown.

Javon Allen (18-5) placed 1st and scored 23.5 team points.

Mathew Trejo (9-3) placed 2nd and scored 14.0 team points.

Daniel Don Juan (5-13) placed 5th.

Hudson Rice (17-5) placed 3rd and scored 14.0 team points.

trey Dinkins (2-3) placed 4th.

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