It’s not ‘bias’ liberal media are telling the truth, pointedly – The Boston Globe

Posted: May 25, 2022 at 3:56 am

Jeff Jacoby decries the medias liberal bias and predicts that the left will lament a Republican takeover of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections (Whos afraid of liberal media bias? Ideas, May 15). To my mind, the liberal media is fact-based and promotes inclusion, democracy, a free press, science, economic justice, a womans right to choose, and the US Constitution. Todays conservative media, like the GOP, promotes misinformation, white supremacy, insurrection, censorship, fossil fuels, oligarchy, religious extremism, and authoritarianism.

Those who favor conservative media have picked their side, and history will not look kindly upon them.

Stephane Acel-Green


In Whos afraid of liberal media bias?, Jeff Jacoby writes, Our society would be healthier if Americans shared more common ground, or if journalists operating in the right- and left-wing echo chambers had more respect for those with a different worldview.

No, our society would be healthier if our media shared more common truth.

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Right-wing media have embraced the Big Lie and continue to amplify and spread it, along with all sorts of other bizarre conspiracy theories and outrageous fabrications of alternative facts. Theirs is not a worldview that deserves respect. Their irresponsible disregard for truth endangers our democracy and the nations national security.

Diana Kerry


Im still looking for a concrete example of the liberal media bias that right-wingers keep talking about.

Conservatives have been pretty successful at convincing the base that truth is, in reality, bias, so that anything they disagree with immediately becomes tainted by ideology, or liberal media bias in other words, untrue.

But Jeff Jacoby is correct that liberal media bias has no real impact these days, because the gullible and suggestible have been convinced, as Donald Trump says, that they can no longer trust what they see or hear or read.

Indeed, thats how Trump was elected in 2016, and its the only way that the current crop of GOP minions will get elected. Thats not liberal media bias thats the truth.

Rick Bevilacqua


The rest is here:

It's not 'bias' liberal media are telling the truth, pointedly - The Boston Globe

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