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Posted: November 1, 2021 at 7:26 am

Somalia: AU mission rejects claims of participating in Galmadug war AMISOM has been operating in Somalia for 14 years and helped the government capture key areas [File photo].

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The African Union Mission Forces [AMISOM] have denied participation in Galmadug clashes which left hundreds of people dead, hours after Sufi militia Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'a [ASWJ] made the damning revelation.

The mission troops were accused along with the Danab forces of helping the Somali National Army [SNA] is engaging in the fight, which left 120 people dead, in a showdown that was widely condemned by members of the intentional community.

For almost four days, ASWJ militia engaged in a battle with Somali security forces at Guriel town, leading to casualties. The militia, which was close to the Somali army, was crucial in the fight against Al-Shabaab militants.

And in a statement, AMISOM dismissed the allegations of participating in the clashes, adding that the claims were not only unfounded but also untruthful. The mission insisted that it has never taken sides in the war against Al-Shabaab militants.

"These allegations are false, toxic and malicious, deliberately intended to cause disaffection between AMISOM and the Somali communities," read the statement from the mission.

"AMISOM operations, including military operations and support to SSF, are guided by the mandate provided by the AU Peace and Security Council and UN Security Council. They are implemented in strict observance of the approved Concept of Operations and Rules of Engagement," it added.

"The functions set out by these instruments are to disrupt and degrade Al Shabaab, assist the SSF in their effort to put an end to terrorism in the country, bring peace and provide security support to enable the Federal Government of Somalia and its the Federal Member States to carry out their functions of government, including elections security."

Already the Sufi militia has left Guriel town in Galmadug following persuasion by members of the business community who wanted civility to prevail. The two sides held a meeting before the decision was reached by the Sufi militia.

The AU mission forces insisted that they are keen to promote civility in Somalia, noting that the forces have been acting professionally. The mission added that to them forces have not in any way supported the government of Somalia.

"In fulfillment of this mandate, AMISOM reinforced its forces in Dhusamarreb for the purpose of securing the on-going electoral process as part of the National Elections Security Taskforce strategy. These AMISOM forces operate under very strict instructions," it said.

"They have not provided support to the government of Somalia at the either national or regional level to fight Ahlu Sunna Waljaama, nor have they, in any way, been involved in the bloody armed confrontations between the government and Ahlu Sunna Waljaama in Guriel town or elsewhere."

Since the fighting broke out in Guriel, AMISOM, both separately and as part of the international community-based in Somalia, the team noted, it has consistently appealed to the parties to cease fighting and seek to resolve their differences through dialogue. AMISOM will continue this effort since it strongly believes that the problems facing Somali stakeholders in Galmudug are essentially political which must, and can, be solved through negotiated means.

"AMISOM wishes to categorically state that its forces are in Somalia to fight terrorism, Al-Shabaab, Isis, and their affiliates, not to turn their guns against Somali stakeholders engaged in political disputes with other Somali stakeholders.


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Somalia: AU mission rejects claims of participating in Galmadug war - Garowe Online

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