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Posted: April 27, 2022 at 9:57 am

Not all senior living communities are designed equally. While some focus on getting the maximum number of units possible in their design, Melody Livings Lake in the Hills focuses on creating a Life in Harmony through thoughtful design. When creating the community, the focus was on intentional design elements that encourage the Eight Dimensions of Wellness (emotional, physical, environmental, social, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, and financial).

The benefit of having a community that was built with this philosophy, is that the design is forward-thinking and not an after-thought. The flow of intentional design ensures that residents have easy access to comfortable living spaces, luxurious amenities, and a relaxing atmosphere that was created just for them.

Mobility can be a concern for loved ones; therefore, our hallways are short but wide for accessible-use and elevators and stairs are all located a few seconds away from key community life rooms where activities occur. Outdoor spaces also are an important element. One thing to think about is the flow of the outdoor space. Consider whether the sidewalks are smooth and paved in a way that is safe for residents using a wheelchair, walker, or who may have limited mobility. Look for ample seating and environmental features like landscaping and dcor such as trees, patio umbrellas, and flowers that create a sense of peace and comfort.

Internally, the layout of community features also is important. For example, be on the lookout where places like the main dining room are located. Is this space positioned in an area thats comfortable and away from the front entrance in a more exclusive restaurant style dining space, or are residents dining near the constantly opening and closing lobby doors?

Its important for seniors to continue to thrive in their living environment, whether they age in place or enjoy living in an assisted living and memory care community. Melody Living offers residents a safe and welcoming atmosphere to call home. For more information, contact 847-957-7070.

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Senior Living - the importance of intentional design - Shaw Local

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