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Posted: November 9, 2021 at 1:52 pm

Count November 2, 2021, as a local victory against hyper-progressivism and a push towards rational governance.

Locally, Peachtree City voters laid down a solid mandate with the ousting of both current members of the City Council and the young socialist candidate, demanding an end to trying to undermine one of the finest quality of life communities in the nation. There was a clear call to end attempts at cramming dense residential developments into every nook and cranny within the citys boundaries. The voters are tired of the local propaganda for radical change to our local planning and family-oriented atmosphere.

Real estate developer-leaning groups like Plan for PTC want to convert our city to Buckhead instead of maintaining our family-oriented success story. The residents of Buckhead do not want to be Buckhead any longer with negative statistics climbing dramatically.

Constantly, our taxpaying citizens express to our elected officials to pay attention to the things that matter like traffic congestion, attracting high-paying jobs, public safety, and good schools.

Attracting young 20-somethings is not and never has been the reason for our success. If you want a city full of young singles, go to Portland, Oregon with its second straight year of rioting in the streets to see where that takes you.

The pushback is part of a national movement.

Please do not misconstrue this as a Republican versus Democrat argument at the national level. This is about a powerful few attempting to deprive American citizens of their fundamental rights through the creation of race confrontations and fear-mongering. It is a complicit news media and overly, emotionally triggered followers wanting to make the nation a safe space in their own image by force-feeding you the change THEY can believe in.

I told several concerned Peachtree City residents that the far-left supporters of candidate Nick Ferrante would do more damage to his campaign than his opposition. Those supporters immediately began using the currency of the far-left made up of insults and intimidation. They cannot tolerate an opinion that does not fit their narrative and bullying commenters on social media was commonplace.

This type of bad behavior has become pervasive among the far-left. It is all about using fear and emotions to grab more power.

I was astounded to read our local leftists climate alarmist comments, claiming the planet was on fire and that climate change was responsible for the dramatic increase in horrific wildfires. It is all a bunch of lies.

As Bjorn Lomborg (author of False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet) points out, In the early 1900s, about 4.2% of the land worldwide burned every year. A century later, that had dropped almost to 3%. Lomborg continues, That decline has continued through the satellite era, and 2021 is likely to end with only 2.5% of the globe having caught fire, based on data through August 31.

Climate fear-mongering groups like the World Wildlife Fund have had to admit, the area of land burned globally has actually been steadily declining since it started to be measured in 1900, yet the subtitle for their report was a crisis raging out of control.

Fires in the United States today burn far less than what we experienced in the 1930s. Similarly, the emotional eruptions in the news media over the 2019-2020 fire season in Australia accompanied by outrageous headlines claiming an apocalypse were completely false. Highly accurate satellite measurements prove that their crisis was actually was one of the lowest occurrences seen in Australia in the last 120 years.

I strongly recommend the bestseller Unsettled, What climate science tells us, what it doesnt, and why it matters by Steven E. Koonin, former Undersecretary for Science, U.S. Department of Energy under the Obama Administration.

The intentional creation of racial confrontation and their pursuit to brainwash our children is one of the most despicable acts in our modern history. Trying to convince K-12 white children they are inherently racist and evil and black children that they are inferior victims is nothing more than an effort to topple the nation. As former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice recently stated you dont help black kids by making white kids feel guilty for being white.

As we witnessed in the electoral downfall of Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAliffe when he infamously said, I dont think parents should be telling schools what they should teach, it is time to pushback.

The Virginia voters are tired of the constant screams of racist and white supremacist any time someone challenged the states efforts to demonize our national identity and traditional values. Mind you, it is not just promoting traditional values that get you into trouble, merely mentioning them gets you canceled.

In addition to the racial segregation in the classroom, the Biden Administrations CDC getting its school covid guidelines from the left-leaning teachers unions, not the virus research, is a clear sign of K-12 education being out of control.

The far-leftists point to Europe as an economic model to follow which is laughable. A generation of young adults in our nation now says communist China is the model which is alarming.

The Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, and Elizabeth Warren movement that government should control everything (except for the corporate titans and privileged government class) is a matter of convincing the rest of us that only they can save us from evil, using the systemic, crisis, equity fear-mongering to reach their Marxist objectives.

Tell your children to beware of the people like Bernie Sanders who owns three homes, the Marxist founder of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Khan-Cullors who bought four homes with BLM funds, and Barack Obama who rails about the rising ocean levels while buying a mansion on the Marthas Vineyard coastline. They preach equality of outcome for everyone but themselves.

While the bastions of far-left politics on the west coast continue to suffer from their self-imposed misery, all we ask is do not bring it to Georgia and especially our Peachtree City.

Our children are being dragged into a psychologically oppressive state with politically generated fears constantly being implanted in their minds. Instead, teach your children the importance of honesty, accountability, respect for all persons, empathy, determination, love of community and nation, and freedom of speech and ideas.

The political hazards are obvious. It is time to stop the decline.

Steve Brown

Peachtree City, Ga.

[Brown is a former mayor of Peachtree City and former 2-term member of the Fayette County Commission.]

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