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Posted: June 20, 2022 at 2:43 pm

Identity is the theme of this week's episode, and the main plot revolves around Spock, whose long-distance relationship with hisfiance, T'Pring(Gia Sandhu), is a little strained. She wants to learn more about his "human" side, which he hasn't even fully explored, and it makes him uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Dr. Aspen arrives on the Enterprise after requesting their help with some space pirates, and they have some unasked-for but excellent advice for Spock:

As someone who spent more than 30 years of their life trying to fit into boxes, that advice hit hard. I grew up watching "Star Trek: Deep SpaceNine," and had always identified strongly with Jadzia Dax, a Trill who had the memories of men and women despite currently presenting as a woman, but it took me much longer to have the language for myself: I'm non-binary. The very concept is confusing to some, and Spock wrestles with the idea of the "in-between"himself when exposed to the idea of a third option: "That is nonsensical.If I am not human or Vulcan, what am I?"

Dr. Aspen later reveals that they have been playing with identities, and are actually the leader of the pirates, Captain Angel. They manage to take over the Enterprise and try to ransom Spock to T'Pring in exchange for their husband, a Vulcan prisoner. Spock manages to save the day by faking an affair with Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush) so that T'Pring can save face and refuse the exchange. It's a very human decision, based on a gut feeling, and it forces Spock to truly confront a part of himself that he had chosen to ignore.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Just Showcased One Of Its Most Effective Metaphors Yet - /Film

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