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The Transhuman Series

SHOUD 5 Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle January 7, 2017

(some applause after the opening song)

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

Thank you for the applause (more applause and cheering). I assume it was for me, and thank you for my coffee, dear Sandra. Oh, shes gotten so good at predicting the needs and wants of dear Adamus. Nothing like a fine cup of human coffee. Thank you.

We dont get this on the other realms. No. We have no Starbucks. We (someone says, Oh) No, no. Believe it or not. So I keep coming back once a month just for my coffee (laughter).

Dear Linda, you look so lovely today, as always. Linda of Eesa. Yes (audience applause).

LINDA: Thank you. What are up to?

ADAMUS: Lets take a deep breath, as pardon?

LINDA: What are you up to? (laughter)

ADAMUS: Ive got a few tricks up my sleeve for today, mostly called distraction. Distraction. Just distracting enough so you can let that divine just slip in. When youre not thinking about it, let it just slip in. Ah, yes.

Lets take that deep breath together.

You know, it just doesnt work; this enlightenment thing, Realization, the integration with the divine, it doesnt work if youre trying to think about it. Edith, you have such a sparkle in your eye today. Such a beautiful sparkle.

It doesnt work when youre thinking about it. This goes back to Adamus 101, the basics. The humans not responsible for the enlightenment. Its not. The human just needs to allow. The enlightenment, the divine, it comes in. It comes in when you take a deep breath and you allow it to come in. And then it wont be anything, anything, anything like what the human thought it was going to be. The human has interesting expectations of enlightenment and Realization. You might as well just throw those out with the old year, because its not the way it is.

And thats the beautiful part. The human would limit it. The human would humanize it, and this thing of enlightenment, Realization, it is the most sensual thing that you could ever not be able to imagine. It is sensuality. Thats really what it is. Its not suddenly knowing everything, because that doesnt matter. Even as an Ascended Master, I dont know everything nor do I care to know everything. Its not important. But the sensuality, the feelings is everything everything, everything and thats where were going in 2017.

Speaking of sensuality, how many of you have even experiencing, over these last few weeks, I would say last three weeks in particular, maybe a little longer, but that (laughter as Sart raises his hand before the question is complete.) You felt that already. Hes going to need the microphone. And what have you felt, Sarducci? What have you felt? You realize this is how were starting our new year in the Shouds, right here (more laughter).

SART: Is this family still?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

SART: Oh. Frustration.

ADAMUS: Frustration.

SART: Yep.

ADAMUS: Wow. Okay.

SART: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Well, Im going to get to that.

SART: Big time.

ADAMUS: Yeah. But what I was going to say, and youre the perfect example of this, have you felt (some laughter) oh, you are, more than you possibly knowin the past three or four weeks, in particular, just feeling dirty? Like even if you have two baths or showers a day and you scrub down with lye soap, youre just still feeling dirty, kind of a grittiness, like its under the layer of your skin. Its just like making you a little itchy, even. Just feeling a little dirty, and you with Sarts Dirt Works (more chuckles), you have an excavation company. Yeah. Do you dig graves at all with some of that equipment?

SART: I have before, yes.

ADAMUS: You have before.

SART: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

SART: Like that far apart.

ADAMUS: That far apart?

SART: Yeah, you know, one over here and one there. You got to put one in the middle.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Good. Good (Sart laughs). But thank you.

SART: Thats fun.

ADAMUS: Thank you. So gritty, dirty. See, he raised his hands before I even said it. Sarts Dirt Works. Thank you.

How many of you have felt that? Just a sense of you just want to really clean off. Yeah, you just feel a little itchy. Its like theres a layer of grit right under the skin. Eh, you felt that? No, some of you havent felt that. Well, you probably will (a few chuckles). No, you probably will because its a part of this whole integration process, and theres a lot being released from very, very deep down within. And theres also kind of an odd contradiction taking place within you. Perhaps youll relate to this more than the Sarts Dirt Works example. How many of you in the past, well, few years, but few months in particular, you just dont feel its together anymore? Its like (laughter as lots of hands are raised) Well, that was a Duh! Master of the Obvious question. (Adamus chuckles) But more than ever, more than ever, that sense of not really feeling like who you were, but not knowing what youre going to be. Its just not coming together. Thats another beautiful indication.


First of all, its very mental. You tend to go mental Whats wrong with me? Where is my old place? Its not there. Its not going to come back. The whole concept of oneness goes out the window. The whole concept of oneness, and you cant go back, even though you may try to go back. Coming back into your oneness forget about it. Its not going to happen. You are now the many.

You know, the word oneness if you would write that on your magic pad there (to Linda) the word oneness also sounds like the word onus. Onus. And you can write that too, and if you dont know how to spell it, ask Sart.

LINDA: I have no idea (some laughter).

ADAMUS: Oneness. Onus. You know, onus is that putting the burden, the onus of something on you or on others. Onus is carrying a burden. Spelling of onus for Linda (audience tries to provide help). Oh, youre definitely Shaumbra. None of you can spell! (Adamus chuckles) So this whole concept of (more laughter as Linda has a hard time spelling it) This whole concept of oneness goes out the window, and thats a big deal.

You know, theres a lot who are in spiritual, New Age talk about global oneness. You have got to be kidding! (more chuckles) Yes. Yes. I saw somebody putting on their lipstick and somebody going, Oh! (gag) like that at the same time. No, it goes out the window. I do recall one event we were invited to a number of years ago and I was commanded to speak about oneness, and dear Cauldre, Geoffrey, begged the sponsor of the event not to inflict that topic on me. And the sponsor insisted and so I got up there and was more than happy to talk about oneness (more chuckles). I talked about you are your own one back then, but even thats changing.* But the concept of planetary universal cosmic oneness? No! No. Its actually like going to the Borg, you know, like back into some sort of mental entrapment. Its like going why would you, why would anybody want universal oneness with anything? It would be a bad joke on Spirits part to say, Okay, Im going to give you a lot of rope here. You go out and experience a lot of different things human life, angelic life then Im going to pull you back into oneness where you lose all sense of your sovereignty and your Self. * Referring to Sovereign One

LINDA: And Adamus, what happened when you gave that talk about oneness?

ADAMUS: What happened?

LINDA: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Everybody loved it (Adamus chuckles). Not everybody, I have to admit. I did get thrown out of that conference.

LINDA: Yes, you did (more chuckles).

ADAMUS: And that was a good thing. It needed to create a little stir, an emotion; it needed to get things going. And just for you personally, particularly now, you dont go into oneness with yourself. You are the many. You are the multiple. You are the and.

Its a very strange feeling as you really start to sense it. First, its a feeling of, Oh, I just dont have it together anymore. Bingo! No, you dont, and thats a good thing. Ill show you later today why. I just dont have it together anymore. Wheres my sense of balance and Self and all the rest of that? Its gone and thats a good thing.

You know, the Master, the I Am, isnt this parent figure controlling and dominating all of the ands. It doesnt need to. Theres no central power. Theres no central control. Youll find its almost like throwing a lot of balls of light into the air and theyre all dancing on their own. They dont need somebody to tell them how to dance, when to dance. And then you realize that youre all of these dancing balls. Youre all of the ands. Youre the Master, and youre not even on this planet, and youre the student who is working their way to God knows what, enlightenment or whatever, and youre sitting on the park bench all at the same time. Thats where it gets fun. Thats liberation. Thats enlightenment. Not packing everything into a one, not consolidating yourself into singularness, but actually allowing the and. You are so many. You are so I Am Here in so many ways. Thats the beauty of it.

So if you start to feel that little sense of a little like you need to take and shower, like youre just dirty, like theres an itching under the surface of the skin, its just a transformation that youre going through. So lets toast to that (he raises his cup of coffee; audience says, Cheers). Cheers.

LINDA: Cheers.

Incremental Enlightenment

ADAMUS: Secondly, second point today. The integration, the Realization that youre going through, whatever you want to call it enlightenment, embodied ascension is an incremental thing. Incremental. Its not going to take place in one great big fell swoop Im not sure what a fell swoop is, I dont know if anybody knows but one great big overwhelming its incremental. Youre doing that on purpose so you dont burn out the body, so you dont quickly exit the planet, because you just cant handle it anymore. Theres not a great big flash of lightning that comes down. You dont necessarily wake up in the middle of the night with all the answers. What youve chosen, what youre going through right now, is incremental, enough to absorb, enough to understand, enough to keep a very delicate balance.

You know how hard it is to stay in the body, to stay on the planet. What youre doing right now, having chosen embodied enlightenment, is doing this incremental. Doesnt matter how long it takes. Youll come to some understandings, hopefully today, that it doesnt matter at all. Its already there. And I know those are words, but what youre going to be doing now is experiencing that in a very, very sensual way, a feeling way.

If I was to do a story about it, which I might as well do. The Master was (a few chuckles) Wheres my park bench when I need it?

A Master Story

The Master was having a double bacon cheeseburger at lunch at the local diner accompanied by a chocolate milkshake, because the Master doesnt get all caught up in what he or she is supposed to eat. It doesnt matter. You can eat anything you want, because your body already knows how process it beyond the limitations of what you would call science or even good nutrition. The Master can eat double bacon cheeseburgerssounds pretty good right now (Adamus chuckles) with a chocolate shake and a shot of Jack Daniels on the side (laughter). I knew it would appeal to some of you.

The Master was eating lunch at the local greasy spoon diner when suddenly he noticed one of his students come in, a student by the name of Sandy. He said, Sandy! Sandy, what a strange coincidence meeting you here at this diner. Its twenty miles away from your home. Interesting. Sit down. Join me. Have some lunch. Of course, Sandy ordered a quinoa salad with kale on the side, because she was trying to be a good student. This bored the tears out of the Master. All these rules, all these things you can do and not do, and you know, they change about every seven years. This might be a seven-year kale period and after this we go into seven-year seaweed period, whatever is the latest fad, but it bored the tears out of the Master, and he knew that Sandy really didnt like that salad anyway.

He said, Sit down. Sit down. What a coincidence meeting you here at this greasy spoon restaurant. Whats on your mind? I know you have a question, whats on your mind? Sandy thought for a moment realizing the Master had busted her, because she had never gone to this restaurant before, but she knew that he went there and she wanted to confront him on this day. And she said, Master, when is it going to happen? When?

He said, I dont know. You can order right now, see how long it takes. (some laughter) She said, No! When is it going to happen?! My enlightenment! My enlightenment! Ive been working at this for 17 years. I calculated the other day, Ive spent at least $6,421 on my enlightenment.

And the Master thought to himself, Good God, she has about $100,000 more to go before she gets there. (laughter) And if shes equating enlightenment to how much money she spent or how much years she spent, shes in for big trouble. But he had been through this before with many of the students, so he took another bite out of his greasy cheeseburger, letting the grease roll down his chin (more chuckles) just to throw her off a little bit, and he said, What do you mean Whens it going to happen? She said, Whens it going to happen? Im not getting any younger. Im not getting any healthier. Im so obsessed by this thing, the Realization, enlightenment, becoming a living angel, but when is it going to happen? She said, Youre the Master, you know everything. So you ought to know. You talk about there being no time or space. You ought to know, then, the exact day and the exact time of my enlightenment.

The Master took a deep breath and a slug of his chocolate milkshake and said, Well, actually, the fact is I could know everything if I wanted to. Yeah, I could go beyond time and space, but I really have no desire to do so. And he said, You know, the Masters, Ascended or human Masters, we dont collect data and information. Its not about how much you know; its about your knowingness, and theres a huge difference between the two. He let that sink in for a moment. Its not about how much you know; its about your knowingness. The knowingness occurs in the exact moment when its desired, not before, not after, never too much, never too little. Knowingness occurs in that moment, as youre starting to find out in your own lives. And he said, Well, Sandy, the fact is that it is happening right now. Right now. Its incremental. Its a little here and a little there.

Sandy heard the words, thought about it for a moment and said, But I want it right now. Im tired of all the struggling. Im tired of these things messing with my head. Im tired of trying so hard. I want it right now. The Master said, Sandy, you are getting it right now. Its happening. Its going to be incremental. Didnt you tell me that you want to be an embodied Master not a dead Master? She said, Well, yes, of course. And he said, Thats why its happening incrementally, so you can enjoy every morsel of it, every moment of it, every bite of it, this thing called enlightenment; so you can be aware of it on such a visceral level, rather than the big lightning bolt; you can you really savor it, just as Im savoring this cheeseburger; you can enjoy every little moment of the enlightenment, of becoming.

But when youre looking so far down the path, when youre wanting it all at once, when youre out of the moment, what I call the I Am Here, then you dont see it. You dont sense it. You dont experience it. Its happening. It really is happening. Youre just not aware of it, because youre looking out there, rather than right here in this moment. Its happening in your body. I can see it. Your bodys changing, and yes, some days its tough on your body. Youre going through a change at a DNA level, at a rewiring level, and yeah, some days it hurts. It aches. Could you just allow that? Be with it?

Remember, Sandy, when Ive said in front of the class, that everything now in your life is about enlightenment. Everything, whether its a fly that sits on your head theres one on your head right now, Sandy whether its a car accident, whether its a beautiful sunset that you see; no matter what it is a person that you encounter everything, without exception, even the waitress whos just about to come over here and interrupt my little talk, everything is about enlightenment. Bar none. Everything. Everything thats happening in your body, all the changes that are happening in your brain and especially right now your dreams. The dreams at night, theyre getting so different. And I know sometimes you curse the dreams. You wake up in the middle of the night and they seem so bizarre and youre wondering whats happening. Its all about the visceral experience of embodied enlightenment. It is happening. It is happening right now, every day, every moment. Youre not lost on the path. You are the path, and its happening.

So take a deep breath and enjoy every moment, every, every, every moment. Stop worrying about when its coming and realize it is every moment, every breath, every thing. Stop trying to figure it out. Just allow it. And with that, the waitress came over and asked to take Sandys order and Sandy said, Ill have what hes having (laughter). Ahem a line out of one of my favorite movies.

So lets take a deep breath with that. Its incremental.

Its incremental, and I know some of you are wondering When? and youre going to ask me. Some of you are already prepared to stand up in the middle of the channel today and say, But Adamus, is 2017 the year its going to happen? I dont give a hoot when its going to happen, neither should you. Youre in a new sensual experience. Theres no rush, and youre going to realize its already there anyway. You may think about it; now youre going to actually experience it.

So lets take a good deep breath and stop racing. Stop trying so hard. Every everything in your life, just enjoy it, whether its painful or pleasurable. Youll realize those words go out the door. Its just the sensual experience.

Todays Question

So here we are in 2017 and Ive got to ask Ive got to ask, as weve been doing for the past couple of years and Linda with the microphone, please.

LINDA: My pleasure.

ADAMUS: Yes. Ive got to ask, what do you sense, what do you feel, from a planetary standpoint, for 2017? Remember we played this little game last year and passed the microphone. There were some good observations. But how would you define whats going to happen for the planet, 2017 and maybe a little beyond? Whats in store? Please, Linda. Volunteers. A volunteer is anybody who is sitting in a chair.

LINDA: Oh (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: Ah. Youve been thinking about this.

LARA: I have.

ADAMUS: I know.

LARA: Yeah.


LARA: I would say boredom.

ADAMUS: Boredom.

LARA: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Oh, I like that.

LARA: Yeah. Instead of fighting or trying to figure things out, I find myself getting bored.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Now, from a planetary standpoint or personal?

LARA: Personally, but I could see this happening on a planetary level.

ADAMUS: Yes. Planetary boredom. It is and Ill talk about it in just a moment. That is one of the aspects of 2017, boredom. Yeah.

LINDA: Hm. Okay.

ADAMUS: Good. Off to a roaring start. Yes.

CHERYL: Im not one who listens to the news or pays much attention to a lot of things that go on worldwide. I had a friend who sent me a card and said, What do you think about the election?

ADAMUS: What election? (Adamus chuckles)

CHERYL: Thats exactly what I said. The election?

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