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Posted: April 9, 2016 at 2:48 pm

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Transhuman January 31, 2016

An experiment by University of Washington researchers is setting the stage for advances in mind reading technology. Using brain implants and sophisticated software, researchers can

Technocracy, Transhuman January 20, 2016

A new DARPA program aims to develop an implantable neural interface able to provide unprecedented signal resolution and data-transfer bandwidth between the human brain and

Transhuman January 19, 2016

January is a month for renewal and for change. Many of us have been gifted shiny new fitness trackers, treated ourselves to some new gadget

Transhuman January 14, 2016

The first genetically-modified human embryos could be created in Britain within weeks according to the scientists who are about to learn whether their research proposal

Transhuman January 11, 2016

Braving a funding ban put in place by Americas top health agency, some U.S. research centers are moving ahead with attempts to grow human tissue

Technocracy, Transhuman January 10, 2016

Tiny vials of recently repaired blood cells are thriving in a Stanford incubator, proof that a powerful new gene-editing technique is fixing errant genes that

Transhuman January 7, 2016

A mind-reading device that can decipher words from brainwaves without them being spoken has been developed by Japanese scientists, raising the prospect of telepathic communication.

Transhuman January 4, 2016

Entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra attracted a lot of attention when he announced his new artificial intelligence company Humai. Why? Because he claims that by 2045, theyll

Transhuman December 31, 2015

Thats the firm belief of Zoltan Istvan, a third-party presidential candidate who wants to not only beat Trump at the polls, but also cheat death

Technocracy, Transhuman December 31, 2015

Erica enjoys the theatre and animated films, would like to visit south-east Asia, and believes her ideal partner is a man with whom she can

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