Transhuman Policy Center Guidelines

Posted: February 20, 2016 at 9:48 am

The following is the finalized version 1 of the TPC (Transhuman Policy Center) guidelines, the TPC is currently looking at paper submissions as well as policy strategy and road map planning. Let us know if you want to help :

The mission of the Transhumanist Policy Center (TPC) is to provide nonpartisan guidance to the public, policy makers and electoral candidates on issues that affect legislation. TPC aims to safeguard the efficacy of scientific fact, empirical research, and critical thinking regarding documented material and shared information within the political sphere.

The Guidelines for the TPC are:

To better illustrate how these guidelines should work here is an example.

The TPC has a submission email on the web site. Essays or papers are submitted via email. Submitted essays are sent to the Associate Board to review. If the submission is rejected by the Associate Board, that is the end of it. If accepted by the Associate Board then the submissions are posted to the site as upcoming votes and are open to comment in the form of online comments. Associate Board members are able to submit comments on a given post at this time. After one week, an email is sent to the Review Board and they vote yes or no on the essay, article or white paper. The Review Board members may attach comments or dissenting opinions to the post. If the paper is rejected, that is the end of it. If the paper is accepted by 2/3s or better of the Review Board then it is approved, published on the site as an accepted paper, the author is notified and emails are sent out to the notification list. A public relations office may be selected to-do other communication activities with the essay or paper. If the vote was 100% then the work is considered certified and otherwise follows the same chain of activities.

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Transhuman Policy Center Guidelines

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