Cradle on Steam

Posted: July 9, 2017 at 11:52 am


Smart, subtle and sinister, Cradle is a wonderful work of science fiction that doesnt quite fit inside the space Flying Cafe have designed for it. Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The discovery of the mysterious phenomenon induced a string of events to have completely changed the society. Dozens of years later the question of the Panic Attack nature still remains open. We do not know how far the researchers thought has led them in search of the answer, but we believe it hardly ever visited this Mongolian steppe.

Year 2076, Mongolia. You wake up in a yurt amidst the boundless steppes. You neither remember your name, nor are aware of how long you had slept. Who are you? Who is this mechanical girl sitting on the table and what is the number she has on her chest? Nearby there towers the dome of a neglected entertainment park. How did it appear in these desert lands? What has happened here? Look around and try to sort things out. You are to begin on a peculiar and a touching story.

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Cradle on Steam

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