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Wayne Macleod History is not the study of general humanity but of nations

No matter what we study about the past it is always couched in some form of nation, but the forms of nationhood have changed dramatically throughout the centuries

In ancient Greece nation meant the polis, or just a city with its surrounding countryside

The French king Louis XIV could say: Letat, cst moi (The state, it is me), for in his time the nation was centered on the king

The Levantine civilization of the Near East defined nation by religion, as Jews still define themselves today, resulting after two thousand years of the Diaspora in the state of Israel

The Western world has given a spatial meaning to the concept of nation

With all these forms we might ask just what nation means

The Germans were the first to give nation a racial meaning, and surely race must be part of the definition because we can distinguish nationalities by looking at the people, but then we must acknowledge that most, if not all, nations are ethnic composites

The Japanese certainly consider themselves a nation, but are composed of Chinese, Polynesian and Ainu

Germans themselves are a Nordic-Alpine mix, British are Nordic-Iberian

So if we think of nations only as racial we get a sense that something is missing in our definition

That obvious something is culture: nations are racial-cultural divisions of humanity, brought forth by nature and are not creations of the mind, as is the state

The form of nation can change through the centuries and between civilizations but this definition remains true

Except for their Achaean and Dorian beginnings, Athenians were hardly distinguishable from Spartans racially but they certainly were culturally, hence they formed different nations

Culture even affects ethnicity, for when people share the same language, religion, customs, traditions, etc, they blend, to form a distinguishable national type

If a totally different race blends with an original nation so formed, that original nation is destroyed, for when people with different talents and temperament mix, their culture must invariably change

With this understanding, what can we make of the United States and Canada, defined today as multicultural nations? Obviously here is a contradiction of terms

The view in these countries is that a nation is an economic-political region demarcated by a line on a map like the forty-ninth parallel

Such a superficial view of nationhood suits the economic power structure of the corporate elite because modern corporations are nationless, and just as they move capital to diverse international locations with loyalty only to their profit margins, the encouragement of people to move across borders is similarly determined by the same profit motivation

With an abundant supply of labor, wages can be held low regardless of where that labor comes from

Multiculturalism is profitable

Ask any American or English Canadian what the difference is between nation, state and country and he/she will not be able to tell you, although these are as different as culture, govern-ment and territory

The purely economic perception of nationhood was inevitable in the United States and English-speaking Canada because of the timing of their colonial origins, being derived from Europe after its liberal revolution

Like all civilizations, Western Civilization began in a Feudal Age when everyone knew his or her place within a religious framework, with the result that an overall, collective perception of society as an organic whole prevailed

When the seven-teenth century liberal revolution occurred this organic perception was not lost in Europe; a synthesis of old and new emerged, making possible movements like Socialism

By contrast, the 2European liberal settlers of North America shrugged off the old organic view of society to found nations identified with individual benefit, to become champions of free enterprise Capitalism and repositories of rights and freedoms for all people

The identification of culture with nationhood is generally recognized, but the racial component of our definition is more contentious

The concept has even been identified with the most extreme evils that have afflicted humanity, along with the invention of nuclear weapons, fossil fuels, CFCs, leaded petrol and DDT

Its scientific validity has been ranked along with such tenuous theories and dubious discoveries as the luminiferous aether, the expanding earth, vitalism, blank slate theory, phrenology and Piltown Man

But race theory stands out among all of them because it has wreaked untold misery and been used to justify barbaric acts of colonial-ism, slavery and even genocide (Darren Curnoe, The Conversation, December 20, 2016)

Integral to this indictment is the noted assumption that the whole concept of race is a mistake, a fiction, a non-biological entity but rather a social construct and therefore a notion that should be dismissed from our consciousness

This opinion is very curious, because these same revered defenders of humanity would have no difficulty admitting that species exist, with knowledge that racial differentiation is the beginning stage of species differentiation

If species exist, should we not ask how their begin-ning racial differentiation cannot also exist? We should not be too surprised at this liberal illogic because the same extends to the very concept of multiculturalism as the purveyor of our much acclaimed American and Canadian, now European, racial diversity

The racial diversity evident in our streets today is a temporary illusion, because in time when different races live door-to-door and succumb to government efforts at integration, history shows that they mix,destroying diversity

If we are interested in maintaining a diversity of races and cultures in the world and therefore a more varied and interesting world, the last and least policy we should want is liberal multiculturalism

Not only is the policy illogical if diversity is the objective, it is destructive of nature, for the great variety of species we see in the world today must have gone through the same process of evolutionary differentiation

We actually see the process happening in present day dolphins, which divide themselves by diet and exhibit racial distinctions from the cultural practice of hunting preferred foods, although they are as yet all the same species that can interbreed

So what of the human species? Can we make the same case for it? Obviously we can, and not only from the evidence of our eyes

Caucasians have been separated from Africans about 60,000 years and from Asians 40,000 years, which is enough time for people disciplined in the hard science of anthropology to list the differences between human races that have accumulated in that time

These differences are well known and documented in books such as Race, published by the Oxford University Press, by John R

Baker, a physical anthropologist who described in detail racial differences; The Origin of Races is another study written by Carleton S

Coon, professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania

Amazingly, we should now discard these scholarly volumes, written from years of study using hard evidence, in preference for the views of sociologists who give us the race is a social construct theory

We should first understand that when we speak of racial difference we are referring to the differentiation of populations, to numbers, not individuals

Neither bigot nor liberal recognizes the statistical nature of race

If a particular race has not been renowned for achievement, the bigot concludes that its members are inferior, even an individual possessing a high achieve-ment potential

Conversely, the liberal generalizes from the examples of a few outstanding individuals, but by presenting a member of high achievement proves nothing concerning the 3collective

No individual wholly defines any group

We could make an observation on the differences in height between men and women, statistically men being taller than women

This is generally true although it is also true that many women are taller than many men

An observation on the group has nothing to do with an observation on the individual, and vice versa

We must approach the subject of race with this understanding

Being statistical, racial variation can be placed on a Bell Curve, shown below for two races A and B

Most characteristics in a population lie in a continuum with people who possess a very high and very low measure of a character being low in number, and people who posses an average measure being high in number

The figure shows difference x between averages for any particular characteristic measured for races A and B

To be noted is that the significance of such statistical difference can be more than implied by difference x

When we take a higher measurement than average, at z, and compare the difference y in number of people in the two populations with higher possession of the characteristic than average, we find that y is larger than x

For a characteristic that is culturally valuable, the difference is more important than we would expect from a consideration of only difference x

Obviously, if the two races genetically mixed, difference x would shrink and this advantage of B would be lost

From a consideration of racial differences we must wonder if these include qualities of character and intelligence conducive to the arts and sciences of civilization

How could we tell? One way would surely be a consideration of the historical record, especially over the past 10,000 years, and when we do that we find that the record of White racial achievement stands second to none

No civilization of the ancient world matched the Classical in artistic style, technological achievement and personal freedom

Before the birth of democracy in Greece nations were ruled by despots, sometimes very cruel ones, and outside areas of Western influence today they still are

The ancient Greeks gave us geometry and the study of logic, the idea of the atom and the world as a sphere

Schools of the Hellenistic Age were supported by the state, where lectures on astronomy, geography, mathematics, botany, zoology and anatomy were heard, yet the know-ledge passed to us from that civilization constitutes a modicum of all that was, the rest being lost in the fires that destroyed the Museum of Alexandria

In measured I


the Mongol has the higher in the visual-spatial part of that test, indicative of an advantage that race has in mathema-tics, yet the greatest mathematicians in history were Archimedes, Isaac Newton and Karl Fried-rich Gauss, and if we extended the list it would include Riemann, Poincar, Poisson, Pascal, Ricci, Euler, Hamilton, Cartan, Hilbert, or in ancient times, Euclid, Apollonius and Eudoxus xzypopulationAB4(who gave us the theory of irrational numbers)

None of these men was Chinese

Only a few centuries ago the world was unexplored, we knew nothing about our celestial universe, or about the cause of sickness

Starting from a Dark Age Western Man was the first to leave his footprints on the Moon

Before the emergence of the West there was no free press, no free citizenry, no rule of law but only of men, no state with a written constitution, not to mention no automobiles, airplanes, radios nor any knowledge of electricity and its many appliances

Nor were there symphonies or even orchestras

All the worlds artistic masterpieces, whether in painting, sculpture or music, are European

We are accustomed to thinking of civilization as having arisen in non-European lands while during that time Europe languished in barbarism and backwardness

Archaeological work on the ancient megaliths of Western Europe show this notion to be anything but true

Europe from 3000 BC has been a focus of human achievement

The oldest remaining covered construction in the world is not in Egypt, Iraq, China or India but at Newgrange, Ireland, constructed a thousand years before the Great Pyramid in Egypt

A shaft in that Neolithic mound illuminates an altar deep in its interior with light from the planet Venus once every eight years, indicating sophisticated astronomical knowledge

The best known of the ancient sites is Stonehenge in southern England, but that is only one of many from Portugal to Denmark

The Megalithic constructors had standardized measurements, suspiciously similar to the Imperial System for measuring length, weight and volume

Such was the backward barbarism of ancient Europe

The very concept of rationality in science is Western, a tradition begun by the thinkers of the ancient Ionian cities who for the first time discerned that natural laws brought the world into existence and continue to control it, not gods

This development will forever remain one of the greatest achievements of the human intellect

Those thinkers were of the same race that favored chemistry over alchemy, astronomy over astrology and research over magic

Contrast this with the common and continuing Chinese practices of feng shiu for orienting dwellings and furniture, tai chi exercise, acupuncture and medicine from animal parts, none of which has any basis in rational thinking

Rational science gave the most advanced and livable societies, now practiced by all nations because of its evident benefits

From this record of achievement there is certainly no need to extend beyond it, to claim inventions belonging to other peoples, such as cast iron, suspension bridge, parachute, silk, various foods, propeller, matches, rockets, bombs, rudder, dry dock, paper banknotes, toilet paper the mechanical clock, etc

Francis Bacon once remarked that three inventions distinguished Western society of his time from the ancient world: the compass, gunpowder and printing, whose origins were lost in antiquity

We now know those origins, as with the others mentioned: China

But needless exaggeration is what White supremacists claim, thus degrading the legiti-mate claims of White nationalists

Of course, preposterous claims that are easily disproved are advantageous to the enemies of White nationalism, and it would not be beyond their scheming to aid those claims

By way of deception is the Mossad motto

With everything considered White nationalism is completely justified, but virtually non-existent in Western countries any longer

America is already advanced toward multi-racialism from immigration that produces employment competition and loss of traditional jobs for the existent population, resulting in a lower White birth rate, plus capital outsourcing with the same effect

The inevitable result has been the browning of America both from lessened White numbers and racial homogenization, meaning the end of White ethnicity that has characterized America as a nation

A fact of the Western world (ie without Eastern Europe) today is that all its countries, even Sweden, are multicultural

Japan and China will remain Mongol, Nigeria will 5remain Black, etc

, but countries of the West will not remain White

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