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Posted: April 17, 2022 at 11:45 pm

Hello friends, and welcome back to an Easter Monday edition of This Week In Games Australia. Unless youre into the MotoGP, its a very quiet week for AAA releases so were going to spotlight a selection of interesting, top-flight indies for you. Lets get into it.

The Iron Oath is a fantasy tactics RPG that owes a bit of a debt to Darkest Dungeon. There are town-building elements. Youll need to manage the physical and mental well-being of your party and people. Combat is turn-based and reliant on strong party dynamics and sound strategy. Whether it will be quite as hard as that particular game remains to be seen. Nevertheless, seems like the team at Curious Panda Games have created something special here.

The pitch on this one is fairly simple: Fallout Shelter meets the US Navy. You have an aircraft carrier and must crew her efficiently to withstand aerial bombardment from a hostile air force. Your side-on view of the ship will allow you to move crewmen around the ship quickly, particularly while under attack and repairs need to be made. This is an interesting spin on the bunker survival genre, and Im interested in seeing how it sets itself apart.

This just looks like a nice and cozy and perhaps also confronting time. Lilas Sky Ark is a pixel RPG about a young woman in a fantasy world that might be her imagination? Nothing quite makes sense, with hints of external war and a looming sense of danger.

Nyoom! Honestly though, if you like racing games, give the MotoGP series a try. Finding your line on two wheels instead of four is a wildly different racing experience, one that might tickle you if youve only ever raced cars before. Though many racing fundamentals still apply, you have to re-learn a lot to understand how the bikes handle compared to even the most nimble racing cars.

Terraformers is a rougelite colony builder about taming the wilds of Mars. I love this take on the roguelite formula, which feels more aspirational than confrontational. The loop is simple: strike out, build a strong and efficient colony, and see how long you can survive. I look forward to running the grand Martian experiment when it drops later this week.

This looks like everything I used to play on my Mega Drive as a kid and I must have it. A sidescrolling samurai beat-em-up strongly inspired by the story of the vagabond Takezo Musashi. Musashi is a Japanese folk hero whose story survives in a series of novels, most notably The Stone and the Sword.

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