The Lost In Space Season 3 Scene That Went Too Far – Looper

Posted: January 24, 2022 at 10:10 am

Some fans were irritated with the way the show ends and how quickly the robots change their mind about humans. Penny finds the solution to the robot problem by helping one android when it's injured, much as Will does in the first season with, uh, Robot. In a discussion of the last episode, "Trust," on the r/lostinspace subreddit, u/warren_peace66 cracked the joke, "Hey kids, don't make robots your slaves to pilot your spacecraft. Make friends with them instead."

U/TrashAccount2908 similarly wrote that it was way too easy for the robots to change course on killing humanity: "Okay, so all the alien robots needed was for someone to show compassion and they go from murderous to friendly, I don't get it." U/relloek concurred, calling the shift "bad and lame writing."

While u/Schwartzy94 still liked the ending, "One thing I didnt like at all how easily the robots just switched sides when penny and her friends helped them... Way too easy and made the og robot and will's scene in the first season not as special." The plot beat hasn't completely ruined the series finale of "Lost in Space" for fans, but it wasn't exactly embraced by already frustrated viewers either.

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The Lost In Space Season 3 Scene That Went Too Far - Looper

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