Superfuse has a new action RPG trailer, combining Diablo with The Boys – Polygon

Posted: March 31, 2022 at 2:27 am

Developer Stitch Heads and publisher Raw Fury launched a trailer for a new action RPG called Superfuse on Wednesday. Superfuse is an action RPG similar to Blizzards Diablo series, but with a superhero flair. Problem is, these heroes dont seem particularly heroic they use their powers to destroy their enemies with reckless abandon.

Players will join the Enforcers, who are essentially superpowered space cops working for corporate gods. (In this context, were basically talking about superpowered Jeff Bezoses with eternal life and even more money.) While the poor languish on, Enforcers will battle the Corruption, the space monsters that have become a problem for humanity ever since it moved off the planet and into space colonies. The trailer makes it clear that Superfuse will offer a much darker twist on the typical superhero fantasy.

Players can play the campaign alone offline, or in multiplayer groups. Theyll also be able to build their heroes with different skillsets using the games dynamic skill trees. While Superfuse does have classes, players will be able to alter their skills as they go, tailoring their abilities to specific encounters. And as is typical for action games like this, theres plenty of loot for players to grab and equip. For added variety, all of the games maps are procedurally generated as well, so the layout is never the same a feature Diablo fans are already familiar with.

Superfuse doesnt have a release date yet, but the developer revealed it will come to Steam via early access sometime in 2022.

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Superfuse has a new action RPG trailer, combining Diablo with The Boys - Polygon

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