Legendary Comics’ Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection arriving in December – MP3s and NPCs

Posted: November 19, 2021 at 6:20 pm

Legendary Comics will unveil Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection on December 14.

Revealed yesterday, the collection will include six previously released stories based on the Netflix adaptation plus two new ones: When Worlds Collide Part One and Part Two. Both new stories were written by Richard Dinnick. Steve Stanley handles the artwork for Part One while El Garing did the art for Part Two.

When Worlds Collide Part One and Part Two synopsis

In When Worlds Collide Part One, written by Richard Dinnick with art by Steve Stanley, the Robot works to save the Robinsons from a reptilian creature that invades the camp as the family attempts to build a light tower to contact their colony ship, the Resolute.

In When Worlds Collide Part Two, written by Richard Dinnick with art by El Garing, the classic crew of the 1960s television series meet their modern counterparts in a story that celebrates all eras of Lost in Space. This new story features the crew of the Jupiter 2 from Earth in 1997, led by Professor John Robinson, as they encounter their counterparts from another reality who are also lost in space, having been cut off from the Resolute. Just as the two families and two Doctor Smiths are getting acquainted, they encounter a new danger.

Legendary Comics senior vice president Robert Napton said this about the collection:

We are thrilled to do something in this volume that can only be done in comics, bring both casts of the Lost in Space television shows together for the first time in a new story that celebrates both eras of the series. Fans have been able to follow the Robinsons on even more adventures through the comics, and we cant wait to share these new stories and possibly even introduce a new generation of readers to the original crew of the Jupiter 2.

Maxwell Jenkins, who portrays Will Robinson in the Netflix television series, also said:

I love the Legendary Comics versions of Lost in Space. The artwork and the stories are incredible. Im so excited that comic fans (myself included) will have an opportunity to dive deeper into Lost in Space and the adventures of Will, Robot and the Robinson family. Its particularly fun to be able to see the original Robinson family paired with our Robinsons in When Worlds Collide Part 2, giving fans of both series the chance to get lost in these exciting stories.

Pre-orders for the collection can be made on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and ComicShopLocator.com.

The third (and final) season of Netflixs Lost In Space arrives on December 1.

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Legendary Comics' Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection arriving in December - MP3s and NPCs

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