Iman Says She’ll Never Remarry Following David Bowie’s Death –

Posted: November 17, 2021 at 12:36 pm

Iman shared in a new interview that she will never remarry following the death of her husband David Bowie.

Speaking toPeople,the iconic supermodel recalled her daughter asking her if shed ever remarry saying, I said No, I will not. I still feel married. Someone a few years ago referred to David as my late husband and I said No, hes not my late husband. Hes my husband.'

She added, I definitely feel his presence, especially when I look out over the glorious sunsets at our home because David loves sunsets. So in that way he is ever present. Through my memory, my love livesThere are days that are harder than others but the memories are not all sad of why the person isnt here. The memories are now of great it was. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I had 26 years. So I have that to sustain me.

Iman has developed her first fragrance brand called Love Memoir that will be available exclusively through HSN that is a tribute to her loving relationship with Bowie.

Peoplenoted of Love Memoir, The idea came to her while living at their country house nestled in the mountains in upstate New YorkThere, in lockdown, she found a quiet solace amidst his favorite paintings, his ever-present books, and the fiery sunsets they both loved. She also found the inspiration for the fragrance which weaves together woodsy vetiver (Tom Fords Grey Vetiver was Bowies favorite) and bergamot from Tuscany, where they had married.

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Iman Says She'll Never Remarry Following David Bowie's Death -

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