How to make buildings in space? Dust from the Moon and Mars can help – WION

Posted: May 27, 2022 at 2:21 am

The plans to build a civilisation or at least a colony on the Mars or Moon has been a long-time idea for both scientists and entrepreneurs. While the idea has always existed, the logistics have been the main problem, but it seems that we may have a major solution. A new set of experiences have revealed that a combination of dust from moon or Mars and saltwater can be create the perfect material to create buildings in space. In order to produce the desired product, the mixture needs to be heated at a high temperature so that they create a solid structure mimicking a brick.

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The observation was made by Ranajay Ghosh and his team at the University of Central Florida. They conducted an experiment to see if regolith dust from moon rocks can be used to create a sturdy structure. However, the problem will be finding the heat source in order to bake them properly.

This is the not the first paper to suggest this phenomenon as research published in Materials Today Bio said that blood can actually be used as a binding agent to create structures with space dust.

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"Scientists have been trying to develop viable technologies to produce concrete-like materials on the surface of Mars, but we never stopped to think that the answer might be inside us all along," said materials engineer Aled Roberts of the University of Manchester in the UK according to NewScience.

In the future, if there is a possibility of creating structures in the space, it will be near impossible to carry the bricks and these new findings can hold the key to building the new civilisation in space.


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How to make buildings in space? Dust from the Moon and Mars can help - WION

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