Design a Mars Colony: STEM Project Vivify STEM

Posted: March 29, 2022 at 12:26 pm

We are excited to share our popular Stage 3 STEM project: designing a colony on Mars! Students learn about Mars, brainstorm and research design solutions for food, water, energy, and other critical systems, and build a colony model from recycled materials. This is the perfect way to take your STEM or STEAM program to the next level with a project-based STEM challenge! Now updated for distance learning!

Designing a Mars Colony is a real multidisciplinary project as students consider both keeping humans alive and happy. How will colonists get food? What is the Martian environment like? What happens during a dust storm? How will colonists stay entertained?

The Mars Colony is the capstone project for my STEM program, and I have been tweaking and improving it over the last five years. Our curriculum is the basis for a city-wide STEM competition in San Antonio, Texas, but you can easily use this guide for your own classroom or program showcase. And Vivify has a big announcement coming soon on a national level space colony competition open to all schools!

Click the video for a preview of this project, or better yet, here is feedback from a teacher who used this project in her classroom:


Design a Mars Colony: STEM Project Vivify STEM

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