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Posted: December 25, 2019 at 11:49 pm

With the 2020 election fast approaching, people's optimism that Trump's endless scandals and lies will keep him out of office for a second term is fast waning.

The result of the British election earlier this month, which saw a populist prime minister with a penchant for bending parliamentary norm to breaking point win an election by a landslide, has done nothing to assuage concerns that something similar could happen in the US.

The one saving grace was always the idea that Trump would at the very least be ousted in 2024 and the political pendulum would finally swing back to the left, as the US constitution prevents any one president from serving more than two terms.

But now people are beginning to panic that his reign will live on - via his daughter Ivanka.

Political commentator Ruth Ben-Ghiattweeted last night to reiterate her position that this is a very real possibility "as dispiriting as that may be".

And dispiriting it was for many, who responded with terrifying nihilism and almost apocalyptic resignation to the outrageousness of this possibility.

People feared for the future of the planet, given Trump's horrifying record on environmental issues.

Others pondered the short-sightedness of the Republican party if this actually happens.

People also pointed out it might not even end there...

...and wondered whether public opinion on political dynasties may have changed since 2016, when "outsider" was preferable to "most experienced person for the job whose husband just happened to get there first".

Perhaps most relatable were those who just refused to believe it.

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This terrifying theory proves how Trump's reign could live on to 2028 - indy100

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