LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Say goodbye to mastery of any kind – Washington Times

Posted: October 13, 2021 at 7:39 pm


Nothing could demonstrate better how goofy many of todays grievance police have become in this instance, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) real-estate portals in parts of Ohio and Kentucky. Theyve decided to replace the offensive master bedroom descriptor with primary bedroom.

Following this, will anyone ever again be declared, much less certified as, a master plumber? University masters degrees are of course out the window, right? No more can a person be licensed as master to command a merchant ship, and no one shall ever again be the master or mistress of a pet dog, cat or pot-bellied pig.

Should historical books that refer to young boys as master (i.e., Tom, Dick or Harry), rather than mister (meaning older) be replaced with those that include the rising approbation of primary son? Can anyone now master a fear or skill?

With ignorance such as this, there is no mystery as to why American culture is increasingly fragmented, depressed and violent. Those who imagine division where there is none and ignore (or are ignorant of) history in its complexity while promoting their own reductive brand of nihilism foster a population that is more susceptible to anger and mistrust any other.

It seems weve generally been making admirable progress as a welcoming, equality-minded nation, all without some questionably motivated nag butting in. Those looking for something about which to complain, why not imagine ghosts under the bed? Those who build their own resumes by manipulating others ought to go to their room (master or not), shut the door and stay there. The rest of us will be better for it.


Loveland, Ohio

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Say goodbye to mastery of any kind - Washington Times

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