Straight Outta Hollywood: The Jacinda Ardern Humiliation Show …

Posted: October 21, 2021 at 10:48 pm

by Andrew Hamilton

National Vanguard contributor Douglas Mercer recently profiled White-hating, Left-wing (Labour Party) New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. His article presents a good overview of upper-class anti-White psychology and behavior. Some of that information is recapitulated here.

A word about Arderns racial background and underlying motivations.

Jacinda Ardern, 41 (born 1980), is Anglo-Saxon: predominantly English, but with significant Scottish and Scots-Irish contributions. Her only non-Anglo-Saxon heritage is 6% Danish.

Her patrilineal ancestry, a popular Web site tells us, can be traced [back] to her twenty-sixth great-grandfather, Rafe de Arderne [a Norman].

Ardern was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New Zealand. Her fathers twin brother is a high official in the Mormon hierarchy there.

With the exception of Judaism, which is still going strong but restricted to Jews, Leftism, philo-Semitism, and anti-White racism are the major living religions of our day.

Illustrating this, Ardern left the LDS Church in 2005 because it wasnt homosexual enough to suit her ideological tastes (I assume it has made giant strides since), and in 2008-2009, at 28, became President of the Vienna-based International Union of Socialist Youth, founded in 1907 as the youth wing of the Second International. Today it is part of the Socialist International. During her tenure she spent time in various countries, including Jordan, Israel (of course), Algeria, and Communist China.

Ardern identifies as an agnostic who adheres to no organized religion. That, of course, depends on how you define religion.

Her domestic partner since 2013 is Clarke Gayford, 44 (born 1976), a New Zealand radio and TV personality. The System bestows the formal title spouse of the prime minister of New Zealand upon him, even though the two are not married.

The couple announced their intention to tie the knot in 2019, and in May 2021 an article said the PM had finally picked her wedding dress, but theres no sign theyve actually married.

With Gayford we again encounter a rare contemporary example of primarily Anglo-Saxon heritage (English, Scottish, Welsh) though with the addition of 1/32 (3.125%) Maori admixture via his great-great-great-grandmother.

He must be classified as White. The point is: Draw the line conservatively, then end all future gene (in)flow. Just shut it down. Any admixture in the future flows away from us.

The couple finally had a child in January 2018, when Ardern was 37 years old. Now 41, its unlikely shell have more biological children, at least without artificial intervention.

The baby girl was named Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford.

The first name Neve is European, the middle name Te Aroha is Maori (the name of a New Zealand mountain peak, and the town her Mormon uncle was born in, close to where Ardern grew up). Ardern, feminist fashion, is apparently an unhyphenated part of the girls surname coupled with Gayford.

The child is 1/64th (1.5625%) Maori through her father.

So, with Ardern and her husband we confront the White problem.

The specification and identification of biological race is the first step, the necessary precondition, for preserving the race.

After determining who is biologically White, it is necessary to advance to the second step: Figuring out why this set of people think and act the way they do, especially when hatred, extremism, totalitarianism, and genocide combine to form a fanatical racist religion that obsesses so many of them. The external and even internal lives of such people frequently revolve around intentionally doing as much harm as possible to other members of their race in accordance with the dogmatic tenets they adhere to.

In a strange August 1, 2021 ceremony at Auckland Town Hall, Ardern issued a formal state apology for Whites historic racism toward and mistreatment of Pasifika people (a PC term for Pacific Islanders).

The event came on the heels of similar apologies to Chinese intruders (who once had to pay a tax) and Samoa (a former New Zealand colony) issued by former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark, a well-heeled Socialist International representative and high-level UN administrator. (Jewrys change agents live high off the hog.)

This as Whites are murdered, replaced, legally discriminated against, vilified, raided, dispossessed, silenced, and locked into Communist-style dictatorships by Arderns own and allied governments. No morality or hint of remorse for the obscene worldwide human rights abuses being inflicted upon millions here and now. No, sir.

Chutzpah. Pretty God damned rich.

Fulsome pandering in four languages Maori, Tongan, Samoan, and English (presumably Ardern was tutored to memorize or read her script phonetically, the way actors do in movies) was comical in its theatrical pidgin falseness:

I stand before you as a representative of those who did you harm, she said in Samoan.

While no amount of rain can remove the bitter salt from the ocean waters, I ask you to let our spiritual connectedness soften your pain, and allow forgiveness to flow on this day.

The Great White Mother.

Judging from Mercers account, Ardern has significant psychological issues. Mentally and ideologically she closely resembles another Left-wing showboater who exhibits pronounced (dysfunctional) feminine traits, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau is a little less than half French-Canadian, the remainder mostly Scottish and English. Through some remote Dutch colonial ancestors he is 0.78% Indonesian and Malaysian (1/256th each), making him the first Prime Minister of Canada with documented non-European ancestry.

Thats the anti-White Establishment committing genocide, not Andrew Hamilton speaking. Its racist bookkeepers meticulously reckon admixture in White celebrities. The haters regard even small amounts of non-European ancestry as good PR, and a positive step on the road to our extinction.

Arderns (apparent) desire to psychologically and emotionally abase herself before ostensibly superior non-Whites is not a sign of health.

On the other hand, do not overlook the fact that the ritual was not private, outside the gaze of the public eye. On the contrary, it was flamboyantly exhibitionistic, performed in front of a live audience in the bright glow of Jewrys press and cameras. It was a Hollywood-style production broadcast to the nation and the world.

Doubtless it will, as intended, affect the beliefs and behavior of millions of passive, unthinking viewers who naively accept media and social media propaganda at face value. But the underlying dishonesty is glaring.

Self-abasement is humiliation of oneself based on feelings of inferiority, guilt, or shame.

But Ardern does not feel remorse. She is self-righteous. She condemns other Whites the sinners. (The press specifically cited the sins of New Zealands past.) She is a holy person.

Her extremist beliefs benefit her personally. She is wealthy. She is privileged. She is the Prime Minister of New Zealand and an actor on the world stage.

She is awash in status, which writer Tom Wolfe forcefully contended was the primary motivator of White behavior among achievers. Not truth, not justice, not doing the right thing, but ambition, seeking and attaining status. Thats why Jews insure that status and money are unobtainable through White activism.

Finally, Ardern is powerful in the sense of possessing the ability to change society strictly in accordance with an agenda imposed from above. She cannot do anything contrary to the Party Line. She possesses no independent, no genuine power of her own. The power she wields is purely derivative. Yet it is egoistically satisfying.

In short, shes perched near the pinnacle of the social pyramid.

She can and does hurt, jail, kill, and destroy the lives of evil White people, and enjoys doing so. Such behavior gives Leftists pleasure, as can readily be seen in media, social media, and countless state-funded, state-sanctioned, and System-instigated assaults, riots, show trials, interracial rapes, and killings in New Zealand and around the world.

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