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Posted: December 17, 2021 at 10:45 am


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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joked with TVNZ's Breakfast team as she opened her hen's do present.Video / TVNZ

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern may be getting married this summer - but maybe don't expect a wild hen's do beforehand.

That is if her reaction to a gift from TVNZ's Breakfast team is anything to go by.

At the end of her last interview on the Breakfast show for the year, the PM was given a gift from the team.

As she opened it, host John Campbell revealed it was something for her hen's party, if she had one - to which Ardern made a face.

"Wow, this could be any manner of distasteful gifts," she joked.

She then lifted out a sparkly headband emblazoned with the word "bride", a bridal sash and a bottle of wine.

Holding up the headband, she laughed: "I can promise you, this will never see the light of day."

Her upcoming wedding to Clarke Gayford is planned for this summer in Gisborne.

Asked on ZM this month about how her wedding plans were going, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said "you'd have to ask Clarke, he's in charge".

"I said to someone I do really think I'm the least-engaged bride. I know the big stuff, but he's really doing the lot."

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Asked if he was moving a marquee in on the back of a truck, in reference to Clarke's TVNZ show Moving House, "you know what, it's not that far off".

And while the joke could have revealed details of her wedding ceremony, Ardern denied that would be actually happening on her big day.

She said her comment just represented "that it's going to be pretty low key".

In July, Ardern admitted in a radio interview that she won't be embarking on a honeymoon after her big day. She is too busy leading the country after all.

Chatting to MoreFM hosts Gary and Lana, Ardern was asked if she had any honeymoon plans in the works.

"No, no, I don't. I'll probably be going back to work," the PM confessed.

She added she didn't think she's missing out on a right of passage for a bride.

"I guess it's my choice, for having major life events while in this job. So, no one's fault except my own. No complaints from us."

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