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Posted: October 19, 2021 at 10:51 pm

Its hard to keep up with ouradroitPrime Minister who apparently doesnt like answering questions,such as the one about where does life begin, put to her when she was enthusiastic about making abortion more readily available. We are still waiting.

And now, a notunexpectedsequel to the extraordinary tractor protest, organised by Groundswell New Zealand,whichsaw thousands of farm vehicles travelling the length and breadth of the country. Through 55 towns and cities, farmers protested at ongoing interference from our hard-left government, including unworkable regulations and unjustified costs.

These protests took place in July from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North, crossing through Auckland, from Southland to Kaitaia. The leader of the Green Party, James Shaw, disgracefully dismissed this extraordinary event at the time as a group of Pakeha farmers down south. Yet an estimated 60,000 people were involved, hardly what Shaw dishonestly claimed. And why the disparaging Pakeha, long objected to by many New Zealanders?

We are used to politicians not telling the truth which no doubt contributes to their being among the least respected sectors of the population. But any blatant misrepresentation of a fact rather gives the show away, bringing home to us how little we should trust those makingstatements they must know are untruthful, particularly if they do not want to face up to what is actually happening, or when their extremist policies are being challenged.

More slipperyare the politicianswho manage to simply avoid answering a questionif they dont think the answer will reflect well on them or dont want to acknowledgeits implications.Ardern has shown herself adroit at such evasion, refusing torelease informationin relation tothefarmer protest group.A complaint has now been made to the Office of the Ombudsman abouther decision to withhold thisinformation.Groundswell NZsco-founder,Bryce McKenzie,said the group hasnot heard from Ardern before or since the protests,buthad requested ameeting with her while memberswere in Wellington to address the environment select committee.

We got an email back fromher office saying she was busy, he said. We have not heard from any Government ministers, only opposition MPs. It is disappointing, because we think an estimated 60,000 people deserve a response from the Government about the things they are concerned about.

How extraordinarythatArdern,constantlypreaching toNewZealanders tobe kind to one another, isdelivering such a snub to representatives of the farming communitynationwide. She is too busy to listen to them basically an insultinganswer,given that sheis apparentlynever too busy to listen tothe small minorityof dissident part-Maorispushing for constitutional change to achievenotjust co-governance, buta veto over decision-making by the majority of thecountry as with thenow signed-off healthlegislation. He Puapua, thedocument planning for this apartheid policy,had to be prised out of her governments hands, originally heavily redacted. But then, our elusivePM claimed she had not readit although her cabinet ministers were reportedly working to see how its provisions could be implemented.

Our determined Prime Minister must know very wellNew Zealanders dont support racial separatism.It did not stop her passing legislation to implement two health systems one forpart-Maori New Zealanders and one for all other New Zealanders.Inspite of thedefinitionofwho can legitimately call themselves Maori conveniently removed some time back, the Maori Health Authority now has a veto over any decisions of theparallelhealth systemrepresentingthe majority of New Zealanders.

Sheis also tooseemingly toobusyto explain why sheinaccurately claimsthat the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi established a partnership between Maori and the Crown which she uses to justify the divisive racist policiesshe is implementing. He Puapuashows Labours plan to establish two governments in New Zealand by 2040. By thistime thehierarchiesi.e.the governing bodies of our most powerful andwealthyneo-tribes (as a result of the never-ending hundreds of millions of dollars diverted to themfrom taxpayers these recent decades)willpreside over all aspects of New Zealands policy-making.

OnArderngoes,hercoalition pushingher Three Waters Plan toconfiscate waterassets from local communities, andhand over all water management to four mega-authorities underjoint council andneo-tribalcontrol. While she is far too busy to meet with representatives of our farmers, there have been 60 consultation meetings with Maori groupsover this Three Waters Planbut littleor no consultation with everybodyelse, inspite of provisions in the Local Government Act requiring councils to consult widely with all members of thepublic,not justpart-Maoris - (intermarriage was so successful that there are nolonger full-blooded Maori).Needless to say, each of theproposed four new entities of would have a tribal veto hanging over their heads.Yet 40 of New Zealands 67 councils are against,or undecided about,this $120 billion plan. Sotaxpayers are now payingfor infantilised cartoonson television to bepersuadedit would be an excellent idea for local councils to be robbed of their assets.

I am reminded ofTakisobservation in a recent Spectatorof how successful a country Switzerland is.Itspeoplespeakfour different languagesGerman, French, Italian and Romansh,with no animosity towards oneanother and that the tribalismthatexacerbates and fuels mistrust in othercountries does not exist here.He goes to the heart of the matter, when he points out that this is because the Swiss practise direct democracy,havingno intention of being governedby agenda-driven autocrats.

Such a descriptioncanarguably be applied to Ardern,when her ministers havenow been told to avoid answering questions aboutdumpedCovid-19documents. Aleaked email, sentto Beehive staff,has directed them to issueonly brief written statementsin response to media queries about the documents.Donotput minister(sic)up for any interviews on this,itinstructed. The directive stated that the Government,because of its overwhelming public support,hasno need to respond, and shouldinstead leadthe changing conversation.The Prime Ministers office has directed all ministers not to give interviews on thisCovid-19document dump, saying there is no real need to defend themselves.So much for a government answerable to the people of the country.

What we are undergoing isa revolution by stealth. The Swiss would nevertolerateanArdern ordering her ministers to do as she says. Well awarethat power corrupts,theywould not have allowed herto presideforlonger thanone year, virtually ruling the country.

On the contrary, the President of the Swiss Confederation, elected forthatyear of office by the United Federal Assembly, is primus inter pares first among equals. Chairing the Federal Council meetings,and mediating in the case of disputes. in urgent situations, he/shecan order precautionary measures.

Thanks to the damage that our dominating Prime Minister is inflicting upon New Zealand, including the shocking imposition of an apartheid system of racial preference, New Zealanders are perturbed about what is happening, including very probably the majority of part-Maori, no more supportive of racist agenda than the rest of the country.

Given a largely lacklustre National opposition led by an unpopular leader who shows no sign of stepping down for the sake of the party, but with dubious contenders ready to challenge, our outlook is bleak.

Without adopting the very successful controls that the Swiss people fought for, to determine their own directions seewww.100days.co.nz we have very little hope of winning back this country. With them, it is an entirely different matter, as the most successful democracy in the world shows us.

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Jacinda Ardern an agenda-driven autocrat? | The ...

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